ge ranges-ovens

Information about the problems and breakdowns of GE ranges and ovens that were reported from 2004 to 2022.

Common problems: blowing up, burning, dripping water, electric shock, electrical, explosion, fire, gas odor, glass shattering, ignition, leaking, melting, noise, overheating, self-cleaning, sharp edges, short circuit, smell, smoke, sparks, turning on/off.

Faulty modules: control board, display, door, drawers, gas igniter, glass, heating element, motor, rack, regulator, screen, sensor, thermostat, timer, valve.


4 safety recalls announced

GE Recall of Ranges and Wall Ovens

  • Date: 8/26/2004

Name of product: General Electric, Hotpoint, Kenmore, and Americana brand freestanding electric ranges and double wall ovens. The ranges and wall ovens have faulty wiring, which can melt and cause the oven to short circuit. The appliance can then stop working and pose a shock hazard to consumers.

General Electric Recalls Gas Ranges Due to Fire Hazard

  • Date: 6/6/2007

Name of Product: GE Monogram Professional Gas Ranges. These ranges have a design flaw that can cause an electrical arc between the wiring and griddle gas supply tube, posing a fire hazard.

General Electric Recall of Gas Ranges Posing Fire Hazard

  • Date: 12/15/2005

Name of Product: GE Monogram 36-inch and 48-inch Professional Gas Ranges. These ranges were manufactured with a design flaw that can cause an electrical arc between the wiring and adjacent gas supply tubes at two locations in the control housing of the range, posing a fire hazard.

GE Appliances, a Haier Company, Recalls to Repair Free-Standing and Slide-In Ranges Due to Tip-Over Hazard

  • Date: 12/8/2021

This recall involves 30-inch, 24-inch, and 20-inch free-standing and slide-in electric and gas ranges, with seven brand names: GE, GE Profile, Cafe, Haier, Hotpoint, Crosley and Conservator.

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513 issues reported


  • Date: 1/27/2017

I set the electric range to clean according to the instructions, & in approximately 1.5 hours, the exterior glass to the over shattered all over the kitchen floor & surrounding areas.


  • Date: 6/1/2014

The consumer stated that the left front burner on the electric range turned on high by itself emitting a strange electrical smell even though the knob was in the "OFF" position and had not been used that day.


  • Date: 5/31/2019

40 YOF was using an electric oven at home at 350 degrees. She removed some food inside the oven and then accidentally touched the glass oven door with a blender. The glass panel shattered all over the kitchen floor. She suffered a cut to her foot.


  • Date: 5/15/2012

2 YOM pushed knob on gas kitchen stove in & turned it. Consumer was making lunch 2 feet away & is not sure how long gas was on until he turned it far enough for pilot to click & light it. Consumer believes knobs shouldn't be in front where children can easily reach them.


  • Date: 5/17/2013

After self cleaning cycle had ended & door unlocked, 40 YOM opened wall oven and inside layer of glass (glass between inside glass and outside glass) shattered & glass fell out everywhere. The was only second time her ran cleaning cycle on oven since purchase.

GE Profile Series PGB940SEFSS

  • Date: 11/20/2013

The consumer reports that the interior glass on the oven door of their new gas range shattered into tremendous amount of pieces. The oven was turned on to 350 deg/5 min setting. It happened on the day they received delivery of the range and it was the first time of its use.


  • Date: 1/27/2015

A 46 YOF heard loud buzzing noise while standing next to oven & turned to see sparks shooting from under bottom edge of oven door & smoke rising from the vent at the right rear burner. Turned oven off & bright flickering light & sparking noise was visible through glass door.


  • Date: 12/22/2019

Consumer reports Consumer reports they were in the kitchen putting away pans when their oven door exploded leaving glass everywhere. The oven was not in use at the time and they cut their foot in several places. The glass was as far as 8 ft away in the hall.

GE 164D3871 P001

  • Date: 10/9/2020

The Consumer reported that two of the top burners on their electric free-standing glass top slide-in range would not go off posing a fire hazard.


  • Date: 8/15/2014

The glass on the door of the upper wall oven exploded.

GE Café Series CTD90FP2M1S1

  • Date: 8/20/2021

66 YO consumer has a electric oven in which a broiler filament tube exploded. There were flames. The whole broiler was destroyed. Consumer escaped injury as consumer was about to open door. Breaker tripped. No injuries occurred.


  • Date: 1/11/2016

When consumers used cleaning function of Electric Oven for 1st time - they noticed it burned chips out of interior ceramic coating. They notice new areas of chipped ceramic when they continue to cook on high heat & found what they think are ceramic chips or particle in food.

GE Spectra Series

  • Date: 7/18/2011

A 71 YOF reports that while baking, the cooking coil at the bottom of the electric oven exploded & caught fire. The oven needed to be turned off and the fire was extinguished. There is now a hole in the cooking coil.

GE Profile Series PS968S P1SS

  • Date: 11/16/2011

66 YOM was replacing counter top coffee maker & put box on top of electric range. Weight of box turned two front knos on top burners. Knobs are raised & easily turned on if an object is placed on cook top & extends over touching the knobs.


  • Date: 12/16/2015

Glass door on my electric range exploded and the glass shattered onto the kitchen floor. It happened in early night. The unit was completely off.

GE Spectra Series JBP80T0F1WW

  • Date: 4/30/2012

While oven of electric range was on self cleaning mode 14 MOF placed hand on it. She received 1st & 2nd degree burns & was treated in ER & later by doctor. Technician tested oven outer layer & found that temperature at area where baby had placed hand was at 198 degrees.


  • Date: 5/17/2011

Fire Department responded to a smoke alarm activation at a residence. consumer turned the electric oven on "self-clean" mode and then left the residence. significant smoke was showing in rear of the structure. No one was inside the structure at the time of the incident.


  • Date: 5/18/2011

Consumer said she baked cookies in the range oven at 350 degrees and turned it off. Afterwards, her 11-month-old son pulled himself up to a standing position using the door to brace himself and screamed. Consumer said she found the oven door to be burning hot.


  • Date: 5/27/2011

while using an Electric Range consumer had a cookware on the stove with Plastic. she heard loud sound from insulation of Range while using front right burner. she stated that because she was using a container with plastic handle it protected her from being electrocuted.


  • Date: 6/7/2011

Fire department dispatched for an electric oven fire. Homeowner used their extinguisher prior to fire department arrival, but with no success. No injuries.


  • Date: 6/9/2011

Consumer believes that control switch of the gas cooktop is minimally protected from liquids making contact, it may result In electrical shortages. It happened once, when control switch had an electrical short & caught fire due to water making contact with switch

GE Spectra Series

  • Date: 6/27/2011

A 53 yof states stove burner as well as the stove top became extremely hot during use & damaged a heavy aluminum pot. Also the heat disclored the paint on the stove control unit. The unit had been turned off but the 'hot top' indicator light stayed on & did not turn off.


  • Date: 7/5/2011

Consumer reports that the burners of the electric oven have all stopped working. Consumer has replaced them a couple of times, and stated that the wiring underneath is melting or burning out. Consumer feels the oven is dangerous.


  • Date: 7/11/2011

Upper element in the electric range left a white powder after it burned. Owner had this element replaced. While preheating the oven, owner found the bottom of the oven on fire. The fire grew around the coil. 1 of owner’s children has a similar product with exact same problem.


  • Date: 7/11/2011

Consumer heard a clicking noise coming from the kitchen like thegas stove was trying to power on by itself. The stove was emitting sparks from the control knobs. The stove was disconnected from the gas for safety precaution. Consumer is concerned about fire hazard.

GE Spectra Series JBP24W0B5WW

  • Date: 7/31/2011

39 YOF noticed bright, uneven heat intensity level on left side of lower heating element in electric oven. Spot continued to heat up & began emitting white, hot spark & flaming. She turned off it with switch/knob control, but it didn't work till she disconnected power plug.


  • Date: 8/18/2011

failure of electric Stove/Oven caused apartment fire. a smoke detector on main level was not installed. the fire progressed to cabinets to south of stove & contents on counter top. 6 residents, 4 adults & 2 kids, were in aparment at time of fire. 21 yof was hospitalized.


  • Date: 9/22/2011

Consumer reports that several knobs on top burners of the new gas range will allow gas to flow without the igniter spark. Consumer says they had the range replaced but are experiencing the same type of problem but with different burner locations.


  • Date: 10/7/2011

The submitter reports a fire in the electric oven/microwave combination. It is stated that the fire department personnel found the electric heating element inside the oven burning "like a fuse". They isolated the electric source and the element stopped burning and cooled.


  • Date: 10/19/2011

While electric range burner knob was in off position, range stayed on. Found knob was made completely of plastic with no metal reinforcement where shaft entered knob. Consumer is concerned that this is burn & fire risk as stove can be on even when knob is in off position.

GE JB640dr66

  • Date: 11/8/2011

While consumer was pre-heating electric range oven at 350 degrees from approximately 10 minutes she heard a noise like broken glass picture frame & then discovered that glass oven door had exploded & shattered into several pieces on the floor.


  • Date: 11/24/2011

Convection range oven was set to 450 degrees when after about 15 minutes a loud explosion was heard & consumers rushed to kitchen to find glass all over floor. Glass panel on oven door had exploded in a million pieces.


  • Date: 12/24/2011

While oven was in use, 34 YOM opened door of oven to check out smell. Oven shot out a fireball directly at his face. Consumer's eyebrows got burned, no first aid or medical attention received. He reported that oven smells like burned plastic.


  • Date: 1/26/2012

While consumer was cleaning wall, she leaned on front burners & front burner turned on, & did not make clicking noise. She heard explosion & saw flames coming from top left side burners. It damaged cabinet & all items located on top shelf underneath range top.


  • Date: 3/2/2012

69 YOF was putting away food on gas range when she accidentally brushed against knob. About 20 minutes later her child smelled gas & noticed that one of knobs was slightly out of "OFF" position. Gas was ventilated & range was turned on to let fire burn rest of gas.


  • Date: 3/22/2012

On 3 incidents, the gas range malfunctioned. On 2 incidents, when consumer opened the oven door, flames came out. She switched the oven to off position but flames were still emitted so she had to shut off the main gas. On 3rd incident, the oven would not work.


  • Date: 4/16/2012

Owner put a pot of water on the glass stove top. About 2 min. later, he heard this deafening boom & returned to the kitchen. The entire stovetop had exploded & sent shards of glass across the kitchen. The tech stated that microfractures in the unit would cause it to blow up.


  • Date: 5/10/2012

Twice burner control knobs on propane gas ranges inside trailers were inadvertently bumped, which caused propane to leak & filled trailer with propane gas. Ranges have electronic ignitions & knobs need to be turned all the way up to ignite.


  • Date: 5/31/2012

Consumer reports that she put her gas oven into self clean mode and once the oven locked automatically the entire glass front of the oven door fell onto the floor. A technician came and replaced the glass. Consumer believes the product is unsafe due to poor design.

GE Profile Series PS978STSS

  • Date: 6/4/2012

61 YOF was placing towel on upper handle of electric range when little finger on her left hand got caught in one of 5 oval holes above handle, measured approximately 3/8” by 5”. She received 1/8” laceration on her little finger. She applied pressure & used cream & bandage.


  • Date: 7/26/2012

Consumer reports that midnight while sleeping a loud crashing sound came from the kitchen and she found the door of the electric range oven was on the floor in pieces. She says nothing was touching it, the oven/range were not on, and the temperature was as always in the home.


  • Date: 8/12/2012

65 YOM stated that when stove was used, burners would light about 1/2 way and then blow out. Burner was replaced 3 different times by technician. On last visit, range would not stay lit and they smelled gas.


  • Date: 8/23/2012

consumer turned on electric oven to pre-heat & noticed that the broiler came on by itself. She stated that she turned off the oven &broiler heating element would not turn off & started to release smoke. she decided to unplug the range. no one was injured.


  • Date: 10/22/2012

After turning on electric oven, the heating element sparked, flamed & caught on fire. consumer immediately turned oven off & in about10-15 seconds fire went out. After it cooled, consumer noticed the heating element split in two & there was white residue on oven. no injury.


  • Date: 11/19/2012

Consumer says she was braising pork roast on low on one of the larger burners of the electric range with the temperature dial set at "2" on 1-9 scale when 2 hours later the pot suddenly started to boil over and the entire burner was glowing red with the dial still at 2.


  • Date: 12/3/2012

Consumer reports that the front oven glass of the electric range spontaneously exploded in the middle of the night. He says the unit had not been used in several days and there was no one present in the room. Also there were no unusual ambient conditions.


  • Date: 12/9/2012

Consumer was using self clean feature on new range for the first time and the glass on the interior shattered into pieces.


  • Date: 12/14/2012

A 38 YOF reports that the heating element in the bottom of an electic oven exploded causing a four (4) inch piece of the element to disintegrate. During the incident, the element made a very loud electrocution type noise until it completely burned.


  • Date: 1/4/2013

Consumer says he heard a loud quick boom at 2 a.m. and found the glass on his gas oven had exploded outwards. He says it was not on and had not been used in over 3 days.

GE Spectra Series JBP82WF2WW

  • Date: 1/16/2013

Consumer reported that during pre-heating of oven, bake heating element at bottom of oven caught fire. Fire continued to burn after oven was turned off. Once power to range was cut, fire went out.


  • Date: 1/30/2013

Consumer reports that the electric oven's self cleaning mode malfunctions and causes the oven to become extremely hot externally. Consumer states that the internal connections where not built properly and cause the surface to become hot. He is no longer using the function.


  • Date: 3/1/2013

Consumer was using large burner on front right of her coil electric range for approximately 10 minutes & she started to smell wires burning. She tried to turn burner off & heating element wouldn't turn off. She had to unplug & remove element. Wires underneath were burned.


  • Date: 3/12/2013

The consumer stated that she was preheating the oven to 350 degrees when she heard an explosion. The outer glass on the oven door shattered and many pieces of glass flew across the kitchen and into family room.


  • Date: 3/19/2013

A 55 YOF reports that when they returned home to find the house full of gas. Investigating found that one of the stove top control knobs had been placed in the on position. Not sure if this occurred due to cleaning procedures that bumped the knob or other.


  • Date: 3/25/2013

Consumer’s mother had cooked her dinner in the oven. She turned off her stove & cleaned her kitchen pans. She came back to the smell of food cooking & a very strong odor of hot metal. She noticed the stove was on. She tried to turn it off but it would not turn off.

GE Spectra Series

  • Date: 4/8/2013

Electric oven was turned on & appeared to heat when it began to spark & burn. Consumer turned power off. Consumer states neighbor had same issue.


  • Date: 7/9/2013

A 53 YOF reports that the flame on the back right burner of a gas range completely cuts out, leaving no flame & a house full of gas. There have been several occasions when she had her house fill with gas because the burner loses its flame at the lowest setting.


  • Date: 7/16/2013

The oven was cooling down after being used when the outer glass of the upper door exploded.


  • Date: 7/21/2013

75 YOM reports issue with two controls which activat two rear burners on gas range. He entered kitchen & smelled gas & saw right rear burner rotated about 45 degrees & gas flowing. Another household member had inadvertently activated it while using microwave range hood.


  • Date: 9/9/2013

Consumer reported fire hazard with her electric range. One of the burners turns on automatically & fails to turn off. She dropped some water on the rear burner & noticed it steam & realized the burner had been on. It does not turn off until the unit is unplugged.


  • Date: 9/15/2013

Upper oven center glass on built in wall oven shattered while consumers were baking.


  • Date: 9/20/2013

While electric oven was in use 13 MOM got 2nd degree burns to tip of fingers & blistering to top part of index & middles fingers when he placed right hand in-between bottom of oven door & top edge of lower storage drawer. Consumer stated boy was seen by medical professional.


  • Date: 12/6/2013

The consumer stated that they were getting ready to start dinner and as he came out of the kitchen and his wife behind him, they heard what seemed like a shot gun and saw that the outer glass of their electric range oven door had shattered and was in pieces on the ground.


  • Date: 4/22/2014

The consumer stated that when the self cleaning function on her gas range was used for the first time, the tempered glass shattered within 10 minutes of being turned on.


  • Date: 5/5/2014

75 YOF has ignited gas range burners 4-5 times when she reached over the gas range on the left or right cabinets to retrieve some items. Her concern is that the knobs on this range turn too easily. The burners have actually ignited without her intent.


  • Date: 5/12/2014

A 79 YOF stated that when the oven is turned on, the stove gets really hot. The heat from the oven causes the exterior to heat up. She burned herself on both hands from the heat. She reported issues with range knobs & also stated that the drawer gets off track very easily.


  • Date: 6/26/2014

Consumer's wife turned off electric range burner & walked away. She returned 40 minutes later & noticed food was burnt. Front right burner never turned off. Consumer & his wife were unable to turn off range & had to cut circuit breaker.


  • Date: 8/4/2014

A female while cleaning wiped down the front of the gas range with a wet rag with no chemicals or abrasive materials as per the manual. Approximately 15 minutes later the outer glass of the oven door exploded. She was standing about 3 feet away when the incident occurred.


  • Date: 8/27/2014

The consumer stated that shortly after turning their wall oven to preheat, only a small section of the bottom heating element was lit up. The element was arcing with the side and bottom of the oven and creating bright white light. Didn't stop until the breaker was turned off.


  • Date: 9/23/2014

Turned on igniter position on gas cook top. Control knob began electrical arching uncontrollably underneath knob inside cooktop, with large visible flashes, until controller burst into flames.


  • Date: 10/9/2014

The consumer reports that the oven glass shattered on the oven/range.


  • Date: 11/4/2014

the consumer stated that the broiler coils on her electric stove melted causing an explosion inside the oven


  • Date: 12/1/2014

When consumer turns gas oven on bake mode, heating element lights up red. Oven makes popping noise while pre-heating, & oven door comes open & then closes from pop. She is able to turn oven off at control panel.


  • Date: 1/16/2015

The consumer stated that the front right burner on the stove was on 3 only and it continued to burn the food as she was stirring. They turned the burner to off but it stayed on high in the off position. The consumer is concerned this is a fire hazard.


  • Date: 1/24/2015

A 51 YOF reports that during the activation of the gas range burner, they witnessed a popping sound with the stove, causing the power to go out with the stove. They had to reset the breaker. We tried the stove again, & the burner was not working & a strong gas smell detected.


  • Date: 2/25/2015

Consumer turned on oven & noticed sparks. There were flames about 1-2 inches high on bottom element of oven. She turned electric range oven off from control panel. It took about 5 minutes for flames to completely go out.


  • Date: 3/8/2015

40 YOM was cooking with electric range oven at 350°F for 20 minutes & changed to low broil. There was orange flash & flames within oven. He turned it off. There was smoke coming from unit. There was white residue & tiny pieces of metal within oven. Coil was melted.


  • Date: 3/18/2015

The consumer stated that she was wiping down the electric range with a soft cloth when the knob to one of the burner surfaces went limp and fell to the floor. She tried to put it back in place when a lot of hot sparks flew out at her from where the knob was supposed to be.


  • Date: 5/21/2015

While homeowners were away, caretaker found kitchen floor littered with glass fragments. Outside door of gas range oven had exploded. Oven had not been used for several months.


  • Date: 6/11/2015

Switch/valve for main gas range burner became stuck in on position and could not be turned off. Flame went out with resultant gas leak into house. Home had to be evacuated and fire department called to investigate. Burner was turned off using pliers to manipulate valve stem.

GE P5968T P2C

  • Date: 6/13/2015

Outside glass on electric range oven exploded for 2nd time, sending pieces onto kitchen floor. This has happened once before, and consumer had to pay to have it fixed.


  • Date: 6/18/2015

The control panel to the gas range shuts down & goes black, turning off the displays to the range. The consumer has to unplug and re-plug the not for it to start up again. She is cooking on the stove & the control panel shuts off, the burners still work.


  • Date: 6/23/2015

The consumer stated that her oven door exploded. The consumer stated that her 8-year-old hit it with a spoon, and the glass went flying. The child wasn't hurt. The consumer found little shards of oven door glass in her dining room, too.


  • Date: 7/16/2015

The consumer stated that their built-in oven microwave unit started on fire and then the outer glass exploded outward after the fire stopped. The consumer stated that the fire started in the oven element and was contained to the oven.


  • Date: 7/22/2015

Consumer's wife used electric range in evening & turned everything off. He woke up in morning, & when he went to kitchen, he noticed that oven door to range had shattered all over floor. He noticed that after oven door exploded, door does not close properly.


  • Date: 8/4/2015

A 38 years old female reports that the outside glass on oven door on the stand alone gas range shattered today. There was no warning. It was not turned on at the time but I had been using it for years.

GE Café Series C2S980SEMSS

  • Date: 8/23/2015

I have a dual fuel stove purchased 4 years ago. I have never used the broil feature until today. Within 5 minutes of turning the oven on, I heard a loud pop. When I opened the oven door I found my inner oven glass shattered in a million pieces.


  • Date: 8/25/2015

Consumer preheated oven to 350F, & noticed a flash coming from the oven & smelled something burning. The consumer opened the oven door and noticed that it was on fire inside & immediately shut oven off & closed the door. The element was broken in 3 areas. No injuries.


  • Date: 8/25/2015

68yom reported that the gas range’s wiring harness overheated & short circuited & caused the gas leak which ignited the fire. He said smoke & heat alarms alerted 2 tenants who got out safely. Fire damaged wood cabinetry, overhead hoods & cabinets & engulfed the kitchen.


  • Date: 9/1/2015

Consumer reports that from the first day, she has been having issues with its temperature setting of her range's oven. She sets the temperature but shortly thereafter, the unit either increases or decreases the original temperature. Her 2 yr.old grandson burned his fingers.


  • Date: 10/8/2015

Consumer reported that the igniter on gas stove has a wiring defect that caused the plastic wire harness and wires to melt. Consumer believes that if the stove hadn't shorted out, it would cause a fire.


  • Date: 10/15/2015

The consumer noticed in the kitchen that the oven was "On" while the knob was in the "off" position. Consumer notified a maintenance employee who turned the circuit breaker off.


  • Date: 10/20/2015

Consumer reported that exterior glass panel of electric oven door fell off & shattered. She was not in kitchen when she heard crashing sound. She discovered glass had shattered & spread in kitchen. She stated that oven was not in use for two days.


  • Date: 10/28/2015

Consumer reported that for past six or seven months front right burner of range overheats sporadically when in use. If she would set burner to 3 or 4, coil would go bright red. Burner not lower its temperature when prompted unless she completely shuts it off.


  • Date: 12/3/2015

Consumer stated that toxic, chemical-like smell started after few minutes of using for 1st time self-cleaning mode of gas range. Consumer got headache, nausea & tight breathing. Consumer turned off oven after about 2 hours & couldn’t last entire 4 hour.


  • Date: 12/8/2015

The consumer reported that his gas range oven door exploded. The stove and the oven were not on at the time.

GE JKP 18S OC 188

  • Date: 12/9/2015

The consumer reported that while using his electric wall oven the interior glass on the oven door shattered violently, creating many large sharp hot shards of glass.

GE 326B1230P001

  • Date: 12/22/2015

The consumer stated that the wall oven glass (internal) exploded while cooking pizza. Glass pieces were 1/4" or less in size. The consumer stated that the oven bake cycle was set at 425 F and may have been switched from Bake to Broil-Low (to melt the cheese on the top).


  • Date: 1/11/2016

Consumer used convection feature of oven & nothing appeared to come on. He left it on for few seconds & afterwards smelled burnt rubber smell. He shut off oven & has not been able to use it. Service Technician determined that he needed to order fan & its circuit board.


  • Date: 2/12/2016

69 YOM consumer's electric range malfunctioned. The igniter system on the right front burner does not work. The unit was serviced, but the problem did not go away. If the burner works, it only works for a short time.


  • Date: 2/16/2016

When Electric range oven was turned to "Warm", audible 'pop' sounded & the right end of the lower element became increasingly red & hot. The oven was turned off. Later it was noted that the element had re-ignited & was flaming. The main electric switch was shut off.

GE Monogram ZDP366LP4SS

  • Date: 2/24/2016

78 YOF while using oven saw that porcelain oven liner in gas range was leaving small glass shards on bottom of oven. When wiping, one of the pieces penetrated cloth & stuck her finger like a sliver. She is concerned that glass shards will contaminate their oven baked food.

GE Profile Series JP989BK1BB

  • Date: 2/26/2016

Right large rear burner on my Electric stove did not shut off but the red light was on. I played with it a bit & finally it shut off. Later, Same thing with the rear right burner, on with the red light & won't shut off. The front burner stays on low heat but switch is off.


  • Date: 3/18/2016

Consumer was using broiler in oven for maybe 10 minutes on high to cook dinner. Then oven of electric range was turned off & minute or two later glass on front of oven door shattered to floor. Glass was sizzling & popping in air because it was so hot.

GE 40225

  • Date: 3/30/2016

Since consumer purchased gas range he discovered that all 4 burners turn "On" when control knobs are slightly touched. He has noticed gas odor on many occasions & then upon checking he would notice control knob is slightly moved. He believes that it could cause CO poisoning.


  • Date: 4/10/2016

After 49 YOF preheated oven, she opened its door to place pizza in. Oven erupted into flames burning her right arm & right side of face & singed hair. Fire department turned off gas leading to gas range. She was seen by medical professional for 1st degree burns.


  • Date: 4/20/2016

The consumer stated that she had turned her wall oven & microwave unit on to clean the previous evening and when she opened it to clean the following morning, the interior glass on the oven door was broken into seven (7) large, sharp pointy edged pieces.


  • Date: 5/8/2016

We were awaked by a loud noise. My husband walked into the kitchen, the front of the glass on the kitchen stove was completely blown out. We had not used the stove for 5 days, so the stove was not hot when it happened.


  • Date: 5/11/2016

Consumer was baking in gas range. Consumer heard from other room loud boom & glass breaking. Consumer discovered that oven door exploded & glass was popping on ground even after explosion. Consumer reported that glass exploded pretty far.


  • Date: 5/13/2016

Consumer indicates that her husband preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 5 to 10 seconds later he heard a sparking noise coming from it. The consumer's husband noticed that inside the unit were flames & sparks. He turned off the unit, & this ceased the flames.


  • Date: 7/10/2016

The consumer stated that she was baking muffins, turned the oven off and within 15 minutes the oven glass shattered. The consumer stated that she purchased the range about two years ago and uses it during summer months only.


  • Date: 7/11/2016

The consumer, 68, stated that when getting a glass pitcher out of the cabinet adjacent to the electric range, the pitcher slightly bumped the oven door and immediately the glass front fell to the floor at her feet. She received a small cut on her foot, required first aid.


  • Date: 11/7/2016

The consumer stated that she was roasting squash covered with foil in a roasting pan at 350F in the oven on her brand new electric range and 40 minutes later she I heard a loud pop and saw that the [inner oven door] glass was in many pieces and falling inside the oven.


  • Date: 11/28/2016

The consumer stated that the glass on their oven door shattered. The oven was cold and no one was in the kitchen when this happened.


  • Date: 12/5/2016

The consumer reports that one of the four burner knobs on their gas range can be turned without needing to be pushed in first. This allows gas and/or igniter to turn on unintentionally if the knob is bumped.


  • Date: 1/3/2017

The consumer smelled something burning while using oven & range. Unit was immediately turned off. Oven was pulled to reveal flames coming from metal protection cover on back of unit; flames subsided. Cover was removed to reveal that wiring was burned.


  • Date: 1/6/2017

The consumer reported that the combination wall and microwave oven was set to 350 baking something and it reached greater than 500 degrees and would not shut off. They had to unplug the entire unit. Concern: if they were not present in the house, there would have been a fire.

GE Café Series CGS990SET3SS

  • Date: 1/6/2017

Bottom Oven would not heat. The igniter/glow bar is a thick metal deflector. The igniter/glow bar melted the metal of the heat deflector & the molten metal dripped onto the igniter/glow bar shorting it out. There is a hole in the thick metal deflector.Fire hazard. [Gas Range]


  • Date: 1/9/2017

Consumer reported that right dual burner of range was on & started to emit sparking & blew circuit breaker. Consumer waited a while & reset circuit breaker & again it sparked & blew circuit breaker.


  • Date: 1/13/2017

The consumer stated that when turning on the oven, there was a brief fire and smoke from the range control board area. The oven was immediately turned off, breaker turned off, and the range was unplugged. Components and wires were melted on the back of the control board.

GE Monogram ZGU364NRP

  • Date: 1/24/2017

The submitter reported that when the home occupant turned on the gas range cook top, a small explosion occurred almost instantaneously. Cabinet doors were blown of the hinges directly below range-top. No injuries reported.


  • Date: 3/20/2017

House was engulfed in fumes from fire that started within interior of oven wall while oven was on. 54 YOF stated oven overheated & burned downward through cabinet. She suffered smoke inhalation, no 1st aid received. Per Fire Report there was possible issue with thermostat.

GE Profile Series JGB870SET2SS

  • Date: 4/9/2017

Consumer's oven stopped heating up. It was determined that igniter wasn't functioning. Heat shield above igniter had melted and had a hole in it. Consumer believes this is a serious fire hazard.


  • Date: 4/18/2017

The consumer, 68, stated that while baking cookies, he opened the oven door to take out a batch when the left hinge popped out causing the door to fall left and tilt foreward where cookies got knocked out and smashed his left thumb fairly bloody.

GE Café Series CGS990SET5SS

  • Date: 5/7/2017

The consumer stated that with normal use of the dual oven range, the bottom oven stopped functioning properly. He discovered that the heat deflector located above the ignitor had melted and liquid metal had dripped onto the ignitor causing it to malfunction/short circuit.


  • Date: 5/11/2017

Consumer's outer window on range shattered. There were a few pieces on the floor but majority was intact. It is making cracking noises.


  • Date: 6/16/2017

My husband & I special ordered a double wall oven. I tried to use the self-cleaning feature for the first time. I read the manual, & then started the cleaning cycle. Ten minutes into cleaning, I heard a loud noise & discovered the glass in upper oven exploded inside the oven.


  • Date: 6/18/2017

The consumer stated that her 28-YO daughter was making dinner in the recently bought electric range oven using a glass dish that they always use when suddenly the dish blew up and broke the oven door glass. the consumer bought a replacement glass, but is fraid to use the oven


  • Date: 6/22/2017

When oven was on smoke alarm went off, consumer saw that food was on fire. She put out fire & turned it off. Later she saw that oven light was on & food was again on fire. She saw that top coil never turned off & glass container in oven shattered. She switched off breaker,


  • Date: 7/3/2017

An oven almost caught fire. The oven had come on by itself. It smelled like it was on fire. The wiring on the back was melted & burning. The wall behind the stove had started getting black spots from heat. The cabinets around it were too hot to touch. Flipped the breaker.


  • Date: 7/15/2017

61 YOF consumer put food in oven and when she went to take it out, front door exploded. Glass went everywhere. Consumer received cuts.


  • Date: 8/3/2017

Low temperature on electric stove is more of medium high. Sauce & pan would burn while cooking on low. 65 YOM lifted lid, sauce was boiling & splashed onto his index finger, burning it; he received 1st aid. This also happened to his wife, she didn't burn herself.


  • Date: 8/24/2017

Consumer reported that the hot surface light of electric range does not turn off, which has just occurred over the past few days. Consumer is concerned that if it is a defective burner it could potentially cause a fire.


  • Date: 9/8/2017

I am a fire investigator for the Fire Department. I recently investigated an oven fire in an apartment. The resident stated he smelled something hot in his apartment when he discovered a fire in his oven. He verified all the controls of the oven were turned off.


  • Date: 9/11/2017

Control knobs of the range are on an angle with a depress feature to stop them from being turned on by simple touch. I came in the house & found one of the stove elements on & hot enough that it had discolored wood trim on the cabinet adjacent to the range/oven.


  • Date: 9/14/2017

61 YOF consumer was cooking food on electric ceramic top range. Metal that wraps down from ceramic top to oven door became very hot. Consumer burned her abdomen while reaching into microwave above range. Tech stated that nothing is wrong. Consumer feels this is a hazard.


  • Date: 11/21/2017

The consumer stated that when the oven is set to broil, the gas builds up in the oven and the ignitor does not work and then when the door is opened, the oven essentially blows up. Flames come out of the oven. A tech replaced the ignitor and she still has the same problem.


  • Date: 11/23/2017

[32 YOM] Using upper oven normally on our double oven range when the glass in the upper oven door shattered. It appears there are 3 glass panes. The middle pane shattered raining glass to the floor through the vent holes on the bottom of the door. No Injury.


  • Date: 12/10/2017

Consumer's gas range knobs are too easy to turn on. Consumer noticed gas smell, which pointed to one of knobs being turned on. Consumer implied that this is a fire hazard.


  • Date: 12/11/2017

51 YOM consumer's gas range stopped working. Ceramic igniter was the problem; it stays on while gas bar is heating. It super heats tin heat shield & makes metal molten, which drooped & finally tore open. This made igniter fail & crack. Consumer believes this is a fire hazard.


  • Date: 1/31/2018

The consumer stated that the oven on the range has a faulty thermometer and has been turning on by itself. She stated that this has been happening since they got it in 2012, but recently it's been getting very hot (happening all the time). Reported injury to husband, 42.


  • Date: 2/1/2018

The consumer stated that their gas range burners are turned on when his 5'2" tall wife puts something in the over-the-range microwave and in the process brushes against the burner knobs and they are turned. Sometimes just the igniter, and other times the gas lights.


  • Date: 2/20/2018

Consumer reported that rear left element of range when cooking for while at 5 or above & turned off, it doesn't go off. When turned off, it waits than goes off, then it comes back on, etc. After some time of playing with dial, it'll go off.

GE Profile Series JGP336WEV4WW

  • Date: 2/24/2018

The consumer stated that she was cooking on the two front burners of the built-in gas cooktop when the entire glass cooktop exploded with a loud bang into thousands of pieces. The pieces flew at speed across the room, reaching more than 25ft from the Cooktop's location.


  • Date: 4/13/2018

Bought a new Electric Stove. Put it on & noticed a nasty toxic smell. Caused headache, watery eyes, numbness on tongue & lips. Noticed the insulation was not white but a brownish color. As per the store recommendation we did a self clean cycle. Still having breathing issues.


  • Date: 4/14/2018

Slide-in range outer glass panel of oven door exploded sending glass shards flying & cutting legs of 30 YOF, she got 1st aid. Oven door was closed. Day earlier one side of oven door handle became disconnected d/t plastic nut became disconnected to handle bolt.

GE Profile Series JGP626AEV

  • Date: 4/22/2018

This glass stove top was being used with one active flame set to boil water at a low setting when an explosion sound was heard & the glass cooktop began to shatter. The glass began to crack across the entire stove top & began spitting out glass pieces causing injury.

GE Café Series

  • Date: 4/25/2018

Knobs of gas range top are easily changed from off position to slightly on, leading to leaking gas. Recently consumer woke to smell of gas & it appears that someone bumped knob. If someone walks by, knob is easily bumped into on position. This is happened about dozen times.


  • Date: 8/24/2018

Consumer used a gas range/oven. Consumer set oven to 400 F and put in food. Bottom of stove inside caught fire. FD responded. Stove was destroyed and glass was everywhere; house was filled with smoke. Consumer implies a fire hazard. A 6 YOF was involved in incident.


  • Date: 9/11/2018

70 YOM consumer's electric range malfunctioned when he was warming food at lowest setting. It turned red on highest temperature setting and burned food. It had done this on several occasions. Manufacturer was uncooperative. Consumer states this is a fire hazard.


  • Date: 9/21/2018

49 YOF reported that after two months of usage oven emits toxic odor that has given her and children respiratory issues. She received no 1st aid or medical attention.


  • Date: 11/14/2018

Consumer reported that their [gas range] oven exploded and went on fire, scorching the kitchen cabinet. No one was near the range. Consumer noticed that only the burner area facing the igniter was black and damaged with holes from the explosion.


  • Date: 11/26/2018

The consumer reported that flame and sparks came from the cooktop. The consumer turned it off. An inspection underneath revealed burn marks on the housing of control boards.


  • Date: 12/8/2018

69 YOF Consumer was standing about 4 feet from her stove when she heard a noise & saw that exterior oven door had shattered & glass fell to the floor. Consumer was struck by several shards of glass that did not cut her, she had to pull them off of her pant leg. No Injury.


  • Date: 12/2/2018

56 YOF consumer has electric stove. While cooking with a pot, element exploded with bright white-blue flash, arcing and a loud bang. Metal fragments sprayed around and also melted to the pot and drip pan under element. Stove was serviced for this problem once before.


  • Date: 1/5/2019

A gas range was in normal use, with the oven on but no burners going. My wife heard buzzing & popping sounds, & entered the kitchen to find the range smoking & with flames coming from the back left corner. The wiring harness was melted, plastic harness connectors had melted.


  • Date: 2/15/2019

62 YOM was cleaning a vent on an electric range and cut his finger on the vent edge. The vent is located underneath the control panel. He was cleaning the vent with a cloth and suffered a cut to the knuckle of his right ring finger. He received first aid.


  • Date: 4/7/2019

Consumer indicated that electric range would be on OFF but burner would be on. Also burners would overheat in matter of seconds. Consumer stated that stove went to flames. Consumer reported that 62 YOF was injured & was treated in ED.


  • Date: 5/13/2019

Knobs of gas range made different that consumer used before, where ignition is next to OFF position. At this one all burners have ignition at 180° from OFF position & getting to that point releases gas (between off & lighting) & clicking sound doesn't occur until 180° point.


  • Date: 8/11/2019

63 YOM CX reports the remote control feature of his oven does not work regularly. CX notes sometimes the app, used to control the oven remotely, indicates the oven is off, however it is not. CX concerned about possible fire hazard.


  • Date: 11/13/2019

64 YOF and 68 YOM report that the electrical panel and wiring at the rear of their dual fuel range at home short circuited and caught on fire. Consumers turned off the power and stopped the fire.


  • Date: 1/2/2020

64 YOF stated that electric range is defective. Burner switch of larger burner is set to 4 when electric coil/burner flares to high heat & turns bright red. Food, if not removed from burner, would burn. This occurs on all burners. It’s less frequent on smaller burner.


  • Date: 2/11/2020

Consumer's glass cook top electric range at home exploded and shatter while cooking dinner leaving a one inch hole and a "Y" formation cracking over 3 of the elements and uneven jagged edges from the crack. Consumer reports the incident to the manufacturer.


  • Date: 4/8/2020

Female consumer reports that the oven range has had multiple issues since being installed. The doors do not close properly. The was a leak coming from the pipes as well as cosmetic defects in the paint on the body of the unit. The gas leak is very dangerous.


  • Date: 4/19/2020

The Consumer reported that their new gas range is emitting a very strong and very acrid chemical smell all over the apartment. Despite running the oven for 10 hour long cycles at 400°F to 450°F, the smell persists causing dizziness. Concerned home is filling with toxic fumes.


  • Date: 4/30/2020

The consumer's daughter was using one of the back burners of the electric range, when it caught fire. The fire was behind the stove. The daughter was able to turn the burner off. The consumer said the problem was simply related to the wires.


  • Date: 6/20/2020

Consumer reports that their 29 YOF wife was standing nearby when the electric oven's glass door just exploded. THe oven was being preheated and it just shattered sending tempered glass four feet away. Large pieces were also there. Dangerous safety hazard could cause injury.


  • Date: 8/21/2020

53 YOM consumer reports that the outer glass on the range shattered when the two sided tape failed in a mobile home. The range was in the self-cleaning mode. The glass fell to the floor and shattered.


  • Date: 10/19/2020

Electric range was emitting smoke from underneath control panel & warning lights for two burners, not been used that day, were on, indicating that they were extremely hot. Consumer had to trip breaker to turn off range. He indicated that it occurred not 1st time.


  • Date: 10/21/2020

The gas oven was set between 270° - 350°. It may have been on for about one hour, while food was baking, when the outer glass (window) shattered. The inner glass remained in tact. Some of the glass landed in front of the oven and some pieces spread out into another room.


  • Date: 12/3/2020

The consumer indicated, that the range cook-top's front right burner, when turned on at full blast, has flames go up to 5" high toward the operator, whereas about 1" high towards the back and when a pan is placed on top of the unit, it could burn the user.


  • Date: 1/27/2021

The Consumer, 59, stated that the racks in his electric range oven come off the side of the walls when taking food out and spilling hot liquids over everything including him. The Consumer reported injury to self.

GE Profile Series PT7050SF5SS

  • Date: 2/27/2021

The Consumer reported that their wall oven turns itself on with no keypad entry or human intervention.

GE Monogram ZGP366NR5SS

  • Date: 3/16/2021

One of the burners of 6 burner stove flared up. 57 YO consumer reported that this has been an ongoing issue. The consumer stated that manufacturer engineered bad burners that are dangerous especially after washing or have pasta water spill over.


  • Date: 5/14/2021

While 52 YO consumer was cooking, fire occurred at about 360F in wall double oven in house. Oven heating element burned through. Oven never reached setting at 400°F. Left top corner of top oven ignited in ball of fire. Consumer shut off oven & circuit breaker.


  • Date: 7/11/2021

The Consumer reported that a burner on their gas range oven became stuck in the on position, creating a potential gas leak.


  • Date: 7/13/2021

The Consumer stated that they turned the electric oven on to preheat and the heating element exploded.


  • Date: 7/15/2021

Male consumer reports that the touch screen on his oven range would not work on warmer days. The oven has turned itself on by itself and then turned itself off by itself. This unit is defective and a fire hazard.


  • Date: 7/27/2021

Male consumer reports that the wall oven has made a loud boom noise when turned on several times over the years. A technician was never able to duplicate the sound when there. A tube had to be replaced because it was emitting gas. It was fixed temporarily. Fire hazard.


  • Date: 8/8/2021

The consumer reported, that the dual fuel 30" slide in oven had sparks/flames coming out below the control panel while the consumer's 51 YO wife was using the oven.


  • Date: 8/18/2021

Consumer reports that after ten minutes of pre-heating the gas oven to 350 degrees the inner glass on the door shattered. Glass is falling through the bottom into the storage drawer and whenever it is opened or a cabinet is opened more glass falls. Laceration hazard.


  • Date: 8/26/2021

Male consumer reports that the volume on the gas range is very low. They are unable to hear the timer go off and tat creates the potential for fires or food boiling over or burning.

GE Spectra Series JBP65WOC4WW

  • Date: 9/2/2021

Occupant was using oven for about 30 min., then turned it to broil. Shortly after, fire was seen coming from under digital display area & from rear of electric stove near top. Investigation found fire damage to electrical components behind digital control panel.


  • Date: 12/27/2021

Consumer indicates oven range is used in his workplace. The main wiring harness on oven work is improperly routed. As the cooktop sits on top of wiring harness thus the repeated movements when someone places something on it cut through wires & shorts them out.


  • Date: 12/29/2021

Consumer kept noticing gas-like odor in home since she got gas range. She discovered faulty ignition in oven, which kept allowing gas to be emitted in home. Problem didn't occur every time she used oven, but it did periodically & consistently. Utility company shut off range.


  • Date: 1/20/2022

The Consumer stated that while broiling for just a few minutes, she heard sounds from her [electric range] oven. She opened it to find that her 2 and a half year old range had exploded and the inner glass on the door was shattered. The glass was flying around in there.

GE Profile Series PT800SH8SS

  • Date: 2/9/2022

Consumer heard a loud bang and a loud whirring noise from a turned on wall oven. When the oven door was opened, there was arcing fire at the back of the oven and the heating element in the back had melted. Fire burned out very quickly. There was black smoke. Glass shattered.

GE Profile Series JS968S0K4SS

  • Date: 2/16/2022

Consumer was running Electric Range on self- clean cycle & after several minutes it suddenly exploded & caught on fire. Consumer was standing to the left of it. Door of unit was locked for cleaning so it was not blown out.


  • Date: 3/16/2011

consumer reported while cooking on the front right burner of the electric range there was a spillage causing the liquid to drip down the control panel. The contronl panel is warped & does not have a seal on it. A technician removed the control panel & the wires got warped.


  • Date: 4/12/2012

Consumer was cooking in his electric wall oven for nearly 10 minutes before he noticed oven flaring up. He powered oven off at breaker. He was surprised to find that oven's inner coils have melted.


  • Date: 6/22/2013

A 43-YOF says after baking brownies at 350 F in the electric range she opened the door to retrieve them and the exterior top of the door touched her leg and burned her thigh. She then touched the closed door and realized it was pretty hot, and measured 160 F on a thermometer.


  • Date: 6/26/2013

Consumer turned on electric oven to pre-heat to 350 degrees & coil of top oven caught on fire. She saw smoke emitted from top of the oven door & saw flames inside. Sparks were being emitted from heating element of the top oven. She turned off circuit breaker & sparks stopped


  • Date: 10/16/2013



  • Date: 12/18/2013

A 51 YOF stated that she was cooking & there was fire in the grill (top portion). After the fire, she heard a loud pop. The consumer stated that she tried to turn off the range. The consumer burned some parts of her hair & her arm. She applied ointment to the burned area.


  • Date: 1/3/2014

A 47-YOF stated that the lower burner came on while the oven was off. A pan of oil there burst into flames. As she took the pan out, its handle broke causing grease fire on the floor. She burned her hand & foot. When the power was turned on, the stove came back on again.


  • Date: 9/10/2014

Smoke alarm went off. Rooms were filled with smoke. Top element & inside of oven were glowing red. Oven came on by itself. Wood cabinets were hot. Consumer had to cut circuit breaker off to turn off oven. He stated that he had unit repaired under recall prior this incident.


  • Date: 4/10/2015

While the electric range oven was preheating, the coil wire inside the oven caught fire and the oven is broken. 70 YOF wasn't injured.

GE Profile Series PS968SP3SS

  • Date: 12/21/2015

When 68 YOM turned on electric stove top burner there was pop as front panel "burner on" lens flew out of front panel across kitchen followed by sparks flying out of hole & main circuit tripped. He tried to reset breaker, red flash fired out of hole & breaker tripped again.


  • Date: 2/23/2016

Upper oven of gas range was set to 350° & had been "on" approx. 90 minutes when consumer heard explosion. She found that middle glass pane in lower oven door shattered. Lower oven was not in use. Lower oven was in use earlier that day & it was completely cool.


  • Date: 5/3/2016

Gas stove oven was turned on to 350°F for 10 minutes to preheat when 50 YOM discover strong smell of gas in house. He checked burner & saw glow from oven igniter but no flame. There was smell of leaking gas in oven. He turned off oven & he ventilated area.


  • Date: 10/6/2016

Consumer purchased a gas range. Approximately two years later the oven was off when the door exploded shooting glass throughout kitchen. No one was in the kitchen.


  • Date: 12/27/2016

The consumer stated that they were sitting in the living room watching TV when they heard a large pop from the kitchen. Upon investigation, they saw that the glass in their [gas range] oven door was shattered. The range was not in use, there was no odor, and no heat was on.


  • Date: 5/8/2017

Consumer purchased electric cooktop. Controls are built in glass. This is dangerous for people who have cats because cats can accidentally turn on unit just by being there or lying down on cooktop. Breaker has to shut off every night now. Bottom of kitchen cabinet is melted.

GE Café Series CGS990SET3SS

  • Date: 4/21/2018

For our Stove, we have the igniter fail 4 times & it has burned a hole in the deflector plate on numerous occasions. It appears the igniter is too close to the deflector plate. The technician installed some type of modification. Then my CO carbon monoxide alarms went off.


  • Date: 3/18/2019

34 YOF reports that the electric range was in use at home when it produced a bright orange flash in the kitchen. Consumer put her child down and rushed into the kitchen. The oven was producing sparks and flames. The coil at the bottom had shattered.


  • Date: 7/6/2020

51 YOF consumer reports that her electric oven is releasing chemicals into the air of her home. She has noticed a sort of haze but didn't think anything of it. She has experienced difficulty breathing, burning eyes etc. This is a safety hazard and a fire hazard.


  • Date: 7/29/2021

The 73 YO consumer reported, that while running the broiler, consumer's wife heard a loud banging sound from the electric range after it had been on for about 2-3 minutes. She opened the oven door and the inner glass in the oven window had exploded and shattered.


  • Date: 9/18/2015

After placing a casserole dish & pizza stone in electric oven 31yof heard a loud smashing sound & saw that interior glass of oven door had shattered all over inside of oven. The glass seemed to have almost exploded, as it reached the dish on top shelf & was all over the oven.

GE TrueTemp JTP18W0D1WW

  • Date: 2/14/2012

About 30 minutes after home owner started self-cleaning function of built-in oven it began smoking & smoke alarm sounded. Shelf that held oven had started burning. Heat of oven transferred into particle board shelf through radiant & conductive heat.


  • Date: 11/30/2017

58 YOF reports that the gas oven produces small explosions due to gas buildup. The explosions open the door a few inches and rattle the shelves in the oven. A technician adjusted the oven but the incidents continue to occur.


  • Date: 12/28/2020

69 YOF consumer's electric range got very hot when she baked food for first time. The oven's heat poured out and whole kitchen was hot. Consumer burned her wrist when she removed food. A tech was sent and put insulation inside oven. This did not remedy the problem.

GE Café Series C S980S T5SS

  • Date: 12/28/2015

The consumer stated that they had put their one year old electric range on the self-clean for the minimum: 3 hours, and the inside glass of the door shattered. The consumer stated that online research revealed that this is a recurring problem.


  • Date: 5/18/2021

The Consumer reported that the free-standing electric range oven heating element caught fire while she was baking a pie. The Consumer was able to put the fire out without any injuries or loss of property.

GE Profile Series JGB920SEF2SS

  • Date: 9/22/2013

During 2nd time using the self-cleaning function on the gas range oven, the temp reached 1100-1200 degree. The control panel burned out and the front of the oven was slightly blackened. After repair, the temps got much higher than indicated and the oven functioning worsened.


  • Date: 12/28/2020

The Consumer stated that their gas stove knobs don't turn off or continuously fall off causing unsafe conditions.


  • Date: 12/11/2014

Consumer stated that the plastic panel covering the glass oven door falls off onto the floor exposing the extremely hot glass. The panel is held in place only by a narrow strip of adhesive tape which loosens as the door heats, causing the panel to fall off. A 45-YOF injured.

GE Monogram 2GU375NSD2SS

  • Date: 2/14/2014

Consumer noticed that the igniter on the middle burner had failed. He stopped using the gas range. The inspector stated that the tubing in the orifice misaligned with the burner causing incomplete combusting, overheating of the cook top area & burning of electrode wiring.

GE Monogram ZDP48L6RD2SS

  • Date: 9/12/2017

The consumer stated that the grill burner on the 6 burner electric/gas range comes on spontaneously creating a life threatening and hazardous condition. He stated that this began happening intermittently approx 3 years ago and now it is a daily event.

GE Profile Series JB988SOK6SS

  • Date: 2/27/2012

Oven can't be controlled by control panel. Control panel stops responding to key presses. It requires shut off at circuit breaker. Consumer previously replaced circuit board, but it has happened four times in past five years. There is something releasing steam in the oven.

GE Profile Series JGP970 SEK 2SS

  • Date: 5/24/2012

Consumer reports that the gas stovetop exploded while it was turned off and unattended. He says the burner switch shorted out spontaneously with a loud explosion followed by a white hot shower of sparks that shot up at least 12 inches above the cooktop.

GE Profile Series JGB918SEL3SS

  • Date: 9/14/2012

A 64-YOM says the control knobs on this gas cooking range are stainless steel on plastic and the metal is delaminating creating sharp edges which have cut his fingers while turning the knobs.

GE Profile Series JT915W0F7WW

  • Date: 8/12/2013

Consumer’s wife placed oven to pre-heat at 375 degrees & heard noise & saw fire being emitted from convection fan on back of oven. He reported that as soon as he turned off oven flames went away. Also he stated that glass door of oven had shattered in 2006.

GE Profile Series PK956WM2WW

  • Date: 3/19/2014

Consumer reports that the double electric ovens left burn marks on the cabinet vents on the top right and left sides of the lower oven. There are also burn marks on the separating plates and marks at the bottom of the top oven. Consumer thinks the oven poses a fire hazard.

GE Profile Series P S905S P3SS

  • Date: 7/15/2016

Knobs on electric range are very sensitive. If consumer cross something over them they will easily turn on without pushing down. Consumers had two fires & both times they were placing box on top of range while range was not in use & this motion turned knobs on.

GE Profile Series P S968T P1CC

  • Date: 1/28/2017

Consumer's glass front of electric range fell off & shattered. It flew all over kitchen & adjoining family room. Consumer had this happen now three times. No one was near when glass shattered. Oven was not on for all occurrences. Adhesive appears to be double-sided foam tape.

GE Profile Series JT5000SF3SS

  • Date: 12/2/2019

74 YOM reports that the wall oven at home was in use when it displayed an error code and started beeping. When he went to reset the unit, the front panel burned his finger. He flipped the circuit breaker. The built in microwave above the oven stopped working.

GE Profile Series PB900DP2BB

  • Date: 3/4/2013

63 YOF had range on self-clean cycle when toxic smell & greyish white fumes came out from back of stove. She turned off cycle. She & her husband experienced burning in their eyes & nose & coughing spells. She receive no first aid. Odor was on cabinets, walls, curtains.

GE Profile Series J BP72TOM1WW

  • Date: 10/8/2017

I recently put a pot of water on my glass stove top & stepped into the doorway of the adjacent room. About 2 minutes later, the entire stovetop had exploded & sent shards of glass, some of them 6 inches long. I received small lacerations to my legs and feet.


  • Date: 5/11/2017

Consumer range's gas control knob has a plastic stem with a metal sleeve inside. The plastic stem has fatigued allowing the metal sleeve to spin inside of it. Upon leaving a knob showing the off position, overnight, gas filled the house.


  • Date: 11/6/2014

The consumer stated that she was using her new gas range oven, set at about 400 degrees, when the inner glass door exploded. The door blew open with the force of the explosion and glass shot all over the kitchen.

GE Spectra JBP80K0F2CC

  • Date: 5/31/2013

Consumer stated that while the oven was in use, she was not sure of the temperature it was placed at. She noticed that there was flames erupting from the oven, she opened the door & attempted to contain the fire with salt, which got worse. The range had to disconnect.


  • Date: 2/7/2020

Purchased electric glass cook range. While cooking the glass cook top exploded & shattered cracking over center & 2 right burners leaving hole.


  • Date: 8/24/2018

37 YOF consumer was using an electric range oven to bake food. The front of oven glass door exploded and glass was everywhere. Consumer did not indicate if anyone was injured.


  • Date: 6/26/2021

The Consumer reported that their oven glass door just exploded. The oven has not been used in days. She stated that her husband, 25, was simply putting a plate on the dishwasher and the whole glass just shattered. Some of the tiny pieces of glass got his hand and hurt him.


  • Date: 2/28/2015

The consumer cooked a frozen pizza in the electric range oven at 400 degrees for 13 minutes, took it out and turned off the oven. Approx 30 minutes later, she heard a crash and found that the outer glass oven door had exploded, throwing glass approx 10 feet across the kitchen


  • Date: 6/6/2016

Consumer reported that inner glass door of gas oven exploded & glass pieces fell onto contents in oven.

GE Profile Series PT956SR2SS

  • Date: 6/9/2016

67 YOM consumer states that 183 degrees temperature on the double oven is not acceptable for use and it is too hot. The oven is placed inside a wooden cabinet, a potential fire hazard. Door hinges and insulating rope were replaced by a repair service.


  • Date: 7/6/2016

Consumer states that the gas range knobs are improperly placed. He noticed a gas odor in his home & when he checked the range he noticed one of the knobs were slight turned. He believes it may have been rubbed against & the gas ignited. His neighbor had a similar incident.

GE Profile Series JGP636WEV7WW

  • Date: 7/7/2016

The consumer stated that while using the rightmost 2 burners on her gas cook top, the glass surface of the cook top exploded sending glass debris everywhere.


  • Date: 7/11/2016

Bottom broiler gas range ran too hot, was fume-y & smoky. While 35 YOF was using the gas range at 425 degrees, it scorched their vinyl floor, filling their house with smoke & fumes. Consumer suffered unspecified injury & she did not receive first aid or medical attention.

GE Café Series C2S985SETSS

  • Date: 7/12/2016

The consumer stated that there is nothing on the dual-fuel range to indicate that a gas burner is lit and in use. When the burners are on low, the flame is hard to see. Stated having had multiple instances where a burner had been left on and had some close call with children.

GE Spectra Series JBPS78001WH

  • Date: 7/22/2016

The consumer statted that while preheating the oven on their range the element caught on fire. The fire did not go out when they turned the oven off. They had to flip out circuit breaker to get it to stop.


  • Date: 7/23/2016

The tempered glass on the front of an "Above the Cooktop" Convection Oven shattered. The oven had never been used.

GE Café Series CGS990SETSS

  • Date: 8/5/2016

My wife [REDACTED] was boiling water on stove when a fire broke out. She tried to turn off knob for gas range & knob came off in her hand. The gas to the stove top did not stop & flames came from control panel where knob had melted. This same occurrence happened earlier.


  • Date: 8/5/2016

It is reported that several times the gas range's knobs, were turned on releasing gas, when people lean on them. Since the dial was turned, but not close to igniter, gas was being released without clicking sound. Recently, consumer smelled gas & turned the range off


  • Date: 8/8/2016

The consumer stated that she came home and found that the front glass on her electric stove was shattered. She stated that she had not used the stove or the oven in 4 days, had not used the self cleaning option, or bumped, hit, or even touched the oven in those 4 days.


  • Date: 8/9/2016

51 YOF reported that she put supper in Gas Range and after about 30 minutes there was a loud boom and the inside glass on the oven door had shattered all inside the oven. Oven is only around 14 months old.

GE Spectra Series JBP80COF2CC

  • Date: 8/14/2016

Electric stove bake element blew up and went on fire

GE Profile Series PS968SP3SS

  • Date: 8/18/2016

On several occasions family members, 22 YOF and 55 YOF placed items on electric range stovetop and brushed front control knobs turning on burner in process. 50 YOM did this for third time. Light brush across front facing burner control knobs activates burner.


  • Date: 8/19/2016

I had been preparing a gift & set it on my countertop, partially on the range. I had not used my range, so burners were not hot. Later, there were fire trucks outside & was informed there was a fire in my unit & all things were destroyed. The ranges can be turned on easily.


  • Date: 8/24/2016

Consumer tried to turn gas on to light front left burner but nothing happened. He noticed that igniters on all of other burners came on at same time. He heard loud bomb. Glass top of range exploded up in air & shattered. He turned gas off at unit & at tank.


  • Date: 8/25/2016

While stove was plugged in, 34 YOM touched handle to open oven & received electrical shock that went through his arm & up through his shoulder, & left him tingling for hours. He received no first aid. There was loose wire in stove, so different stove was installed.

GE Profile Series PGS968SEM1SS

  • Date: 8/30/2016

The consumer stated that she came home from out of town and the oven glass was shattered. The consumer stated that it was not in use and no one was home.

GE Adora JB710ST2SS

  • Date: 9/8/2016

53 YOM reported that front door glass of electric range shattered approximately 20 minutes after oven was turned off.

GE Profile Series

  • Date: 9/19/2016

The consumer stated that the middle glass on the oven door exploded after she had used the oven at 400 degrees for about an hour and it was cooling down. The incident occurred about 10 mins later.


  • Date: 9/22/2016

Consumers wife was cooking, turned off right front gas cooktop when explosion happened, & 6" fire flame erupted from underneath control knob. Safety hazard appears to be caused by electrical arc between wring & gas supply tube. Basement panel circuit breaker tripped.

GE Monogram ZDP48N6RH5SS

  • Date: 10/2/2016

I set the gas oven to heat at 400 degrees. About 5 minutes into preheat, I heard a very loud banging noise & saw bright sparks flashing inside. Then, a foul odor came from the oven. I turned off the oven. The interior of oven is covered in a white ash & is emitting bad odor.


  • Date: 10/7/2016

The drop-in electric stove's broiler element caught on fire and literally melted half of it, melting parts of the stove and burning new ceramic tile. Liquid parts of the broiler element dropped to the bottom and burned tile. The consumer, 40, was also burned from the fire.


  • Date: 10/8/2016

Oven was in self cleaning process and approximately 2 hours into cycle, 44 YOM consumer heard glass shattering while in another room. Glass in oven door had shattered. Shards of glass found on the floor below the oven door, as well as across the kitchen floor.


  • Date: 10/15/2016

The consumer stated that the middle glass on the gas range convection oven randomly shattered into pieces while cooking a pie. The inner glass not damaged and no glass entered the cooking compartment. The consumer stated that there were no prior issues with the oven.


  • Date: 10/18/2016

The consumer, 83, stated that a short time after he baked a pizza in the oven @ 325 degree for about 25-30 minutes and turned it off, he heard a loud popping sound and found that the inside glass on the oven door had exploded. He reported injury to self.

GE Profile Series J2B915SH2SS

  • Date: 10/19/2016

Dual fuel gas range control panel/circuit board was replaced by manufacturer & it is exhibiting same issues as original - random error codes on screen/failure of control panel. Consumers were told that excessive heat from too much cooking caused failure.

GE Profile Series PGS975DEP2WW

  • Date: 10/24/2016

Consumer reported that the gas oven outer glass door exploded while the unit was not on. She stated that no one was home when the incident occurred, they came home and found that glass pieces were shattered everywhere on the kitchen floor, counter tops and adjacent room.


  • Date: 10/25/2016

The consumer stated that she had not used the oven [on the electric range] for several days. She was standing at the kitchen sink. All of a sudden there was a pop. Glass from the exterior door shattered and flew over the room.


  • Date: 10/26/2016

Consumer reported there was electrical outage & when light came back on, they noticed smoke emitting from vent of top oven. Her spouse opened bottom oven & noticed that it had turn itself on & emitted sparks. Circuit breaker was used to switch power off.

GE Profile Series PGB911SEJ2SS

  • Date: 11/3/2016

A gas range's front vent, located just below large knobs, blows out at high temperature; it will burn skin if metal is touched above it, including knobs, when baking. 4 YOM was looking into oven & burned his hand right above the vent. Consumer feels this is hazardous.


  • Date: 11/5/2016

The glass on the gas oven door shattered without warning. Manufacturer claims that the warranty is not in affect since the product is older then one year.


  • Date: 11/17/2016

Consumer's pan of water heated, but not to boiling point. Consumer did other duties when bang was heard. Water was all over. Consumer stated that the cause was burner on her electric glass range. Consumer stated that it happened because of sudden intensity of heat produced.

GE Monogram

  • Date: 11/22/2016

The consumer stated that he used the self-cleaning feature on his gas range for the first time and after it completed he opened the door and found that the glass was shattered on the door.

GE Profile Series P2S975SEM2SS

  • Date: 11/30/2016

Consumer woke up from dog barking. He noticed smoke & discovered flames in kitchen. One of burners on gas range was on & cutting board with slice of pizza was on top of it. He put out fire. He believes that dog was trying to get pizza & turned control knob on.

GE Adora JB710DTBB

  • Date: 12/12/2016

64 YOF set oven to 300° & placed bacon in skillet to cook. Later there was strong odor of burning meat. She opened oven door & smoke billowed from it. Bacon looked like tar burning. Oven door interior glass cracked. She cut off circuit to Electric range. She received 1st aid.


  • Date: 12/22/2016

Consumer reported that glass blew out of door of gas convection oven. He turned oven on to 350° for preheat. He heard noise like muted explosion, & then he discovered that entire glass portion of door had exploded inside oven. He turned oven off.


  • Date: 12/27/2016

After using range to prepare food consumer set oven to self-clean. After approximately 40 minutes electric wire burning smell along with smoke permeated home. Consumer checked on oven when glass of door exploded in thousand pieces. Consumer turned off breaker.


  • Date: 1/2/2017

Consumer uses electric oven often. Recently consumer preheated oven to 350°, & once ready, consumer opened oven door to put in muffin tin. There was pop, & glass between inner & outer panels of door had shattered into tiny pieces & it was falling out of openings at bottom.


  • Date: 1/2/2017

The consumer stated that the oven broiler had been running for several weeks and all the controls were set to off. The only way to turn the unit off was at the circuit breaker. It got so hot the cooking racks rusted and deformed. The interior of the oven blistered.

GE Profile Series PS950SF3SS

  • Date: 1/3/2017

The consumer stated that after approximately one hour of baking at 350*F, a popping sound was heard. On opening their electric range/double oven's lower oven, the inner glass on the oven door was found to have completely shattered.


  • Date: 1/3/2017

The consumer stated that the glass front door on the oven to her range exploded into a million pieces for no reason. It was not damaged, it was not hit, nothing. She stated that she has seen several complaints of this online.


  • Date: 1/11/2017

The consumer had cooked bacon in the oven of electric range at 400°. A half hour later, she heard a crash and a tinkling sound. She look at the oven door and saw that the glass in the outer door of the oven had shattered. The oven door is buckled outward.


  • Date: 1/17/2017

During the course of self-cleaning the oven, the interior glass panel shattered.


  • Date: 1/21/2017

The consumer satated that when she pulled out the oven to clean it, she noticed that the insulation and wires on the back of the oven were burnt. Since then when she's tried to use the self clean feature, the oven becomes smokey and sets off the smoke alarms in the home.


  • Date: 1/28/2017

Consumer's gas stove burners are easy to emit gas because the knobs are too easy to turn. Consumer had house smelling of gas at one point when consumer accidentally turned the range on.


  • Date: 1/30/2017

While consumer's daughter was baking cookies in electric oven, she heard a loud explosion & noticed that oven's outer glass has shattered. Consumer's daughter was not injured from initial explosion but she stepped on a piece of glass & sustained a small cut on her right foot.


  • Date: 2/2/2017

57 YOF consumer has an electric glass top oven that when she turned it on to warm up, the whole front glass door exploded and blasted glass everywhere. No injury.

GE Café Series CGS990SET3SS

  • Date: 2/8/2017

Female consumer had oven deflector shield melting on igniter glow bar, burning it out. Control panel digital glass touch panel was fried. Consumer replaced glow bar & deflector heat shield. Consumer was advised not to use appliance. Consumer believes this can cause injury.


  • Date: 2/8/2017

Consumer's gas range knobs are easily turned on by brushing against them. Food package got burned when consumer was cooking. Consumer brushed the front knob and flames spread from the back burner to front. No injury was reported.


  • Date: 2/15/2017

Consumer reported that her electric stove/oven exploded and there was glass everywhere. It was not In use. The glass panel covering the entire oven door exploded. Consumer stated that the design of this glass oven door panel is unsafe.


  • Date: 2/15/2017

Consumer's oven door glass has shattered and landed all over the kitchen floor as well as in the dining room. Consumer states this is a major safety hazard.


  • Date: 2/20/2017

51 YOF used gas range broiler. It was very hot on upper rear of range. There was excessive smoke & fumes when 1st used; there were burning eyes & coughing. Tech stated this is fire hazard & range should not be used. Consumer had same model range and similar problem before.

GE Profile Series JT3000SF3SS

  • Date: 2/22/2017

Consumer used the self clean mode for the first time on wall oven. The entire inside glass of door shattered in shards and not pebbles.


  • Date: 2/23/2017

The oven I have had for 5 years glass door shattered. I placed the oven in a self cleaning mode and the glass shattered. I barely cook and use the oven so this should not happen.

GE Monogram ZDP486NDP7SS

  • Date: 3/11/2017

My wife opened the smaller of 2 ovens & noted that the top oven element had fallen, getting close to the rack. The root of problem appears to be faulty tack welds between a metal plate forming the top of the oven cavity, & the metal bracket which supports heating element.

GE Profile Series J2B915BEH1BB

  • Date: 3/28/2017

Heating element in my dual fuel oven burst into flame. It burned for about 2 minutes, with a full flame. After I shut it off & let it cool down, I used tongs to touch metal. it broke off & little pieces of metal fell into oven. Manufacturer calls heating element failure.


  • Date: 4/3/2017

Consumer stated that she heard a loud explosion which awoke her to find that her oven glass door had shattered into million pieces. The oven was not in use. She stated that a tech came out for assessment & gave her an appointment for repairing shattered glass using glue.


  • Date: 4/5/2017

The gas oven stopped heating. Upon inspection consumer found the igniter had blown a hole through the heat shield. Consumer stated that if the glow igniter did not fail a fire may have occurred.

GE Profile Series

  • Date: 4/5/2017

62 YOM consumer's stove has occasional slight knob movement, allowing natural gas to run. Consumer noticed gas smell. Consumer states there should be a better lockout feature to prevent this. Consumer states this is a safety hazard. Manufacturer did nothing.

GE Profile Series PB911SJ1SS

  • Date: 4/11/2017

65 YOM consumer had his range cooktop cracked twice. First time crack resulted in small glass shards all over countertop and floor. Consumer was heating food and another hairline crack appeared over the burner, along with smell of burning wires. Consumer no longer uses range.


  • Date: 4/21/2017

Consumer noticed a strong gas odor & realized that one of the control knobs were slightly turned & burner was emitting gas. He believes one of his kids accidentally bumped knob & caused it to slightly turn on. He believes gas range has a poor design & is a safety hazard.

GE Profile Series GE PGP976

  • Date: 5/1/2017

41 YOM stated that control lock of Gas Cooktop which is a dial to unlock cooktop & prevent unwanted use, spontaneously started to smoke. It sparked & combusted into flames while stove was not in use. Fire Dep. noted that smell of combustion resembled electric fire.


  • Date: 5/4/2017

Consumer's gas range reportedly comes on easily by merely brushing against knobs which causes gas to escape into room. Incident has occurred 3 separate times since installation.

GE Café Series CGS980SEM5SS

  • Date: 5/5/2017

I have a stainless steel gas oven that is about 8 years old. Several weeks ago the glass in the door spontaneously exploded and I hadn't even used it in a while.


  • Date: 5/18/2017

After about 5 minutes of turning on gas range oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, there was explosion inside of oven and smell of gas. This was 2nd time this happened.

GE 191D3776P008

  • Date: 5/23/2017

Consumer reported that recently oven glass outer door shattered/exploded. 63 YOM didn’t hear noise & oven was not being used. They woke up to find the kitchen floor littered with pieces of glass.

GE Monogram ZET2SOM1SS

  • Date: 5/29/2017

The consumer stated that the oven was set to 300 degress and on bake when it became extremely hot and suddenly locked as though [self-]cleaning and stayed shut with the food inside. The control panel also became extremely hot. Others in the community have had to pull breakers


  • Date: 5/31/2017

70 YO consumer had oven on self-cleaning mode. The glass shattered after it was done. Consumer replaced glass and same incident happened when self-cleaning mode was turned on again. Consumer got runaround while trying to replace parts.


  • Date: 6/1/2017

70 YOM consumer has a gas convection range. While using broiler and oven, the heat shield gets extremely hot. The electronic components are safe for now. Consumer is concerned for the children and elderly. Consumer states this a hazard.

GE Monogram ZET2PH1SS

  • Date: 6/4/2017

The consumer stated that the electric double wall was professionally installed and they cooked baked chicken on its first use and then tried self-cleaning on the upper oven. About 1 hour into the process, the upper oven exploded with a loud noise..Glass was everywhere,.

GE Profile Series PS968T P3CC

  • Date: 7/7/2017

64 YOF reported that oven had been turn off approximately 30 minutes before outer layer of oven door exploded. 64 YOF was standing nearby & received lacerations on both of lower legs, 1st aid received by non-medical professional. She contacted FD & firemen inspected unit.


  • Date: 7/22/2017

I (66 YOF) tripped on the open oven door and the inside of the top corner slashed into my calf and I had to have 6 stitches. I examined the inside oven door corner and saw that it has a sharp flange that is sharp like a razor blade. The other side inside corner is the same.


  • Date: 7/21/2017

The consumer, 66, stated that she tripped on the open oven door and the inside of the top corner slashed her calf. She had to have 6 stitches. She stated that both the inside top corners of the oven door have a sharp flange that has nothing to do with the oven door closing.

GE Café Series CGP650SETSS

  • Date: 7/25/2017

Knobs to control turn on & off gas have broken several different times. Before it breaks totally off, knob becomes loose & may not turn off gas even though knob has been turned off. 50 YOM reported that twice it resulted in leaving range on & burning up pan & pot.


  • Date: 8/8/2017

41 YOF gets massive pressure headache, eye swelling, & other neurological symptoms when oven is in use. Symptoms last for days & she was treatment by doctor. She followed manufacturer instructions to get rid of toxic smell but it has not worked.


  • Date: 8/9/2017

The consumer stated that the outer layer of the glass oven door exploded while the oven was in use. The oven is part of the range.


  • Date: 8/11/2017

Submitter's wife began preheating oven & after few minutes she heard loud noise. Submitter opened oven & noticed flames. He shut off circuit breaker & used fire extinguisher to put out fire. Technician examined electric range & advised him that oven & clock control failed.


  • Date: 9/7/2017

Consumer's oven was preheating at approximately 350 degrees & later her spouse noticed sparks emitting from the heating elements inside oven. He tried to use fire extinguisher to contain the fire but that did not resolve the issue. FD was called & they disconnected the unit.

GE Spectra

  • Date: 9/10/2017

44 YOF reported that heating element in the electric oven range caught on fire while bread was baking. She indicated that she, 15 YOM and 16 YOF were injured and they didn't receive 1st aid or medical attention.


  • Date: 9/13/2017

Consumer's electric range's front oven door has shattered (outside panel only, inner panel ok). Glass spread out on entire kitchen floor. Clear glass is like pebbles, but black glass is jagged pieces. Consumer states that she was fortunate she was not at home at that time.


  • Date: 9/17/2017

The consumer, 59, turned on the new electric range oven in self-clean mode to burn off the coatings and "cure" the insulation, etc. and had to turn off after approx 30 mins because the fumes were unbearable. She had a sore throat from being in the kitchen for half an hour.


  • Date: 9/20/2017

73 YOF stated that daughter turned stove to 300° & within five to ten minutes there was gas smell. All family members, 6 YOM 8YOF 41 YOF 42YOM & 73 YOF, were affected by smell. They couldn't stay in house because of smell. Technician came & he was able to detect gas leak.

GE JCB830/JCB840

  • Date: 9/20/2017

Consumer reported that outer glass door of oven range suddenly exploded by itself & shattered glass pieces all over place. Oven was in use maybe 10 minutes at most, then 30 minutes after oven was turned off & they were standing 10' away, they heard loud bang.


  • Date: 10/15/2017

Consumer set gas range on self-cleaning & after 70 min. smelled burning & then saw flames in oven coming from gas burners under floor of oven, all contained in oven. Consumer is concerned that smells seem to include wiring smell. There was no smoke.


  • Date: 10/24/2017

60 YOM got electric shock when he touched front edge of electric range. Connector to one of heating elements deteriorated & wire came loose from element & fell against metal body of range electrifying entire range. He found another wire ready to fail same way.


  • Date: 10/24/2017

Consumer has electric range. The front right burner gets overheated and is really hot. While cooking, it also has a burning smell.


  • Date: 11/1/2017

The consumer stated that the front burners [on the electric range] go straight to high heat even when set to low.


  • Date: 11/13/2017

Submitter states that her burners are not working properly & she believes her range poses a fire hazard. She indicated that the burners do not heat at the temperature it is set to & often times the burners remain on a high heat level. All of the burners are having this issue.


  • Date: 11/16/2017

Consumer's gas stove was leaking gas. Consumer turned off gas to stove and a tech came out. Consumer was told that both broiler tube and regulator were leaking and would have to be replaced. Range was out of warranty.

GE Profile Series PGB930SET2SS

  • Date: 11/16/2017

Consumers own Range with double oven & recently glass in oven spontaneously exploded out of front. Glass exploded across kitchen & glass shards contaminated inside of oven. Consumer indicated that oven was not on.


  • Date: 11/24/2017

The consumer stated that while cooking turkey in the oven that came with their newly purchased home for the first time, the inside glass of the oven shattered. She stated that the dinner was not ruined, thankfully, and she was able to cook the turkey to completion.


  • Date: 11/27/2017

[68 YOM] Dual Fuel Gas/Electric Range- Electrical cord caught fire. No Injury.

GE Adora JB755EJ3ES

  • Date: 11/27/2017

Consumer's electric oven began burning everything in just a few minutes of turning it on to 350 degrees. A tech came out and found that oven had 750 degrees and no error codes showed. Consumer states this is a fire hazard. Thermostat and control panel were replaced.

GE JB63010F4BB

  • Date: 11/30/2017

Consumer's electric stove's power/electrical cords in back panel caught fire and melted wires and terminal.


  • Date: 12/17/2017

69 YOM had a gas range. He used self-cleaning cycle and smoke came out. He disconnected the gas and unplugged it and moved it towards outside of house. Consumer noticed flames between the top of oven and stove top. FD responded to extinguish fire. Stove is total loss.


  • Date: 12/20/2017

The consumer stated that the inside glass on the electric oven broke during cooking a meal.


  • Date: 12/26/2017

After 10 minutes into cooking a roast in the electric range oven at 500 degs, the consumer heard a loud gasping sound. About 5 minutes later the oven door blew open and a fireball erupted from the oven. He saw a fire underneath the glass top in the middle between the burners.

GE Profile Series PGB975SEM4SS

  • Date: 12/27/2017

68 YOF was sitting in kitchen when she heard sharp pop & shattering noise. Outer glass panel on upper oven door exploded while dinner was baking at 350-375°F. Broken glass strewn all over floor & crackled glass was hanging on outside of door.

GE Monogram ZGU385NSM2SS

  • Date: 12/29/2017

49 YOF was using the gas stove and noticed that the inside of the control knobs had melted. One of the knobs would keep spinning and would not turn off the gas. Consumer used another knob to turn off the flame. Consumer bought replacement knobs.


  • Date: 1/3/2018

The consumer stated that while their gas range was running in self-cleaning mode, it set off their carbon monoxide detector. The fire dept and the gas company confirmed the CO was coming from the oven. A company tech reconfirmed the finding but couldn't determine the cause.


  • Date: 1/4/2018

52 YOM consumer has a stove which has a design flaw. The knobs, if someone brushes against them, turn on and gas escapes without warning. Consumer replaced stove and this one alerted him by igniter coming on. Consumer infers that stove is a fire hazard.


  • Date: 1/8/2018

The consumer stated that he was using the oven on the range and opened the door when the inside glass panel shattered. The consumer stated that unlike as listed on the site, the glass shattered into shards.


  • Date: 1/13/2018

While using new gas range consumers were using tree broil feature on “Hi” setting. After 10 minutes horrible smell emitted from oven. It smelled like burning plastic or some type of petroleum product burning. 32 YOF had a respiratory irritation. 35 YOM developed headache.


  • Date: 1/20/2018

The consumer, 38, stated that his brand new oven smells like toxic chemicals when he uses it, making his entire apartment stink with chemicals and does not feel safe to cook with. He leaves the windows open as to not be poisoned by the toxic smell. Reported injury to self.


  • Date: 1/21/2018

[31 YOF] I have a wall oven. The glass just shattered while I was cooking dinner in oven. I just closed on this new home on 11 Jan 18 & today is 21 Jan. This is a new construction with new appliances. I contacted manufacturer & they aren’t able to get it fixed for a week.


  • Date: 1/24/2018

The consumer, 49, stated that ever since its delivery, the left front burner light on their electric stove doesn't come on (so the burner can be on without their knowing), and the Hot Surface light goes off before the Stove Top cools down. He got burned from this.


  • Date: 1/31/2018

Consumer's oven glass door shattered while consumer was baking food at 400". Consumer opened door & glass flew to pieces. Consumer states that product is under recall and should be replaced at no charge. Consumer wants others to know about possible shattering of oven door.

GE Profile Series PGS920SEF3SS

  • Date: 2/18/2018

On 2 of the 5 range top burners, when placed to the lowest flame setting, the flame will go out. When the nob is then adjusted back to a medium or high position,raw gas will be flowing from the burner straight into the house. This is a dangerous situation to have gas flowing.


  • Date: 3/2/2018

The consumer stated that he was having the control switch installed in the range hood. When he turned the power on after the installation, the control switch caught on fire. The hood of the range was damaged as well as the knobs that control the heat.


  • Date: 3/10/2018

Our electric oven’s glass door exploded about an hour after we had used it. We were in another room when we heard the explosion. The door shattered into thousands of shards of glass.


  • Date: 3/22/2018

Consumer stated that she noticed that the [gas range] oven was coming on by itself. It stayed on for about a minute, then went off. The same thing happened again. She contacted manufacturer and advised them of the problem. They are dispatching a technician.


  • Date: 3/26/2018

[30 YOF] When I clean the gas range I cut my fingers. The oven has a sharp metal in the bottom oven the second small oven. When I clean it almost slice my fingers. I got hurt last time that my finger bled for hours. It is a metal like aluminum very sharp. I had 3 incidents.

GE Café Series CG5990Set3SS

  • Date: 4/17/2018

Consumer reported that the igniter on the main oven or lower oven exploded & shorted out main panel. A service man installed a new igniter, it also exploded. Consumer is concerned that an exploding igniter in a natural gas stove is extremely dangerous.


  • Date: 4/30/2018

Burner's knobs of stove are above level of cooking surface & this is resulted in burner(s) being turned on accidentally when setting something on stove surface. It has happened numerous times & has resulted in melting or catching on fire.


  • Date: 5/7/2018

Consumer was baking bread in electric oven. Oven was preheated to 500° & after temperature dropped to 400°, bread was put on bread stone & oven door closed. Consumer heard cracking noise & discovered that inner glass of oven door was fractured with loose shards of glass.


  • Date: 5/12/2018

Consumer indicated electric range being used for normal household cooking. Sometimes cook top burner wouldn't shut off when knob is in off position. Cook top burners would change temperature to max when lower - normal cooking setting is set. 59 YOF was involved in incident.


  • Date: 5/13/2018

38 YOF reported that the glass on the inner oven window of electric free-standing range exploded. The oven was being used normally. She stated that there was no previous obvious damage to the glass, and it had not been hit or the door slammed.

GE Profile Series PGP989SN1SS

  • Date: 5/16/2018

The submitter reported that her mother, 67, went to light gas range and it exploded and sent glass and parts throughout the room. Glass cut her mother's hand. After explosion, gas was still burning around the area of the burner that her mother attempted to light.


  • Date: 5/16/2018

The consumer stated that the wall oven's front panel poses shock hazard. It had voltage measured as 122V.

GE Café Series CGS990SET8SS

  • Date: 5/22/2018

We were cooking lasagna in the bottom oven at 350 degrees. I changed the temperature setting to 425 & heard an electrical pop sound. I noticed the lights were out on the control panel & the owner oven stopped working. The igniter over time melts a hole in the metal bottom.


  • Date: 6/18/2018

When I was removing a pie from my electric oven, I accidentally bumped the top of the oven door with my leg. This resulted in a second-degree burn which I treated myself. 2 days later a technician determined the temperature of the top edge of the oven door to be 165 degrees.

GE Café Series CGS990SET5SS

  • Date: 7/9/2018

The gas oven was emitting large amounts to carbon monoxide anytime it was used. 48 YOF had home smoke detectors replaced with smoke / CO detectors & they were constantly being triggered. The gas company & fire department disabled the gas to the range / oven. Safety hazard.


  • Date: 7/16/2018

When using the gas range/oven to cook chicken, my husband pulled the oven door flat (so that the door is at a 90 degree angle) and the outer (exterior) glass of the oven door completely fell out and shattered into many, many tiny pieces. This created a hazard.

GE DD115425P

  • Date: 7/23/2018

My electric range purchased in 2014 oven inside glass shattered. I had used it to bake a pizza at 375’ the evening before. The next morning I opened to use and the inside glass was in a thousand pieces. Not big pieces but tiny shards also.


  • Date: 7/26/2018

The consumer indicated that the gas come on when someone brushes up against the controls of gas stove. The incident happened twice. Technicians were sent to the home both time. She was advised that this is the way that the stove is made.


  • Date: 7/31/2018

While scrambling eggs on center burner of cooktop, 59 YOF heard loud pop & saw where triangular piece of glass top had blown off. She heard another loud pop. Upon removing frying pan from burner, she noticed that entire center burner was cracked in multiple directions.

GE Café Series CGP350SET3SS

  • Date: 8/3/2018

Consumer reported gas cooktop was being used when they heard loud explosion. They discovered that cooktop was upside down & heavy flames from cooktop, but no fire. Pots & pans were all over counter. Vent hood was hit & damaged. Also cabinet was damaged & countertop cracked.


  • Date: 8/17/2018

Consumer was baking in gas oven & heard grease boiling in the oven. The oven displayed a F20 error. Consumer & their husband tried to shut oven off & but they couldn't turn it off & called FD. FD turned the breaker outside. Consumer said the baking pans in oven were burnt.


  • Date: 8/22/2018

Consumer had been cooking on glass stovetop and baking in oven. Once cooking was done on stovetop, consumer went to living room. Consumer heard a loud pop and found that the glass stovetop cracked and fast burner has popped. Oven was not affected.


  • Date: 8/23/2018

Oven had not been used for over 6 months & outside glass randomly shattered. Electric range & oven weren't in use when it happened. Consumer stated that glass is supposed to be tempered but there were big shards of broken glass all over kitchen floor.

GE Spectra JBP78WOB4WW

  • Date: 8/29/2018

Consumer was using oven & element on bottom of stove caught fire. Consumer turned oven off, but element continued to burn. Power continued to be fed to element despite oven was turned off. Husband used pliers to pull hot element out of stove & then turned power off to stove.


  • Date: 8/29/2018

The consumer stated that the gas stove was purchased in May 2018 and the stove/oven caught on fire on 08/23/18. The consumer stated that she was preheating the oven to put the pizza in and it caught fire where the broiler is.


  • Date: 9/4/2018

From 1st day of use, consumer could detect odor of propane in & around gas range. Consumer reported that gas range safety valve was causing seepage of propane & gently grazed over knob was causing unit to turn on. Newborn & 2 YO were involved in incident.


  • Date: 9/4/2018

The top unit of the double electric wall oven was on warm and the lower oven on broil high. The consumer placed a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil on the lower rack and shut the door. A few moments later they heard popping and found the inner glass had begun to shatter.


  • Date: 9/16/2018

Consumer reported that outside parts on the stove melt away every time they cooked on it, so much so, that it was broke apart.

GE Café Series CGP350SETSS

  • Date: 9/27/2018

33 YOF consumer has a gas cooktop. She was cooking dinner then she heard a loud bang. Smoke rose at control panel knob area. Smelled like burned wire. Consumer shut down gas valve and unplugged cooktop. Gas company detected leak at the cooktop.


  • Date: 10/5/2018

While Electric wall oven was on for approximately 35 mins at 350°, 72 YOF heard loud noise & discovered that outer oven glass door had exploded shattering glass pieces all over kitchen floor. Inner glass stayed intact. She had no prior problems with unit.

GE Café Series C2S986SELSS

  • Date: 10/17/2018

63 YOM consumer had a gas range which did not indicate if a burner was on. Consumer accidentally left a burner on low setting and he was lucky that nothing was near it and it didn't catch fire. The back splash wall was very hot. Consumer states this is a big hazard.


  • Date: 10/21/2018

49 YOF consumer cooked food in oven. She added more water to food pan and oven glass started cracking when few droplets of water touched inside glass in oven. She did not get injured, but glass was all over.


  • Date: 10/31/2018

Consumer reported that if someone bumps into gas range burner knobs & is not aware of it until person smells gas. It has happened five times in less than year. Recently consumer awoke to smell of gas. Whole house was filled with gas. For now they remove knobs after use.


  • Date: 11/17/2018

The glass shattered when using the self cleaning feature of my gas range for 1st time. I followed the instructions in the manual & started self clean cycle . About 45 minuets later I heard a pop & noticed that glass had shattered in oven. I stopped the self cleaning.


  • Date: 11/20/2018

Caller is reporting that the heating element in the oven erupted in flames while it was in use. He stated that it was approximately 30 mins after the contents was placed in the oven that the incident occurred. His son quickly used the circuit breaker to switch the power off.

GE Profile Series PT9551BL1TS

  • Date: 11/23/2018

49 YOM reported that he & 50 YOM were using Built-In Double Convection Wall Oven & outer window of top oven shattered causing glass shards to be spread all over kitchen. Both ovens were on at time - top oven at 350° F; bottom oven at 325° F. Then door just shattered.


  • Date: 11/27/2018

75 YOF consumer had a glass top range. The glass on the oven door fell out and it was in one piece. Consumer used oven and had burned her forearms. A tech came and double-taped the oven glass. It worked for two days, but glass fell out again. Consumer ceased using oven.

GE Profile Series PGS975SEP3SS

  • Date: 12/5/2018

Consumer reported that their gas oven exploded and went on fire, scorching their kitchen cabinet. Consumer said according to the manufacturer's technician the oven gas burner pipe next to igniter had holes (he referred to it as corroded) which caused fire. [No Injuries]

GE Monogram ZDP36N4RD2SS

  • Date: 12/24/2018

Range has built-in grill which is ignited by center knob. While performing cleaning, if knob is wiped & moved slightly past "OFF", glow plug would turn on trying to fire gas burner. Grill stainless steel cover becomes hot. 57 YOM got burns by touching it, he got 1st aid.


  • Date: 12/26/2018

A 63 YOF Consumer used the electric range oven @ 325 degrees to cook & then raised the temp to 425 degrees to cook next dish. After the buzzer went off @ 425 degrees, when she opened the oven to put in the dish , the glass on the oven door shattered. No Injuries.


  • Date: 1/8/2019

When I turned the rear burners on the stovetop to a low setting, they automatically increased the heat to a high setting (even when the knob was set at "1"). This happened 3 times in the last couple months. It has burned items in pots and pans. [Range]


  • Date: 2/12/2019

The consumer, 60, stated that she turned on the electric range stove top and placed a pan of water and the element popped and threw flames up around her hand causing 3rd degree and 1st degree burns to the palm of her hand and fingers.


  • Date: 2/23/2019

48 YOF reported that while cooking in electric range, they started to smell something like melted plastic. She opened oven door & saw flame in back of stove. They turned it off. After range was cooled down they found that wiring & insulation was burned & they unplugged unit.


  • Date: 2/28/2019

While baking in upper oven of double built in wall ovens, consumer noticed bright light in bottom of oven. Element on bottom of oven was burning & sparking. Oven was turned off & also electricity was turned off by throwing circuit breaker. Smoke was released into kitchen.


  • Date: 3/14/2019

Consumer reported that while boiling pasta stovetop of gas range got dangerously hot. Consumer is struggling with cooking in oven & not having it come out right, & also stovetop became hot to touch when oven was on. Consumer stated that gas ranges are badly designed.

GE Monogram ZET1SH1SS

  • Date: 3/16/2019

44 YO reported that while in use electric oven metal holding top heat element was burnt & broken on top of flatbread when they attempted to remove food. Oven had spark, made buzzing sound & fire ensued but after closing door circuit breaker tripped. Pieces made dent in glass.

GE Profile Series PGS930SEL2SS

  • Date: 3/25/2019

67 YOF reports that a gas valve on the gas range was leaking. She noticed an acrid smell and that the range was hot. She felt foggy and a neighbor told her to get out of the home. Carbon monoxide was filling the home and there was fire in the manifold inside the range.


  • Date: 4/1/2019

58 YOM is experiencing problems with gas range. He reported that CO detectors went off. Gas company found that range/oven was emitting high levels of CO. He stated that they all experienced dizziness, headaches & etc.. He was seen by medical professional.


  • Date: 4/3/2019

[37 YOM] I bought a gas oven. From day one, when you turn the oven on, you smell gas for a few minutes. Exposure to natural gas through gas leaks can be harmful. It may lead to explosions and pose serious health hazards that are sometimes even fatal. (No Injuries)


  • Date: 4/23/2019

Caller stated electric range overheats to a point it can burn the user. After installation she noticed the problem & returned range for a replacement. Caller was informed by a sales rep that because range did not have a self-clean feature, the oven was not insulated properly.


  • Date: 5/14/2019

Consumer reports that unless the electric cooktop at home is locked, setting an item on it can cause it to turn on/off or change the temperature settings. A dish on the range was heated up to the point where it made crackling sounds. The dish had burn marks on the bottom.


  • Date: 6/30/2019

83 YOF consumer reports that the oven glass shattered all over the kitchen. The oven wasn't in use that day and rarely overall. The glass took hours to clean up as some of it wasn't visible to the naked eye. This is a huge safety hazard.


  • Date: 7/13/2019

Consumer's oven electronic controls started smoking and then burned out. Control board was replaced, but incident repeated. Tech came out and ran self-clean. Oven billowed heavy smoke and created smoke condition in the house. Circuit breaker was turned off due to fire risk.


  • Date: 7/15/2019

A few moments after using the electric stove, flames started to spew from the oven broiler & broiler caught fire. Sparks flew out of the oven onto the kitchen floor. The product was turned off when this incident occurred. The Submitter was able to put the flames out.


  • Date: 7/24/2019

Caller is reporting that burners on the electric range increased to high temp that she had set on low while cooking. She stated that in another incident she noticed the same problem but this time she could not turn it down she had to power the range off to prevent a fire.


  • Date: 7/26/2019

77 YOM consumer reports that the oven's temperature fluctuates wildly from 250 degrees to 500 degrees. Parts have been replaced several times and hasn't fixed the problem. This is a fire hazard.


  • Date: 7/26/2019

Female consumer reports that her oven range gradually increases temperature when it's set to low. She is unable to use the oven because of this safety hazard.

GE Monogram ZEU36KSKSS

  • Date: 8/9/2019

50 YOM reported that 43 YOF was boiling eggs on back left burner. Water began to boil, she covered pot & turned burner off. At that moment stove exploded. She received small cuts on forehead, above eyebrow, & on back of ankle. She got 1st aid. She & 8 YOF got glass in hair.


  • Date: 8/17/2019

The consumer stated that the glass in their 4 years old gas range oven shattered while the stove was being used to cook a dish. The consumer stated that all the sudden a cracking noise was heard and the door glass shattered into tons of glass shards.


  • Date: 8/30/2019

The consumer stated that the glass top electric range top is not shutting off. When all the controls are off, there is a red glow under the cook top. The cook top is warm to the touch with no warning lights on.


  • Date: 8/30/2019

67 YOM indicated that several times they inadvertently turned gas burner control of gas range on by brushing against it. Gas was released into room without igniter functioning. Couple of times they didn't notice it until they began to smell gas on other side of room.


  • Date: 9/6/2019

When consumer attempted to use oven in new stove for 1st time entire house was filled with gas. Technician determined that stove was leaking tremendous amount of gas. Gas was being leaked from all burners as well as oven. Gas was disconnected from stove.


  • Date: 9/16/2019

Front glass panel of oven slid off & shattered on floor. Oven had been in use about hour prior & cooled down. Also at least twice burners of electric slide-in range turned on by themselves & when oven was in use, "lock oven" feature would activate locking food inside.


  • Date: 9/19/2019

Consumer reports that the stovetop of the gas range at home becomes hot when the oven is on. On one incident, the consumer's 71 YOF wife picked up a glass salt shaker and suffered a second degree burn on her finger. It also melted a plastic pepper grinder.


  • Date: 9/30/2019

Submitter reported that the gas stove exploded. The propane tubing behind the left front burner control knob cracked & leaking propane caused an explosion at front of the stove. The explosion of the propane severely burned 50 YOM. He was treated in hospital.


  • Date: 10/4/2019

53 YOF reports that the knobs on the electric range at home are easily turned. She states that she and her 52 YOM husband have brushed against the knobs and turned them on without knowing multiple times. The burners have caused papers to catch on fire.

GE Profile Series PS968SP2SS

  • Date: 10/13/2019

58 YOF turned on front, left electric heating element & lamp, that shows if stovetop is active/warming, blew. Sparks emanated from lamp fixture/socket about 12". Fire/sparks were so bright, she lost sight for about 9 min.; she didn't get 1st aid. Stove circuit breaker tripped


  • Date: 11/14/2019

Consumer reports that the electric stove at home was in use when the oven imploded. Glass was shot outwards from the appliance. Consumer suffered a few small cuts.


  • Date: 11/19/2019

Gas range knobs turn too easily & release gas without igniting. They are on front & when knobs are bumped or leaned on, knob turns & gas is released. Something was placed on stove top & must touched & turned knob. When 70 YOM returned to room it was filled with gas.


  • Date: 11/26/2019

32 YOM reports that the wall oven at home was in use when the outside glass shattered. Multiple pieces of glass fell to the floor below. The oven was in use at 400 degrees.

GE Monogram ZET1SH2SS

  • Date: 11/27/2019

63 YOM indicated that the glass door of the oven shattered upon opening from a routine cleaning. The oven was cleaned no more than 6 times over the life of the product.


  • Date: 12/10/2019

Consumer's electric range broke. Motherboard was replaced twice. Error code F20 appeared when stove was not in use. While installing new sensor, consumer noticed burned wires and burned plastic connector. Back wires were burned.


  • Date: 12/22/2019

Consumer reports that while baking some butter dripped in the oven causing small fire. The flames spread and glass shattered and the fire department had to be called. Their home has smoke damage as a result and total loss of the oven.

GE Profile Series PGB910SEM4SS

  • Date: 12/22/2019

52 YOF consumer's gas stove emits excessive high temperatures when self-cleaning cycle or broiler is on. The knobs at such heat melt. A person will get burned by the stove. This incident occurred multiple times under consumer's use.

GE Café Series COS750P4M1W2

  • Date: 1/4/2020

The consumer stated that their double-oven range began leaking gas and carbon monoxide 1 year after purchase due to a faulty ignitor.


  • Date: 1/5/2020

We came down stairs & first floor was filled w/ gas because burners were letting off gas all night. We tried to use stove & flames in stove would not go down until we turned it on & off close, & paper in bottom drawer of stove caught fire because pilot light is exposed.

GE Profile Series PT 75505F7SS

  • Date: 1/30/2020

76 YOF consumer reports that after using the broiler on the oven it shorted and exploded leaving hot aluminum and glass bits everywhere. The self cleaning feature also causes issues the glass door to shatter. This is a dangerous hazard.


  • Date: 3/27/2020

Consumer reported that electric range burner’s heat indicator range between 1 and 10. He was frying bacon & he had burner on 5. He went out & burner was glowing red when he came back. He stated this happened 3rd time & on all of burners have this issue.


  • Date: 4/8/2020

The consumer's wife turned the oven on and walked away from the stove. Shortly afterwards, there was a smell as if wires were burning. She walked back to the oven to shut it off, but before she could shut it off, the power on the stove went out and the breaker went out.


  • Date: 4/19/2020

The Consumer stated that they were convection broiling chicken in the electric built-in double wall oven and when they opend the oven to remove the chicken, the entire inside glass panel in the door was shattered.


  • Date: 5/6/2020

The glass of the lower oven of the double oven shattered. The oven had preheated, then signaled that it was ready. The consumer put pizza in the oven and within 30 seconds its glass shattered. This was only the 3rd time that the consumer has ever used this oven.


  • Date: 5/15/2020

The Consumer, 34, stated that while cleaning the [gas range] stove, a plastic end cap on the metal door handle broke off and the end cap exposed a sharp end of the metal door handle which subsequently caused a deep laceration on his hand.


  • Date: 5/20/2020

The Consumer stated that he noticed his electric range front right burner would get extremely hot and glow red even when on a low setting. Says this presents a serious fire hazard as a user may think the stove is on low whereas the heat may be on its highest setting.


  • Date: 5/22/2020

Oven was set to bake when consumer went outside & when they returned, beeping sound was coming from electric range, display on it showed F2 & unit was hot. Broiler element was glowing red & it didn't go off after oven was dial to OFF. Consumer had to turn off circuit breaker.

GE Profile Series PGS975WEM4WW

  • Date: 6/9/2020

The Consumer stated that while boiling a pot of potatoes, the two knobs on the right side of the gas range stove burst into flames. His wife was able to quickly extinguish the flames.


  • Date: 6/17/2020

62 YOF consumer reports that her gas oven is leaking gas and is unsafe She first noticed the smel when the oven was not in use and was unable to find the leak. This product is unsafe and a safety azard for consumers.


  • Date: 6/18/2020

36 YOF consumer reports that she has dealt with fire alarms going off just geating up food on her gas range. An incident occurred where the oven caught on fire and there was no spillage to ignite it. It was later discovered there was also a gas leak from the oven. Dangerous


  • Date: 6/26/2020

62 YOM consumer reports that the oven was in use when he smelled what smelled like plastic. He removed a piece of plastic from the back burner and burned his finger. The burners were not on. There is excessive heat coming from the oven. This is a burn hazard.


  • Date: 7/31/2020

Electric range malfunctioned when no one was in kitchen, started self-cleaning cycle, producing heat & smoke enough to set off house smoke alarms. Great concern is if no one had been home, stove might have continued to heat & start a fire in the home,


  • Date: 8/3/2020

Heating element of electric range exploded sending sparks & flames out & burning holes in wooden floor. Flying part of broken element cracked glass door on oven. Repairman advised that circuit board was broken. Unit was replacement for 1st range which broke after month of use

GE Profile Series PSS93BP1TS

  • Date: 8/4/2020

Consumer reports that the electric range has a touch screen control panel that controls the burners. Whenever any kind of moisture hits the panel it is then unresponsive and you're unable to turn off the burners or it changes the setting. This is a fire hazard and unsafe.


  • Date: 8/12/2020

Consumer reports that the electric wall oven was causing shocks to a woman just by touching the unit. The voltage was measure with a voltmeter and measured at 120 AC and 113AC. This could cause injury or fatality. Unsafe and a shock hazard to consumers.


  • Date: 8/19/2020

42 YOF consumer reports that her induction range doesn't have any ridges or bumper barriers on the cooktop so the pots and pans are prone to sliding from one burner to another. This is especially dangerous if bumped into or hot items spilling. Unsafe.


  • Date: 8/19/2020

Consumer has a gas range. A knob in the front has a little metal piece which attaches to the burner control. It keeps falling out while turning knob to turn range on or off. Consumer states this is a fire hazard. No injuries.

GE Profile Series PGB960SEJ2SS

  • Date: 8/27/2020

Consumer reports that when setting the oven to steam clean flames came from the bottom of the lower oven. Upon inspection after smelling smoke that smelled like burnt plastic they discovered a blackened foam and a hole. Unsafe product and a fire hazard.


  • Date: 8/31/2020

73 YOF reports that the electric range at home stopped working. The burners would turn on or off by themselves, or not come on at all. The oven was repaired but the burners stopped working again, along with the oven. Consumer reports that this has occurred multiple times.


  • Date: 9/4/2020

63 YOM reported breaker kept tripping d/t LED stovetop light had fallen out of its mounting hole & was shorting to stove. Snap-in ceramic holder for light wouldn't go back into mount d/t it was too small. Light was replaced, but it doesn't work, control board damage suspected


  • Date: 9/11/2020

Consumer warmed their food in the oven & hit the cancel button & turned off the oven. Then consumer sat at the kitchen table to eat, which is not far from the stove, when suddenly the glass in the oven door shattered. No Injuries Reported. (Gas Range)

GE Café Series CGP650SET1SS

  • Date: 9/16/2020

29 YOM consumer reports that when trying to turn on the gas cooktop a fireball came from the unit ans singled his throat. The unit was smoking heavily and appeared to be on fire. This is incredibly dangerous to consumers and could result in injury or fatality. Fire hazard.


  • Date: 9/20/2020

Consumer reports that there is a design flaw with the gas oven. The placement of the vent allows for heat to collect and come out of the front of the oven and also makes the knobs hot to the touch. This is a burn hazard and should be corrected.


  • Date: 9/29/2020

While the oven of the gas range was placed in preheat mode, it started to emit smoke. The consumer stated, that when she opened up its door, she noticed flames erupting from the bottom. She powered the unit off and then used a fire extinguisher to contain flames.


  • Date: 10/3/2020

The Consumer reported that she turned on her gas range oven for the first time to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and, after preheating for a few minutes, the inside glass exploded.

GE Café Series C2S985SET1SS

  • Date: 10/7/2020

Consumer reported that the front right burner of dual-fuel range has developed an uneven flame pattern to include some lighting issues and unexpected flare ups. They found the tri-ring burner assembly has separated, creating a gap for gas leakage.

GE Profile Series

  • Date: 10/8/2020

The Consumer stated that the front left [burner on the] range top would not turn off and turned into an electrical blow out pouring smoke from under the glass range. The only way to stop the burner and electrical smoking was to unplug the stove.


  • Date: 10/12/2020

67 YOF consumer reports that there is a design flaw with the gas oven and range. There is a vent under the control panel. When the oven is in use all the heat funnels to the front area where the vent is and anyone standing near is at risk of being burned. Unsafe product.


  • Date: 10/14/2020

The Consumer reported that while broiling a steak in the wall oven, the inner glass on the door shattered into large, sharp pieces, not like tempered glass breakage. The Consumer stated that their house is newly constructed, approx. 2 years old, so the appliance was new also.


  • Date: 10/23/2020

The Consumer reported that he was cooking on his [gas] cooktop making breakfast as he does every weekend, and it exploded sending glass everywhere.


  • Date: 11/7/2020

43 YOM reported, that the inner liner glass on wall oven shattered. It exploded in 10 minutes within use. The oven was running on broil. It made a loud and scary pop sound. The inside of the oven filled up with sharp and pointy glass, it didn't look like tempered glass.


  • Date: 11/18/2020

After a power outage the oven appeared to have turned itself on in the cleaning mode or turned itself on without being manually activated. The utensils inside the oven caught fire. The fire was extinguished and tere were no injuries.


  • Date: 11/25/2020

Consumer stated, that microwave/oven combo wall unit never operated correctly & needed many repairs over years. Recently 60 YOF was cleaning oven & oven overheated, was smoking & almost caught fire. Consumer had to shut off electrical breaker.

GE Profile Series JT980SK3SS

  • Date: 11/25/2020

The consumer reported the wall oven catastrophic electrical failure and internal fire.


  • Date: 11/28/2020

Consumer reports that the convection oven was being preheated with nothing inside when after two minutes there was a lound noise and fire inside the oven. The unit had bent metal and discoloration because of the incidient.


  • Date: 11/30/2020

Consumer reports that the induction cooktop has turned itself on multiple times because it has capacitive touch. When using the oven and opening the door the moist air released triggers the capacitive touch panel and you can't turn it off. This is a dangerous design flaw.


  • Date: 12/2/2020

74 YOF consumer reports that the electric oven gets dangerously hot on the top of the stove when the oven is in use. She is concerned that others will get burned as she has accidentally burned herself on the top of the unit. Unsafe. Burn hazard.


  • Date: 1/5/2021

Consumer stated that double wall oven exploded while it was preheating. There was loud noise & top oven emanated smoke & sparks. The incident caused fuse to blow. The heating element overheated causing fire. Consumer opened the door & sparks & flames eventually dissipated.


  • Date: 1/12/2021

The Consumer reported that the gas oven would not come on until there is strong smell of gas. The Consumer stated that they have to open all doors and get some air before it comes on.

GE Monogram ZDP486NDNSS

  • Date: 1/12/2021

77 YO consumer reports that after using the oven and food dripped onto the bottom they wiped the oven with a soft sponge and 2 half dollar sized areas flaked off. The porcelain on the inside of the oven continues to flake off sharp small bits. Hazard if ingested.


  • Date: 1/13/2021

The consumer stated, that the electric range thermostat failed causing the device to go into overtemp, starting a fire with the materials in the oven. The consumer reported, that 19 YOM was involved in the incident.


  • Date: 1/15/2021

45 YOF reports that when a heavy item is set onto the electric range at home, the burner can turn off or another burner not in use can turn on. She had a ceramic bowl and spoon on the range top and a burner turned on. She grabbed the bowl and burned her hand.

GE Profile Series PTD7000SN1SS

  • Date: 1/17/2021

About 4 minutes after 37 YOF put something into oven to broil, glass door exploded. Inner door of oven shattered into many sharp shards all over upper oven of double wall oven &, as result of opening door, over lower oven & floor. 37 YOF reported injury, she got 1st aid.


  • Date: 1/20/2021

69 YOF indicated, that when placing a box or other flat item on her electric stove, the burners have been accidentally turned on approximately four different times in the past five years.

GE Profile Series JGP5030SL1SS

  • Date: 1/25/2021

Consumer reports that the knobs on the gas range have a design flaw that allows for them to be placed too close to the burners. The knobs are melting. Replacement knobs suffered the same result. This is a dangerous burn and potential fire hazard.


  • Date: 1/26/2021

Consumer reports that the electric stove has had issues with the burners and they've had a repairman out 4 times. this incident involved one of the burners sparking badly. This is unsafe and a fire hazard.

GE Profile Series JGP933sEC2SS

  • Date: 2/8/2021

After washing knob was placed on gas valve & remained water traveled down gas valve stem into ignitor switch causing short. Arcing could be heard, then fire was seen & smelled. Fire was extinguished by unplugging appliance. Consumer's 27 YO spouse was involved in incident.


  • Date: 2/15/2021

63 YOF consumer had an electric stove which nearly electrocuted her. She set a frying pan on large front when a big electrical surge and flaming spark shot from under the pan tripping the breaker. Incident repeated after she cleaned and checked the range.


  • Date: 2/16/2021

74 YO consumer indicated, that when person leans over control knobs to reach cabinets above gas range, or brushes by knobs, unintentionally knob could be moved to "ON" & prior reaching ignition unit releasing gas fumes. This happened more than once.


  • Date: 2/22/2021

The Consumer reported that the glass window on the door of their gas range was found profusely cracked while the unit was not in use. Broken pieces dislodged and shattered across the kitchen floor and into the bottom drawer when they tried to open the oven door.


  • Date: 2/26/2021

The gas range with double oven, ignitor of bottom oven melted a hole in the deflector. The liquid metal drips on the ignitor, causing it to arc and shatter. The unit was repaired and replaced multiple times, twice with the deflector. Currently the stove is under repair again.


  • Date: 3/11/2021

The Consumer reported that the electronic control knob on the gas cooktop range caught fire. The unit turned off and the knob sparked from electrical short discharging ^inch of flame and caught the second knob on fire. The Consumer was able to extinguish.


  • Date: 3/13/2021

68 YOM reported, that entering home they smelled strong odor & realized it was propane gas from electronic ignition range d/t knob not being shut off. At some point, knob must have been brushed against and turned on. He stated, that knobs turn easily if bumped even slightly.

GE Profile Series JGS968SOH4SS

  • Date: 3/20/2021

The Consumer reported that the range ceramic top exploded while cooking.


  • Date: 4/5/2021

The Consumer reported that the built-in oven interior door glass shattered during self cleaning cycle. The Consumer stated that his wife stopped the cycle when this breakage occurred. Concerned what would have happened if they had not been home or failed to hear the breakage.

GE Monogram ZET2P0L1SS

  • Date: 4/9/2021

39 YO consumer reports that while the oven was being used in convection bake mode it began smoking heavily. The unit was turned off. The next day they tried pre-heating it and within minutes it began smoking, sparking and flames came out. Wires melted. Fire hazard.


  • Date: 4/18/2021

37 YOM consumer reports that after setting the steam function on the gas range and leaving the room for several hours they returned to extreme heat. The thermal cutoff fuse did not trip. It was supposed to run for 30 minutes. The control panel a melted and flooring buckled.


  • Date: 4/19/2021

The Consumer reported that the outer door of their wall oven exploded, sending glass shards throughout their kitchen.


  • Date: 4/21/2021

68 YO consumer reports that the electric oven was only 11 days old when they decided to use the broiler feature for the first time. After being on for 3 minutes they heard a crackling sound and then a bang. The oven door glass had shattered inside the oven. Laceration hazard.

GE Profile Series PGP9036SLSS

  • Date: 4/24/2021

67 YO consumer reports that the gas stove only has one point on the knob where the gas will ignite. If the knob is rotated past the point it will just emit gas without ignition. This is dangerous and will likely cause a fire. Unsafe for consumer. There is no shut off for this

GE Café Series CGS990SET5SS

  • Date: 5/11/2021

Consumer reports that their gas oven was leaking carbon monoxide. Their 45 YOM husband nearly passed out, suffered vomiting and difficulty breathing. An ambulance was called as well as the fire department. FD states over 100 ppm were leaking. Unsafe. CO poisoning hazard

GE JGB735SP155

  • Date: 5/12/2021

The consumer reported, that the outside glass door of oven shattered in several pieces. He indicated, that this happened about a few seconds later after turning the unit off. There was a popping noise and the glass pieces fell out to the floor.


  • Date: 5/21/2021

69 YOF purchased an electric self-cleaning range. When it was on self-clean, consumer made sure door was latched. Smoke alarms went off. Door of range was 2 inches open. The range was very hot and latch handle completely melted into two. Oven was turned off.


  • Date: 5/24/2021

Consumer reports that their 26 YOF wife was using the gas oven at 400 degrees for approximately 20 minutes and opened the door to take the food out and turning the oven off. This did not happen while closing the door. She suffered minor cuts from the glass. Laceration hazard.


  • Date: 6/1/2021

49 YO consumer reports that they were baking food and went to remove it from the oven and the oven glass door shattered wthout warning. This is unsafe and could have led to injury. Laceration and burn hazards.


  • Date: 6/4/2021

The Consumer, 28, reported that the glass window on their gas range oven door shattered into thousands of tiny sharp fragments all over the kitchen floor when not in use and nobody was near it. This happened hours after routine cooking. The Consumer reported injury to self.


  • Date: 7/22/2021

45 YOF feels unsafe & dangerous to have the fire inside the oven, without any cover. She had twice, that baking paper started burning in the oven. Her hand actually touched the flame several times when taking out stuff from the oven, she didn't get 1st aid.

GE Profile Spectra

  • Date: 7/29/2021

The Consumer, 52, reported that the electric range started smoking and then burst into flames while it was not in use. She reported injury to self and was seen by medical professional.

GE Monogram ZDP364NDPSS

  • Date: 8/13/2021

56 YO consumer reports that while using the oven there was a burning smell but the food product inside was not over cooked or burning. They checked again there was smoke coming from the oven. The unit was not repairable. Fire hazard.


  • Date: 8/23/2021

The consumer indicated, that the stovetop burners stay on even after they are turned off at the controls. When the consumer's daughter went later to use the electric range, burners were still unexpectedly hot. Her clothes could catch fire & she could have been burned.


  • Date: 8/29/2021

57 YOM consumer reports that the glass door to the electric oven shattered while preheating the unit. Upon kneeling to pick up the glass he sustained a small cut to the knee which he cared for at home. This product is unsafe. Laceration hazard.

GE Profile Series JS760EL3ES

  • Date: 9/7/2021

While used the oven of the range to cook at 425°, the consumer opened the door, to remove the food, to find the door severely cracked, which then broke and the glass fell to the outer door glass.


  • Date: 9/21/2021

30 YOM consumer reports that he burned his hand on a pot that was sitting on a burner on the stove. The burner was not on, but the oven was on at 400 degrees. The coil became so hot that it heated a pot on the stove ahd he burned his hand. Fire aid treatment received.

GE Monogram ZET1SH2SS

  • Date: 9/30/2021

The Consumer stated that they were running the self-cleaning feature on their 3-4 year old wall oven for the first time and the oven was 2.5 hour into the 4-hour process when the door glass shattered. Glass spilled onto the floor. No injuries occurred.


  • Date: 10/3/2021

81 YO consumer reported, the Gas Oven Range. After using the oven, front of oven door fell off leaving inner door attached. The consumer and 81 YO spouse were involved in incident.

GE Profile Series PT9800SHSS

  • Date: 10/7/2021

34 YO consumer reports that 45 minutes after turning off the double wall oven they heard a nose. Upon inspection they found that the outer glass to the oven door had shattered and glass was on the floor. The glass continued to have spider cracks for an hour. Laceration hazard


  • Date: 10/11/2021

The consumer indicated, that they have had the built-in wall-oven and recently they were cooking pizza at a temp of 550° and the oven door glass shattered. The consumer reported that 50 YO spouse was involved in incident, who got 1st aid by non-medical professional.


  • Date: 10/12/2021

65 YO consumer reports that the large burners on the electric range overheat. The knob can be set to low and the burner will be glowing red and at a high temperature. This unit is not safe and a potential fire hazard if one is unaware it is malfunctioning.


  • Date: 10/19/2021

The Consumer, 32, stated that their [gas range] cooktop glass exploded when they were slow cooking chicken soup. There was a very loud pop and the glass top just got shattered everywhere. The cookware was flipped over. The Consumer reported injury to self.

GE Profile Series P2B940SEJ8SS

  • Date: 11/1/2021

67 YO consumer reports that the flame on the burner of the duel fuel range goes 8" high or more. Sometimes the burner ignites on its own. The underside of the burner is blackened from the fire. The oven rack flakes off a powder reside when sliding in or out.

GE Monogram ZET1SH2SS

  • Date: 11/2/2021

65 YOF utilized the self-clean mode and during the cleaning mode, the interior glass door of the electric wall oven exploded & shattered. Shattered glass was lying on the kitchen floor. She indicated, that she had used the self-clean mode in the past with no issues.


  • Date: 12/25/2021

The Consumer reported that their 5 year old oven exploded during self cleaning cycle. It was not a normally used oven. The Consumer stated that it happened when his wife was using self cleaning cycle. It shattered glass posing danger to family members and pets.


  • Date: 12/27/2021

Consumer reports that glass oven door of electric stove/oven popped, burst & shattered onto their kitchen floor. The stove & oven was turned off & no one was close enough to be injured. The popping was loud & scared them all as the glass shot onto the floor. No Injuries.

GE Monogram ZET 2P M2SS

  • Date: 12/31/2021

64 YOF was running self-cleaning cycle of oven & about two hours into cycle oven control board interior started sparking & caught fire. She immediately turned off oven & then turned off breaker, but fire continued. She called 911. Oven & cabinet were destroyed by fire.

GE Profile Series PTS7000SN1SS

  • Date: 1/2/2022

The consumer was cleaning the oven with the self-cleaning option. After the recommended three hour cleaning it unlocked by itself. The consumer opened the door, the oven glass door was cracked in several spots, leaving sharp shards of glass exposed.


  • Date: 1/21/2022

The Consume reported that their less than a year old gas range started smelling gas when using the oven. The Company's said it was gas not getting ignited and did a valve adjustment. The Consumer stated that since 3 months after the repair, the gas smell has been back.


  • Date: 1/29/2022

68 YOF heard “pop" shortly after self-clean cycle of electric range began. Glass inside oven door shattered in tiny shatters but remained in place. Inside of oven was glowing bright red & she canceled cycle. Later interior panel shattered, exterior glass remained intact.


  • Date: 2/1/2022

The Submitter reported natural gas leaking from a kitchen range at a residence. There was a distinctive smell of gas so they tested with gas leak detector. There was a strong leak, and it traced to two of the orifices on the range. The valves would not shut-off.


  • Date: 2/18/2022

The consumer reported, that the induction range randomly, from the start will turns by itself and the consumer has to use the control lock to get it to turn off. It is tripping breaker for the entire home when the consumer tries to use the oven.


  • Date: 2/18/2022

The consumer indicated that the induction range turns itself on randomly and tripping the breaker on consumers' entire home.


  • Date: 2/24/2022

50 YO consumer had placed aluminum foil and wax paper on top of foil onto electric induction cooktop. Suddenly, the foil and paper ignited. The cooktop was off. Controls were not touched. A tech could not explain why this happened.

GE Café Series CHP95302M4SS

  • Date: 2/28/2022

Consumer's induction cooktop can be activated by merely holding palm onto controls. A dog activated it this way and a pot of soup boiled off and began to burn. Smoke was throughout house, and no one except dog, was home. Stove overheated and shut itself off.


  • Date: 3/1/2022

56 YO consumer reported , that after heating up some food at 375° in the gas oven of gas range, consumer turned the oven off and after a minute or so, the outside oven window blew to smithereens with no apparent reason.

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