ge washing-machines

Information about the problems and breakdowns of GE washing machines that were reported from 2010 to 2022.

Common problems: blowing up, burning, drain, electric shock, explosion, fire, mold, smell, smoke, turning on/off, vibration.

Faulty modules: buttons, control board, dispenser, display, door, drum, gasket, motor, pump, rack.


2 safety recalls announced

GE Recalls Front Load Washers Due to Fire and Shock Hazards

  • Date: 6/10/2010

A wire can break in the machine and make contact with a metal part on the washtub while the machine is operating, posing fire and shock hazards to consumers. This recall involves GE front-load washing machines without auxiliary water heating.

GE Appliances Recalls Top-Loading Clothes Washers Due to Fire Hazard

  • Date: 9/15/2016

The recall involves three models of GE Profile high-efficiency top-loading clothes washers. The washers come in gold, gray and white and measure about four cubic feet. Models: GE Profile WPGT9350 WPGT9360 WPGT9150.

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80 issues reported


  • Date: 4/18/2011

A 65-YOM consumer reports that the washing machine spins and rocks violently around room hitting other objects and wall when spin cycle load is off balance and there is no automatic safety switch to stop machine. Consumer reports injury to self.


  • Date: 1/9/2014

On occasion washer becomes out of balance & has slight "plastic" odor. After few more uses, & minimal clothing load, unit shacked violently & filled room with smoke. Breaker was immediately turned off. 48 YOM stated that he received 1st aid by non-medical professional.


  • Date: 5/4/2018

This Washing Machine when power turned off & the water supply turned off, at times has started up & sounds as though it is draining whatever water is in the machine & continues with whatever process until it decides to stop on its own or if the door is opens then stops.


  • Date: 12/3/2018

Consumer's washing machine starts up randomly if plugged in. There is no water in it, & all lights are off when it does this. Consumer had clothes in & mode lights came on and went out 30 seconds later. Machine has touch pad to operate. Consumer feels this is a safety hazard.

GE Profile Series WPGT9360E0WW

  • Date: 7/26/2018

Opened the lid of the washer & the light went on, it buzzed then burst into flame from power supply on the right hand side (from front view) of the washer. It had not been used in two days & I was planning on doing a new wash load & it just burst into flame. Unplugged it.


  • Date: 10/31/2012

Washing machine was in use & when it was on “spin cycle” consumer started to smell burning rubber. He pressed power button to turn off cycle, then opened washer's door & smoke came out. Basket became detached & broke gasket or rubber boot which caused water not to drain.


  • Date: 11/21/2012

Consumer reports that replacement front-loading washing machine failed with failure mode being a fire. Model that 47 YOF originally ordered was recalled for same issue that she experienced with replacement model.

GE Profile Series PTWN8050MWW

  • Date: 1/18/2013

36 YOM reports that washer fell apart during final spin cycle. It tork machine wide open, smashed through portion of one wallm dented side of dryer along with inside drum, forcing dryer against another wall damaging that wall & making wall lose.


  • Date: 2/26/2013

Consumer placed washing machine for a cycle to start & it only filled the washer with water, but it did not go through a spin cycle. Consumer stated that as soon as she pressed start button her light started flicker. The light in the home went out & it tripped the breaker.


  • Date: 3/9/2013

29 YOF reports that consumers were doing laundry & noticed burning plastic/rubber smell from utility room. Smell became stronger when they opened washer. Several of items were scorched & elastic waistband from one item was melted to inside of washer.

GE Profile Series WPDH8800JOMG

  • Date: 10/4/2013

Rear counter balance weight broke from its mounts & caused damage to belt & drum inside 52 YOM's washing machine. This occured shortly after recall change was made. When weight became unattached, it rubbed on rear pulley, creating smoke & heat. Eventually, belt broke.


  • Date: 11/23/2013

The consumer reports that the washing machine caught fire causing the smoke detectors and home security system to go off sending police and fire department to her home. She says she found online reports of her model with the same issues and a prior recall on other models.

GE Profile Series PTWN8050M0WW

  • Date: 4/19/2014

Consumer reported that while washing machine was in use it went out of balance & instead of automatically stopping it kept going & the tub became unattached & destroyed the unit. The base of washer is all dented out all way around, top is unattached & breaking laundry doors.


  • Date: 2/2/2015

In middle of night consumer smelled smoke & entire upstairs of their townhouse was filled with smoke, which smelled like burned plastic. Fire department traced smoke to washer, unplugged unit, & cleared smoke from house. Motor was covered in melted plastic.


  • Date: 5/18/2015

Consumer's washer started banging on floor & on nearby dryer. Shock device was replaced multiple times, but the issue continued to reoccur. Pedestal was adjusted. Technician showed him that rubber gasket was installed incorrectly causing bearing to throw off.


  • Date: 5/4/2016

59 YOF reports that the washing machine was started when it suddenly produced sparks and smoke from the rear. There was a burning rubber smell in the laundry room. The help button was used to shut off the unit. A technician came and unplugged the unit.


  • Date: 7/12/2016

Consumer stated that a washer door seal has a very deep ridge. The ring is exposed to the wash water & there is a mold build up that can occur, that a consumer will never find, exposing the water to mold which in turn exposes people to the mold.

GE DH16788G

  • Date: 11/17/2016

Consumer's husband was doing laundry using the washing machine at home. His son-in-law yelled to him that the machine was smoking. They unplugged the unit so that I would not catch on fire. The smoke from the unit spread through the house.


  • Date: 1/3/2017

Our washing machine overflowed in the fill cycle & flooded several rooms of our house. The cause of the overflow was a defective Load Size switch. The overflow and flooding that occurred caused a serious slip/ fall hazard or electrical shock hazard.


  • Date: 7/18/2017

Washer caught fire under control panel during initial period of wash cycle.


  • Date: 1/3/2018

69 YOF consumer's washing machine caught fire. It was in the motor while the machine was running.


  • Date: 3/15/2019

Washer is off gassing bad metallic chemical smells during run giving 59 YOF & family headaches, neck pain, aches, heart palpitations & asthma symptoms. She has allergies. Also last year refrigerator plastic smell seized her lungs up & she had to go to ER for treatment.


  • Date: 8/18/2020

The Consumer, 38, reported that their front load washing machine caught on fire. The Consumer stated that the company's factory tech was out just a few hours before the fire and said it was safe to use. The Consumer reported injury to self.


  • Date: 11/1/2020

59 YOF consumer reports that the washing machine has an issue with loads becoming unbalanced no matter the size of the load and the machine "walks" and bangs around. This product is defective.


  • Date: 6/26/2021

The Consumer reported that their washer exploded in the laundry room causing two huge holes in the wall and parts spewed on the floor. The Consumer stated that it sounded like a bomb exploded.


  • Date: 8/19/2021

37 YOM reported, that washing machine exploded while small load of sheets were inside. Drum dislodged inside & dented outside. Large piece flew out of top through locked lid, spewing water everywhere hitting wall before landing on floor. He, 36 YOF & 1 MOM were not there.


  • Date: 6/1/2012

consumer had front loaded washing machine in a large load cycle and it began to smoke after a minute. consumer came into laundry room & found that unit was smoking. consumer shut off the machine at the power button & could smell burning smell. no injury.


  • Date: 9/15/2017

Consumer reported that their washing machine has been harboring mold after following all directions on maintenance . Consumer removed the agitator of the machine & noticed extensive bacteria growth & oxidation on part of the washer that supposed to be a stainless part.


  • Date: 8/17/2012

Consumer stated that fire risk of this washing machine occurred when basket bearing failed. This resulted in basket tumbler unit to rock back & forth. Rubber gasket between washer basket tumbler & access door heated up from friction during spin cycle & began to smoke.


  • Date: 7/14/2016

Consumer's front loading washer developed mold. Consumer was advised to use bleach in washer every couple of weeks. Consumer states that clothing don't smell clean. Was advised not to shut door of machine. Consumer's son has probable allergies from the mold.


  • Date: 7/25/2016

The consumer, 57, stated that her front loading washing machine has terrible mold. Despite her repeatedly cleaning with vinegar and baking soda, the mold continues. She stated that the mold has affected their clothes, bedding, towels and it's affecting her and family's health


  • Date: 8/18/2016

Consumer has front load washer and it is full of mold. Consumer tried cleaning it and cannot get rid of it all. Consumer states that consumer has laundry room open and the washer open. Consumer still has mold.


  • Date: 9/29/2016

Drum of washer separated from machine. When operating, spin cycle was so loud it sounds like freight train & vibrates uncontrollably. Prior this incident shock absorbers died & caused machine to bounce all over room. It pinched & trapped consumer's hand between washer & dryer


  • Date: 9/30/2016

My washing machine started jumping around in the utility room while it was running, damaged the wall, & flooded the room. The drum was broken during the incident. The machine was running, & I heard a very loud explosion. The lid was unattached from the base & crooked.


  • Date: 10/11/2016

The consumer reported her front load washing machine having a terrible mold/mildew smell. She's tried special cleaners, bleach, leaving the door open, and drying the rubber seal around the door area. She stated she's allergic to mold and this is causing her severe headaches.


  • Date: 11/8/2016

Consumer's washing machine exploded in laundry room, at some point in cycle. It damaged the walls. Before incident, it made no abnormal noises. No one was near it, so no injuries reported.

GE Profile Series WPGT9360

  • Date: 12/2/2016

Our clothes washer displayed a screen that said there was a problem with this unit. It did not allow me to do anything. I called a company that came out to fix the problem. They told me I needed a part & would take 2 to 3 days to get the part. It took 2 weeks & did not fix.


  • Date: 12/26/2016

The submitter stated that the washing machine vibrates and moves around on the floor which can cause water supply and or discharge hoses to break and cause a flood.Young children and pets can also be injured by the heavy washing machine striking them during its movement.


  • Date: 12/28/2016

The consumer stated that while doing a load of laundry, their front load washer on final spin was shaking like crazy and filled with smoke. The consumer was able to shut it down before it caught fire. The consumer stated this unit is 8 years old and is used very infrequently.


  • Date: 1/4/2017

The consumer stated that there was a burning smell and then smoke was coming out of their front load washing machine.


  • Date: 1/12/2017

Washing machine exploded while consumer's wife was washing king size mattress. Pieces went everywhere. Wall has hole and crack going up; wood modeling cracked. Floor has gauges from tub coming apart. Few other walls have damage. Dryer was damaged from washer slamming into it.


  • Date: 2/6/2017

The consumer stated that they came home to the smell of wire burning in their top loading washer. The consumer stated that the washer had turned itself on when they weren't home and could have caused a fire if they didn't.come home in time.

GE Profile Series WPGT9350CWW

  • Date: 2/20/2017

56 YOM consumer had his washer on fire. The fire started with a blue flash (like an electric arc), followed by some yellow apparent flame and black smoke. It self-extinguished before consumer could get a fire extinguisher and spray the machine. He got runaround with company.

GE Profile Series WPGT9360E0WW

  • Date: 3/9/2017

64 YOM stated that washer caught fire. Fire originated at main control board. Unit was unplugged from its electrical supply & fire extinguisher was used as additional safety measure. Washer was removed & replaced. Recall was issued later & they were not reimbursed.

GE Profile Series

  • Date: 3/19/2017

the consumer stated that the washing machine grows mold and clothes smell bad. She stated that it has to be cleaned as often as it is used and it's difficult to clean inside the rubber gasket where disgusting grime and mold gathers.


  • Date: 3/19/2017

The consumer stated that the front load washer has extreme amount of mold inside the inner rubber seal.


  • Date: 3/24/2017

I put 2 sets of sheets & pillow cases into washer. After a while I began to smell a terribly odor coming from the laundry room. There was thick smoke. I called the fire department. A fireman showed me where oil which had leaked from the washer had caught fire.


  • Date: 3/28/2017

The consumer reported there being mold in the front loading washing machine.


  • Date: 4/14/2017

The consumer stated that the washing machine caught on fire during normal wash cycle. The house was filled with smoke with electrical smell to it. There were soot marks in the tube and the clothes in tub had soot marks on them. The circuit breaker in the house was not tripped

GE Profile Series WPGT9360EOPL

  • Date: 4/15/2017

Washing machine stopped working for 2nd time it is on the recall list would like the part sent so we can call repair. [Recalled d/ Fire Hazard]


  • Date: 4/17/2017

Washing machine spin cycle got loud. House was filling up with smoke. Consumers turned off power at circuit breaker. Inner drum bent & warped, gasket boot & seal was damaged. Prior to incident spin cycle was going faster & loads came out soaking wet.

GE Profile Series PTWN8050MOWW

  • Date: 4/26/2017

Consumer was washing mattress pad in a washer. There was a large boom; machine exploded. The lid has been blown off and closet door was blown open. Water was everywhere. Wall was dented and molding around the door was knocked loose from explosion. The machine crumbled.


  • Date: 5/31/2017

69 YOM consumer's washer began to make loud noise during spin cycle and subsequently began to emit smoke and a burning smell. The motor began to smoke and spark and caught on fire while being serviced. Consumer states this is a fire hazard.


  • Date: 6/9/2017

The Washer has a shock hazard & a fire hazard. The spin cycle stops working. This requires the user to manually turn the machine to the rinse/spin directly. There is no water in the machine but the pump runs until the user unplugs the machine. The pump gets extremely hot.

GE Profile Series WPDH8822J1WW

  • Date: 6/15/2017

Washer broke and has stopped working. Unit is part of recall. Most recent failure included alarming noise and cloud of smoke, which set off smoke alarms.


  • Date: 7/21/2017

Consumer was washing clothes & around mid wash during spin cycle she saw white smoke coming from around edges of door. She turned washing machine off then unplugged it from power. Later she was advised that there had been fire inside & burned parts were inside rear tub.

GE Profile Harmony WPGT9350

  • Date: 12/16/2017

Consumer's wife started load of laundry & once she hit start button, it started to spark continuously & smoke began pouring out of top of washing machine. Consumer had to turn off main circuit breaker to stop it. Main circuit board of motherboard was burned & started melting.


  • Date: 1/23/2018

The submitter stated that the washer turned on by itself. He said the washer did not dispense water and he turned it off once he heard it running. The submitter exchanged the washer for another unit. The submitter said the washer was used 2 days prior to the incident.

GE Profile Harmony

  • Date: 3/17/2018

I was doing laundry in the washer. About half way through the cycle I heard a loud noise & found out that it was the washing machine. It sounded like a spark/static noise that lasted about 10 seconds. It smelled as if something burnt & there was smoke. It was sparking inside.


  • Date: 5/6/2018

I began to experience some issues with the washer including increasing noise & continuous dripping water from the inlet valves. I awoke to the sound of the machine motor running & the display panel powered on. None of the buttons on the display panel worked. Fire hazard.


  • Date: 6/18/2018

70 YOF reported that during wash cycle washer began to shake excessively & caused its tub to come loose from frame. Unit moved from one side of room to other, damaging both walls & dryer that was close by. After incident washer no longer worked.


  • Date: 8/13/2018

Female consumer started load her washer; she went into the house & later heard a Big Bang from the garage. She run to the garage & saw washer about 10 inches away from where it sits on it’s pedestal. Consumer stated washer vibrated itself to exploding.


  • Date: 10/9/2018

Washing machine randomly turns on by itself. Only way to shut unit off is to unplug it from wall. Because of this behavior 33 YOF keeps lid to machine open. Unit came on with open lid. It didn't fill up with water, but basket was trying to move back & forth.

GE Profile Series WPGT9350C0PL

  • Date: 2/7/2019

It is reported that consumer's [49 YO] wife was washing a load of laundry and the top loading washer exploded. The top blew off the machine rotated 90 degrees and put a hole in the wall. No Injuries Reported.


  • Date: 3/2/2019

The consumer stated that his top load washing machine will turn on automatically with the lid open. The only way to stop the machine is to unplug the cord. The control panel is unresponsive. The consumer stated this was the third time that the washer has turned on by itself.


  • Date: 4/26/2019

Consumer reported that the top load washer exploded while in spin cycle. She indicated that a part inside the drum flew out, knob fell off and the entire washer shook violently moving out of its location. She believes that this washer is unsafe.


  • Date: 4/26/2019

While washing machine was in operation consumer's wife heard explosion. She discovered parts of washing machine, water & dirt all over walls & clothes, knob of unit was missing. Top of tumbler housing was on floor, tumbler housing was completely broken off.


  • Date: 5/31/2019

A few moments after the washing machine cycle started, the Cons heard a loud bang. They found the laundry room door was blown across the hallway. The machine was turned 180 degrees and facing the wall. The top was completely blown off and the tub and motor were on the floor.

GE Profile Series PTWN8005MOMS

  • Date: 6/19/2019

The consumer stated that the washing machine exploded during the spin cycle.


  • Date: 7/18/2019

72 YOF noticed odor from washer. It kept getting worse d/t water doesn't drain properly & keeps moisture inside which produce mold. She tried to clean it with bleach, but to no avail. Washer hatch/door doesn't stay open when she is putting contents in & it closed on her arm.

GE Profile Series

  • Date: 8/23/2019

68 YOF woke up to house filled with smoke. Somehow washer caught fire. Unit wasn't being used at time. Consumer stated that they (74 YOM was involved too) had to have FD come & put out fire. There was lot of damage to stored items in basement as well as structural components.


  • Date: 1/28/2020

consumer was washing sheets in their washing machine. they heard loud rumbling coming from the laundry room. A loud explosion came from the machine and caused damage to walls and electrical outlet as well as a sharp pain to the consumer's right forearm.


  • Date: 12/1/2020

49 YOF and 24 YOM report that the washer's panel at home was replaced 3 times in 6 years. Rubber gasket on inside of washer can't be kept free of mold.


  • Date: 3/1/2021

Consumer reports that the washing machine shakes violently and moves several inches when it becomes unbalanced despite using recommended settings to avoid such incidents. Consumer is concerned that someone may get hurt or property damaged as a result. Unsafe.


  • Date: 3/11/2021

Consumer reports that while the washing machine was going through a normal cycle the drum became separated from the machine and caused it to explode and violently move around and damage the dryer and utility sink next to it. Sharp plastic was expelled. Unsafe product.


  • Date: 7/9/2021

The Consumer reported that their washer door glass exploded in the middle of the night while it was empty and unattended. The washer was filled with broken glass.


  • Date: 9/13/2021

The consumer reported, that the washer spontaneously came on by itself, there was no water, just the motor was running. She could not power it off and had to unplug the unit. The same incident occurred the following day when she tried to plug it in.


  • Date: 10/6/2021

44 YO consumer reports that the washing machine runs by itself with the door open despite the unit itself being off with "canceled" on the display. The consumer also notes that there was a burning smell and the rubber seal on the door is wearing down. Fire hazard.


  • Date: 11/29/2021

Washing machine stopped working after six months or so. It was replaced, but about 1.5 year later it exploded during spin cycle. It split in half, pieces flew everywhere & made hole in wall. It could injure 2 YOF, 27 YO consumer & 27 YO spouse.


  • Date: 1/20/2022

The Consumer, 34, stated that their washer machine blew up/exploded. She reported injury to self and her 6-year-old son.

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