bosch refrigerators

Information about the problems and breakdowns of Bosch refrigerators that were reported from 2012 to 2020.

Common problems: fire, smoke.

Faulty modules: door, motor.


2 issues reported

Bosch B22CS50SSNW/01

  • Date: 12/20/2012

Consumer smelled electrical & then noticed icemaker flap on freezer door started opening & closing erratically. Display indicated “E1” error & then went blank. Soon stream of smoke emitted from top of refrigerator. Circuit board under plastic panel of unit burned.

Bosch 500 Series B11CB50SSS/08

  • Date: 8/10/2020

67 YOF consumer reports that after a storm the refrigerator lost power and was turned back on after removing old food. She discovered that the refrigerator was too hot to touch. Fire department determined the internal was 138 degrees. The motor overheated. Fire hazard.

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