lg ranges-ovens

Information about the problems and breakdowns of LG ranges and ovens that were reported from 2011 to 2022.

Common problems: blowing up, burning, cleaning program, explosion, fire, gas odor, glass shattering, leaking, melting, noise, overheating, self-cleaning, sharp edges, short circuit, smell, smoke, sparks, turning on/off.

Faulty modules: buttons, control board, dispenser, display, door, drawers, fan, gas igniter, gasket, glass, heating element, motor, rack, regulator, thermostat, valve.


2 safety recalls announced

LG Electronics Recalls Electric Ranges Due to Burn and Fire Hazards

  • Date: 11/8/2012

The recalled ranges involve models LRE30451, LRE30453, LRE30755, LRE30757, and LRE30955ST. They were sold in black, white and stainless steel and with a smooth black ceramic glass top cooking surface.

Recalled Products Sold by Home Depot After Recalls Were Announced

  • Date: 11/18/2015

LG Electric Ranges with original sale dates from January 2006 to June 2010. Burners on the electric ranges can fail to turn off after being switched off and the temperature setting can increase unexpectedly during use, posing burn and fire hazards to consumers.

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425 issues reported


  • Date: 5/12/2011

Consumer reports that shortly after purchase of the gas range, they noticed smell of gas. A few days later, one of the control knobs went loose and the burner could not be turned off. Consumer found the knob had a plastic part that broke and was the reason for the gas leak.


  • Date: 12/27/2011

45 YOM came home to find right front burner on electric range glowing red hot. He went to shut burner control off, but found that it wasn't turned on. He unplugged unit & everything turned off. Later burner was disconnected. Other burner controls won't turn on.


  • Date: 2/3/2012

consumer reports that the electric range became very hot during the self cleaning cycle and consumer was unable to turn the unit off. Consumer tried to use the range later and found that the control did not work properly. All four of the electronic control boards had warped.


  • Date: 2/23/2012

A 10 MOF was taken to ER for 2nd degree burns that sustained when she insert her hand in the gap between the oven drawer & the oven door. A portion of the oven interior ceramic material extends beyond the oven chamber & is extremely conductive & heats up when oven is on.

LG LRG 30357SB

  • Date: 2/26/2012

58 YOM noticed that knobs on gas range are cracked, thus ineffective in completely turning off gas to cook top. Consumer believes that type of plastic used & construction of knobs predispose it to failure.


  • Date: 3/19/2012

The consumer has a safety concern with the switches/knobs for the burners. He states that where the knobs are placed they could easily be switched on accidently. The consumer states that any slight bump or brush up against the knob could cause it to release gas.


  • Date: 4/10/2012

While cooking dinner in oven 30 YOF heard noise & noticed there was fire inside oven. She grabbed kids & ran. Her husband shut down oven & used extinguisher to extinguish flames. Wiring between warming drawer & bottom of oven caused fire & burned hole in bottom of oven.


  • Date: 4/29/2012

When consumer’s husband used self cleaning feature of electric oven for first time, oven got so hot that microwave above it turned on its own vent fan. Consumer tried to turn cycle off, but it wouldn’t. After incident, oven displayed error message & stopped working completely

LG LRG3095ST/00

  • Date: 5/4/2012

Consumer reports that the gas range stove has out of the blue started started trying to ignite itself and the only way to stop it is to unplug it from the wall. She says the mfr claims it is repaired, but yet it coontinues to happen posing a danger to the family and home.


  • Date: 6/11/2012

This gas range has defective knobs. Nylon liner inside knob splits & knob doesn't turn valve off properly. Consumer has been returning home to kitchen full of gas. Consumer stated that new knobs are equally defective & they break without warning.


  • Date: 6/15/2012

Consumer report that the 1st time the gas oven was used, the top panel of the oven door (made of plastic) began to melt, burner knobs melted, and panel behind knobs became extremely hot. The appliance technician came to inspect unit and acknowledged problem.


  • Date: 7/17/2012

A 54 YOF reports that the gas range knobs have a plastic insert which either melt or crack. The consumer states that when that happens the stove leaks gas. Her husband, 47 YOM called & received replacement knobs. However, the replacement knobs also cracked.


  • Date: 9/21/2012

47 YOM stated that while Electric Stove was on broil setting, was noticed loud noise coming from oven & large flame inside oven in addition to smoke. Consumer was able to turn off stove from front panel. He found broiler element was broke near back of stove.


  • Date: 10/23/2012

While consumer's wife has used self-clean feature in 3rd time. Area became extremely hot, cabinets were hot to touch & microwave hood's safety fan turned on, automatically. Range turned off/no power. Door was stuck in locked position. Consumer found that thermal fuse tripped


  • Date: 10/23/2012

41 YOM went to remove pan from bottom compartment of gas oven. Its lid touched top compartment glass, which immediately exploded & sent shattered glass all over kitchen floor. Consumer was injured & he didn't receive medical attention.


  • Date: 11/10/2012

while consumer set electric range to self cleaning mode, she noticed smell like burning rubber. after one hour of running in clean feature she noticed that top of the range was very hot as well as the stainless steel along top of range. she turned the unit off. fire hazard.


  • Date: 11/10/2012

Consumer reports that several times while using electric range, to cook, burner has increased settings unexpectedly and burned food.

LG LRE30757ST/01

  • Date: 11/13/2012

Within 30 minutes of setting electric range oven on self-cleaning cycle consumer smelled fumes & ran inside house. Outside of oven was so hot that it could not be touched. She turned unit off. Gasket around oven door was burned. No smoke was present.


  • Date: 11/13/2012

The burner valve on the gas range is too sensitive, when brushed up against, turns slightly and opens up the gas valve and leaks gas. no injuries.

LG LRG3095ST/00

  • Date: 11/19/2012

Consumer stated that she heard clicking in kitchen. Gas range had tried to turn itself on & there were sparks coming from all burners & grill. Stove had to be unplugged. Prior to incident 2 left knobs were replaced for spinning. Later on other 2 knobs had to be replaced.

LG LRE30453

  • Date: 11/21/2012

Consumer says this range model is not included in the recall but is having the same issues. It turns on randomly and heats up. Her 67-YO mother-in-law burned her hand while cleaning the stove because it had turned on and heated up while the indicators showed it was off.

LG LWS 3081 ST

  • Date: 11/25/2012

18 lb turkey caused wall oven rack to fall inside the oven cavity while cooking. Several attempts were made to reinstall the racks in the oven at various heights. The racks would not engage the side slots in the oven securely enough to allow anything to be placed on them.


  • Date: 12/9/2012

Electric oven overheated to 550 degrees and burnt food on several occasions. 3 boards were replaced in it because the burners wouldn't turn on. Range has been recalled.


  • Date: 12/18/2012

Consumer reports that 2 of the control panel switches of an electric range started to work intermittently. Sometimes the consumer could not turn the burners on & sometimes could not turn them off. The consumer would have to unplug the stove to get the burners off.


  • Date: 12/23/2012

Consumer had problems with electric range for several months, with either not turning on or off when buttons pressed. Several of burners stopped working all together. Consumer couldn't get temperature to go down or switch off burners & had to pull circuit breaker.


  • Date: 1/6/2013

Consumer says the electric range makes crackling noise in the control panel when the oven is not on. She says sometimes when oven is on, it wouldn't heat to the tempature set to. She says the last time the oven was set to 400 and it went way beyond that getting extremely hot.

LG LRE30755ST/02

  • Date: 1/8/2013

Owner reports that on several times the oven heated to a temperature much higher than it was set for, burning the item in the oven & creating smoke that filled the kitchen/house. The owner had the unit serviced twice for this problem & replaced the thermostat & mother board.


  • Date: 1/10/2013

A 61 YOF noticed burning odors while cooking on the gas range. She also noticed that the handles on pots & pans were browning. Once when she was using the burner, the handle twisted from being weakened from the heat from the burner. She received burns on her fingers & wrist.

LG LRE30451ST/02

  • Date: 1/16/2013

The 30-YOF consumer says flames were coming from the electric range stove top while cooking on it and they were unable to turn the front burner off. The consumer reports injury to herself.

LG LRE30755

  • Date: 1/21/2013

Self-cleaning stove burned neighboring cabinets. Unit would not turn off. Eye on stove doesn't work.


  • Date: 1/26/2013

When consumer ran self-clean of electric range 1st time, unit got so hot that thermostat malfunctioned & shut entire range off with door locked shut. Range was replaced & new unit did exactly same. Oven also makes loud continuous noise when using convection bake or roast.


  • Date: 2/5/2013

Consumer says the electric range's front right burner was hotter for the medium-low setting. On pressing the button to turn it off, it continued to glow and heat uncontrollably, but was off on the display. He switched the breaker off. It came back on when the breaker was on.


  • Date: 2/5/2013

The consumer stated that 20-25 minutes after using the oven of the electric range at 425 degrees they heard a loud pop and noticed that the inside glass on the oven had shattered like a windshield. Most of it was intact, but some pieces fell inside the oven.


  • Date: 2/7/2013

56 YOF reported that front lip of ceramic top electric range gets extremely hot when oven is in use & she was burned numerous times because of it, no 1st aid received. Manufacturer told her that this is "normal" & it happen because oven vents are right below ceramic top.


  • Date: 2/13/2013

Consumer reports that their electric range sometimes overheats regardless of setting and some burners do not respond to their corresponding controls. Consumer also stated that the oven does not respond to controls, clocks cannot be set and controls freeze routinely.


  • Date: 2/21/2013

Consumer reports that the left front burner of an electric range would not turn off. The consumer had to go out and cut the power to the unit.

LG LRE30757ST/01

  • Date: 2/25/2013

A 58 YOM reports that while he was cooking on stove top with heat on low burner went onto high & he could not lower or turn off burner, needed to turn off breaker.


  • Date: 3/4/2013

A 65 YOM reports electric range turns on & off automatically & was recalled. The electric panels were replaced twice & other repairs performed but the problem persists. Range was supposed to be replaced but the manufacturer has declined to do so.


  • Date: 3/6/2013

Approximately 30 minutes after electric oven was set to self-clean cycle, consumer heard loud pop. Consumer found that inside glass window of oven had shattered. There was no injury or damage other than to oven itself. Oven was turned off.


  • Date: 3/15/2013

The consumer heated up olive oil, onions and garlic for a bean soup on the electric range stove top, then turned the burner off. However, the burner did not turn off, and the pan caught fire. The consumer was able to put it out, but the fire scorched the back of the stove.


  • Date: 3/20/2013

Consumer has an electric range and when she came home from work the glass door of the oven had shattered in little pieces all over the kitchen. No one was at home when this happened. She feels this is a major safety issue.


  • Date: 4/16/2013

Consumer's wife turned the front left burner on but the left rear burner came on also. She felt the heat because the temperature had just continued to rise. She tried to turn the rear burner off but it would not go out until she also turned the front burner off.

LG LRE307555ST

  • Date: 4/24/2013

Consumer's electric range caught fire and burned a hole all the way through the metal.


  • Date: 5/29/2013

Consumer reports that the buttons on the electric range have again stopped working. The first time it happened, the burners would not turn on. It auto corrected days later. Weeks later, the buttons would not start the oven. The repairman replaced the entire electrical panel.


  • Date: 6/26/2013

Consumer reports that during the self-cleaning cycle, the top of the electric range oven gets extremely hot unexpectedly. She reached over to turn on the oven light and the black stovetop burned her forearm. The next time, her 93-YO father burned his fingers from the stove.

LG LRE30451

  • Date: 7/22/2013

Range will not work. Burner over heats or it will not work unless circuit is turned off then on again.


  • Date: 8/1/2013

While using right front cook top burner of electric range, temperature soared to maximum and burner would not shut off.


  • Date: 8/12/2013

Occassionally the front left burner of 79 YOM's electric range does not shut off when the indicator on the display shows off. There is also "clicking" noise in display portion of stove when all burners are off.


  • Date: 8/19/2013

A 60 YOF noticed electric range emit smoke odor, sparks & flames from the back of unit where the power cable came out of it during use. Fire had started in the connector block & had melted part of it. The unit had been recalled but owner had not been contacted about it.


  • Date: 8/27/2013

The consumer stated that the electric range was being used in "proof" mode (target temp 95F) and the oven temperature increased rapidly ( in less than 30 mins) to well over 650F (measured with IR thermometer), starting a small fire.

LG LRG3095ST/00

  • Date: 8/29/2013

49 YOM reported that inserts that connect knob of gas range to valve shaft crack. He stated that valves are sensitive & slight brush-up against one of knobs would result into gas leak. He stated that they had two incidents with gas leaks.


  • Date: 9/18/2013

A 54 YOF brushed up against the stove & engaged the knobs. She went outside & when she came back in, she could smell the gas. On second incident, she leaned against the stove to get something & her body turned on the knob. The burner ignited & singed the hair on her arm.


  • Date: 10/12/2013

Consumer had reported about electric range. Consumer stated that all heating elements go on high setting except for warming zone which only goes on low. Consumer can not adjust any of the heating elements. Consumer never received any recall notification from manufacturer.


  • Date: 10/16/2013

48 YOM reported that one of burners on his electric stove gets extremely hot & wouldn't shut off even when unplugged. Burner gets very hot despite setting they put on stove (Hi or low). Room gets hot from burner's heat prompting automatic fan from other appliances to turn on.

LG LRE30757ST / 00

  • Date: 10/21/2013

43 YOM reports that the outer glass of the oven door shattered, sending glass pieces flying across the room. No one was in the kitchen when tthis happened. The oven was turned off, and all of the cooktop burners were off as well.

LG LRE30453ST01

  • Date: 10/25/2013

The consumer reports that the inner glass in the electric range oven door shattered while in use.


  • Date: 10/25/2013

Consumer stated that the left front burner of the electric range will not turn off and will turn itself to full hot spontaneously. Grease was left heating on low for a few minutes when the element turned itself to full power but showing low and couldn't be turned off.

LG LRE30453ST/01

  • Date: 10/28/2013

60 yof was cooking on electric glass top oven/range. When finished she pushed the off button for front left double element burner but it would not turn off, went to high & stayed there. Consumer has to turn off breaker in basement power panel to turn off element burner.


  • Date: 11/7/2013

Consumer finished cooking on electric range, pushed button to turn front left burner off but it would not turn off. Later the same happened with back right burner. Technician placed new relay board, but when she placed pots on burner there was no indication that they were on.


  • Date: 11/26/2013

Consumer was cooking in oven of her electric range & when she removed dish from oven she saw that there was screw lying on top of their food. She reported that glass on front of oven door has become loose & it could came out & shatter.

LG LRE30755ST/01

  • Date: 12/4/2013

Consumer looked into kitchen & saw that back burners were on. She tried to turn them off, but nothing happened. She had to unplug stove. She pluggedit back in next morning & back burners came back on, red hot. She had to unplug it again to get them off.


  • Date: 12/10/2013

The consumer stated that the electric range burner will not turn off. The consumer stated that sometimes the push buttons work and sometimes they will not turn on the burners or sometimes will not turn off the burners. One time the oven would not turn off.


  • Date: 12/12/2013

The consumer stated that he is having problem similar to a current recall with his electric range. He stated that no matter what temperature he sets the oven to, the oven keeps heating to well over 600 degs, burning everything and creating a fire hazard due to extreme heat.


  • Date: 12/17/2013

A 56 YOM reports that while baking on a range, the lower oven glass failed/cracked. It was tempered glass so it shattered into small pieces. The lower oven was not used much.

LG LRE30451ST/02

  • Date: 12/27/2013

Consumer was cooking soup & went to turn off burner on electric stove top. Consumer stated that left right burner was stuck on. Consumer had to turn off breaker. When consumer tried to turn it back on, hoping burner was off, burner was still on high, & wouldn't turn off.


  • Date: 12/30/2013

Consumer's wife was preheating the oven, when all of a sudden she heard a loud pop. She went into the kitchen and saw the interior glass of the oven had shattered and the oven was only at 340 degrees.


  • Date: 1/2/2014

Consumer says the sleeve to turn the gas on and off on his gas range are made of plastic. Due to heat of the oven/range, plastic sleeves crack which causes the knob to spin around the control stem and you cannot tell whether the gas is on or off. They woke up to smell of gas.


  • Date: 1/3/2014

The consumer stated that her electric range oven continues to increase in temperature even after it has reached the temperature specified indicated on the range. It reached such a high temperature that it caused a glass casserole dish to explode.

LG LRE3083ST/01

  • Date: 1/24/2014

Consumer's wife burned right hand while trying to get something out of warming drawer underneath oven of electric range. She applied first aid. Oven was on at time of incident. Consumer stated that people can mistaken warming drawer for regular drawer.

LG LRE30757

  • Date: 2/4/2014

The consumer stated that she had a pot on the burner on a low setting. The pot started to bubble over. The consumer removed the pot from the front left burner. She tried to lower the heat, but nothing happened. She tried to turn the burner off. It would not turn off.

LG LRE30453

  • Date: 2/11/2014

A 36-YOF stated that the electric range oven overheated, exploded a glass dish, and caught on fire. The consumer reports injury to herself. She says the mfr told this was a recalled problem, but almost 10 weeks later technicians visiting home say it is not covered by recall.


  • Date: 2/14/2014

This product has almost cause 3 fires. Burner melted section of extractor hood & oven raging at over 750 degrees has almost combusted the surrounding wood cabinets! The control boards & several burners have been replaced in this unit several times.


  • Date: 2/25/2014

38 YOF reports that the knobs on the gas range became loose and cracked. This makes turning on the range unsafe. The range releases gas but does not ignite it. Consumer considers the range to be unsafe.

LG LRE30453ST /01

  • Date: 3/19/2014

The consumer stated that his electric range cooktop will not consistently turn off. Though not part of the recall, the mfr performed the recall update, but still about once a week, he needs to run downstairs and shut the circuit breaker off in order to turn off the burner.


  • Date: 3/19/2014

Flame control knobs on 29 YOM's gas range fail, resulting in gas leaking even when knobs are in off position. Replacement parts for same mode also fail. There is internal plastic component in knobs which fractures & prevents knobs from engaging flame control mechanism.

LG LG30453SB

  • Date: 3/22/2014

Control panel was replaced. Last week I decided to use the self cleaning feature. Since then the oven thermostat sometimes works and at other times, the oven temperature heats up well above the selected temperature. Hotter than I would ever set it and the door is unlocked.

LG MFL33029601GB

  • Date: 4/4/2014

Consumer stated that Gas Range burner control knobs fail due to faulty design and impair user's ability to turn burners off. On consumer's range all five knobs failed within six months of ownership.


  • Date: 4/8/2014

The consumer reports that the control knobs on the front of his double oven gas range can be easily operated by a young child resulting in potential gas release, fire, if something is on top of the range, or burns to the child.


  • Date: 4/15/2014

Consumer reported that plastic knobs of gas cooktop failed within one year. Consumer purchased new knobs. As a precaution consumer started turning off the gas under cabinet. Consumer stated that the knobs have failed again.

LG LRG30355 ST

  • Date: 4/16/2014

Consumer purchased a gas range/oven & had problems with the burner control knobs cracking & breaking from normal use. Knobs are made from cheap plastic. They are loose and spin freely. Consumer stated that is difficult to tell if gas is turned off. Fire hazard.


  • Date: 4/20/2014

The consumer stated that the [electric range] oven would not go over 100 degrees, so pulled the oven away from the wall and saw sparking in the back where the wiring comes out of the oven. The wires were melted.


  • Date: 4/29/2014

Consumer stated that after the gas stove was hooked up, he turned it on. The flames on the burners on the left side of stove were out of control. Consumer noticed that he could turn the burners all the way down & it seem to gain control. Twice the flame goes out by itself.

LG LR30453ST/01

  • Date: 5/1/2014

17 YOM noticed smoke coming from the pot shortly after turning stove on. The bottom of the pot had caught on fire. He evacuated with his 9 YO sister. FD came, but the fire self-extinguished. The fire damaged the cabinets and microwave in the kitchen. Damage 8K. Stove recalled


  • Date: 5/6/2014

Largest element on electic range stayed on & appeared to be glowing red on high. 52 YOM turned cricuit breaker off for few minutes & upon powerin it back on, element once again glowed red. Next morning he changed temperature 7 was able to turn burner off.

LG LDG3046ST/00

  • Date: 5/9/2014

The consumer used the self-cleaning feature on the gas range top oven for the first time. In the morning the control panel plastic face had melted and the control panel buttons were un-responsive. The control panel was flashing an error code indicating the keypad was shorted.


  • Date: 5/19/2014

Gas range knobs have broken; owner switched them around to be able to use the most used burner but they all broke. Recently owner thought that the burner had been turned off but it remained on at a very low setting.Manufacturer is replacing knobs for other models but this one


  • Date: 5/22/2014

Consumer pressed start button, but oven wouldn't respond. He had to use pressure for button to react. This happened after 1st time that he used self-cleaning option. He believes electric range control panel was affected by heat, causing oven buttons to malfunction.

LG LR30755ST

  • Date: 6/3/2014

While cooking the left front burner on consumer's electric range was set to "Low" after boiling, and it would not turn off or lower the heat. Consumer unplugged the range for safety.

LG LRE30451sw

  • Date: 6/11/2014

Consumer reports that burners on the electric stove will sometimes not turn off or other times heat to a higher temp when the temp is not raised. The manufacturer sent a tech twice to fix the problem. However, on one incident, the burners which were not in use were warm.


  • Date: 6/27/2014

Consumer reported that the door glass exploded while the convection oven of the gas range was cooling after it was used to cook dinner. Consumer stated that there are three panes of glass in the door and the two inner panes exploded.


  • Date: 7/28/2014

Electric range burner overheated, but then shut off. Burners randomly will not turn on. Consumer found out that there was a recall, and is concerned that the retailer sold the range after the recall date.

LG LRE304538T/01

  • Date: 8/3/2014

The consumer stated that for the last 3 years she has had multiple problem with her electric range with shutting it down and now even starting it up. The buttons don't always work. The consumer is concerned that one day her house will burn down because of it.


  • Date: 8/4/2014

44 YOM reports that the knobs on the gas range are cracked and don't allow for gas valve to shut off completely. This allowed the kitchen to fill with gas. Consumer felt sick.


  • Date: 8/6/2014

A 64-YOM burned his hand on the underneath of the electric range oven door when he opened the sliding drawer underneath and stuck his hand inside to get a pan. The consumer stated that it is extremely hot to touch on the outside of the oven door when the oven is in use.


  • Date: 8/18/2014

Consumer reported that oven/range wouldn't turn off. Consumer had to turn off circuit breaker to turn oven off. This model is on recall list for top burners not turning off Consumer stated that both problems are in control panel & are heat related.

LG LRE30755

  • Date: 8/21/2014

The consumer stated that her stove burners have been acting funny lately, sometimes not turning off at all. She stated that while researching online, she came across the recall, but was never contacted about it in writing or otherwise. She is concerned she has a fire hazard.

LG LRE30453SW/01

  • Date: 9/2/2014

Consumer has electric range & its front right burner doesn't shut off. Consumer was cooking & tried to turn right front burner down, it didn’t respond. It just kept on heating & got hotter. Consumer had to shut off circuit breaker to get it to shut down.

LG LRG30915W

  • Date: 9/23/2014

A 65-YOF stated that she was preheating the oven of her gas range to 350 deg while standing next to it. Suddenly she heard a crackling noise and the oven glass completely shattered. She sustained a cut on her right foot and a piece of glass stuck in her left foot. Went to ER.


  • Date: 9/28/2014

Had problems with preheat, timing, & non working functions. Front left burner of range was on 1 to slowly cook. When consumer re-entered house, it was filled with smoke & burner was on high. Consumer & her husband unplugged oven. Same thing happened when it was re-plugged.


  • Date: 10/2/2014

Consumer reports that the display of the electric range went out and the control board had to be replaced. This issue occurred again twice. He states that some of the burners started failing or immediately heated up to high temperatures. The unit was under recall.


  • Date: 10/5/2014

The front right burner on electric range oven set itself very high even though it was set to very low and the display showed low (level 02). It could not be turned off in any way, and it charred the food.


  • Date: 10/5/2014

Electric range oven doesn't stop heating when it reaches set temperature. Oven got up to 500 degrees F, and was still heating. 50 YOF assumed thermostat broke. She discovered that there is recall for cook top.

LG LRE30453ST /01

  • Date: 10/6/2014

A 50 YOM set the oven to low heat. Later, we were alerted by pungent smell of charred food. Noticed that heating element set itself at the fullest burning food. When he attempted to turn off the burner, the indicator would display that it was off, but it continued to get hot.


  • Date: 10/27/2014

A 50 YOM was injured during 3 months old range use. He states that while using the oven the stove top gets too hot to touch. It gets to 200 degrees plus. Upon contact manufacturer said this was expected behavior & would not send a technician to investigate.


  • Date: 10/28/2014

Consumer stated that while cooking red sauce left the pot on the electric range stove on 2 for several hours. At some point, the burner turned to very high, causing the sauce to explode all over the kitchen causing damage. The burner could be turned off only from the breaker.

LG LRE30453ST02

  • Date: 10/31/2014

Consumer stated that a code of F1 appeared on the electric range control panel. The consumer pressed clear to reset. The F1 code went away but the consumer was still unable to use the burners or the oven. The oven would lock and go into the self-cleaning mode by itself.

LG LRE30453st/01

  • Date: 11/3/2014

Burner turned itself from 1.2 to high heat. Broth was exploding from pan. 30 YOF had to move pot with boiling broth splattering. She received minor burns & did not receive first aid. She couldn't turn electric range off & had to pull it out from wall. This was 2nd incident.

LG LRE30453SB/01

  • Date: 11/4/2014

On two occasions, oven of Electric Range became extremely hot. Oven was set to 170F both times & after about 15-20 minutes consumer noticed that oven was overheating. She stated that oven did shut off from control panel. She had slight burn on back of right hand.


  • Date: 11/6/2014

Consumer's daughter turned on electric range oven & thermostat/heating element did not shut off after preheating. This resulted in paint burning off part of oven where vent is located.


  • Date: 11/15/2014

Consumer reports that the burner on the range fails to turn off.


  • Date: 11/16/2014

Consumer stated that electric range at times wouldn't turn off & stove top would remain on at maximum heat. All controls on panel would be disabled. Consumer had to unplug its power to shut it off. Recently range decided to go into self-clean mode & locked out entire panel.


  • Date: 11/17/2014

Consumer reported about electric range that was involved in a recall. The faulty part was replaced & 2 years later the range is malfunctioning in the exact same way it did 2 years ago. Several control buttons on the panel, including 'start' button for oven are unresponsive.

LG LRE3083ST/01

  • Date: 11/19/2014

The consumer stated that her daughter was baking a homemade pizza at 500 degrees when the inside glass on the oven door of their new electric range exploded.


  • Date: 11/19/2014

A 50 YOF was cooking on her range. She was unaware of the recall on this range. As she began to rotate the meat in the pan, she felt an increase in heat, heard a loud pop & crashing of shattered glass. The center of the glass top had exploded. She sustained a cut on her hand.


  • Date: 11/19/2014

Consumer stated that his wife noticed that walls of lower oven of electric range were expanding & oven racks were too small. He placed pan, which contained a 5lb barbell on rack and rack with pan fell down.

LG LRE30757

  • Date: 11/20/2014

Caller stated that he is experiencing similar problems of recall with his electric range. Hazard: Burners on the ranges can fail to turn off after being switched off & the temperature setting can increase unexpectedly during use, posing burn & fire hazards to consumers.


  • Date: 11/24/2014

The consumer stated that when he used the self-cleaning cycle on his electric oven, the glass on the inside of the door shattered.


  • Date: 11/24/2014

The consumer stated that he used the self-cleaning mode on the electric oven and the glass on the inside of the door shattered.

LG 223C4400P004

  • Date: 11/29/2014

51 YOF reported problems with knobs on Gas Range. She stated that they are made of plastic inside & continue to break, with stove not being properly turned off. Recently she walked into kitchen with strong smell of gas.

LG LRE30453ST /02

  • Date: 11/29/2014

40 YOM reports that the front right burner on the electric range started turning on sporadically on high when the rear right burner was turned on. The control panel has cracks that allowed moisture to seep in, causing the problem. The burner stopped working a few weeks later.


  • Date: 12/15/2014

Consumer stated that there is so much heat escaping from gas range that it has started to melt control knobs that control burners. Range had been in use for a year.


  • Date: 12/16/2014

The consumer stated that for no reason at all, the glass oven door on her gas range exploded and shattered to pieces. The pieces reached across the kitchen floor. The stove and oven were not in use and she wasn't in the kitchen.


  • Date: 12/17/2014

40 YOM reports that the electric range's large burner turns itself on to high and does not turn off. He has to unplug the stove. The temperature of the burner will also change from high to low by itself. Consumer considers the range unsafe.


  • Date: 12/26/2014

Electric range is included in recall. Consumer is experiencing hazard with her oven. Regardless of setting or temperature, when oven is turned on, it reaches over 500F. She had this issue since her 1 year warranty expired. it has gotten progressively worse over time.


  • Date: 12/27/2014

A 53yof reported her double oven range when turned on self cleaning feature, the lower oven (larger, convection) made a loud POP which was heard & inner glass of the oven door was completely shattered. She turned off & shattered glass fell down & door was still locked.


  • Date: 12/31/2014

The consumer reports that the bottom of the knobs on this double oven gas range are melting from the heat of the top oven.


  • Date: 2/14/2015

62 YOF was cooking on stovetop & pot bumped glass range door. It shattered & fell to ground in many different pieces.


  • Date: 2/16/2015

Oven was turned on using 'bake' button & set to 350 F when lights in house dimmed & there was flash of light, electrical arc, & buzzing noise. This continued until oven was turned off. Circuit breaker didn't trip & consumer turned it off. Flames & smoke were in oven.


  • Date: 3/2/2015

Consumer had the technician come out 4 different times for an Electric Range. They informed him to cut the circuit & restart the oven. The oven would lock itself up. The consumer also had issues with the burners heating to different levels than selected.

LG LRE30453SB/01

  • Date: 3/7/2015

61 YOF opened door of electric stove. Suddenly there was loud pop & glass from door shattered, spreading in wide area around room & on her feet. Stove was not in use & had not been used for at least 2 days.


  • Date: 5/8/2015

The consumer stated that while electric range was in regular use, the top burner got extremely hot and wouldn't turn off. Had to use the circuit breaker to turn off. When the circuit breaker was turned back on, the burner came back on. The consumer is not using the range now.


  • Date: 5/28/2015

Electric range left burner when shut off did not turn off but stayed on highest possible heat output. 58yom consumer unplugged it & let it cool down. He plugged it back & burner immediately came back on. He is concerned to leave range plugged in for safety issues. No Injury.


  • Date: 6/2/2015

The electric range started fire because the burner remained extremely hot after turning it off. While cleaning the oven it got so hot, it melted the interior edge of the cabinet door & drawer. A fire started inside refrigerator because of faulty interior lights.

LG LGE3023ST/00

  • Date: 6/19/2015

The consumer stated that the front-right burner on their electric cooking range has been switching on by itself at full glow. Sometimes it happens when the one behind it switched on but sometimes they don't know what triggers it.

LG LRG3091ST/00

  • Date: 6/30/2015

Consumer reported that outer glass door of gas oven shattered. Oven had not been used in two days prior incident. Consumer heard loud crash. Her husband fell & hit prosthetic knee while trying to get to kitchen when it happened.


  • Date: 7/16/2015

A 62 YOF ran the easy clean cycle of an electric range. After about an hour of running the cycle, the lights in her home dimmed & she heard a loud pop noise from the oven. The oven became hot enough that it began melting the glue holding the adjacent laminate counter tops.

LG LRE3023st

  • Date: 7/19/2015

59yof reported that Electric range's glass oven door shattered while in self clean mode.


  • Date: 7/28/2015

The consumer stated that the brand new electric range oven was on bake at 425 after preheating for approx 20 minutes when he heard boom and the interior tempered glass of the oven door exploded. Glass was on the kitchen floor and all over the inside of the oven.

LG LDG3036ST/01

  • Date: 8/10/2015

The consumer stated that while baking bread at 450 degrees in the lower gas oven of the double oven stove with about 5 minutes left, she heard a loud pop and found the safety glass in between the other glass panels in the lower oven door had shattered and fallen to the floor.

LG LRE30453

  • Date: 8/20/2015

Consumer set electric range temperature to 350. After about 30 minutes, temperature went up to 525. He believes this to be fire hazard.


  • Date: 9/8/2015

The consumer, 58, stated that the lower oven rack in the double oven electric range fell while baking a turkey breast because the oven cavity had expanded and unable to consistently secure the rack when any amount of weight is placed on the rack. He reported injury to self.

LG LRE30453SB01

  • Date: 9/9/2015

The consumer stated that after preparing breakfast, the front right burner on their electric range would not turn off. The stove had to be unplugged.


  • Date: 9/9/2015

Consumer reported that she self-cleaned oven of electric range per instructions in manual. After cleaning was done, she wiped inside of oven to remove salt deposits & she noticed holes in bottom of oven. She also noticed silver wires on right side of it.


  • Date: 9/14/2015

A 59 YOF reports that oven racks are too small. Measures 24.5 " in oven & racks are 24". Bottom racks fall down with any food that is in there causing a severe burning hazard. They just drop off and cannot be pulled out. Have lost food & got small burned a couple of times.


  • Date: 9/28/2015

Double wall oven (top only) stopped working (during a preheat cycle). After the connectors / thermostat failed, the live wires were free in the back & grounded themselves at least once on the back sheet metal burning a hole through & leaving scorch marks on the cabinet.


  • Date: 9/29/2015

The consumer's wife used the front left burner for about 30 minutes before turning it off. The "off" button failed to shut off the burner. The consumer plugged off and plugged in the range, automatically turning on the burner. No injuries occurred.


  • Date: 10/12/2015

Consumer's oven outer glass panel shattered. The oven was previously cooled. The prior heating consisted of a temperature of 425 F for 30 minutes. Oven was not used for previous 4 days.


  • Date: 10/29/2015

59 YOM's electric range oven door glass exploded.

LG LRE30453ST/01

  • Date: 11/3/2015

Electric range's front left burner fails to turn off. Consumer does not have this issue with any of the other burners. The front left burner would fail to shut off after being used for short periods of time. He believes his range poses a fire hazard.


  • Date: 11/27/2015

The consumer stated that while heating potatoes on low heat on the large front burner of her electric range she noticed the food was burning. She immediately touched the Off button. Nothing happened. The burner was on high heat, even though the display showed it was off.


  • Date: 12/1/2015

79 YOM reported that while cooking in oven his wife opened oven door to check food. Immediately after this, he put something to cook on stove burner & he went to turn knob located above door. Knobs got very hot to touch & he burnt fingers of right hand, no 1st aid received.


  • Date: 12/3/2015

Consumer reported that plastic part of knob that is inserted in gas range started breaking & when eventually all of knobs broke, she received replacement. Now all of knobs are broken again. She stated that there is design flaw & unit is unsafe.


  • Date: 12/10/2015

Caller stated that the range/oven she has cannot be turned off when using it, she has had to use the circuit breaker to switch the power off. She stated that she received the recall remedy for the burners but now the oven is displaying similar problems of the cooktop.


  • Date: 12/14/2015

The consumer stated that broken plastic on the inside of the gas range burner knobs are causing a issue about knowing when the gas burners are off.


  • Date: 12/30/2015

46 YOM's Gas range's burner knobs are positioned such that they are easily turned on when reaching above the range into the microwave, or into the cabinets above the microwave. Sometime the burner goes on & some times doesn't light & gas goes on without a flame.


  • Date: 1/3/2016

The consumer stated that while the [electric range] oven was preheating, a huge spark came out of the oven with a buzzing noise and then you could see a fire in the oven coming through a hole in the bottom.


  • Date: 1/7/2016

Consumer was using rear-left burner on electric range when front-right dual burner spontaneously came on. His wife noticed that burners would heat to different settings than selected & not turning off on time & issue has progressed to all burners.


  • Date: 1/11/2016

Initially the flame on the right front burner on the gas range was ridiculously low - 1/2 inch or less. Now after 6 technician visits, the flame leaps up approx 15 inches on ignition posing a serious burn hazard. The consumer is told that it is properly working as designed.


  • Date: 1/28/2016

Consumer heard loud noise. Consumer went to kitchen and noticed [gas range] oven's outer glass had cracked. Outer glass was completely cracked, & about 10% of it fell on floor.


  • Date: 2/3/2016

Consumer reports about a gas range. There is a design flaw on the control knobs in which the knobs turn on too easily, even with a slight touch when accidentally leaning or brushing up against the knob. This has created multiple accidental gas leaks. Safety & fire/explosion.

LG LRE30453

  • Date: 2/10/2016

93 YOF cooked dinner & left pot on the range & turned off all burners. Later she smelled burning food & saw smoke coming from the pot with left overs. She tried to turn it off but it did not turn off after pressing the off button. She disconnected the range from the outlet.

LG LDG3036ST/01

  • Date: 2/11/2016

Consumer stated that knobs are made of plastic & heat from oven is causing them to melt. He is worried that knobs would start failing & he would think knobs are in "Off" position but they still be "On" allowing gas to leak.


  • Date: 2/16/2016

The consumer stated that the knobs on their gas range melt and crack. She stated that the knobs began melting/cracking within a year after the range was purchased new 6 years ago. The knobs have been replaced 3-4 times now and when they break they have caused gas leaks.


  • Date: 3/3/2016

54 YOF consumer's electric range malfunctioned. The range has required replacement of the circuit boards and heating elements on five occasions. Recently, the oven would not shut down because the control panel melted. Consumer turned it off at circuit breaker.


  • Date: 3/11/2016

The consumer stated that from day one, if the knobs on the gas range are brushed against, the gas comes on. They don't have to be pushed in. There is no clicking sound, so the gas doesn't ignite, but escapes in the room. The only way to know is from the odor of the gas.


  • Date: 3/21/2016

56 YOM consumer's cooktop has large, easily turn-able knobs. Consumer's wife states that bumps occurred in past. Consumer has put a dishtowel on one of the burners, along with a pot. It caught on fire, and consumer was able to douse it in the sink.


  • Date: 4/10/2016

Stove knobs have no safety function that prevents accidentally turning on. I have turned on this stove many times by bumping the knobs. This caused the gas to be turned on without knowing. It has also started a fire when I turned on the stove accidentally & towel caught fire.


  • Date: 4/12/2016

Consumer stated that electric range was being used & burner could not be turned off. Control buttons didn't work. Burner remained on high. Only way to turn off burner was to cut electricity to range. Consumer reported that 42 YOF was involved in incident.


  • Date: 4/13/2016

Consumer used self-cleaning on oven - door melted. Replaced with same model range. She stated that this one had to be set lower than normal for cooking & baking. She used self-cleaning; floor of oven became so hot, it is bubbled & enamel is burned & chipped. Scorched knobs.


  • Date: 4/26/2016

Range knobs slant downward & range sticks out. This makes it easy to accidentally turn a knob on without realizing it. This happened to us several times & last time we had no idea how long gas had flowed from burner & very strong odor was the only thing that alerted us.


  • Date: 4/22/2016

Consumer reported problem with gas range knobs. She stated that 3rd sets of knobs is broken again which causes gas to escape.


  • Date: 5/2/2016

While using electric cooktop, temperature started to fluctuate. When burner was turned off, it was on & wouldn't turn off. Later while using oven, temperature rose & food started to burn. We tried to turn it off but it wouldn't turn off. We had to turn it off at the breaker.


  • Date: 5/7/2016

The consumer stated that 3 year ago the stove top burners on the electric range started getting "stuck on" and were replaced because of a recall. Now twice the oven has gotten extremely hot. When set to 350, it got to 500 degrees and burned the food.


  • Date: 5/16/2016

Consumer indicates that oven range has really large knobs that when bumped into, turn unit on unbeknownst to consumer. Technician changed part that hooks to knobs, but this didn't fix problem. She believes changing part for same one would not fix problem.


  • Date: 5/18/2016

41 YOM consumer was cooking in a pot using the front right burner, kept getting hotter and hotter and when we went to shut off burner [of electric range], it would not respond. Had to turn off breaker. Tried to turn back on and the some of the display burnt out.


  • Date: 5/24/2016

Cooking pea soup, left front burner was set to 1.8. after an hour soup started boiling. Found burner glowing red like on high setting. Hit the stop button to shut burner off and it stayed on. Had to turn off breaker in panel that feeds the range.


  • Date: 5/24/2016

64 YOF experienced burning eyes, sore throat, coughing, headaches, & fatigue. She tried to turn on boiler burner on gas range, but middle burner came on, & she couldn't turn it off. Gas company diagnosed gas leak. Knobs had cracked plastic parts. She received first aid.


  • Date: 6/4/2016

The consumer stated that the knobs on their gas stove have plastic insides causing the plastic to crack after a while causing the knobs to not turn off the burner fully. It was stated that they were on a 3rd set of knobs due to the inside plastic cracking and falling apart.


  • Date: 6/9/2016

When gas range oven is set for 350 degrees, it reaches temperatures of up to 475 degrees, and control panel does not register that it is that hot. It has caused consumer to burn food.


  • Date: 6/10/2016

The controls for the stove can be easily bumped & turn on the gas without the igniter turning on. The gas comes on before the igniter does. After the first time, we had already purchased a gas leak detector as suggested. Now it has had two more times, this is unsafe.


  • Date: 6/20/2016

62 YOF reached across to kiss consumer when they both heard gas range ignite, & front right burner turned on high. It turned on when 62 YOF's sleeve brushed across knob. Valve was a replacement valve for a previously reported faulty one.


  • Date: 6/22/2016

Front right burner of electric stove was turned on & it went to higher temperatures than normal. Consumer turned burner off to cool it down, but it was still red & hot, like it had turned itself up. Consumer had to flip off circuit breaker to cut power to stove.


  • Date: 7/4/2016

The consumer stated that the front right burner on the electric range stovetop wouldn't turn off. They had to turn the breaker off, but upon resetting the breaker, the burner comes back on.


  • Date: 7/8/2016

Gas range's knobs can be turned on with minimal pressure, just by passing by & brushing. Consumer's wife turned front burner, while trying to reach a pan. Consumer smelled food burning & saw burner had ignited under a frying pan on back, while dog was trying to reach the pan.


  • Date: 8/5/2016

Burner plate would not turn off even when the unit is turned off. Had to pull the plug out from the wall behind the cooking range to shut it. Range is now unusable and a major safety hazard.


  • Date: 8/21/2016

The consumer stated that she had just finished cooking dinner and shut the stove top burners off, but the front left burner continued to be on and would not turn off. She had to turn the stove off via the fuse box. When the fuse box was turned on, the burner came on again.


  • Date: 8/22/2016

The consumer stated that the bottom glass door on their gas range oven exploded during no use. The consumer stated that they contacted the mfr on web chat and were told that no warranty covers glass shattering.

LG LRE30453ST /01

  • Date: 9/1/2016

58 YOF consumer's electric range failed to turn off after being switched off. Consumer was cooking food and turned off the range. Later, she smelled food and found that the burner was on. The coil was bright orange. Consumer used potholders to pull the range to unplug it.


  • Date: 9/22/2016

68 YOF placed iron pot with beef stew onto dual oven range oven rack, & rack slipped off of support on side of oven & fell to bottom of oven when she tried each sliding rack on each support in each oven.


  • Date: 9/27/2016

I turned on the self-cleaning on our oven. After under an hour we heard a very loud bang from the oven. In hearing this, we pulled the plug. Once it cooled down, we realized that inner glass of the oven door had completely shattered. No one was hurt in the incident.


  • Date: 10/31/2016

Consumer reports that the range is dangerous. The trim piece on the front that connects the cook top to the oven part gets extremely hot. I utilized an infrared heat thermometer to check the temperature when the oven had been on for 1 hr. Readings from 198.3- 200.3 degrees.


  • Date: 11/1/2016

Gas range's controls are positioned & operate such that if you lean against the stove or accidentally bump them, the gas burners light, or if they go past the ignite position, unburned gas is released. Numerous other consumers have also reported the same problem.


  • Date: 11/7/2016

52 YOF consumer's electric range has knobs that are easily turned on just by leaning on them. Consumer took out baking dish & someone leaned on knob. Unbeknownst to consumer, burner was hot. Once dish was moved, it shattered, ruining food. She sustained minor cuts on feet.


  • Date: 11/11/2016

My wife and I purchased a Electric Range. We were preheating the oven to bake a pizza. When we opened the door there was a large flash & a lot of smoke. We shut off power to the range & when it cooled we noticed that there was a hole inside at the bottom of the range.


  • Date: 11/15/2016

Consumer used range for first time, noticed how hot is unit. It was so hot, even dials could not be touched. Consumer worried that it would burn cabinets. Consumer turned it off. Consumer repeated this & same thing happened. Technician told that gauge was off by 100 degrees.


  • Date: 11/21/2016

The consumer stated that knobs on the gas range are too easily turned from the off position with incidental contact, causing gas to start leaking, potentially causing gas build up and explosion or fire. This has happened repeatedly by merely standing close to the range.


  • Date: 11/22/2016

Consumers had multiple incidents with gas range when slightest push from leaning forward would move knobs to allow gas or to ignite burners. 42 YOM was working in kitchen, grouting back splash tile & leaned against range, it ignited, causing him to get burned, no 1st aid.

LG LDE301758

  • Date: 12/2/2016

The consumer stated that she has had the appliance repairman come on numerous occasions for her electric double oven, at least twice for the same problem and was scheduled for the third time - glass in the oven door exploding and shattering into shards of glass.


  • Date: 12/7/2016

32 YOF consumer returned to her house to find pile of ashes on stovetop & smoky house. She states that range is a fire hazard. Knobs are sensitive to even brush. One of them turned on without notice & resulted in ashes of tea canister, destroyed stovetop & burned countertop.


  • Date: 12/8/2016

60 YOF consumer's oven temperature does not regulate itself. Once the oven reaches the preheat temperature, it continues to stay on and exceed temperature indicated on front panel. It would then continue to heat up. A repair technician shut it off.


  • Date: 12/8/2016

Plastic knobs of gas range crack & come apart. It happened three times in seven years. Manufacturer has replaced knobs with other plastic knobs which also cracked & broke. Plastic knobs being affected by heat & once they break off only thing left is metal.


  • Date: 12/19/2016

The consumer stated that the knobs on the brand new gas range turn with casual contact when someone is using the microwave directly above the range. Several times he's found his kitchen smelling of gas. Latest, something actually lit on fire, causing thousands worth of damage

LG LRE30453SW00

  • Date: 12/27/2016

Oven began randomly overheating. I was cooking at 350º & the smoke alarm went off. I found my cookies were on fire in the oven & f9 displayed on the display. In researching found the product recall that was issued. After the unit was repaired, it overheated again.

LG D4311ST

  • Date: 12/30/2016

The consumer stated that while reaching to put a cup of tea in the over-the-stove microwave oven, one of the knobs on the gas range turned causing a strong odor of gas. He stated that the knobs which are located on the front of the unit are too sensitive and easy to engage.

LG LRE 30451SW

  • Date: 1/3/2017

The consumer stated that his electric range model has been recalled due to burners not turning off. However, he has a problem with the oven also which once turned on, heats to excessive temp burning the food and nearly causing a grease fire, no matter what temperature is set.

LG LSG4513St

  • Date: 1/3/2017

The consumer reported that the knobs on their gas range are easily turned by merely brushing against them causing gas to escape into their home.

LG LRG4113ST /00

  • Date: 1/22/2017

the consumer stated that the burner knobs on the gas stove turn when slightly bumped by anyone that brushes up close to the stove. She stated that she has bumped them on at least 40 times, and has burned towels twice. The mfr sent replacement knobs, which made no difference.


  • Date: 1/23/2017

Gas range burner control knobs are located at hip level which if brushed against cause unit to turn on. Recently consumer's spouse brushed against knob. She noticed flames emitting from burner where was placed something wrapped in paper. He used lid cover to extinguish fire.

LG LRG 3061 BD

  • Date: 1/27/2017

I had a pot of boiling water on the right burner & went to move it to the left burner, it was heavy so I slid it, in the middle of that move the pot tipped forward & spilled onto my stomach. I had minor burns on my stomach area. The burners do not have a support grid on them.


  • Date: 2/6/2017

Consumer returned home & found his home filled with gas. The consumer found that all control dials of his gas range were extremely sensitive. The slightest touch can cause a dial to turn, which causes the gas to come on. The replacement valves would present the same problem.


  • Date: 2/14/2017

The consumer stated that their oven overheats uncontrollably. He stated that when pre-heating, the oven does not stop at the desired temperature and continues to heat to extreme levels which are a safety and fire concern. [Prod: Electric Range]

LG LG4315

  • Date: 2/14/2017

Ultra high front burner of dual oven gas range wouldn't ignite & had flare up when manually lite. Knobs are on front of unit & if consumer leaned slightly against them, they turn on & gas fill kitchen. Lower oven emitted noxious fumes & it was covered in soot after 4-5 uses.


  • Date: 2/15/2017

Whenever consumers start gas oven, they smell gas for few minutes, then smell goes away. This doesn't happen with cooktop.


  • Date: 3/9/2017

Consumer reported that the gas range knobs contain plastic that becomes brittle & cracks off. If knob is slightly nudged in passing, the gas will turn on unknowingly & could potentially cause a house explosion. Manufacturer's reps refused consumer to send replacement knobs.

LG LRE30453

  • Date: 3/20/2017

Burners get to hot no control, now oven doing the same.


  • Date: 4/7/2017

The consumer stated that when a person works near the stove and bumps a knob, which are on the front of the unit, the burner turns on maximum heat with no sound or warning. It gets red hot and could easily catch clothes on fire or burn anything flammable resting on stovetop.


  • Date: 4/12/2017

Front right range burner stays on and can only be shut off by turning the breaker off.


  • Date: 4/16/2017

42 YOM reported ongoing issue with burner knob of gas range; it is partially turned & gas is leaking out. It seems there knob that surrounds metal stem on switch to be both soft & pliable. Recently range had been leaking gas for four or more hours with dog closed up inside.


  • Date: 4/17/2017

My Electric Range large burner went to HIGH on it's own (from a low setting) and would not turn off. I had to unplug the appliance. I plugged the power on and the burner started ON/HIGH and would not turn OFF so I again disconnected the power.


  • Date: 4/18/2017

The flame on the front right burner operates erratically. The burners have to be turned to the high setting in order for the igniter to start the flame. Currently, the burners spew high amounts of gas and air at the same time, which causes the problem.

LG LRE3083ST/00

  • Date: 4/20/2017

[Electric Range] Glass top Oven. Burners heat up even when not turned on from the on/off knob. Burners do not regulate temperature correctly and heat up even on lowest settings. A [53 YOF] Consumer suffered an unspecified injury & received first aid.


  • Date: 4/25/2017

Slight bumping of stove knobs turns them on. No less than 6 times this has happened, 55 YOM placed food on the stove top. The knobs can bump onto high or low. High is noticeable immediately via smoke and fire, low is more tricky. There was food burning on low in 45 minutes.

LG LRE3021ST/00

  • Date: 4/27/2017

Consumer's wife turned on front left dual burner of electric range & was cooking rice. Later she noticed a burn odor & front left dual burner was extremely red & rice was black. Consumer said there have been incidents of another burner turning on unexpectedly. Fire Hazard.


  • Date: 5/1/2017

The consumer reported that there have been several incidents of the stove being turned on and releasing gas upon inadvertently brushing up against the control knobs. He stated that the knobs are big with weak springs and the shape of the front panel makes it easy to bump into


  • Date: 5/1/2017

While pre-heating bottom oven of electric double oven range consumers heard loud noise, then crash sound. It turns out inside glass of lower oven door shattered, & glass was all over inside of oven. 64 YOF received cuts while cleaning it up, she didn't receive 1st aid.


  • Date: 5/6/2017

The consumer stated that the knobs on her new electric range turn too easily. Two times the burner came on when she leaned against a knob. Third time her dog jumped up, resting paws on the range and the burner turned to high, burning a ceramic mug that was sitting on it.


  • Date: 5/8/2017

Front mounted knobs of gas stove/oven are at adult waist height & burners ignite when knobs were pushed. Consumer stated that if someone bumps knob, burner ignite. Consumer almost caught clothes on fire, while stirring something on stove, & another burner ignited.


  • Date: 5/10/2017

Consumer reported that the controls for the electric range top burners intermittently fail to turn off or turn on the heating elements on the glass stove range top.


  • Date: 5/16/2017

There is a serious design/safety flaw in the front burner knob assembly of gas range. With minimal pressure, knob can be turned unintentionally. Sometimes burner ignites, while other times gas flows without igniting. This stove presents a major risk of burn injury or fire.

LG LDG4311

  • Date: 5/22/2017

Consumer stated: gas oven knobs turn on when brushed lightly against them to reach microwave. Recently consumer woke up from rotten egg smell. House was filled with gas. She was choking. They opened windows & turned gas knob to off. There were three children under age of four


  • Date: 6/5/2017

Consumer reported that the electric range powers on by itself at nights and they are unable to power it off. He has to use the circuit breaker to switch the range off. He stated that this incident has been ongoing for two weeks.


  • Date: 6/5/2017

The consumer stated that the largest burner on the electric range stays on after turning off the switch.


  • Date: 6/10/2017

Gas range knobs turn on if barely touched. Painter covered stove with tarp, leaned over it, & tarp caught fire. Consumers brushed against knobs when walking & gas turned on. Their dog managed to nudge one of knobs & gas leaked for over 1 hour.

LG LRE30453ST /01

  • Date: 7/4/2017

The smooth stovetop oven either won't get hot enough or gets too hot & wont cool down. When I cook, i don't know if the food will be coked properly or if it is going to burn. The oven gets dangerously hot to the point that we have to cut it off & unplug in fear of a fire.


  • Date: 7/5/2017

67 YOF put stove self-cleaning on. About one hour later they awoke to warmth downstairs. They found intense heat in kitchen & turned off stove. Stove & granite were extremely hot. They had to get out there. 67 YOF reported that she was injured, no 1st aid received.


  • Date: 7/13/2017

Consumer can easily brush knobs of her electric range. She noticed a burning smell because her food was on the stove and one of the knobs was on. She contacted manufacturer and was advised she could purchase new knobs from retailer. She feels this is a fire and safety hazard.


  • Date: 7/18/2017

Knobs on gas range sit at 45-degree angle on front. It is easy to bump knobs to turn them on. Once 66 YOM lit bathrobe sleeve on fire. Once he didn't notice knobs were on & left house for couple hours. He came home to house full of gas, shut off burner, & opened windows.


  • Date: 8/1/2017

The consumer stated that the knobs keep breaking off on the range. Now she can't turn the gas off on the stove any longer. She stated that she's replaced the knobs 6 times in 7 years at a cost of almost $100 each time. She called and complained until they finally blocked her.


  • Date: 8/5/2017

The consumer stated that the range did not turn off the oven infrared burner even though it did not indicate that the burner was on. After unpowering, the range reset and was operational again. The consumer stated that the problem is intrinsic to the design and a safety issue


  • Date: 8/8/2017

Several non heating surfaces are in excess of 213 degrees F when stove/electric range is in service. One technician measured 234 degrees F on the metal frame that surrounds the glass cook top.


  • Date: 8/18/2017

47 YOF stated handle on oven door of electric range gets hot when oven is on for extended period of time & worse when baking at higher temperatures. It feels as if heat is coming out of front of oven door. Space gets so hot, that it causes temperature to rise in home.


  • Date: 8/29/2017

The consumer stated that the knobs on their new gas range are so sensitive that you barely bump them or lean against them and they ignite the burners. Almost caught clothes on fire and burned her arm while trying to clean the stove leaning up against the burners to reach back


  • Date: 8/29/2017

Consumer had numerous issues with electric stove knobs. The stove came on when her hip touched knobs, unknowingly turned on a pan with hot oil, burned spoon and knobs were unknowingly turned on by a workman who used a drop cloth to cover the range.


  • Date: 8/30/2017

Some numbers on electric range touch pad would not work & front right burner would not shut off, breaker has to be opened to shut off burner. This was repaired with replacement of a board. Now some numbers on touch pad are not working & left burner cannot be turned down.


  • Date: 8/31/2017

37 YOF stated that control knobs for gas range are extremely easy to engage. Numerous times in few months, knobs have been bumped, leaving gas to leak. Also knobs have been bumped when reaching over stove just enough to engage igniter, lighting burner.

LG LG LRE3083ST/01

  • Date: 9/3/2017

I set the self clean & stove turned off completely. I assumed breaker tripped & reset it. When I did that there was smoke that came from under the front of the controls & blue & white sparks & the back of stove lit up with flames. We called FD & they arrived. [Electric Range]


  • Date: 9/11/2017

Consumer reports that the electric ranger burners unexpectedly turn on high and don't shut off. Repairs have not corrected the problem; only delayed them from reoccurring. The range was repaired twice before.

LG LDG43155T

  • Date: 9/13/2017

Consumer's gas range has knobs that turn on even the slightest brush. Consumer detected gas and noticed the knobs. A tech was sent and he stated that new knobs have been ordered. Consumer does not believe this will solve the problem. Consumer states this is unsafe.


  • Date: 9/18/2017

Knob on gas stove has been frequently bumped causing gas to turn on silently, & without lighting. This causes the kitchen to be filled with natural gas. If the knob is bumped on & we leave the house, the house could be filled with gas, causing a very dangerous situation.


  • Date: 9/19/2017

Electric range has controls that when accidentally bumped turn on stove top heating elements. 1st incident occurred during installation. 78 YOF stated that recently painters accidentally bumped control & drop cloth over stove caught on fire. Fire was extinguished.


  • Date: 9/20/2017

Consumer's electric range has knobs that are easily turned and also without knowledge. Consumer's 2 YO and 11 YO accidentally turned the range on. When consumer used self-cleaning mode, the whole range overheated. Consumer's family each activated range unknowingly.


  • Date: 9/20/2017

58 YOF stated that electric stove has major safety issue. Control knobs are in front of unit & even leaning over to clean back of stove can turn burners on high. She stated that recently almost burnt kitchen down.


  • Date: 9/25/2017

I purchased an electric Range. I was putting a bag of sugar into my cabinet next to the stove. I bumped the metal side of the stove. The oven door cracked loudly & then exploded into my kitchen. The oven was not on. The glass shattered into tiny shards that cut my fingers.


  • Date: 9/26/2017

Knobs on gas range cracked on inside & consumer was not able to turn off burners properly. This caused gas leaks. She contacted firm who sent replacement knobs, but about six months later knobs began to crack again.


  • Date: 9/28/2017

The consumer stated that one of the burners on the electric range automatically turned itself on while the range was not being used. The consumer heard the chime, went into the kitchen and turned it off. She stated that this happened twice in the space of several hours.


  • Date: 9/29/2017

Consumer turned burner of electric stove top down to low while making dinner. Consumer smelled something & discovered that burner wouldn’t turn off or down. Breaker was turned off. 20 min. later it was turned back on & burner immediately went on. It was red & hotter than ever


  • Date: 10/5/2017

Purchased a electric cooktop (touch control) for up grade in kitchen. The warming elements for some reason go from warm back to last setting. This causes burnt food, smoke in house and will possibly cause death.


  • Date: 10/10/2017

Knobs on cooktop of electric range are angled & it is too easy to accidentally turn on simply by leaning into front of stove. Consumer has accidentally turned it on over one dozen times for months now.

LG LRE30757ST01

  • Date: 10/12/2017

Consumer reported the right front burner of the electric range stayed on after it was turned off and kept increasing the temperature. They had to use the circuit breaker to switch the power off. She stated that after turning on the circuit breaker the burner came back on.


  • Date: 10/16/2017

Electric range has controls that, when accidentally bumped, turn on stove top heating elements. Recently 55 YOF brushed up against one of knobs prior to taking dog for walk & she came back to house filled with smoke d/t bag of cheese on top of stove melted.


  • Date: 10/30/2017

Consumer's gas range has knobs that turn on too easily. They will engage gas even if igniter is not triggered. This happened many times. Consumer states that the knobs should have pressure lock. The range is deemed unsafe per consumer.


  • Date: 11/3/2017

The rack(s) in the top oven of my double wall oven that had two loaves of bread baking suddenly & fell down spilling the bread out of the oven & propelling the racks outward as well. Fortunately I had on oven mitts & was able to stop the racks from falling off the oven door.


  • Date: 11/14/2017

I was pulling a pizza out of the lower oven on my double oven electric range & glass on the top oven shattered, with glass going everywhere. I had been using both ovens but turned top oven off a few minutes earlier. I didn't bump anything, the top oven door just shattered.

LG LRE30451ST/02

  • Date: 11/19/2017

The oven was warming up to 300 and an electrical fire started in the back bottom corner inside the oven. A small 1 inch hole was melted before it was put out.


  • Date: 12/3/2017

Gas range- Twice I noted the gas on with no known reason. I have twice since accidentally turned on the front right burner of a gas range as I walked by. The second time, the wrapping on a gift nearby caught fire, & I quickly extinguished it. It requires almost no pressure.


  • Date: 12/7/2017

Consumer reported that this electric range has a malfunctioning burner that will not turn off.


  • Date: 12/7/2017

Consumer reported that gas range knobs don't have safety mechanism to prevent gas from being turned on when someone brush up against stove. This has happened several times over past 10 months. Consumer indicated that 49 YOF was involved in incident.


  • Date: 12/8/2017

[32 YOM] Stove's top randomly turns on after use. Burners sometimes don't work at all. Largest burner doesn't turn on at all. 2nd largest (front right) will work randomly & sometimes not turn off. Warmer does not work. Only damage was to my pots. [Electric Range]

LG LWD3010ST 00

  • Date: 12/11/2017

Consumer has wall-mounted double oven. When the unit is on, the consumer smelled plastic burning, and eventually notice the burnt-black control panel. The control panel has been replaced five times. It cannot be replaced anymore.


  • Date: 12/13/2017

The consumer stated that several times the burner control knobs on the range have turned easily when bumped by accident. The knob turns past the "lite" position to where the gas flows but the flame does not ignite. The only way they knew it was from the gas smell in the room.


  • Date: 12/15/2017

The consumer stated that the way the gas valves on their range are positioned and operate causes them to open without igniting if bumped. This has happened many times. One day he came home find the entire house filled with gas.

LG LRG4111ST/00

  • Date: 12/27/2017

The Submitter stated that since the day of installation of the new gas range in her elderly mother's home, the gas has been turned on inadvertantly by brushing against the knobs numerous times. Sometimes the burners will lite, other times just expel the gas.


  • Date: 1/5/2018

We own a gas range. This oven has knobs for the range on the front of the oven, at an angle. We have found the knob placement is not a safe design. Both my husband and I have accidentally turned on the range with our hips / waist multiple times. I scorched my shirt sleeve.


  • Date: 1/10/2018

The consumer stated that the [electric range] cooktop burner won't turn off. It turns on by itself and goes to highest temperature. It will then shut off and then comes back on to highest temperature. The model number is apparently not included in the recall.

LG LRE30757

  • Date: 1/16/2018

The consumer reported that the electric range stovetop element wouldn't shut off and the consumer had to unplug it. The consumer indicated that the unit is not under recall.


  • Date: 1/16/2018

[Electric Range] The front left dual stove top burner while in use, temp became uncontrollable & it was not possible to turn off the burner using control switch. An online search of recalls directed me to manufacturer's website for a recall of this model number. Fire Hazard.


  • Date: 1/17/2018

Several times oven of electric range exceed set temperature when baking, unexpectedly rising to over 600° & thermometer confirms that. Only indication when this problem occurs is burning odor d/t extreme heat, or while opening door - blast of extremely hot air.


  • Date: 1/18/2018

The consumer stated that her gas range knobs are continuously hot when the oven is being used. A manufacturer's tech advised her that the seal may not be tight enough around the oven door.


  • Date: 1/29/2018

Knobs on electric range are on front & they turn on with slightest pressure. More than once consumer returned to stove to find unit turned on accidentally. Recently consumer woke up to feel heat & discovered that main burner was on high & microwave above stove was hot.


  • Date: 1/31/2018

Consumer's gas range has knobs which are too easily turned by brushing against them. Consumer is very concerned that this is a major fire and health hazard and can result in loss of life or limb, as consumer had range on gas and went to reach up and over the range.


  • Date: 2/21/2018

Electric range Cooktop & oven overcooking items Oven temperature much higher than set temp. I have had four service calls to resolve issue with no satisfactory results. Techs have replaced thermostat & control electronic mother boards which has no solved the problem.


  • Date: 2/25/2018

38 YOF set electric range oven to 335° & placed food in. Shortly after she noticed smell similar to melting plastic & opened oven door. Temperature inside oven was far hotter than what it was set at. Smoke alarms went off. She checked temperature; it reached at least 500°.


  • Date: 3/9/2018

I was baking in my old range when I noticed large chunks of enamel falling off and blowing in my food. The temperature was 375 and I saw the enamel before swallowing it. There appears to be rust below where the enamel is coming off.


  • Date: 3/16/2018

The thermostat on the big burner of an electric range failed, but this failure is a concern because the thermostat failed short, which is a sever safety issue. I was home and cooking when this happened and the house did not get burned down.


  • Date: 3/26/2018

Submitter said the front left burner has an inner burner which is smaller. The inner front left burner turns on by itself when the rear left burner & the middle rear burner is turned on. The submitter found recall & noticed the safety hazard was the same issue with her unit.


  • Date: 4/5/2018

Consumer removed the center grill piece of a gas range and front burners pose a tipping problem if there is something on it. Consumer's hot pan of water tipped, burning consumer on abdomen & legs. Consumer had to be taken to ER where was diagnosed with 1st & 2nd degree burns.


  • Date: 4/15/2018

The consumer stated that the knobs on many of this brand of gas ranges are not safe - a slight bump will turn on the gas without a flame. He stated that the this has happened with himself and many other guests that have been in his kitchen.


  • Date: 4/24/2018

66 YOF consumer had electric range which is activated by just brushing against the knobs. She stated that she had a box on range and knobs were brushed; the box went to flames and fire caught microwave and cabinet doors above. Consumer states this is a design hazard.


  • Date: 4/28/2018

Consumer has a gas range which has sensitive knobs. Just walking past them or brushing against them triggers release of gas. Consumer had to aerate the house several times because of safety reasons. Consumer implies this is a fire hazard.


  • Date: 5/4/2018

The submitter indicated that this electric range changes to different temperatures unexpectedly during use and it fails to shut off. She claimed that there have been several incidents and she's had to cut off the circuit breaker to shut off the range.

LG LRG3061BD-01

  • Date: 5/7/2018

Consumer was cleaning the stove. When she leaned up against the knobs on the front, her stomach touched the knobs & she could smell gas. There is also an issue with the oven. The temperature falls down several degrees when the oven is in use.


  • Date: 6/10/2018

Consumer has a electric range with convection oven. The knobs are easily turned and they do not require push-in. Combustible items started to emit smoke when burners were accidentally left on. Consumer got nowhere with retailer and manufacturer.

LG LRE3083ST/00

  • Date: 6/10/2018

Bought my electric range & started having a burnt smell in my house. When I pulled my stove out I could see where the insulation has been trying to catch fire. And still putting off the burning smell while not in use just by still being plugged up. I I unplugged the stove.

LG LSE3092ST/00

  • Date: 6/15/2018

The consumer, 59, stated that he purchased a used [electric] oven about 3 months ago and has had at least six unintended starts of surface heating elements due to hip/body parts applying light inward and rotational pressure to the control knobs resulting in mild hand burns.

LG LRG3081ST/01

  • Date: 6/18/2018

Consumer indicated that if he leans against the knobs on the gas range, the burners come on. He stated that this happens often, especially if he is reaching for the microwave which is above the range. He was advised by the repair company that there is nothing that can be done

LG LGR3016ST / 01

  • Date: 7/2/2018

68 YOM reports that the cooktop grates on the gas range are not supported on the four corners. This allows cooking pans to spill onto the floor. Consumer suffered a burn to the hand while catching a falling hot pan.


  • Date: 7/12/2018

Consumer reported that the burner of the electric stove won't turn off. Consumer stated that it is a safety hazard as the burner is on high and won't turn off.

LG LRG4115ST/00

  • Date: 7/18/2018

Oven started dispersing toxic fumes that would cause 59 YOF eyes to burn when she would open its door. Fumes are dispersing throughout home. This has been ongoing for over 6 months. Also gas range flames are not coming out uniformly & blowing out to side.


  • Date: 7/27/2018

This is a report alleging that range incorporates a burner top grill design that subjects cooking pots to fall off the stove. While in the process of using the range, one of the pots containing boiling water fell off the top of the stove & onto the floor.


  • Date: 8/3/2018

The consumer stated that their electric range cooktop will power on and turn the burner on by itself. The consumer stated that this has happened several times without powering the unit on.


  • Date: 8/7/2018

A 68 YOM reported that the gas stove knobs design & burner valves need changes. Consumer said by accidentally touching the knobs stove opens gas flow that fills up the room. While the stove was in self clean cycle consumer noticed excessive heat from top rear grill air vent.


  • Date: 8/7/2018

Consumer stated that knobs on electric oven can be turned on easy. When someone barely bumped into oven, top burner turned on & burned box of straws. Recently again knob was barely touched & it turned on burner & sheet which was laid on range caught on fire.


  • Date: 8/28/2018

Consumers are reporting that the knobs on the consumers gas range which control the electric start are extremely dangerous because they can be turned just by brushing against them. Range then releases gas. Unit is not being recalled.


  • Date: 8/31/2018

While gas range was in use, a pot containing boiling water fell off the top of stove & onto floor to 75 YOM consumer's Rt side dispensing hot water. No Injury. Consumer said range has defective design, the pot was unsupported because there was no grill components beneath it.


  • Date: 9/3/2018

The knobs on the front of the gas range can turn on with the slightest brush/bump. Consumer unknowingly brushed it when home. Consumer stated that if the dog or cat bumps it, it will fill home with gas and/or ignite when not supervised.


  • Date: 9/11/2018

62 YOM reported that Electric Range right front heating surface would not turn off, sparking and arching under glass top. It tripped breaker.

LG LRE30453ST /01

  • Date: 9/17/2018

[57 YOM Consumer] The (electric range) front right burner when set to medium went to high by it self, we could not shut off, had to turn breaker off, as soon as I turn breaker back on front burner turns back to high. No Injury.

LG FB4763

  • Date: 9/20/2018

69 YOF consumer has a gas range/oven. The knobs are very easily turned on and consumer has to constantly check range every time she is in the kitchen. A tech advised to put rubber padding underneath the knobs; consumer did not do that. Consumer implies this is a fire hazard.


  • Date: 10/1/2018

When left rear burner or warming burner (center rear) of Electric Range is turned on, front left burner comes on high & wouldn't turn off. Consumer put water to boil on left rear burner & almost burned self when came back to lift pan off, as front left burner was on high.

LG LDG3036ST/01

  • Date: 10/6/2018

The consumer stated that the glass on the top oven in their [gas stove] double oven shattered about 10 minutes after they turned off the oven.

LG LRE30755SW/03

  • Date: 10/9/2018

[Electric Range] burner fail to turn off after being switched off and the temperature setting can increase unexpectedly during use, posing burn and fire hazards.


  • Date: 10/23/2018

Consumer indicated that while using electric range they noticed that burner seemed to be at full power even it was set to low temperature. Burner wouldn't turn off, even control panel indicated powered off & only way to turn it off was to switch off circuit breaker.


  • Date: 11/13/2018

Consumer's wife turned off front left burner of range after cooking was done, however burner stayed on until 72 YOM switched off breaker to unit. He switched breaker on & unit wouldn't turn off. Few days later it seems to be working. Same incident occurred in 2009.


  • Date: 11/25/2018

The consumer reported that oven burner in their double oven [electric] range will not shut off. It stays on at the highest level.


  • Date: 12/5/2018

64 YOM reports that the burner control knobs on the gas stove cook top can break with normal usage. One break jammed the burner gas on before it was ignited. Consumer had to use pliers to turn it off. Consumer has had to replace 5 of the control knobs.

LG LRE42135T

  • Date: 12/7/2018

The consumer reported that the knobs on the stove were touched lightly. There was a pad on top of the stove and it caught on fire. The glass top was damaged when the pad melted to the smooth top.


  • Date: 12/11/2018

Caller stated that the electric burner knobs turns on easily by barely brushing against it which turns on the range . She stated that this issue has been ongoing for about a year & a half since purchase. They have been able to notice this & turn off the unit. Fire hazard.


  • Date: 12/18/2018

62 YOM reported that he & 58 YOF noticed pitting on gasket surrounding cook top of electric range. Rubber gasket was designed to prevent liquids from getting below cook top & reaching heating elements. Pitted gasket may allow liquids to penetrate down to heating elements.


  • Date: 12/20/2018

40 YOF was baking in oven at 350° & also had pot on front left burner of electric range. After about 30 min. of use, she was advised that flames were emitting from oven. She used fire extinguisher to put fire out. Unit was unplugged. Rang received recall repair prior incident


  • Date: 12/26/2018

The consumer reported that last year electric range didn't stop heating after reaching the set temperature. Consumer found that the range was part of a recall. The unit was repaired. Recently while cooking the oven did it again. This time it set something in the oven on fire.


  • Date: 12/28/2018

Consumer used the self clean feature on the electric range and noticed a strange odor. Consumer investigated after the cycle and saw that part of the sealing on the cabinet was burned away. The granite counter discolored.


  • Date: 1/2/2019

Left front burner of electric range was turned off after food in skillet was cooked. 2nd pan was placed on back center "warm" element & was turned on. 76 YOM went outside for about 10 min & heard smoke alarm. Pan on left front element was ablaze & house was filled with smoke.


  • Date: 2/6/2019

62 YOF indicated that gas range burners turn on unintentionally whenever knob is ever slightly brushed. Sometimes gas would ignite & sometimes it just leak out until odor is detected. She think that dogs have turned unit on as well. 63 YOM was involved in incident too.

LG LRG3095ST/02

  • Date: 2/17/2019

Female consumer's gas range overheats. Cabinet handles get hot from the oven. Whenever she uses it, there is very hot air about and also around the oven. Manufacturer gave her runaround.

LG LRE30453ST/01

  • Date: 2/14/2019

Large burner wouldn't shut off & got extremely hot. Control pad cracked because of heat. 74 YOF had to shut off breaker to turn off stove. Recently, while using oven on bake, 350°, she discovered that broiler was on & again she had to shut off breaker to shut off stove.


  • Date: 3/3/2019

Consumer reports that knobs on the gas range don't have an indicator of when gas is being released. They report that gas was being released for at least a couple hours without being aware that it was being released.

LG LRG41115st

  • Date: 3/14/2019

Submitter stated that whenever she brushes against the knob of gas range the burner turns on high. This has been ongoing since installation, although she was not really aware of what was happening. She feels that this is a safety hazard.


  • Date: 3/17/2019

60 YOF reports that the gas range has the knobs on the front of the range that are easy to turn on. This has occurred multiple times; consumer smelled the gas each time. On the most recent occasion, the consumer woke up to the smell of gas. The gas had been on for 5 hours.


  • Date: 3/19/2019

73 YOM consumer's electric range has malfunctioning burners and while he was baking food, food caught fire and filled house with smoke. Food stuck to cooking pan. Consumer found recall for control board issue. Consumer states this is a safety hazard.


  • Date: 3/20/2019

Oven door fell off one hour after service technician left, he was there d/t gas range oven temperature was not working properly. Oven door came apart from oven when 52 YOF opened it while cooking. It’s nearly landing on foot, almost burning leg. Door was too hot.

LG LRG 3095ST /02

  • Date: 3/24/2019

While making jerky consumer left gas range oven door slightly ajar while it was dialed to 200°. After 30-40 min. oven was over heated. Knobs on front of oven were melted & one cupboard next to oven had charred door. There is no warning in manual that door shouldn’t be ajar.


  • Date: 3/26/2019

32 YOF reports that the burner knobs on the gas range turn unintentionally when bumped. This has occurred multiple times. During one of the incidents, consumer, 4 YOM, and 29 YOM suffered headaches after not realizing that the knob had been turned.

LG LRE30755ST/02

  • Date: 3/30/2019

The consumer reported that the right rear burner of the range went on high and it wouldn’t go off. Its plug was pulled off and after awhile plugged back in, and the rear burner came on high. The plug was plugged off. The consumer indicated that the range can't be used.


  • Date: 4/9/2019

The consumer indicated that the front left burner of the electric range has been coming on by itself and caused a fire in the close past. Recently when she returned home, the same burner was on High, again. She pointed out that her house could have burned down.


  • Date: 4/29/2019

Consumer reports that when the electric range's back left burner or the middle back warming burner is turned on, the front left burner also turns red and heats up. It cannot be turned off unless the back burner is turned off. The oven also fails to heat correctly.


  • Date: 5/8/2019

Gas Range ultra-burner continues to extinguish while on low setting. 48 YOF had this issue almost since day she received it. It is only after noticing smell of gas in home that she is aware of this issue. She had 3 service calls but problem persists.

LG LWD3010ST/00

  • Date: 6/10/2019

Consumer had set Up/Down Oven in self clean mode. Soon after smoke was billowing throughout house & 56 YOF was woken by son who lives across road. She was overtaken by smoke and home suffered smoke damage. She didn't get 1st aid.


  • Date: 6/17/2019

When the (electric range) back left burner is turned on, all of the other burners come on. In order to turn the burners off, the back left burner has to be turned off first. This happens all the times. Also, the heat fluctuates on the front left burner, at times. No Injury.


  • Date: 6/29/2019

68 YOM reported that during normal operation metal that surrounds the glass top of Electric Range exceeds 141°F measure by a thermometer. He stated that it is capable of hurting to touch and burning skin if child or adult touches too long.

LG LRE30453ST/01

  • Date: 6/28/2019

The consumer reported, that the large right front burner of the electric stove keeps staying on high and wouldn't respond to any control of push button On/Off, except unplugging the power cord. Consumer indicated that this stove is not on manufacturer recall list..

LG LRE30757ST/01

  • Date: 7/3/2019

The consumer says that the main burner on their electric range goes all the way up to maximum heat and does not turn off or respond to pressing the button. Even after turning off the breaker and re-starting it again, the burner remains on high.


  • Date: 7/25/2019

Consumer reports that the electric range turned on by itself at home. This occurred twice. The first incident occurred at night when the burner turned on at its high setting. The second incident occurred when the resident came home and noticed the burner was on high.

LG LRE30757ST /01

  • Date: 8/24/2019

Consumer reports that one of the burners on the electric range at home would not turn off after repeated attempts. The burner would turn itself back on when the off button was pressed. The surface of the range was hot. Consumer disconnected the power supply.


  • Date: 9/1/2019

Consumer notes electric stove is defective. The issues noted by consumer are how the heating elements remain on high power and does not shut down after command to, touch pad locks when not is use and when grease or water splatter on stove, it locks and cannot be unlocked.


  • Date: 9/8/2019

60 YOM reports that the temperature regulator on the 3 ring burner of the electric range at home failed. Regardless of the temperature setting selected, the unit operates at the highest temperature. Safety hazard.

LG LRE308ST101

  • Date: 9/8/2019

63 YOM reports that the top burners on the electric range at home kept were turning on and off by themselves. Consumer had to turn off the breaker. He suffered an unspecified injury.


  • Date: 9/10/2019

The consumer reported that burner on the glass top [electric range] stove ran on high and would not turn off.


  • Date: 9/11/2019

While cooking 54 YOF turned burner of electric range down to lowest setting. Few minutes later, she noticed it was bubbling. She attempted to turn it off, but It stayed on & increased heat to maximum. Trying unplugging and replugging didn't correct problem.

LG LRE30453ST /01

  • Date: 9/16/2019

The consumer reports that the electric range stove top is not heating properly, controls are only working on high or not changing burner size or staying on, and the oven is overheating beyond marked temperature.


  • Date: 9/19/2019

Consumer reports the range in his home has defective knobs. Client notes the burners are easily turned on when the knobs are leaned on or brushed. However, consumer notes the knobs should not be so easily accessible or sensitive. Consumer notes potential fire hazard.


  • Date: 10/28/2019

43 YOF reports that the large burner of the electric range at home is turning on when she turn on the smaller burner. The temperature on the large burner fluctuates without adjusting the temperature on the control panel. The large burners stopped turning on.


  • Date: 11/15/2019

The consumer stated that the gas range knobs melted by heat coming from oven when door is opened.


  • Date: 11/21/2019

43 YOF reports that electric range was in use at home when it short circuited. The unit produced sparks and black smoke. The unit was charred and no longer usable. Consumer and her two children (10 YOF, 7 YOM) were at home at the time.


  • Date: 11/24/2019

57 YOF experienced rack falling on one side of electric oven, when it is extended. 1st time turkey breast slid off rack. Rack doesn't collapse when oven is not hot. Oven was exchanged twice. Recently rack fell with 13 lbs. turkey & she caught it with potholder.


  • Date: 12/3/2019

Consumer reports that while the oven was in use some food items spilled over and the oven caught fire. The oven would not power off and had to be powered off with the circuit breaker. Their wife suffered minor burns to her left arm trying to put out the fire.

LG LRE3023SW/00

  • Date: 12/4/2019

The consumer stated that the motherboard went out about year after the electric stove was purchased and had to be replaced. Recently the consumer was having issues with burners, the left front burner wouldn't turn off. The consumer had to turn the stove off at the panel.

LG LDG4315st

  • Date: 12/18/2019

Consumer reports that when the range's knobs are brushed against at home it can turn on the range. This has occurred multiple times. Consumer's 64 YOF wife accidentally turned the knobs and the consumer noticed a gas smell.


  • Date: 12/27/2019

Consumer and consumer's wife report that the gas oven at home would not heat up. After a couple of minutes, a fireball ignited in the oven. A repair person replaced the lower convection oven motor.


  • Date: 12/31/2019

30 YOM consumer reports that the knobs on the gas range are easily switched on when brushed up against. He reports that the burner released gas overnight and filed the house with gas. A friend leaned against the knob and the burner ignited and set her hair on fire.


  • Date: 1/2/2020

On my stove the front 2 eyes will automatically ignite to the highest temperature. Even when we disconnect the range to reset it comes back on full force. My concern if my stove will eventually catch on fire!! The stove was only being used to feed my family.

LG LRG4113ST/00

  • Date: 1/19/2020

44 YOF consumer reports that the knobs on her stove are easily turned on when barely touched. Just brushing up against the stove will turn on the stove and cause gas to fill up in the home. This has happened multiple ties and filled the house with gas. Extremely dangerous.

LG MEZ39988701

  • Date: 1/28/2020

Consumer stated that simply brushing by gas range could turn on igniters. It happened several times when his wife or 15 MOF have touched control knobs. Knobs were not turned enough for burners to emit flame. They have awaken or been alerted to smell of gas number of times.

LG LRE 30757ST /01

  • Date: 2/3/2020

The consumer stated that the top right front burner on the electric range failed to turn off after use and actually heated to the highest setting, scorching the pan being used. Had to turn off the breaker to the range rendering the complete range useless.


  • Date: 2/11/2020

The consumer first noticed that, large pieces of the enamel from the top of the oven of the electric range were in a dish that she cooked. When she looked under the oven's heating element, she discovered that there were many places that did not have enamel.

LG LRG 3194

  • Date: 2/19/2020

Consumer smelled gas from range after having it for 4 months. A tech stated that it had a defective safety valve. Valve was replaced. Rest of oven is going to be fixed in the future, but consumer does not trust the solution.

LG LDG3035ST / 01

  • Date: 2/25/2020

77 YOM Consumer said he ran self cleaning cycle on the (gas stove) upper oven. Next day he cut his foot when he stepped upon a piece of glass by the oven. He saw that part of the glass panel in the oven door had cracked into small fragments, a few of which were on the floor.


  • Date: 3/18/2020

Consumer stated that brushing up against knobs on range causes them to come on. She brushed up against them & almost caught jacket on fire. About month ago, paper bags that were close to stove caught on fire. Technician advised her that ranges are designed that way.


  • Date: 3/24/2020

Two front burners of electric range were set on low, food was cooking in oven also, when 43 YOM noticed, that one of burners, large one, was glowing red & food in pan was bubbling & burning. He hit button off, but burner didn't turn off & he had to unplug range.

LG LRE30453ST /01

  • Date: 4/20/2020

The Consumer reported that the front right burner on the range will not turn off - it stays in High heat. The only way to turn it off is to unplug the unit or switch the circuit breaker to the oven off. Concerned the stove top burner could come on when no one is home.


  • Date: 4/28/2020

Consumer reports that their 54 YOF spouse was using the gas oven to bake and it caught on fire. A technician repaired the unit and the following day the same thing occurred. She was able to use a fire extinguisher successfully. This is a dangerous fire hazard.

LG LSE4613

  • Date: 6/7/2020

61 YOF consumer reports that the electric oven is a safety hazard as well as a fire harzard because the burner knobs are switched on too easily. Just brushing up against them will activate the burners, sometimes unbeknownst to the user. This is dangerous.


  • Date: 6/24/2020

The left front burner of the electric stove heats up to high power even when turned off. Consumer had to shut circuit breaker off. Consumer kept it off for 24 hours and turned it back on, burner went back up to high power. Consumer indicated that the switch states HS.

LG LRG30616T101

  • Date: 7/27/2020

Female consumer reports that the carbon monoxide detector in her home went off because of high levels detected. There was carbon monoxide leaking from the gas range. There was combustion spilling into the diverter. Very unsafe and a health and safety hazard.


  • Date: 8/17/2020

75 YOM consumer reports when they attempted to adjust the oven racks in the range they cut themselves on the corners of the open door. The exposed metal is sharp and he cut his leg. This is dangerous and a serious laceration hazard.


  • Date: 9/3/2020

The consumer reported that the left front burner of her on the electric range fails to turn off after being powered off. She stated that experiencing problems with her range similar as in the recall, but her unit wasn't recalled.

LG LTE4815

  • Date: 9/22/2020

Consumer reports that the knobs on the range are easily turned on without knowledge of it being turned on. The knobs are very sensitive and when bumped can be turned on. This is dangerous and a fire as well as a burn hazard. This unit is unsafe for consumers.


  • Date: 9/26/2020

55 YOM consumer reports that the electric range was in use and set to turn down the temperature but it did not. The burner would not turn off manually so he used the circuit breaker and tried again. Same result in addition to the burner turning on by itself. Unsafe.

LG LSCE305ST/003

  • Date: 9/30/2020

The Consumer stated their house power flickered throughout the night. Around 6:30am they awoke to a burning smell. The rear center burner of the cooktop was on and heating at high heat even though the entire cooktop was off. Only the "hot" LED for that burner was illuminated.


  • Date: 10/8/2020

32 YO consumer reported, they found that the glass top of the Electric cooktop is broken on only after one month of regulator use. They didn't punch or drop something on the top. Consumer stated that cooktop should be designed to be able to endure sudden temperature change.

LG LTE4815

  • Date: 10/14/2020

70 YO consumer reports that the stovetop burners on the range have knobs that are turned on too easily. Bumping into them inadvertently activates the burners and can start a fire if anything is nearby or burn someone if they happen to be nearby. Fire hazard.


  • Date: 11/1/2020

66 YOM consumer reports that the knobs on the gas range have been accidentally bumped into several times and turned on the gas without them being aware. This is incredibly dangerous and they are concerned there is no safety feature for the knobs. Health/Fire hazard.


  • Date: 11/9/2020

On several occasions, the consumer has come into the room smelling gas. The consumer stated, that It turns out the gas range knobs on the oven, which are about hip-high, are easy to turn on and allow the flow of gas.


  • Date: 11/17/2020

The Consumer reported that the left front burner element on their electric range would not shut off when selected to the off position. The Consumer had to shut off the stove at the main circuit breaker panel.


  • Date: 11/23/2020

69 YOF consumer reports that she heard a loud noise come from her electric range and then all the lights on the control panel turned off. The unit's broiler came on and the range heated up quickly. She could only turn it off with the breaker. Unsafe fire hazard.


  • Date: 11/24/2020

Consumer reports that the glass top stove does not have an indicator light to show which burner is on or hot to the touch. There is a small red light that shows that a burner is on, just not which one and is very small. This is a burn or fire hazard. Poor design.


  • Date: 11/27/2020

67 YOF consumer reports that the knobs on her gas stove turn on too easily. There was an incident when one of the knobs were on and leaking gas and they were unaware. This could have lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or an explosion. Unsafe product.


  • Date: 11/29/2020

80 YOM noticed blue chip size about of 0.5 cm on top of the pizza. They determined chip came from oven of electric range where pizza was baked in. They found numerous other much smaller chips on bottom of oven & on top of pie they baked day before in same oven.

LG LRE30453ST /01

  • Date: 12/28/2020

The Consumer stated that after the recall fix on their [electric] range about three months ago, the same problem is happening again.

LG LSG4543ST/00

  • Date: 1/25/2021

Consumer reports that their gas range is just over three years old. During normal use flames shoot out of the air ent on the unit. Tis is a safety issue and a potential fire hazard.

LG LSE46135T

  • Date: 2/8/2021

The consumer reported, that the inner oven glass door cracked and glass pieces dispersed into the food, which she was preparing in the oven for approximately 35 min. at temperature around 375°. She heard a cracking noise, opened the oven door and noticed the incident.


  • Date: 2/15/2021

The Consumer reported that the convection oven [on their double oven gas range] has flames shooting out of the lower oven convection vent.


  • Date: 2/19/2021

The Consumer reported that the right front burner on their electric range would not turn off. They had to turn off the circuit breaker.

LG LSG4513

  • Date: 2/23/2021

The consumer stated, that a person could walk by this gas range and brush past the control knobs, which resulting they turn on causing gas came on, or flames will turn on. Sometimes, consumers can hear the beeping sound, but gas could be emitted without a sound too.


  • Date: 3/7/2021

76 YO consumer reported, that the flames were coming out of the gas range bottom oven convection fan area.


  • Date: 3/27/2021

The Consumer, 71, stated that she noticed a small piece of glass at the bottom of her [electric range] oven. She ran her fingers above the glass piece and cut a finger on a sharp edge. She saw very tiny shards of glass, along with the piece of small glass at the oven's bottom


  • Date: 4/5/2021

51 YOM consumer reports that the knobs on his electric stovetop ignite the burners too easily if brushed up against. When the knobs are constantly unintentionally turned on this creates a fire hazard. The slightet touch should not turn the burners on. Fire hazard.


  • Date: 4/8/2021

62 YOM consumer reports that the front left burner on their oven range works intermittently. Sometimes when another burner is turned on that burner will randomly come on unprompted. This is a dangerous fire hazard.


  • Date: 4/10/2021

60 YOM consumer reports that the knobs on the electric oven are too easily turned on by being bumped accidentally. He has melted a plastic grocery tote bag as a result of accidentally bumping into a knob and turning the burner on. Fire hazard.


  • Date: 4/12/2021

66 YOF reported that the range would not turn off.


  • Date: 4/24/2021

The Consumer reported that their convection oven on their gas double oven range does not operate properly and shoots flames when turned on.The Consumer stated that the motor is new - so it's not the fan motor.


  • Date: 5/10/2021

Consumer reports that once in a while they smeled gas from the oven while it was in use and a small boom sound. Upon inspection from a technician it was noted that flames were coming from the back grate of the oven and the grate had melted. Fire hazard.

LG LRG3061ST/01

  • Date: 5/13/2021

66 YO consumer woke up to find the outside glass door of the Gas Stove shattered with half of it on the floor. The oven has not been used for about 5 days. The consumer indicated, that there was lots of shards and glass dust in stove and in kitchen.

LG 30451

  • Date: 5/15/2021

Consumer reports that while the oven was preheating to 425 degrees they heard a loud noise and then saw a flash of bright light from the oven. They discovered that there was f lame inside the left rear of the oven. The unit has been recalled but they unaware.


  • Date: 6/1/2021

Cosnumer reports that the knobs on the electric oven are turned on too easily. Their 20 YOM was using the microwave above the stove and placed a cover on the stove, it melted and smoked. Prior to that a pizza box was smoking after the knob was accidentally turned. Fire hazard


  • Date: 6/1/2021

The Consumer reported that the gas range less than 6 months old has a leak in the burner valve that filled their home with natural gas.


  • Date: 6/8/2021

The Consumer reported that burner on her electric range won't turn off.

LG LDE 4415st

  • Date: 6/12/2021

The Consumer reported that, more than once, when they leaned against their stove to reach something in the cabinet above it, they inadvertently turned on an electric burner. One time a plastic container melted that was on the stove.


  • Date: 7/30/2021

The Consumer reported that one burner on their electric oven range suddenly turns on by itself for no reason. The Consumer stated that the range was under recall and has been repaired four times. Not only the original problem exits, the said problem is now added to the unit.


  • Date: 8/5/2021

The consumer reported, that they noticed an odor coming from the Gas Oven in Range and called their gas company. The technician determined, that it has an issue with delayed ignition & measured a high CO reading of 1000 ppm. It may be d/t a cracked, or defective burner.


  • Date: 8/10/2021

The Consumer reports that porcelain is chipping off of the inside of their oven, subsequently falling onto the baking food.


  • Date: 8/20/2021

62 YOM consumer's electric range's left front burner turns on when left rear burner is turned on by consumer. Consumer states this is not an isolated incident and is more recurring with each use. No injuries occurred.


  • Date: 8/28/2021

62 YO consumer reports that the dials on the electric range are easily turned on when bumped. There has been a fire when groceries were sat o the stove and the nob was bumped and turned the burner on. This is a fire hazard and unsafe for consumers.


  • Date: 8/30/2021

The fire occurred when Gas Range was set to 275° for one hour. Until downstairs of home was completely filled with smoke, people upstairs did not notice it. The stove was damaged, interior parts and knobs melted. Consumer stated, that they were unsure what caused the fire.


  • Date: 8/30/2021

70 YO consumer reports that the knobs on the electric slide in range are very sensitive and can be inadvertently turned on with the slightest touch. Items were placed on the range and the unit turned on and exploded a can of milk and charred a box of macaroni.


  • Date: 9/7/2021

Consumer reports that the knobs on the gas range are partially made of plastic on the bottom and aluminum on the top. The plastic has started to deteriorate and melt due to exposure to the heat and detaching from the top part making it hard to turn off. Unsafe.


  • Date: 10/18/2021

31 YOF consumer and her husband purchased a home with kitchen appliances already there. The electric range/oven started flaking glass in the interior. Oven was cleaned, but later on, it flaked glass again from unknown source. Consumer was given runaround with manufacturer.

LG LRE30453

  • Date: 10/19/2021

Female consumer's electric range had numerous problems over its course of usage. Glass shattered, burners would not shut off, burners would turn on, and finally range would not work. Unit broke some recalls. Consumer was given a replacement free of charge.


  • Date: 10/21/2021

Interior blue enamel of Double Oven Electric Range recently started chipping off into food, that was being cooked. 67 YOF stated, that this became health hazard, if anyone ate food, that had enamel on it & this made ovens unusable. She & 76 YOM were involved in incident.

LG MEZ65319329

  • Date: 10/29/2021

The Consumer reports that when turning on one burner on the stovetop, additional burners turn on as well. The product is an oven and stovetop. It's a few years old.


  • Date: 11/18/2021

Consumer purchased a double oven. Top one never worked because it does not get up to temperature and shows an error message. Consumer had singed face and arm when trying to open the door and flames shooting out. Consumer got runaround with manufacturer who did not help.

LG LUTG 4519 SN 100

  • Date: 11/22/2021

Consumer's range overheated and almost started a fire while being on self-clean mode. The envelope on back of stove was singed, and the plug was melted. Copper wires were exposed and a short happened when they touched metal. Consumer was able, at length, to get new stove.


  • Date: 12/25/2021

The Consumer reported that their oven door glass exploded while baking tater tots at 425 degrees. It was less than 6 months old.


  • Date: 1/2/2022

60 YO consumer stated that the oven supply wire burned through.


  • Date: 1/18/2022

Consumer was cooking on electric stove, setting it to medium heat. Then consumer set heat to low. Burner glowed more brightly and there was a bang from back of stove. Consumer turned off burner control and tripped breaker. Components were replaced but stove does not work.

LG LRE30755ST/01

  • Date: 3/1/2022

Consumer is experiencing similar problems of [REDACTED]. Burners on electric range can fail to turn off after being switched off & temp can increase unexpectedly during use. She stated, they noticed fire ignited & burnt hole in metal box, it burnt from outside in.

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