electrolux dryers

Information about the problems and breakdowns of Electrolux dryers that were reported from 2014 to 2022.

Common problems: blowing up, fire, melting, smoke.

Faulty modules: control board, door, drum, filter, screen.


15 issues reported

Electrolux GLET1031CSO

  • Date: 4/7/2014

The Fire department responded to electric clothes dryer fire. The fire was caused by lint that collected on the inside of the control panel. No injuries.


  • Date: 10/27/2014

I owned dryer which caught fire & damaged the home I was renting. I was able to get myself & the 3 kids out of the home safely. The home as a whole is still intact but much of what we owned was damaged due to the fire or the heavy smoke damage.

Electrolux GLEQ2152ES1

  • Date: 1/10/2017

Consumer reported that the electrical/control panel of dryer started on fire and went up in flames. Consumer was home when it happened. Also 5 YOF was at consumer's home. Consumer stated that electrical fire is something that went seriously wrong & it is manufacturer fault.

Electrolux EFME617STT

  • Date: 8/8/2017

Consumer reported that this dryer poses fire hazard d/t it has defect that allows lint to enter blower. Consumer stated that retrofit screen provided by manufacturer didn't correct safety issue. Consumer indicated that tech stated that new screen causes plenum to warp.

Electrolux EFMG517SIW

  • Date: 8/3/2018

Gas dryer started making awful noise. Consumer contacted firm & repair company was sent. They found that blower wheel was completely full of lint & they cleaned out it. Also firm sent new lint holder. Few months later blower wheel was full again.

Electrolux EFMG617STT0

  • Date: 1/14/2019

40 YOF consumer has a clothes dryer. Clothes were burning/melting. The back vent was black and had something melted to it. Manufacturer knows of this issue. Consumer states this is a fire hazard.

Electrolux EFME627UIW

  • Date: 10/22/2019

48 YOF reports that the lint screen on the dryer came off during use at home. Approximately seven socks went down the vent area and one was caught. A technician removed the sock. The lint screen continued to come off or get caught on clothing. Fire hazard.

Electrolux AGQ6700FEO

  • Date: 4/23/2020

While the [gas] clothes dryer was running a load of laundry, the resident in the living room heard a "pop" and upon investigating found a fire. The fire department upon arrival found a fire in the lint trap area, along with up near the control board (function buttons).

Electrolux EFMG527UIW0

  • Date: 10/24/2020

The Consumer reported that their gas clothes dryer melts clothing.

Electrolux EFFME627UIW2

  • Date: 4/8/2021

Consumer reports that the steam dryer began making a very loud noise. Upon inspection they were told that the dryer drum is too large for the dryer cabinet and is a design flaw that can't be repaired. Consumer believes this a potential fire hazard.

Electrolux EFME627UTT0

  • Date: 6/25/2021

37 YO consumer reports that the lint basket in the dryer keeps becoming dislodged. When this happens clothing items get sucked into the fan creating a fire hazard. Thhe basket became dislodged and the door open. The basket plastic cracked and screen tore. Unsafe.

Electrolux EFMG627UTT

  • Date: 8/18/2021

The Consumer reported that their 6 months old gas clothes dryer burst into flames without warning. The load was small and lint was not the cause.

Electrolux EFME627UTT2

  • Date: 8/19/2021

30 YOF was emptying lint trap on dryer, when trap encased finger & cut off circulation to fingertip. Tip was trapped & pinched within trap, as top latched. It required her to use free hand & teeth to pry off lint trap. She reported, that she was seen by medical professional.

Electrolux EFDE317TIW3

  • Date: 8/24/2021

52 YO consumer reports that the lint filter comes off during use when the dryer drum is rotating. This causes clothing items to get sucked into the vent hole and restricting air flow. The consumer is concerned that this is a fire hazard.

Electrolux EMFG517SIW0

  • Date: 1/23/2022

Consumer stated that Gas Clothes Dryer consistently collects significant amounts of lint which past lint filter. Consumer need to force hand/arm beyond lint trap into blower to clean built up lint out, or to have repair company disassemble dryer to clean out blower.

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