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Information about the problems and breakdowns of other Cuisinart appliances that were reported from 2014 to 2022.

Common problems: burning, fire, melting, overheating, smoke.

Faulty modules: pump, valve.


7 issues reported

Cuisinart CS-6

  • Date: 6/10/2014

The consumer stated that the baby bottle sterilizer caught on fire from the bottom of the unit, setting their kitchen on fire. They had to call 911 and the fire department. It was bought a month ago and used about once a week. All the bottles and breast pump parts were ruined

Cuisinart CEC7

  • Date: 3/29/2015

Water that is added to head eggs in electric egg cooker started boiling out of basing & onto counter. Non-stick coating on basin started to bubble likely from overheating of unit without water in it. Consumer believes boiling water & overheating present hazards.

Cuisinart SMK0036AS

  • Date: 3/9/2022

The Consumer reported that their pellet smoker started producing a large amount of smoke. She stated that when her husband, 33, went out to see what was going on after a neighbor alerted them the lid blew open, flames shot out and he sustained 2nd degree burns on his arm.

Cuisinart TOA-65

  • Date: 9/3/2021

Consumer reports that whenever the air fryer is not in use it is unplugged. After using for around 20 minutes the cord and plug are alarmingly hot. They are concerned a fire will start as a result.

Cuisinart TOA-60

  • Date: 11/1/2020

28 YO consumer reports that the air fryer melted through the electric cord and caused it to short. The cord then charged the metal body and made contact with another metal item. Had the product been touched they would have been electrocuted. Unsafe product.

Cuisinart CPC-600

  • Date: 6/10/2016

A 41YOF was using pressure cooker on an electric model. She noticed it was not counting down & the red seal valve was not engaged. I tapped the gasket to see steam present, nothing came out. She turned the lid, the contents exploded onto her face, resulting burn her chest.

Cuisinart GAS0356AS

  • Date: 8/20/2022

The Consumer, 51, reported that the gas grill burner [on the pellet & gas grill] was barely attached, it broke off and fell into the bottom of the grill, and ignited a fire that destroyed the grill. The Consumer reported injury to self.

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