frigidaire washing-machines

Information about the problems and breakdowns of Frigidaire washing machines that were reported from 2011 to 2020.

Common problems: burning, drain, fire, leaking, melting, mold, smoke.

Faulty modules: control board, dispenser, door, drum, gasket, rack.


41 issues reported

Frigidaire FGX831FS5

  • Date: 3/15/2011

A 54 YOM reports that washing clothes in a washer caught on fire. Burnt all the clothes in the washer, melted the tub and melted the vinyl flooring underneath. This is a stackable washer with gas conversion to propane dryer unit attached.

Frigidaire FEX831FS2

  • Date: 3/24/2011

Consumer said the entire basement smelled like something was burning while using the washing machine, also the machine was making a weird noise. Consumer turned it off and tried to open the lid. They got cracked; there was a powerful smoke smell.

Frigidaire LTF2940FSI

  • Date: 4/8/2011

Consumer reports that the washing machine developed black mold in the areas that could not possibly be reached during ordinary cleaning and drying of the washer. Manufacturer sent a replacment door seal which is no different than the original. Wife suffered reaction.

Frigidaire GLTF 29405FSI

  • Date: 4/23/2011

consumer reported that front load washing machine has black mold build up in the gasket. there is a foul moldy smell, starting to affect clothing. 50 yof has allergies and concerned about getting allergies to mold.

Frigidaire ATF6700FS2

  • Date: 9/5/2011

Front end of washer has bracket that is screwed to dryer & dryer sits on top of washer with some type of adhesive tape. While using both units, dryer came crashing down to floor without any indication. Adhesive tape did not have ability to hold dryer on washer.

Frigidaire ATF600ES

  • Date: 10/31/2011

Door of front load clothes washer fell off the hinges & cut 57 YOF's left hand just below the finger while she was loading washer. She did not visit a doctor. Washer has several signs of cracking on the plastic door & emits moldy smell.

Frigidaire FWX233RES4

  • Date: 2/2/2012

71 YOF attempted to push down a comforter in a washing machine and the comforter wrapped around her wrist. She was unable to free herself and the tendons in her hand were torn. Emergency services airlifted victim to the hospital and she underwent surgery.

Frigidaire GLTF2940FE

  • Date: 3/27/2012

Consumer stated that upon arrival washer malfunctioned stopping in middle, full of dirty water & half washed & wet clothes dripping everywhere. Unit would not seal properly: it leak down center, creating undesirable water line. Nothing changed after repairman tried to fix it.

Frigidaire ATF6700FE1

  • Date: 5/19/2012

Consumer stated that after 3 years of using front load washer she started to smell foul musty, molding odor coming from it. She contacted manufacturer many times & has done everything they have asked of her but clothing started smell of mold.

Frigidaire AFT8000FSI

  • Date: 8/13/2012

Front load washer's rubber gasket & area where detergent goes in constantly have black mold growing & accumulating. Consumer feels like whole family are breathing in & wearing mold, because it’s so hard to get rid of.

Frigidaire GLTF2940FS1

  • Date: 12/28/2012

Consumer says the washing machine started to make arcing noise and stopped working. She says her husband identified the problem as water leaking on a control panel part causing it to burn out. She says he replaced the part, however, a month later the same thing happened.

Frigidaire Affinity FAHE4044MWO

  • Date: 1/16/2013

54 YOF stated that lid of washer is flimsy & loose & it easy come down. She reported that on many occasions lid wouldn't stay securely up. Once upon preparing to wash clothes she raised lid & it fell down on her head, another time she almost had her hand slammed.

Frigidaire FAFW3801W3

  • Date: 9/24/2013

32 YOF reported that after she used this washer machine first month she noticed that washer & clothes started smelling bad. Consumer is concerned that mold & mildew grew in inaccessible parts of machine. She stated that she didn't receive medical attention.

Frigidaire GLTF2940FE1

  • Date: 12/9/2013

The consumer says that mold is formulating inside the rubber opening in front of the drum. There is also a strong odor inside the machine. She contacted the manufacturer who told her it is not part of the recall.

Frigidaire GLTF2940F

  • Date: 1/3/2014

Consumer reports that the washing machine fills with water when it is not turned on. Consumer states that when the doors were left open the unit flooded the area and damaged the floors. Consumer states that if the doors are left closed mildew and mold can form.

Frigidaire FAFS4474LWD

  • Date: 10/28/2014

Consumer feels her washer poses a safety & a fire hazard. She was awakening in the middle of the night by the sound of her washer having turned it on while its door was opened. The washer does not have an On/Off switch. She had to switch off the breaker supplying electricity.

Frigidaire LTF2140FS2

  • Date: 11/15/2014

Consumers have horrible mold issue with rim of washer & in soap dispenser. Dryer does not seem to catch lint & it builds up.

Frigidaire Gallery Series GLTF2940FS

  • Date: 3/19/2015

the consumer reports that there is black mold is inside her front load washer under the rubber where water drains. She stated that this was discovered after she detected a foul smell of mold while doing a wash.

Frigidaire FAFS4473LRO

  • Date: 3/19/2015

69 YOM noticed strange odor coming from washer & 68 YOF noticed odor on clothes & items that were washed in it. They discovered mold near washer door. 68 YOF, 69 YOM & 4 YOF have itchy eyes & throat, irritation of nose & headaches. They all were treated by doctors for allergy

Frigidaire ATF8000FE1

  • Date: 3/25/2015

I noticed that mold was collecting in the rubber around the entrance of the washing machine door. The appliance service replaced the door bellows kit. Since then it has been exactly the same. I clean the mold & spray bleach. I have dry eyes & this affects our breathing.


  • Date: 4/29/2015

The consumer reports that her front loading washing machine is full of mold, no matter how much it is cleaned, what is ran through it, and leaving the door open etc.

Frigidaire GLTF2940ES1

  • Date: 6/19/2015

Consumers had washer for 3 years, & entire time they had it, there has been mold problem in door seal. Company told them to leave door open & wipe it after each use.

Frigidaire GLTF1670AS

  • Date: 10/25/2015

The consumer stated that there is mold and bad smell coming from the washing machine. The consumer stated that water drips down the front when the door is opened after a cycle.

Frigidaire FAFW3001LWO

  • Date: 1/18/2016

The consumer stated that she is having problem of mold build up inside of her 3 year old washing machine. She stated that she runs several loads per day, runs the machine empty weekly, and leaves the door open when not in use. Mold still builds up and makes her clothes smelly

Frigidaire LTF6700FS0

  • Date: 4/1/2016

Mold and mildew forming around washer rubber gasket.

Frigidaire LTF2140FS2

  • Date: 6/29/2016

Consumer reported that they have mold in their washer and it has ruined their clothes.

Frigidaire Affinity FAFW3511KWO

  • Date: 6/29/2016

Consumer's washing machine has mold inside the rubber casing. Consumer tried numerous cleaning products, but nothing seems to help. It is very smelly & consumer is concerned about the mold. Daughter has had itchy eyes & had medication. This problem is ongoing for five years.

Frigidaire Affinity

  • Date: 7/25/2016

I have a front load washing machine. There is a rubber seal to seal the front door which is growing black mold. We have bleached it several times and it will not come. The smell is terrible and our clothes are beginning to smell like mold.

Frigidaire FAFW3577KR1

  • Date: 8/9/2016

The consumer stated that she has been noticing that her front load washer has been having an odor to it which smells like mold. The consumer stated that she has been leaving the door opened when not in use, but it still smells.

Frigidaire LFT2140FS1

  • Date: 8/10/2016

A 52 YOF consumer reported that the front loader washing machine got mold in the rubber. She said her clothes smell & caused her itching.

Frigidaire FAFW3801LW3

  • Date: 10/13/2016

Consumer indicated that rubber seal on washing machine's door has mold. No matter how many times consumer tried to clean mold off, it came back. Washing machine is used approximately 3 to 4 times per week.

Frigidaire GLTF2940FS

  • Date: 5/22/2017

Consumer has a front load washing machine. It developed mold. Consumer tried every measure to get rid of it. Consumer contacted company to have it replaced, but got runaround instead, and was advised to buy new machine at consumer's expense.

Frigidaire GLTF2940FS1

  • Date: 8/15/2017

Consumer reports that the washing machine has a black mold/mildew problem. 7 YOM child suffered an unspecified injury.

Frigidaire FAFW3577KWO

  • Date: 1/8/2018

The consumer stated that the washing machine has developed black mold around the rubber seal. They tried to prevent this by wiping off the seal and door after use and leaving the door open and used bleach cleaner to eliminate the mold but cannot get all of it off.

Frigidaire FFTW4120SW1

  • Date: 2/25/2018

The consumer stated that he washed a few very small throw pillows and the top one came out shredded. He stated that the top rim of the washer's tub is plastic which is sharp and it looked like it was melted or cut somehow making it dangerous for clothes as well as users.

Frigidaire FFLG2022MW3

  • Date: 4/2/2018

We heard an alarm go off. Later I smelled smoke inside the house. I ran out & saw lots of smoke coming from dryer exhaust vent. As soon as I opened dryer door, it was was still spinning with flames. I extinguished flames & turned off gas supply. [combination washer/ dryer]

Frigidaire ATF6000FSO

  • Date: 9/13/2018

The consumer indicated that the front loading washer began displaying signs of mold and mildew couple years after purchase. She tried to clean the door rubber with bleach and then with vinegar, but it kept returning. She reported this incident as a health hazard.

Frigidaire ATF70000FS1

  • Date: 9/13/2018

The consumer indicated that this front load washer has black mold on the inside rubber piece. Despite cleaning with bleach, bleach wipes and leaving the door open, it returns quickly. The consumer stated that it smells terrible and stains clothes.

Frigidaire Affinity FAFW3801LW2

  • Date: 11/1/2018

Consumer's front-load washing machine leaves a musty smell and the mold cannot be removed. Consumer even used a scrubber and it won't come off.

Frigidaire FFFW5000QW0

  • Date: 2/17/2019

Consumer has a washing machine which has mold in the rubber gasket. Consumer tried every cleaner and mold is still present. Consumer's husband and granddaughter have breathing issues, Clothes smell terrible.

Frigidaire FFLE2022MWO

  • Date: 11/1/2020

The Consumer, 52, reported that the washing machine part of their washer/dryer combo does not empty or fill properly and the dryer has had flash fires. The Consumer reported injury to herself.

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