hotpoint ranges-ovens

Information about the problems and breakdowns of Hotpoint ranges and ovens that were reported from 2004 to 2021.

Common problems: burning, electric shock, explosion, fire, glass shattering, leaking, overheating, short circuit, smell, smoke, turning on/off.

Faulty modules: buttons, control board, door, fan, heating element, thermostat.


2 safety recalls announced

GE Recall of Ranges and Wall Ovens

  • Date: 8/26/2004

Name of product: General Electric, Hotpoint, Kenmore, and Americana brand freestanding electric ranges and double wall ovens. The ranges and wall ovens have faulty wiring, which can melt and cause the oven to short circuit. The appliance can then stop working and pose a shock hazard to consumers.

GE Appliances, a Haier Company, Recalls to Repair Free-Standing and Slide-In Ranges Due to Tip-Over Hazard

  • Date: 12/8/2021

This recall involves 30-inch, 24-inch, and 20-inch free-standing and slide-in electric and gas ranges, with seven brand names: GE, GE Profile, Cafe, Haier, Hotpoint, Crosley and Conservator.

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39 issues reported

Hotpoint RB5250J2A0

  • Date: 4/7/2011

43 YOF reports that the surfaces of the electric range become very hot when in use. According to the consumer, the surface is hot enough to easily cause a burn. The temperature is higher than the company's maximum safe temperature.

Hotpoint RB757BH5WH

  • Date: 5/11/2011

Consumer reports that the glass door of the gas range exploded & caused bodily injury to a 78 YOF. She had to be treated at emergency center at a local hospital.

Hotpoint RB757WH5WW

  • Date: 6/6/2011

Consumer was heating water on the electric stove in the stainless steel teapot He noticed that the bottom of the stainless steel teapot had been burned through. It is unknown how high the flames were.

Hotpoint RB526D PWW

  • Date: 9/15/2011

Consumer reports that in the new electric range the temperature dial can easily be rotated by brushing against it which silently starts the oven heating. Consumer says the installation booklet caught fire and a 25-YOM employee was burned.

Hotpoint RGB745BEH7WH

  • Date: 12/10/2011

When using the gas range oven oven there is a very strong gas odor. Gas company & service tech told consumerit was normal. Later another gas tech registered gas leak at level of explosion & shut off consumer's gas range.

Hotpoint RGA720 EK3WH

  • Date: 1/27/2012

Consumer says that the oven of the gas range was shutting off on reaching the set temperature so they shut it off before going out. Upon return they smelled something hot, found the oven uncontrollably hot in the off position. The only way to turn it off was by unpluging it.

Hotpoint R B525 R1WH

  • Date: 5/17/2012

28 YOM received mild to moderate electric shock when using electric cook top. Shock occurred while he was touching cookware when burner is turned on & touching another metal object. Shock is more severe at higher burner setting. He received no first aid for his injury.

Hotpoint RB757B B1WH

  • Date: 6/8/2012

Oven baking element (bottom coil) on electric range inflamed. burning along full coil length. It could only be extinguished by runing off electrical circuit. Nothing was spilled on the coil & consumer believes it to be faulty wiring in range.

Hotpoint RB787WTSWW

  • Date: 7/22/2012

Consumer reports that while the oven was preheating, a sizzling sound was heard coming from within. When the oven was opened, a blinding flash and smoke started to pour out. Later found that an approx. 4" piece of the bottom heating element had come off. Injury to a 48-YOM.

Hotpoint RGB530DEPWW

  • Date: 8/14/2012

7 MOM, 22 MOF, 3 YOM, 6 YOF, 35 YOF, & 42 YOM noticed that kitche was warm at random times. Landlord found that gas range oven is turning on & off on its own. One repairman suspected that it was thermostat issue, but was not sure.

Hotpoint R B526 C3CC

  • Date: 8/20/2012

Consumer stated that temperature of electric oven was set at 425 degrees while consumer was baking. After 30 minutes entire outside of oven was too hot to touch. 'Oven cycle' light was on all time. Consumer tried baking items at lower temps & same thing happened.


  • Date: 11/3/2012

45 YOM stated that electric oven is shocking him terribly. It occurs when wiping surface down with damp cloth, or touching silver electric eye trim and touching oven handle with dry skin and more severe if hands are wet.

Hotpoint RB757BC2CT

  • Date: 1/10/2013

Consumer reports that electric range oven caused electrical fire in controller clock that put range out of commission & scorched cabinets & melted plastic parts of exhaust fan located above the range. Breaker which was turned off. Range was replaced with new one.


  • Date: 2/21/2013

Consumer reports that the front glass on electric oven door shattered without provocation.

Hotpoint RGB790DER2WW

  • Date: 4/15/2013

Gas range caught on fire while not in use & 86 YOF was alerted by smoke alarm about it. She noticed control panel of range caught on fire & she put fire out. Fire department unplugged unit. No one was injured. Smoke damages were on cabinets, in ceiling & living room area.

Hotpoint RB526H

  • Date: 7/10/2013

Consumer turned electric stove off with knob. Burner was off but came back on it's own. As a result consumer reported serious fire & smoke damages. Consumer also reported about blue sparks from burners, smell of burning wires. Face of stove by knobs was very hot to the touch.

Hotpoint RGB530DEPWW

  • Date: 7/10/2013

60 yof reported that after 10 minutes of use electric oven, the oven's glass door exploded spraying whole kitchen counter tops, table top, floor & into the dining room, hallway with glass. Consumer sustained one deeper cut from the glass on her leg.


  • Date: 10/23/2013

73 yom was heating meal on front burner of gas range & put another pan on rear burner; He held rear burner knob fully counterclockwise in anticipation of ignition. Instead the gas from rear burner drifted to flame on front one & exploded. He sustained arm irritaion.

Hotpoint RGA724PKWH

  • Date: 5/27/2014

Gas range exhibits gas leak in oven pilot circuit. Joint between pilot gas feeder line & pilot assembly leaks. Design and/or manufacturing issue doesn't allow full tightening between feeder line & pilot assembly, resulting in continuous gas leak.

Hotpoint RGB746HED3WH

  • Date: 9/2/2014

The outer glass of the gas oven door shattered by itself with a loud noise while baking a pork roast in the oven. Broken glass scattered all over the kitchen. No one was in the kitchen at that time. No one was injured.

Hotpoint RB757BH4WH

  • Date: 9/29/2014

Caller reported that his electric range had electrical failures such as arching & short circuiting inside the control board. He has not visibly seen any melted wires, but know that there has been sparks emitted from the unit. There is a popping noise when the range is on.

Hotpoint RB85260 P2WW

  • Date: 10/2/2014

Consumer reports that with the oven on, the top area (not the burners) of the electric range gets hot enough to burn hand. Anything sitting on a top burner, with the burners off also gets hot. His mother, 75, burnt her hand on just the top of the stove when the oven was on.

Hotpoint RGB530DEP2WW

  • Date: 11/29/2014

Consumer reported that his wife noticed, as she passed by stove in morning, that oven was hot. She opened its door & discovered flame in bottom of unit. Oven had not been turned on since night before. Later they were informed that problem was bad thermostat.

Hotpoint 317B6641P001

  • Date: 2/22/2015

The burner on the electric range remained on even when the burner indicator light was off. This burned a pot and triggered the smoke alarm. Consumer removed the pot and turned off the burner by turned the knob. This occurred three times.

Hotpoint RB787WH3WW

  • Date: 6/2/2015

Electric range is designed in a way where there is space between inside of the oven & the oven door. Consumer's 15 1/2 months old girl got burned when her hand went into the open space while she grabbed the oven. She was seen by a doctor for first degree burns on her hand.

Hotpoint R B525 H2WH

  • Date: 7/10/2015

The consumer stated that upon putting bacon on the large front burner [of the electric range stove], there was a burst of fire with a loud bang and the coiled burner popped and cut a whole clean through the pan. It also put a crater in the coiled burner.

Hotpoint RGB526DET1WW

  • Date: 11/20/2015

Consumer reported that oven burners in gas range will not turn off even when the oven button is turned off. The oven becomes extremely hot & begins to make a clanging noise. Stove top can not be used without the oven coming on & range must be disconnected from the outlet.

Hotpoint RGA724EK3WH

  • Date: 4/12/2016

Consumer was in kitchen when she heard poof sound. She open oven door & saw that oven came on. She reported that same thing happened twice with oven. Landlord advised her to unplug electric range. When she plugged unit in so that she could use it oven came on again.

Hotpoint JBS60DF1WW

  • Date: 6/27/2016

Consumer reported that door of electric oven gets extremely hot during use. 1 YOM touched it & was burned, he received 1st aid by non-medical professional. Consumer found that door of oven is legally allowed to reach 172°

Hotpoint RGA724EK6WH

  • Date: 9/19/2016

A 36 YOM have an oven. Recently it started by itself. He had to unplug the oven. If I plug it in, it begins working without a stop, even if the knob is at off.

Hotpoint RGB530DEH1WW

  • Date: 10/24/2016

Consumer was awoken by security personnel from his building indicating that a neighbor had complained of the smell of gas from his apartment. He noticed that one of the knobs on his oven range was on. He believes his wife must have accidentally brushed against the dial.

Hotpoint SD33X

  • Date: 2/22/2017

Consumer reported that oven glass external door exploded & shattered.

Hotpoint RB757WH4WW

  • Date: 5/1/2017

The consumer reported that the outer glass on the oven door exploded in the morning while the oven was not in use and had not been used since the previous night. There was glass all over the entire kitchen.

Hotpoint RB787WCWW

  • Date: 10/8/2017

I turned on the Electric Range/Oven & there was no heat. I tested each burner & the oven. I knew it was getting power because the lights & clock were on. I tried flipping the breaker switch on & off, but it did not change anything. Electrician found burned wires.

Hotpoint RB52BC2WH

  • Date: 9/12/2018

Submitter reported that 19 MOM was playing inside a oven & the oven/stove fell/tipped over and pinned the child causing his death.

Hotpoint RGBS400DMWW

  • Date: 9/26/2018

My oven glass door came shattering into tiny shards of glass. My two year old was just two feet away from the oven when it happened. The product is completely unsafe. [Gas range]


  • Date: 5/17/2019

The Submitter used the gas stoves in the original construction of a 15-unit apartment complex and already 4 stoves have been replaced and 2 more are ordered. The ovens turn themselves on at random intervals when the control is in the off position. This has resulted in a fire.

Hotpoint RBS160DM2WW

  • Date: 8/3/2020

While cooking over the front left element of the cooktop, an occupant (9-YOF) was electrocuted when removing a metal pan from the surface. Earlier in the week another occupant using the rear left element found the front right element to be warm to the touch when not in use.

Hotpoint RGB530DEP2WW

  • Date: 1/29/2021

The consumer stated, that the oven comes on by itself starting in the fall of 2020. It has happened a few times, when he went into the kitchen and found the oven in the on position. With the most recent incident, he went outside and turned the gas off.

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