ge coffee-makers-teapots

Information about the problems and breakdowns of GE coffee makers and teapots that were reported from 1982 to 2017.

Common problems: burning, fire, overheating, smoke.

Faulty modules: buttons, dispenser, heating element, rack, thermostat.


5 safety recalls announced

Drip Coffeemakers Recalled by GE

  • Date: 8/26/1982

A potential fire hazard may be present in some units manufactured before June 1978. The hazard may occur when a thermal fuse in the coffeemaker occasionally fails to function as intended during an overheat condition.

Walmart Recalls General Electric® Coffee Makers Due to Fire Hazard

  • Date: 5/20/2010

This recall involves General Electric brand 12-cup coffee makers sold in white or black. The digital coffee maker has programmable functions and plastic housing. Model Numbers included in this recall are: 169164 (black) and 169165 (white).

Under-The-Cabinet Coffeemakers Recalled by Black & Decker & GE

  • Date: 6/21/1994

Automatic drip coffeemakers made between February 1984 and May 1988. Models with date codes of 406 through 822 are being recalled. The date code is a three-digit number on the outside of the plug prong. No other coffeemaker models or other Black & Decker or General Electric products are involved in this recall. About 750,000 of four million coffeemakers sold contain thermostats that could present a possible fire hazard.

General Electric Voluntarily Recalls Certain Drip Coffeemakers That May Pose A Fire Hazard

  • Date: 3/21/1991

Voluntary recall of certain GE brand and Universal brand drip coffeemakers manufactured before April 28, 1984 which present a potential fire hazard. The company believes that a fire hazard may occur when a purchased thermal fuse in the coffeemaker fails to function as intended.

General Electric Intensifies Recall Of Coffeemakers That May Pose A Fire Hazard;Seeks Higher Regional Returns

  • Date: 2/4/1992

Recall of certain GE brand and Universal brand drip coffeemakers manufactured before April 28, 1984. The company believes that a fire hazard may occur when a supplier's thermal fuse in the coffeemaker fails to function as intended.

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13 issues reported

GE 169165

  • Date: 5/13/2011

23 YOF reports that the electric coffee maker was not pulling water through. When she examined the pot, she noticed that the plastic under the water heating mechanism was melted and the maker was extremely hot.

GE 169209

  • Date: 6/5/2011

The coffeemaker was smoking and 51YOF grabbed the hot coffeemaker and threw it outside.

GE 898682

  • Date: 4/25/2012

Consumer reports that after having for only 3 days, on its third time use the hot plate under the carafe of the coffee maker overheated and began to smoke. The smoke got very thick with plastic burning smell. He says the unit would not shut off by pressing the "off" button.

GE 169209

  • Date: 6/23/2011

Consumer reports that the electric coffee maker started smoking in the rear. Consumer says it would have burnt down the house if they were not home.

GE 169164

  • Date: 6/21/2012

42 YOF woke up to her smoke detectors going off and her coffee maker fully engulfed in flames. She reports that her coffee maker was recalled for this exact problem.

GE 898682

  • Date: 8/11/2012

After completion of brewing cycle, consumer heard 3 snapping, sparking sounds, followed by smell of burning vinyl plastic. Consumer saw smoke emitting from coffee maker, unplugged unit & used fire extinguisher on it. Fumes caused consumer headaches, nausea, & singing eyes.

GE 169209

  • Date: 10/23/2012

Consumer says similar to an earlier recall, this model of coffee maker also has a tendency to overheat, the heating element will burn a hole in the water recepticle and the water will leak through the bottom of the base and onto the counter top, (an electric shock hazard).

GE 898705

  • Date: 3/24/2013

32 YOF purchased two coffee pots of the same model. The first one caught fire, so she returned it. She exchanged it. 32 days later, the scond one has caught fire, too.


  • Date: 6/17/2013

Consumer turned coffee maker on and when it almost finished consumer smelled something burning and heard cracking noise; the hot plate was extremely red, so consumer pulled the plug.

GE 898705

  • Date: 10/1/2013

The consumer stated that they made coffee in the morning. When the her husband went to wash it, he noticed an about 6" crack in the pot from spout to the bottom. She stated that there were no electrical problems and she doesn't know if the crack occurred from overheating.

GE 898682

  • Date: 9/22/2012

23 YOM stated that he turned coffee maker on, & after few minutes heard crackling noise & begun to smell scorched plastic. Smell was coming from heating tank area of unit. Smoke had begun to rise from machine. He immediately turned unit off & unplugged it.

GE 898677

  • Date: 2/7/2013

78 YOF made pot of coffee went to pick it up when piece handle & lid broke off, leaving small pieces of plastic & screw, which tore from metal band around pot. Pot fell forward scalding her from ribs to middle of her leg. She used burn cream. Two pots broke in similar way.

GE Café Series CYE22USHISS

  • Date: 9/7/2017

[50 YOF] I put a brewing cup in coffee dispenser & turned it on. It started making an odd noise & I heard loud pop & hot water exploded everywhere, including on me. Luckily I had pants on, but i could easily have been burned. [Refrigerator with Coffee Brewing System]

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