coleman batteries-chargers

Information about the problems and breakdowns of Coleman batteries and chargers that were reported from 1992 to 2014.

Common problems: burning, fire.


1 safety recalls announced

The Coleman Company Recalls The Powerstation II Rechargeable Battery Pack Due To Fire Hazard

  • Date: 8/18/1992

Recall of model #5360A550 Nightsight PowerStation II Rechargeable Battery Pack because of a potential fire hazard. According to Coleman, the 12-volt DC battery and output plug power cord could short circuit if the protective sleeve covering the positive battery terminal is exposed and contacts the metal ring of the output plug. This could occur, for example, when the battery pack is stored inside its carrying case. Of the more than 9,000 units sold from August, 1991 to mid November, 1991, all but 789 have been located and replaced.

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1 issues reported

Coleman 2000003287

  • Date: 6/8/2014

53 YOM reports that the rechargeable battery used in a electric lantern was being charged when he noticed a burning plastic smell and traced it to the battery cartridge. The battery was melting and was too hot to hold. Consumer unplugged the power supply.

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