frigidaire refrigerators

Information about the problems and breakdowns of Frigidaire refrigerators that were reported from 2011 to 2022.

Common problems: burning, dripping water, explosion, fire, glass shattering, leaking, melting, mold, not cooling, overheating, sharp edges, smoke.

Faulty modules: buttons, compressor, condenser, control board, dispenser, door, drawers, fan, filter, gasket, glass, ice maker, motor, rack, thermostat.


164 issues reported

Frigidaire Professional Series PLHS67EESB4

  • Date: 4/4/2011

consumer noticed that water was leaking from the electronics’ area in the freezer side of the refrigerator. next morning he woke up to a hot plastic odor in his home. he found that electronic portion of refrigerator had begun to melt & interior was hot to the touch.

Frigidaire GLHS36EESB2

  • Date: 4/12/2011

Consumer reported that Compressor start switch of the refrigerator failed and caused an electrical fire. 25 yom sustained injury due to the fire.

Frigidaire PLHS69EESS2

  • Date: 4/14/2011

Consumer reports about the leakage of replaceable water filter inside the refrigerator. A 2-month-old filter leaked spraying water all over the inside & onto the floor. Then the umit quit working, was warm & the control board suffered a meltdown from possible leak.

Frigidaire FRS26KF6M5

  • Date: 5/20/2011

50 YOF says she noticed the light bulb inside the refrigerator went out and had melted through its plastic housing and through the insulation of the top of the refrigerator. She removed the bulb and now the wiring is exposed. She fears that it could potentially start a fire

Frigidaire FRS6LR5EM2

  • Date: 5/28/2011

Consumer reports that there was a burning smell and he noticed that there was smoke inside the refrigerator and charred plastic dripping down from above the light bulb. The interior had burned through to the exterior. The bulb had stayed on when the door was closed.

Frigidaire Side-by-Side

  • Date: 6/1/2011

while in use The refrigerator began emitting strong, noxious fumes. It smelled like burnt plastic. consumers became nauseated, disoriented, lightheaded. source of the fumes was melting plastic blocks within the freezer paneling that the defrosting heater was melting.

Frigidaire FRS6LF7JW3

  • Date: 7/19/2011

Consume reports that the shelves inside the refrigerator began falling out when placing on or removing items from them. Mfr tried placing spacers but that didn't work. Consumer is cocerned that the falling shelves could hit her children when they reach in for something.

Frigidaire LEEB30T9FEA

  • Date: 7/21/2011

Consumer's refrigerator started leaking in fridge area where water gets filtered. It ruined consumer's wood floor.

Frigidaire FRS6LR5EB3

  • Date: 7/26/2011

Consumer reorts that the refrigerator caught on fire. Consumer says they smelled burning plastic in the house, came to the kitchen and found flames shooting out from under the refrigerator. Consumer says he was able to put out the fire without further damage.

Frigidaire FRS3HR5JW2

  • Date: 8/11/2011

Consumer noticed that when refrigerator is open it would get very hot & has burning smell. The longer unit is open, the stronger burning smell coming from it. She unscrewed bulb out & found big hole where it melted inside of refrigerator above where light bulb was.

Frigidaire FRT8B6EB6

  • Date: 8/31/2011

a refrigerator tripped the GFI outlet in the kitchen while consumer was away on a business trip. consumer stated that there is a short in the wiring or a component of the fridge. consumer is concerned that this could seriously shock one of the family members or cause a fire.

Frigidaire Gallery Series FRS24ZGG

  • Date: 9/14/2011

63 YOM discovered smoke coming from ice dispenser in his refrigerator. He disassembled front cover & saw that wire inside was on fire, but smoldering slowly. He pulled wire out and re-energized refrigerator with no further incident. He considers product to be fire hazard.

Frigidaire FRS6LR5EW6

  • Date: 10/2/2011

Consumer's husband smelled electrical burning smell. After checking several different applianced & unplugging freezer, consumers went to bed. Later at night consumer awoke to discover that source was refrigerator where small light appeared & dimmed. Consumers' food went bad.

Frigidaire PLHS239ZDBR

  • Date: 10/3/2011

Consumer reports that the refrigerator started filling the room with smoke and burning smell. Consumer says he unplugged the unit, vacuumed and plugged it back in and saw it was sparking and igniting a small flame, apparently burning the plastic housing near the wiring.

Frigidaire FRS6LF7JBO

  • Date: 10/30/2011

Refrigerator ice maker & water dispenser started shooting out water & would not stop. A technician said it was a mother board issue. The inside of the refrigerator wall got extremely hot. The owner could smell something burning, so unplugged the unit.

Frigidaire FLSC238DS1

  • Date: 12/1/2011

Consumer reports that he replaced the water filter on the refrigerator and it noticed it wasn't working, so he pushed the release knob on the panel and it shot out forcefully and knocked him down. Consumer says he received a swollen and split lip.

Frigidaire FGUS2632LE0

  • Date: 12/31/2011

A 62 YOM report that 2 refrigerator bins broke off the door after closing the door with a drawer still open. The pressure was minimal. The glass jars hit the floor broke resulting glass shards & liquid all over the floor. He stated that these bins should be more durable.

Frigidaire FFHT2126LW3

  • Date: 1/9/2012

Consumer noticed that light fixture in refrigerator didn't have safety lens (bulb cover) covering it. Light is located about 5 inches above shelf & consumer believes that if broken this bulb could be discharged in food or it could cause harm to children.

Frigidaire FFHT1826LB

  • Date: 2/15/2012

Defrosting system from freezer leaks down middle of refrigeration to floor& creating black streak of unhealthy & nasty in appearance mold buildup. This compartment is connected to electrical cord that controls light & refrigerator control.

Frigidaire FRT21IL4FW4

  • Date: 3/2/2012

A 56-YOM reports that while cleaning a glass shelf in the refrigerator, the glass shattered and he received a cut on his hand. Consumer suggests that there should be a label indicating to clean on flat surface only and that glass can shatter if not on flat surface.

Frigidaire FRS24WNFW1

  • Date: 4/9/2012

Consumer reports that the refrigerator is not keeping a cold temperature and also there is a clicking noise. She says there is insulation dust on the fan caused by the carboard plate covering the lower part of the unit near the compressor and fan which poses a fire hazard.

Frigidaire FRS6LF7JS3

  • Date: 4/19/2012

Consumer reports that from the first week the ice dispenser in this refrigerator has accumulated ice until it is clogged up completely, spilling crushed ice onto the floor of the kitchen creating a serious "slip and fall hazard". Attempts to fix by the mfr did not remedy.

Frigidaire PLRS267ZA

  • Date: 4/20/2012

When the consumer opened a refrigerator to replace burned out light bulb, she noticed that there was burning above where light bulb is screwed. Refrigerator liner is splitting at all outside areas outside of the circumference of the burn. Area holding the bulb was melted.

Frigidaire FRS6HR5HB1

  • Date: 4/30/2012

Refrigerator caught on fire while in use. The fire went out on its own. consumer unplugged the unit & noticed that the device which connects directly to compressor had been burned & resulting in burning smell. consumer stated that this is a compressor relay fire.

Frigidaire FRS6R4EW7

  • Date: 5/31/2012

Consumer reports that the compressor starter switch on the refrigerator shorted out internally and caught on fire. He says the switch melted from the inside out and caught the foam insulation under the compressor on fire.

Frigidaire FRS6L9EFSS3

  • Date: 6/13/2012

Consumer's wife informed him that refrigerator quit working. His father & brother-in-law smelled burnt plastic & were able to remove fridge, which caught on fire from inside. Consumer believes electrical thermostat adjustments shorted out. Fridge was full of boiled food.

Frigidaire LFUS2613LF3

  • Date: 7/10/2012

Consumer noticed a burning odor in her home & found that the smell was stronger around her freezer box. She turned off the freezer. The technician confirmed that the insulation that was installed inside the freezer box had melted & odor was being emitted by the insulation.

Frigidaire LGUS2642LP1

  • Date: 7/11/2012

Ice cube maker of started giving crushed ice instead of cubes & when consumer’s wife pulled out dispenser, she got blister on right hand. She didn't receive medical treatment. Consumer believes that she may have come in contact with electric motor, portion of ice maker.

Frigidaire GLRS267ZCW1

  • Date: 7/16/2012

Consumer stated that refrigerator caught on fire. Consumer opened unit's door & noticed popping noise & flames started shooting out of upper left wall. Entire inside area was covered in black ash & bottles on shelf had melted.

Frigidaire FRS26KF6EM5

  • Date: 9/3/2012

Consumer heard electrical arcing sound & could smell electrical burning & see visible flame coming from back of refrigerator. Consumer disconnected power & pulled fridge from wall. Starter relay for compresser was burnt up, as well as some of insulation in compressor housing.

Frigidaire FRS23H5ASB8

  • Date: 11/14/2012

A 44 YOM reports that his family woke up to house filled with smoke & smell of burning. Fire department responded & after searching the house, they identified source of smoke coming from the back of refrigerator. The consumer is concerned that this unit is not safe to use.

Frigidaire LFTR1814LD9

  • Date: 11/21/2012

56 YOF was cleaning bottom portion of refrigerator & noticed thin piece of glass with bottom drawers. She washed it & began replacing, it exploded into many pieces sending tiny shards of glass into fingers on both hands; she received 1st aid by non-medical professional.

Frigidaire FFHS2313LS

  • Date: 12/1/2012

64 YOM was walking though kitchen when refrigerators started to make sparking sounds. He saw flames & smelled odor of fire & pulled power cord out. He & 59 YOF were injured with no first aid received. He determined leaking meat juice on connector caused short circuit.

Frigidaire Gallery Series FGUS2642LF

  • Date: 1/8/2013

Consumer reports that the refrigerator caught fire, smoke was billowing out from underneath the unit. Smell of burning plastic followed, and there were popping and crackling noises. She says the freezer temperature immediately began to climb.

Frigidaire FRS6LR5EW6

  • Date: 3/4/2013

Consumer reports that fire started in back of the refrigerator.

Frigidaire Two Door

  • Date: 4/10/2013

A refrigerator caught on fire when the main light bulb used to provide light burned the roof plastic & scorched a hole that went past the plastic. Consumer stated that the light bulb extremely close to plastic surface, which caused the light bulb's heat to melt the plastic.

Frigidaire FFHT1826LQ2

  • Date: 5/6/2013

73 YOM was opening refrigerator door when plastic handle broke, he lost his balance, fell on his right arm, hit his head on floor & broke his arm. He also experienced double vision. He was treated in medical center & seen by orthopedic doctor, optomologist, & neurologist.

Frigidaire FLSC238DS6

  • Date: 5/31/2013

Consumer was cleaning out refrigerator and noticed that holes were burned on the roof of the refrigerator.

Frigidaire FRS6R5ESB4

  • Date: 6/12/2013

Consumer heard a weird noise like a loud spark & then smelled burning smell from the refrigerator. Consumer unplugged the refrigerator & took the back off & replugged it. There were flames coming from the fridge near the compressor. Fire hazard.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LS1

  • Date: 6/24/2013

Consumer saw puddle of water on floor next to refrigerator. Freezer's temperature was set to "high." Son said he reached into back of refrigeratpr & felt heat coming from light fixture. He used light cloth to remove light bulb. He discovered 2-3" burn in top of refrigerator.

Frigidaire GLHS36EESB0

  • Date: 7/9/2013

Consumer reported that this refrigerator caught fire in consumer’s home. Damage was limited to just refrigerator. Unit is seven years old.

Frigidaire Gallery Series FGHB2844L7

  • Date: 8/6/2013

Consumer ic concerned that the refrigerator may be a fire hazard. Consumer noticed two holes that had melted in the material above the refrigerator's light bulbs.

Frigidaire Gallery Series FGHC2342LF3

  • Date: 8/10/2013

A 51 YOM reports that upon taking out the refrigerator glass shelf to clean, it exploded in his hands. He did not get a chance to run under water. The Temperature from his hand was enough to shatter the glass into 1000 small pieces. He stated that it poses a safety issue.

Frigidaire FRS6R5ESBC

  • Date: 9/6/2013

Consumer noticed a burning chemical smell emanating from a refrigerator. Consumer discovered that the overhead light bulb burned a hole in the ceiling of the fridge. Consumer is concerned that this is a potential fire hazard as well as a chemical air pollutant.

Frigidaire FFHS2612LS2

  • Date: 10/29/2013

The consumer stated that the light in their refrigerator went out. She stated that when she went to investigate and change the bulb, there was a burned hole where the light bulb rests. She says there are many online complaints for the same problem with no resolution from mfr.

Frigidaire FRS6HR45KS3

  • Date: 12/3/2013

A refrigerator light went out & while removing the old light, the consumer noticed that there was burnt plastic on the glass of the bulb. Also noticed that the ceiling in the refrigerator above where the light was melted severely & burnt. The unit poses a fire safety hazard.


  • Date: 1/2/2014

Consumer smelled funny smell in refrigerator & then saw white smoke at top of unit & realized light bulb had melted plastic in roof on inside of refrigerator. Consumer has since removed light bulb and currently uses refrigerator with no light bulb.

Frigidaire GLHS68EJPW0

  • Date: 1/14/2014

68 year old consumer reports that the water filter shot out from the refrigerator and caused injury. Consumer was replaceing the filter and the water dispenser stopped working. The filter then shot out, causing cuts on the inside and outside of the consumer's mouth.

Frigidaire Gallery Series FGHB2844LF5

  • Date: 2/11/2014

The consumer noticed a crack on the roof of their 2 year old refrigerator's liner. It was right above the light bulbs. He says the plastic is also warped, bringing it closer to the heat source (light bulb). He says the crack is a direct result of the heat warping the liner.

Frigidaire LGUB2642LF2

  • Date: 4/2/2014

The consumer stated that the heat from the light bulbs inside the refrigerator melted the plastic and burned holes in the panel directly above the lights.

Frigidaire FRS6R5ESBE

  • Date: 5/19/2014

As consumers sat drinking coffee, a popping cracking sound emanated from the bottom of the refrigerator. The was followed by intense smoke, which filled the house. They quickly unplugged the unit & opened windows to vent the house. There was scorching on the wiring harness.

Frigidaire FFHS2622MS

  • Date: 5/20/2014

Consumer noticed smoke coming from back of refrigerator, pulled unit out from the wall & noticed that there were small flames coming from the bottom of refrigerator. He unplugged the refrigerator & the flames were extinguished. Consumer reported minimal damage to wood floors.

Frigidaire LGHN2844MFO

  • Date: 7/1/2014

49 YOF reported that she checked temperature in refrigerator & it was 60 degrees. Unit was unplugged. Repairman found that light bulb remained on in refrigerator when door was closed. Light bulb had burned hole through plastic inside cover & insulation was exposed.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LB7

  • Date: 8/11/2014

Refrigerator caught fire. While eating breakfast I heard an odd crackling noise. Immediately the kitchen was filling with smoke & there was a strong odor. My son & husband, 48 YOM into the room identified the source of the smoke as being from the back of the refrigerator.

Frigidaire LGUB2642LF4

  • Date: 8/13/2014

Consumer purchased refrigerator & several months later food in freezer was all going bad. Repair person sad that gasket needs to stretch out & it takes time. Consumer stated that it has been year & half & frozen food is going bad & ice is melting & sticks together.

Frigidaire FFHI1817LS3

  • Date: 8/20/2014

Refrigerator which was 2 years old started on fire. I called the official repair company. They sent a repairman who confirmed that the freezer section had a fire which could have burned the house down. They further said that they could not repair the unit because of damage.

Frigidaire BFHS2611LM1

  • Date: 9/29/2014

26 YOF noticed burning smell coming from inside refrigerator, from where light bulb sits. Bulb was melted inside plastic of refrigerator, which made it impossible to take out bulb. Consumer believes that product is fire hazard.

Frigidaire LGHC2342LF0

  • Date: 11/16/2014

The consumer stated that she was cleaning the shelves and vegetable bins of the refrigerator when one of the glass shelves exploded as she was washing it after removing it from the refrigerator and immersed in about two inches of water in the sink. The glass went all over.

Frigidaire LFUS613LE0

  • Date: 11/26/2014

Refrigerator caught fire spontaneously. 5 YOF was sitting less than 5 feet away when this happened. House quickly filled with smoke & flames were coming from beneath unit.

Frigidaire FPHG2399PF1

  • Date: 12/30/2014

Consumer reports that the refrigerator stopped cooling properly and was unsuccessfully repaired. A replacement unit also failed to maintain a temperature below 40F even following a repair. Consumer's 51 YOF wife suffered gastrointestinal issues and was hospitalized.

Frigidaire LECR23EFEW2

  • Date: 1/6/2015

Consumer reported that the two factory light bulbs in the top of the refrigerator have melted the plastic interior. Consumer is concerned that these bulbs may cause a fire. The melted plastic has dripped onto the light bulbs and now there is a hole in the refrigerator.

Frigidaire FRS3HR5JQ2

  • Date: 2/18/2015

Consumer noticed smoke & red & orange sparks coming from behind refrigerator. Consumer shut off circuit breaker & unplugged unit. Consumer did not notice any burn damage to unit. Consumer plugged it back in & unit started sparking again once compressor started running.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LWB

  • Date: 3/5/2015

Refrigerator caught fire. Consumer heard noise & noticed kitchen was engulfed in black smoke. She pulled refrigerator from wall & noticed sparks & flames were emitting from unit. She contacted emergency crews, & fire department came out & contained blaze.

Frigidaire LFHT1817LF4

  • Date: 3/10/2015

Consumer was going to clean a refrigerator glass shelf and it exploded in her hands. Her skin was covered with glass and it hit a 20' radius in the house. 62 yof sustained minor injury due to the accident.

Frigidaire Gallery Series LGU04307701

  • Date: 3/22/2015

The consumer stated that he's had the ice maker on the refrigerator replaced once and it has gone out again. It overheated and melted the wires and plastics inside. The consumer says he being an appliance sales person has seen and heard of numerous instances of this happening

Frigidaire BFHS2611LM1

  • Date: 3/29/2015

Three year old refrigerator light bulb burnt hole in top of refrigerator. Newer refrigerators have piece of metal instead of some type of heat tape that burnt through.

Frigidaire FRS6HR35KB0

  • Date: 4/10/2015

Condiment bin on refrigerator door broke off & fell on 45 YOM's foot. Bin had condiments in it, including ketchup, mustard relish & mayo. Some of glass jars shattered when they hit floor. This is 2nd condiment bin to break on refrigerator. 45 YOM received no first aid.

Frigidaire LGUB2642LF2

  • Date: 5/20/2015

36 YOM's mother in law smelled something burning. He smelled electrical burning from refrigerator, opened unit, and found smoke and fire spewing from upper ice maker. He used fire extinguisher to put out fire, got his family out & opened windows to air out smell.

Frigidaire FGHB2844LF5

  • Date: 6/3/2015

44 YOF emptied refrigerator & noticed lights had gotten hot enough where they melted 2 holes in liner in ceiling of unit. It opened up plastic liner & exposed insulation. Bulbs were charred. Bulbs in freezer were in same shape, with black char on them.

Frigidaire FFHS2322MW7

  • Date: 7/4/2015

Consumer stated that refrigerator sparked electrical fire. Consumer heard frying sound & smoke was coming out of back of unit. Consumer threw main breaker to house & then unplugged refrigerator. Consumer's husband found that wires at compressor were burnt & melted.

Frigidaire LGUB2642LF2

  • Date: 8/11/2015

Caller stated refrigerator has two light bulbs in the top center of the unit that have one switch each, on each side door. She also stated light bulbs overheated & melted refrigerator ceiling. There is about 3 inch hole above each bulb. Ceiling melted, exposing insulation.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LB7

  • Date: 8/17/2015

The consumer stated that the refrigerator caught on fire. The consumer awoke to a smoke filled kitchen and observed sparks/arcing and flames coming out of the bottom rear of unit.

Frigidaire FRS6LR5EM6

  • Date: 8/19/2015

The refrigerator was being used as normal and I noticed while cleaning a big burn hole in the top of the fridge where the light bulb is. No injury was sustained but this is a serious fire hazard along with potential food spoilage due to the heat this generates.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LBLA

  • Date: 8/20/2015

Refrigerator caught on fire in kitchen. Heard crackling from the rear of the refrigerator, & saw smoke. Fire source: compressor. This model unit has self-ignited twice. This was a replacement after similar fire started in another unit 14 months ago. Suspects design defect.

Frigidaire Gallery Series LGHN2844MFO

  • Date: 9/8/2015

2 light bulbs at the ceiling of the refrigerator have burned holes through the plastic interior. I have unscrewed the bulbs so they will not come on, but the damage to the refrigerator. This is a definite fire danger and a compromise of the cooling system.

Frigidaire Gallery Series FGHS2655PF5A

  • Date: 10/13/2015

The consumer stated that the runner and the screws that hold the shelves onto the freezer wall pop out causing the shelves to fall. The technician informed the consumer that the wall is too thin and is backed by foam material that cannot hold the screws.

Frigidaire FGHN2844LF3

  • Date: 11/16/2015

Consumer noticed that light inside of refrigerator wasn't working. He removed light cover & saw that there were two holes burnt in plastic above lights. He discovered that light inside of unit didn't go out when door of unit was closed.

Frigidaire GLHS37EHSB7

  • Date: 12/9/2015

Filter replacement of ice maker on refrigerator: husband pushed button to release filter compartment. Wife (victim) was watching. It shot out at high velocity, passed over husband, and struck victim just below eye. Intense pain with swelling & bruising. Ice pack was applied.

Frigidaire FGHB2844LFD

  • Date: 12/21/2015

The consumer, 41, stated that while he was drinking water, a sharp piece of plastic cut his lip. He discovered later that the ice maker on his refrigerator had come apart and was being ground up with the ice. Prior to this, he had unit dispensing styrofoam pieces in the ice.

Frigidaire FFHS611PF7

  • Date: 1/26/2016

Side by side refrigerator’s ice maker started having problems. First it started dispensing crushed & whole ice then, it started shooting ice all over the place. Then the ice maker stopped working. New replaced refrigerator had problems again with the ice maker.

Frigidaire FFSS2622NS0

  • Date: 2/9/2016

Consumer's refrigerator started smoking. Parts of refrigerator caught fire and burned up. Kitchen was in smoke, but further damage was prevented by consumer.

Frigidaire FGHB2844LF7

  • Date: 2/20/2016

Recently consumer noticed two burn marks in ceiling of fridge. They were obviously caused by two bulbs below it, which were originals.

Frigidaire FGID2466QF

  • Date: 3/3/2016

70 YOM had refrigerator repaired multiple times and finally found that there is a refrigerant leak and this is why the refrigerator was not making ice and was not working properly for 4 mos. He had symptoms of refrigerant poisoning and sought medical attention.

Frigidaire PHT189HSM4

  • Date: 3/30/2016

Electrical wiring problem started fire inside of freezer compartment in the refrigerator. The area in freezer appeared to involve the wire for interior light. The rear interior portion of freezer had burned & melted causing the light to dangle. Fire filled kitchen with smoke.

Frigidaire FFHS2611PFBA

  • Date: 4/22/2016

Consumer reported that he noticed hole burned through inside roofing area of refrigerator. This area has also melted onto light bulb which is original bulb placed in unit when delivered.

Frigidaire FRCF1814QWX

  • Date: 4/29/2016

Consumer reported that upon retrieving items from refrigerator he & his wife banged there heads on freezer door handle few times. He had temporary head pain. He believes that this could be eliminated if handle was rounded where to two doors meet.

Frigidaire FFHT2117LW3

  • Date: 5/31/2016

Consumer started to bump her head on refrigerator's freezer handle approximately 1 week after she purchased unit. Handle has sharp edges, & she gets hematomas in her head when she bumps into it. Her mother also bumped her head and received hematoma.

Frigidaire FFHS2622MS3

  • Date: 7/8/2016

35 YOM was sleeping & woke up to smoke in house. He shut power off to house. After inspecting house, he turned power back on, and found refrigerator sparking. He unplugged whole unit.

Frigidaire FRT21IL6JB5

  • Date: 7/30/2016

Refrigerator/freezer caught on fire. We woke up to soot covering both the fridge & freezer & a terrible smell of burnt plastic & chemicals. According to a repair technician, the unit was "found burned in freezer are. Fire started in freezer from defrost heater."

Frigidaire LFHT2117NF4

  • Date: 8/1/2016

The consumer, 37, stated that his refrigerator caught on fire. He stated that they opened the freezer door to retrieve some food and the freezer was really hot. He placed his hand by the vent towards the back of the unit and his hand got burnt.

Frigidaire LGHN2844MF0

  • Date: 8/1/2016

A refrigerator has developed a short in its wiring harness that causes it to trip the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter receptacle it is plugged into. An authorized technician says it is a short in the internal wiring harness, which is not accessible without disassembling unit

Frigidaire FFHS2611LW7

  • Date: 8/23/2016

The consumer stated that smoke started billowing out of the refrigerator. She smelled an electrical burning odor. A repairman said the compressor starter burned out which caused the electrical smell and smoke.

Frigidaire FFHS2313L86

  • Date: 9/5/2016

52 YO consumer's refrigerator started making crackling noises, then sparks came out from behind the unit, followed by a lot of smoke. Then it caught fire. Consumer tripped breaker to stop fire.

Frigidaire LFHB2741PFAA

  • Date: 10/14/2016

The refrigerator ice maker is separated from the cool side with a foam strip. The strip allows moist air to enter the freezing side & build up ice on the parts. This stops the fans from moving & coats the electors in ice. It causes ice to melt creating the potential for mold.

Frigidaire FGHB2844LF5

  • Date: 10/26/2016

A 45 YOF reported that the bulbs in the back of the refrigerator melted the plastic & wiring controlling the interface that in turn controls the lighting, water & ice. She said the lighting which was no longer working prevented the refrigerator from catching fire.

Frigidaire Gallery Series LGHS2665KS0

  • Date: 11/1/2016

Consumer is experiencing problems with icemaker of refrigerator; plastic pieces tends to break off in ice posing choking hazard to users. She stated that Icemaker has been broken twice & it doesn't operate properly. She has replaced it twice.

Frigidaire FFHS2622MB3

  • Date: 11/28/2016

The consumer stated that their refrigerator started on fire. She stated that the fridge was only 3 years old and it started on fire. Within 30 seconds there was smoke and flames coming from inside the fridge out of nowhere.

Frigidaire FGHC2331PF6

  • Date: 12/4/2016

Male consumer's refrigerator was causing a GFI to continuously reset. Upon inspection of the rear of the fridge, it became apparent that an electrical fire had taken place.

Frigidaire FFHS2622MS3

  • Date: 12/6/2016

Consumer & family smelled smoke. He discovered that smoke was coming out of bottom of refrigerator. He pulled unit from wall & he saw flames coming from right bottom of unit. He unplugged refrigerator. Fire department inspected unit & suspected that fire started in condenser.

Frigidaire FFTR1814QW8B

  • Date: 12/30/2016

The consumer, 43, stated that his newly purchased refrigerator has no protective cover on the light bulb. As the bulb heats up to very high temperatures and is right in the middle of the fridge, it can cause burn, cut or electric shock. The consumer reported injury to self.

Frigidaire FFTR20212W1

  • Date: 1/12/2017

Consumer had problem with refrigerator from beginning, ice cream wasn't remaining frozen. Then one of crisping drawers broke with damaged plastic viewable & in front of it, & recently handle broke leaving it hanging. She reported it d/t potential laceration.

Frigidaire FFHB2740PE

  • Date: 1/25/2017

The consumer reported that his son, 33, (injury reported), and wife ingested insulation foam and small plastic pieces found afterward in their ice which was dispensed by the ice maker in their fridge. The foam pieces were small and the plastic pieces had sharp edges.

Frigidaire Gallery Series French Door

  • Date: 2/16/2017

11 MOM severely cut 3 of his fingers when grabbing onto water/ice dispenser on refrigerator door while his father was holding him. Parents rushed him to emergency room.

Frigidaire GLRS642EBA

  • Date: 2/21/2017

We noticed a strong odor coming from the refrigerator side. The ice also tasted funny. We replaced the water filter. My husband then looked inside the refrigerator & noticed that the light bulb in the ceiling had burned a big hole in the roof of the ceiling.

Frigidaire LGUI2149LF1

  • Date: 3/12/2017

The consumer, 50, stated that the ice maker in her refrigerator freezer stopped working and seemed to be jammed with ice. When she reached in to remove ice and slide out the ice bin, she burned her right hand badly when it touched the metal part where the ice falls.

Frigidaire FRS26H5DSB2

  • Date: 4/20/2017

Refrigerator light bulb has overheated, scorched & burned a hole in the top of the refrigerator. I feel very apprehensive about putting another light bulb in, have verified that the wattage was correct & now have no light to use in my refrigerator. Fire Hazard.

Frigidaire FRS6R4EWC

  • Date: 4/24/2017

The consumer stated that the appliance bulb melted the top of the refrigerator. There was a large hole with the melted plastic hanging with a brown ring around it.

Frigidaire FRS3LR5ES1

  • Date: 4/26/2017

A light bulb in a refrigerator got hot, and plastic had been burned and melted about the bulb. It was a 40W bulb. Consumer could install a shield, but company said refrigerator is too old to do any repairs. Consumer states that this is a safety hazard.

Frigidaire FFHS 2611 PF4

  • Date: 5/11/2017

53 YOM refrigerator set on fire on the backside near the bottom. The plastic tube which carried water to door and ice broke and caused water to trickle to relay box, shorting it out. Fire resulted.

Frigidaire Gallery Series FGHI2164QF

  • Date: 5/20/2017

Refrigerator will not cool below 40 degrees even on coldest setting. Technician has come out 3 times & claims to have replaced temperature & thermostat controls. Nothing has fixed the problem. Consumer got sick because of food spoilage due to temperature exceeding 40 degrees.

Frigidaire PLRS267ZA B6

  • Date: 7/19/2017

52 YOF consumer has side-by-side refrigerator which stopped cooling and emitted unusual noises. Consumer was cleaning out refrigerator and noticed that the backing trim fell into an airflow hole from freezer. She stated that this is a fire hazard, if she did not notice this.

Frigidaire FFHS2611PF4

  • Date: 8/8/2017

Refrigerator caught on fire while defrosting turkey juices drained through improperly sealed tube opening onto compressor starter.

Frigidaire LFUS2613LF3

  • Date: 8/15/2017

Recently consumer opened refrigerator & found that light bulb, which was original, was out. While consumer was removing bulb, consumer discovered that bulb had completely melted through ceiling of fridge. Bulb was completely intact, but heat from it melted fridge.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LB4

  • Date: 9/3/2017

49 YOM consumer woke up with a strong smell. FD did not find cause. Consumer found this smell came from refrigerator as it was burning some electronic parts underneath.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LB

  • Date: 9/15/2017

The consumer stated that her husband smelled something similar to burning plastic and smoke spread throughout the kitchen, They discovered the smell originating from the refrigerator. While they were looking at the back of the fridge, the back wires sparked and a fire started

Frigidaire FFHB2740PE5A

  • Date: 10/23/2017

Consumer purchased refrigerator. It burst into flames causing extensive damage to rental property. FD was called. Consumer states that this is not an isolated incident, others had similar problems.

Frigidaire FFHS2622MSJ

  • Date: 10/24/2017

Consumer's refrigerator was on fire. Consumer determined this by smoke and clicking sound. The flame went down after unplugging unit. Consumer called FD to make sure there weren't any other flames inside residence.

Frigidaire FFTR1814QW4A

  • Date: 11/7/2017

The consumer stated that she took the lowest glass shelf from the refrigerator and was washing it in the sink in warm soapy water when the shelf exploded. It shattered in thousands of tiny pieces in the sink, countertops, and floor.

Frigidaire FFUS2613LS0

  • Date: 12/16/2017

Recently light bulb died inside of refrigerator that is seven years old. Consumer's husband went to go change it & found that bulb burned liner inside of fridge. There was hole about size of half dollar inside fridge from top of light bulb.

Frigidaire FFHS2611PF

  • Date: 12/17/2017

The consumer reported that the refrigerator ice maker capacitor spontaneously caught fire. He indicated that It happened six months after one year warrantee, the faulty fridge caught fire & almost burned the house down.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LB0

  • Date: 12/18/2017

62 YOF indicated that smoke started billowing in her kitchen and turned out that the back of the fridge had caught fire. She reported that she was injured & didn't receive 1st aid.

Frigidaire FFSS2614QS

  • Date: 12/28/2017

The consumer stated that the capacitir and the relay switch on the refrigerator caught fire.

Frigidaire LFTR1814LW9

  • Date: 1/19/2018

Consumer smelled something from the refrigerator which is located in the laundry room. He opened the refrigerator door & saw black soot in the lower part. There was also soot in the freezer portion. He removed the panel cover. All of the plastic inside was black & melted.

Frigidaire BFHS2611LM1

  • Date: 1/20/2018

The refrigerator bulb had recently gone out & when I went to replace it noticed the bulb had burned a hole into the ceiling of the refrigerator & into the insulation. The hole was as wide as the bulb charred & rimmed with hardened dripping plastic. The insulation was burnt.

Frigidaire FFUS2613LS4

  • Date: 4/30/2018

Fridge made two sharp electrical short sounds & then smoke poured out of bottom of unit. Consumer's husband ran into kitchen to turn off breaker & saw flames from under fridge. He was able to blow out fire. He found that flames were coming from side of compressor.

Frigidaire FPUI1888LR2

  • Date: 5/16/2018

Consumer was cleaning her refrigerator. She took the glass out to clean it over the sink. While she was holding the glass over the sink and running water over it the glass shattered. She had a few minor cuts to the hand. No medical attention was required.

Frigidaire FRT18B4AW6

  • Date: 6/5/2018

Consumer's refrigerator produced bad odor. FD responded to alleged electrical fire & traced it to refrigerator. When discovered, it was unplugged immediately. There was no debris. Flames were at connection of electricity to compressor. Consumer states this is fire hazard.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LWMA

  • Date: 7/1/2018

34 YOF was electrocuted thru on/off arm of refrigerator icemaker. She sought medical treatment. Consumer used multi-meter to test for voltage & got reading of 120 Volts on arm of icemaker. Consumer turned off breaker to refrigerator & took icemaker out.

Frigidaire FRS23H5DSB1

  • Date: 7/29/2018

50 YOM reported that refrigerator ice maker switch caught fire in "off" position & created pressure to open freezer door. Fire set off smoke detectors which set off fire relay on alarm system. Circuit breaker tripped & prevented switch from burning any further.


  • Date: 7/30/2018

Consumer reported that his refrigerator caused a fire. Consumer smelled a burning odor & then noticed there was smoke emitting from freezer section of the unit. He heard a popping sound first , which was followed by the odor & the smoke.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LW7

  • Date: 11/16/2018

My refrigerator was being used a normal amount. I woke up to an acid-like smell in the air. I walked into our kitchen & noticed a flickering light against the wall behind the refrigerator. When I looked behind it I noticed flames shooting out of the back of the appliance.

Frigidaire FGHS2355PF5A

  • Date: 2/24/2019

Our refrigerator caught on fire during normal operation. Both an electrician and a certified repairman said that the Relay on the compressor was the source of the fire.

Frigidaire FGHS2631PE4A

  • Date: 3/6/2019

The consumer stated that when producing ice in their refrigerator, there are small chunks of plastic mixed within the ice. Upon finding this, the consumer has to empty the ice bin and refill it. That usually solves the problem for about 3 weeks, and then it happens again.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LBRA

  • Date: 3/16/2019

42 YOM was removing the ice tray in the refrigerator due to a jam, and accidentally touched a hot coil underneath the icemaker. He suffered a burn and a blister on his finger. Consumer states that the coil can be touched even with the ice tray/container in place.

Frigidaire FFHS2522MS3

  • Date: 3/27/2019

Consumer's wife heard clicking & buzzing sound from refrigerator at home & it started smoking. She turned off circuit breaker & problem stopped. Once power was restarted, electrical components on back of unit ignited fire, started biting oil that leaked.

Frigidaire Gallery Series FGHC102727

  • Date: 6/17/2019

73 YOF bought refrigerator & within months its crispers & shelves, which contain glass, started breaking. Submitter found that this is common problem & it doesn't cover by extended warranty. Submitter stated that company purposely designed for parts of refrigerator to break.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LWC

  • Date: 9/3/2019

71 YOM consumer woke to a electrical smell. His refrigerator failed and he immediately threw breaker. The starter and capacitor were completely fried. Consumer implies this is a big fire hazard. Manufacturer was uncooperative.

Frigidaire PHSC39EHSS2

  • Date: 9/13/2019

43 YOM stated that there are sweats at behind freezer of refrigerator & it runs down into cabinet & causes mold. 43 YOM indicated that firm used to provide "sweat kit" until they realized it didn't correct issue. He reported injury, he was seen by medical professional.

Frigidaire FFHS2611PFA

  • Date: 10/30/2019

40 YOM consumer reports that the refrigerator started smoking. They were asleep and heard a loud pop and discovered that the refrigerator was smoking, the flooring was red underneath from sparks and the fire alarm was set off. They were able to unplug it before a fire started

Frigidaire FFHS2622MWKA

  • Date: 10/31/2019

Consumer's refrigerator caught on fire at home in the inverter circuitry that connects to the compressor tank. Consumer and consumer's wife noticed smoke. Consumer unplugged the refrigerator. The foam sealant around an access port was allowing water to leak in.

Frigidaire LFHB2741PFDA

  • Date: 2/8/2020

Consumer purchased a refrigerator. Noticed [REDACTED] appearing in glasses of ice as well as styrenes from the insulation.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LBB

  • Date: 3/27/2020

68 YOF Consumer noticed smoke coming from refrigerator & smelled electrical burn smell. A female family member helped consumer to pull the fridge out. Consumer said there was fire coming out from the back of the refrigerator & the fire went out when she unplugged it.

Frigidaire FFHS2622MSJ

  • Date: 6/18/2020

While cleaning refrigerator with water & bleach, water drained down hole. Five minutes later smoke started coming from under fridge. Consumer discovered that hole, that is supposed to be sealed, sits right on top of compressor & water dripped down ignited a fire.

Frigidaire FFHS2322MB

  • Date: 8/6/2020

The consumer reported, that ice dispenser of refrigerator is spitting out bits of plastic. The plastic blades, that direct the ice cubes down the chute, were chipping.

Frigidaire LGHB2869TF

  • Date: 8/21/2020

The Consumer stated that he hit his hand on the refrigerator ice tray and he received minor laceration above his right knuckle. No medical attention was received. He stated that it is a safety hazard and could harm a child.

Frigidaire FFHT1425VW

  • Date: 8/27/2020

The Consumer reported that the refrigerator door is too low to the floor and caused cuts in 74-YOM's feet when closing the door. The Consumer reported that the height [of the refrigerator] is not adjustable.

Frigidaire FFHS2611LWB

  • Date: 9/8/2020

The consumer heard a noise in the kitchen that sounded like sizzling. She saw an orange glow coming from behind the refrigerator. There were orange flames & smoke coming from the bottom right side of the refrigerator. When she pulled the plug of the unit, flames went out.

Frigidaire FFTR1821TD

  • Date: 10/23/2020

Consumer discovered awful smell in refrigerator, burnt odor in freezer & soot on items inside of unit. Consumer unplugged fridge. Repairman came out & found that freezer fan motor burned up & "fried" everything. Entire freezer was burnt up.

Frigidaire PLHS69EESSN

  • Date: 12/8/2020

51 YOM consumer reports that the water filter for the refrigerator has been redesigned and is a dangerous projectile hazard in it's current design. The filter allows for pressure to build up in the filter and when you eject it it becomes a high velocity projectile.

Frigidaire FFHB2750TD

  • Date: 1/7/2021

Consumer reports that the refrigerator corners are metal and sharp. Their 1 YOF child walked into the door and sustained a puncture wound and an abrasion to her head. This is unsafe for consumers. Laceration hazard.

Frigidaire LFHB2751TF2

  • Date: 2/18/2021

62 YO consumer has refrigerator where ice forms on outside back of unit & over time undergoes freeze/thaw cycles causing water to flow down back of refrigerator & almost dripping into extension cord plugged into other outlet for other appliances.

Frigidaire FFSS2615TE

  • Date: 3/10/2021

Ice maker in refrigerator was jammed & as 36 YOM was moving around ice, he severely burned hand when touched bottom of ice maker. He got 1st aid. There is no warning in manual or on ice maker itself to indicate, that there is a heating coil which is open & unprotected.

Frigidaire FFTR1814TW0

  • Date: 4/22/2021

75 YO consumer reports that they noticed that the food items in their freezing were going soft and refreezing. Upon inspecting the refrigerator they found black burn marks extending up the back of the unit and the wiring harness had started to melt. Fire hazard.

Frigidaire LGUB2642LF5

  • Date: 4/29/2021

Consumer reports that the refrigerator has rusted from the inside out causing the water lines to freeze. There is now mold on the back of the unit, walls and floor. This is unsafe for food storage. Health hazard.

Frigidaire LFSS2312TF2

  • Date: 6/16/2021

Consumer reports that the refrigerator started beeping and then the freezer stopped working and the internal unit is too warm. It's not keeping the proper temperature. The unit was repaired but the same problem occurred again. This uit is unsafe for food storage.

Frigidaire FRS3LR5ES2

  • Date: 7/6/2021

The Consumer reported that the light bulb in the refrigerator is burning/melting the plastic on the ceiling of the refrigerator.

Frigidaire FGSS2635TD

  • Date: 7/27/2021

The Consumer reported that part of the inside of the built-in ice maker bucket in their refrigerator has been breaking off, and releasing small and large pieces of plastic unknowingly in the ice when it was dispensed.

Frigidaire LGHK2336TF7

  • Date: 7/31/2021

The Consumer reported that pieces of the ice container [in the refrigerator] were found in the drink ware after drinking. No injuries reported.

Frigidaire FFTR1814TWB

  • Date: 10/19/2021

Female consumer's refrigerator stopped working correctly. Temperature was different and consumer was worried about ingesting spoiled food. The motor strained, but later worked fine. Then there was a burning odor from the unit and unit was moved to garage. Tech came out.

Frigidaire FFTR2021TS5

  • Date: 10/19/2021

Male consumer was bending down for food in the freezer section of refrigerator and hit his head on a handle. This happened multiple times. This time he hit the handle hard and was taken to a hospital for observation of brain bleed. His wife also hit her head as well.

Frigidaire Gallery Series

  • Date: 12/3/2021

28 YO consumer reports that while opening a drawer in the refrigerator the plastic broke causing the drawer to fall with all of its contents, luckily they were able to catch it. The screws are not being properly secured into the shelves & drawers. Stress cracks are visible.

Frigidaire FFHS2622MSF

  • Date: 12/30/2021

Consumer reports that their 27 YOM son heard a crackling noise and smelled something burning. Upon inspection he found that the refrigerator had caught on fire. There were flames coming from the back of the unit where the motor is located. Fire hazard.

Frigidaire FFH92622

  • Date: 1/1/2022

The consumer indicated, that the wiring of the refrigerator around the compressor began to smoke heavily and caught fire. The consumer stated that the refrigerator had to be unplugged and the fire put out. They were home at the time and caught it early.

Frigidaire FFHS2622MWKA

  • Date: 2/9/2022

Consumer smelled electrical ozone and heard a crackling noise. Consumer pulled away refrigerator from wall and could see flame and smoke coming from the bottom on the unit. Consumer found water dripping from the snake hole. Consumer confirmed electrical problems.

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