lg washing-machines

Information about the problems and breakdowns of LG washing machines that were reported from 2011 to 2022.

Common problems: blowing up, burning, drain, dripping water, electrical, explosion, glass shattering, leaking, moisture, mold, noise, short circuit, smell, smoke, turning on/off, vibration.

Faulty modules: buttons, control board, dispenser, display, door, drain pump, drawers, drum, filter, glass, motor, pump, rack, sensor, valve.


1 safety recalls announced

LG Recalls Top-Loading Washing Machines Due to Risk of Injury

  • Date: 12/18/2012

The recall involves three LG and three Kenmore Elite Brand top-loading washing machine models manufactured between February 2010 and November 2011. The units come in beige, white and graphite steel colors. Recalled washing machines have the following model and serial number ranges: LG WT5001CW, WT5101HV and WT5101HW; Kenmore Elite 29002, 29272 and 29278.

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205 issues reported

LG WM-4270

  • Date: 1/12/2017

Washing machine exploded with front door, which locks completely coming off machine. Sides have exploded out & when repair man came & took top cover off, computer is completely destroyed. 45 YOF stated unit exploded & took out wall next to it with everything in front of unit.


  • Date: 6/3/2011

During the first time use of the washing machine, water flooded out the bottom, flooded the consumer's condo, the condo below his and poured into the garage below that. Water was coming out the of the ceiling light fixture in the lower unit. Found the water filter was loose.


  • Date: 7/15/2011

a Front Load Washing Machine was in the middle of a load when consumer smelled smoke. she opened the door & it was filled with white smoke and a fire smell. She immediately unplugged the washing machine & got herself and 3 children out of the home.


  • Date: 7/25/2011

Mold forms on the rubber seal of the washing machine door. The machine is about 2 years old. There has been an odor for at least a year.


  • Date: 9/17/2011

Consumer reports that the glass broke out of the door of the front-load washing machine during washing, leaving large sharp pieces inside the washer.


  • Date: 2/17/2012

29 YOF arrived home from vacation to discover glass on her front-loading, one year old washing machine shattered. Consumer is concerned for safety of children around these machines.


  • Date: 3/3/2012

Washer dryer combo smells very bad. Consumer believes that it is causing health problems. Smell can get so bad that consumer needs to leave home to give house time to air out.


  • Date: 3/22/2012

Consumer reports that the washing literally exploded approx. 20 minutes into the cycle while washing a mattress pad from a king size bed. It had rotated 180 degrees with the lid completely blown off. There were open, exposed wires. It had pushed the dryer and damaged a wall.


  • Date: 7/23/2012

Washing machine has strong odor that is making consumer sick. She discovered that machine creates mold. She was told to keep cleaning drawer with mold. She says that she cannot continue to do so, as it affects her asthma.

LG Tromm WM2487HM

  • Date: 8/20/2012

Consumer says when the washing machine went into the spin cycle, it started spinning out of control and sounded like lightning bolts coming through the wall. She says the unit was jumping out of control after it shot forward off of the wall and cracked the granite countertop.


  • Date: 10/8/2012

55 YOF heard "pop" sound when she pressed on button on washer/dryer steam combo. It was 3 times & then unit stopped making sound & then it would not turn on at all. Repairman found that plug, wall outlet, & motherboard had shorted out & burned.


  • Date: 11/16/2012

Consumer couldn't open washer. Unit was unplugged & plugged again but that didn't fix issue. When her husband plugged it back in, he smelt burning smell & saw smoke coming from back of unit. Main power source had caught on fire. Also unit had leaking issue.


  • Date: 12/4/2012

Consumer warns to the dangers of front load washers and dryers with all controls on the front well within the reach of children. Her 2.5-YO grandson opened the door and his twin sister crawled in. There's nothing to prevent the door from being closed and the start button hit.


  • Date: 12/5/2012

A 34-YOF reports that the inner door glass of the front load steam washing machine exploded during spin cycle while washing a load towels. Tiny glass shards were all over the inside and the towels. She received several cuts on her hands while removing the towels and the glass


  • Date: 12/12/2012

Consumer stated that black mold & mildew was growing inside washer. Clothing when washed stinks of mold & mildew. Black mold was in rubber door gasket & other parts of the washer. He stated that poorly designed of front load washers causing poor air circulation.


  • Date: 12/18/2012

Consumer reports that first washing machine became unbalanced & spinning drum broke loose from unit. It broke free from house & crashed into dryer & wall. Replacement unit is showing signs of violeng shaking & banging. Also, it does not turn itself off if unbalanced.


  • Date: 12/19/2012

Washer had a very rapid, high speed spin to it. Consumer is going to have it serviced per recall.

LG WT-4801CW

  • Date: 2/2/2013

56 YOF reported that washer literally blew its top. She noticed huge sound like explosion. Top of washer blown off, all sides were bowed out & drum has fallen, all parts broken. She stated that no one was in laundry room at time of incident.


  • Date: 3/2/2013

Consumer reports that after recalled clothes washer firmware was replace, washer less warm water even at hottest setting leaving more moisture in clothes and that run times have become 50% longer.


  • Date: 3/5/2013

34 YOM reports that clothes washer is off balanced and also leaks.


  • Date: 3/13/2013

The consumer says that after the recall repair the washing machine shakes even more than it used to and it's non-stop working. The consumer is concerned that the washer after the repair will cause damage to the house or person because it won't stop.


  • Date: 4/24/2013

Consumer says the washing machine blew up in the middle of an average size load. He says he heard a loud noise like a wall collapsing and found that the top of the washer had completely detached itself and was embedded in the wall. The unit had bounced around causing damages.


  • Date: 5/8/2013

Consumer experienced odor & shaking problems with washing machine. Technician found thick layer of mold underneath of drum. She believes that it is reason why 30 MOM & 25 YOF have been suffering from respiratory problems. They both were treated by medical professional.


  • Date: 5/25/2013

Consumer noticed noise that sounded like explosion & discovered that washer, which was in use, with its top detached. It was dented all over, & had water pouring from its base & drum was detached from machine. There was burnt rubber smell.


  • Date: 5/28/2013

Consumer reported that washing machine shook so violently, the top of it sheared off and hit the dryer & wall.


  • Date: 6/5/2013

Consumer feel there is potentially a significant safety issue with the washing machine. When the washer is running there is no override option to get the door open. Consumer had to wait until the internal mechanism has cycled down before the door will unlock & open.


  • Date: 6/10/2013

Consumers were washing load of clothes when they heard loud noise. They saw washer in middle of room after it had hit dryer & knocked stuff off a shelf above it. Drum put dent in front of machine & top was twisted around.


  • Date: 6/10/2013

38 YOF stated that washer became unbalanced & started bouncing around, making grinding sound during spin cycle.


  • Date: 6/15/2013

Washer with diamond glass top was not in use when consumer heard loud pop, opened laundry closet to see what noise was & entire top of washing machine was shattered.


  • Date: 6/18/2013

34 YOF's washing machine blew apart during spin cycle. Square body of machine was round from drum beating it apart. Manufacturer sent replacement machine. After 18 months the replacement unit is vibrating during spin cycles and making noises when agitating.


  • Date: 6/25/2013

Consumer stated that washer would shake violently while in use. When washer became inoperable technician advised him that control panel needed to be replace because of electrical wires were short circuit. Panel was replaced but unit still shakes excessively.


  • Date: 6/27/2013

The consumer says that when there is an unbalanced load in the washing machine, the machine shakes excessively, and the top of the machine comes loose.


  • Date: 6/28/2013

The consumer reports that her washing machine becomes unbalanced and either stops or shakes excessively when a load combines towels and sheets.


  • Date: 7/8/2013

The consumer stated that she received a recall notice for the washing machine. She stated that she tried calling the toll-free number and finally got through to the opening message then was forwarded to a ringing number. It rang 50 times, no pickup.


  • Date: 7/8/2013

Consumer reported that she has experienced the unbalanced loads with drum vibration on her washer. At times the unit read "UE" even while still running, most often it would ring the unbalanced alarm & would stop, requiring a rebalance of the small load of items.


  • Date: 7/22/2013

Front loading washing machine develops mold and washing machine cleaner and bleach only remove the smell for a day or 2.33 yom is allergic to mold & has had hives on chest & legs & sinus congestion. Large amounts of mold are in detergent dispensing drawer & clothes smell.


  • Date: 8/5/2013

Consumer stated that this washer goes off balance, shakes, doesn't spin & doesn't empty.

LG WT 510-1HW

  • Date: 8/21/2013

While in use washing machine made terrible noise, which turned out to be the agitator completely unattached in the tub. Mounting bolt became completely undone, in spite of substantial lock washer, designed to prevent it. Agitator plastic gear was loose & was bouncing around.

LG WT 5001 CW

  • Date: 8/23/2013

Consumer stated that after the recall on the washing machine due to unsafe balance, the company placed a a requisite electronic circuit board in the machine. Consumer reports that thereafter the machine wobbled worse than it did before and would not complete the rinse cycle.

LG WT5001C

  • Date: 8/24/2013

A 42 YOF reports that the washer is located in the garage & became unbalanced. Instead of turning off, it continued rotating until the top part ripped apart from the base, flew off against the wall, causing a hole, & unplugging itself. The body is bent & separated.


  • Date: 8/27/2013

Consumer reports that washer spinning out of control violently. Washing machine turned 90 degrees to left, hitting the wall. Tub broke complete free of structure, motor was still spinning until the consumer turned off washer by unplugging from the wall.


  • Date: 8/27/2013

On two occasions consumer's washer would not lock in place & wouldn't operate. On two other occasions it had to be serviced for excessive vibration. Spinner stopped working and her washing machine is currently not operational. The unit was recalled.

LG Tromm WM2455HG

  • Date: 9/11/2013

Consumer first noticed a few years ago that the washing machine is growing black mold inside, and all around the roof of the soap dispenser area. Consume has kept cleaning it, but it seems to have always returned. Black mold continues to grow no matter how consumer cleans it.

LG WT 4801 CW

  • Date: 9/28/2013

36 YOF was washing towels on normal cycle in the washing machine. She walked into laundry room one hour later and galss top was shattered. There was no evidence of anything falling on it, or anything inside washer to aide in breakage.


  • Date: 10/28/2013

Consumer reports Washing machine shakes too much.


  • Date: 11/11/2013

32 YOM reported that glass lid to top loading washing machine shattered. Lid was in closed position; washer was empty & had not been in use for over 24 hours. No member of household was in room or near machine when this occurred.


  • Date: 11/14/2013

Consumer has been having problems with top loading washing machine. After recall upday machine continued to go off balance, drain, spin & refill to try to balance itselfe, which would make cycles as long as two hours. Several reapair attempts have not resolved malfunction.


  • Date: 11/26/2013

A 28-YOM stated that from the first time they used this washer, it had issues. The unit vibrated at several different points throughout the wash/rinse/spin cycles to the point that it vibrated off of the platform and landed on top of his left foot causing severe nerve damage.

LG WT5001C

  • Date: 12/6/2013

55 YOF reported that her washer was making grinding noise. Technician fixed it until recently when noise started again & then washer exploded. Pieces of spinner inside broke apart & damaged drum. Metal was flying around inside. She managed to turn it off.


  • Date: 12/28/2013

Consumer purchased this front loading steam washing machine 3 years ago and says that her over the last year their clothing have had a horrible mold/mildew smell. She says that her son is allergic to mold and he's sick all the time since his clothes smell like mold/mildew.


  • Date: 1/3/2014

Consumer heard a loud crash in the laundry room. Found the washing machine had rotated itself 90 degrees, the top was completely torn off & was hanging by the electric wires, all tub supports were broken, the tub, motor, etc. were sitting in the bottom of the cabinet damaged.


  • Date: 2/12/2014

While washing machine was in use consumer heard loud noise. She went into laundry room & saw that unit was in pieces. Top of it had almost come off. One of the drum supports was off. Unit was turned around backwards. There was hole in wall & damaged cabinets next to washer.


  • Date: 2/17/2014

Consumer reported that washer shakes out of control and it pinched 62 YOF fingers on right hand. It shakes so hard it burns a wire lose on the water pump. They had to fix it three times.

LG WT5001C

  • Date: 2/24/2014

Consumer reports that the washer catastrophically self-destructed damaging the adjoining dryer and penetrating two adjacent walls. The consumer stated that anyone standing nearby at the time of the event would have suffered serious injury.


  • Date: 2/25/2014

The manufacturer did recall the washer. This was a reprogramming of the computer software in this top load washer. The machine shut off in every single load of laundry with the error code of UE. Later, the machine & its error codes would change to OE & not empty the water.

LG 28862/9

  • Date: 3/7/2014

Consumer stated that the washer’s compartment where the liquid is supposed to go is covered in black mold. She has tried various methods to clean the mold. The mold goes away but comes back. She had to have the hose cleaned out twice. The hose was clogged with paper towel.


  • Date: 3/11/2014

31 YOM put in bedding (sheets & mattress pad) into washer & got error code. He ajusted load & pressed start button. Washer started to spin again. It did same thing 2 more times. Later, he was washing a load of jacket & winter fleeces and same thing happened.


  • Date: 3/12/2014

Consumer stated that the washer she bought is a lemon. It always seemed loud to her. On the third use, it bounced, banged and jumped around, with only 2 sheets as the load. There was a UE code. Even after replacing the motor, it did not work. They'd be replacing clutch now.


  • Date: 3/24/2014

When door is open & 64 YOF's washing machine is off & drum is spun with any force, machine turns on as if start button was touched. Manufacturer recommends door be left open to avoid mold & odors. Consumer is concerned that child spinning drum might start it.

LG WaveForce WT5001CW

  • Date: 3/31/2014

Consumer reported that washing machine destroyed itself after entering the spin cycle. The with the exception of some electrical wires top assembly completely separated from bottom section of washer; unit moved about 2-3 feet from wall, rotated 90 degrees & wall was damaged.


  • Date: 6/20/2014

Consumer reported that drum of washer began shaking violently, & within 2-3 seconds of violence, before he could stop washer, lid blew off in front of him. Entire washer moved to side, & lid, which appears very heavy, blew high enough to hit blinds near washer.


  • Date: 6/23/2014

58 YOF's washing machine overflowed, flooding utility room because "pressure switch line as off of the tub due to loose tub and stretched suspension." Excessive vibration from imbalance causes tubing to slide free & inactivate level sensor.


  • Date: 6/25/2014

The consumer stated that his washing machine continued to go out of balance. Post recall, a circuit control board was changed. The consumer stated that the machine now works worst than before. The consumer stated that the machine is still dangerous and inoperable.


  • Date: 7/6/2014

The consumer reports that the washing machine caught on fire. The smoke smelled of an electical fire. He stated that it appeared the fire started in electronic controls area. The the burned area and the source of the fire was in the electronic controls area.


  • Date: 7/6/2014

The consumer stated that every time the washing machine is put to wash and it starts to balance the clothes, it shakes. Every time it starts to spin during the wash cycle, the whole machine shakes. Also, there is a lot of water coming out from the bottom of the washer.


  • Date: 7/14/2014

While washing bedding, I set the setting to Bulky Bedding on my washer. Later, I heard a loud boom. I noticed water was gushing on my floor from the washer & water spraying my whole laundry room. The unit was spitting out all of its parts & the top of the unit blown off.


  • Date: 8/8/2014

The consumer stated that while sanitizing neoprene clothing, the glass on the front load washing machine exploded, shooting everywhere, both inside and outisde. Everything that was inside has glass shards imbedded in it (several hundred dollars worth of neoprene).

LG WT5001cw

  • Date: 9/9/2014

Consumer reports that the washing machine was in use when it began shaking violently and made a lot of noise. Consumer states that multiple repairs were made but the problem was not resolved.


  • Date: 10/2/2014

Consumer approached washing machine to start load of wash & noticed that glass lid was shattered completely.


  • Date: 10/7/2014

The consumer stated that the entire top of her washer has shattered. She stated that nothing was set on it, nothing dropped, and it was fine when she left, but broken when she returned. She stated that it was completely evenly distributed shatter.


  • Date: 10/14/2014

She has been noticing an odor similar to mildew for possibly four years when she was cleaning out the rubber piece inside the washer door. When she saw quite a bit of mold inside the rubber and so closed the door.


  • Date: 10/28/2014

The consumer stated that a loud pop was heard and discovered that the entire diamond glass top of their top load washer had shattered in the laundry room. The consumer stated that the washing machine was not in use at the time.


  • Date: 11/1/2014

The washing machine had just finished a load and the consumer was taking clothes out of the dryer when the washer's top glass door shattered with a loud pop. The glass was shattering and kept shattering. The consumer stated that nothing hit the glass, it just shattered.


  • Date: 11/17/2014

Consumer reported that for the past 6 months, while washing clothes, the washing machine will become unbalanced & begin beating into the wall and shaking itself out of place. Consumer is worry that the machine will damage surrounding structures & electrical outlets. No injury


  • Date: 11/17/2014

Heard huge noise & the washer had self-destructed burst the entire top off & it was dangling along its side by the water hoses & electrical cord. The washer had turned around 120 degrees destroying the laundry tub & denting the dryer cabinet making it unusable.


  • Date: 11/21/2014

The consumer says immediately after the recall repair, her washing machine started using much less warm water (even at hottest settings), leaves far more moisture in clothes when "done", and run times are now 50% longer. The unit has far more balancing issues after the "fix".


  • Date: 12/3/2014

55 YOM reported that glass shattered for no reason on Top Loading Washer. He heard pop sound from laundry when machine was off and not being used, & found glass shattered. 55 YOM cut finger when he touched it. He stated that he didn't receive medical treatment.


  • Date: 12/4/2014

Glass lid on washer shattered. Nothing was turned on & no one was around. 40 YOM heard loud pop & then began to hear crackling for next 6 hours until it was done. 40 YOM was injured and received first aid by non-medical professional.


  • Date: 12/18/2014

Consumer purchased her washer & had no problems with it until when it exploded. The caller & her husband heard a very loud noise & saw that the washer was pulled completely out from the wall, the top of the unit was completely off, pieces of the unit were lying everywhere.


  • Date: 1/28/2015

Washing machine was on final spin when entire top of machine broke off. Machine had turned 90 degrees from wall & damaged side wall. Support brackets for tub were all broken off & outer shell was damaged.


  • Date: 2/1/2015

39 YOF reported that recently glass on front loading washer shattered in middle of load of laundry. Consumers heard loud noise & found clothes full of glass. They had washing machine for 2.5 years.


  • Date: 2/9/2015

A 42 YOF reports that front load washer glass door exploded. During the spin cycle the glass exploded. I heard a lot of load noise & a heat smell coming from washer. I immediately turned off the power button and locked laundry room.


  • Date: 3/12/2015

The consumer reports that the top load washing machine exploded, and parts and shrapnel nearly killed her dog. This came close to harming her family. She says the machine is literally in parts.

LG WaveForce WT5101HW

  • Date: 3/17/2015

Consumer stated that washing machines continues to develop black mold no matter how many times consumer cleans unit with suggested cleaning products. Consumer developed breathing problem. Consumer's children are having allergic reactions & issues with breathing.


  • Date: 3/17/2015

We purchased Washing Machine. Within one month, I found that towels & some cotton clothes smelled moldy. Retailer told to use the Washing Machine cleaner & to keep the door of the machine open. I continued to find the musty smell in my clothes & machine.


  • Date: 3/19/2015

Front loading washing develops mold around rubber seal


  • Date: 3/20/2015

Issue of mold & sludge buildup has been significant for entire length of washer ownership. Leaving door open or wiping area clean does not work. 68 YOF's eczema & psoriasis has exacerbated since using these machines. She was seen by medical professional.


  • Date: 5/13/2015

50 YOF's washing machine with one item in it exploded during spin cycle. It sounded as if vehicle drove through house. It caused damage to walls, as well as to dryer that was located next to it. Parts were flying.


  • Date: 5/31/2015

Put regular sized load of laundry in top loading washing machine. Left house & when came back a few hours later, the unit had exploded. Top blown completely off. Drum no longer attached inside, wires exposed, dryer dented, water on floor. This was a recalled unit.


  • Date: 9/23/2015

The consumer stated that the glass door on his four year old front loading washing machine shattered. The machine was not in use at the time and had been turned off for several hours prior to shattering. He found shards of glass all over the floor near the machine.


  • Date: 10/21/2015

The consumer stated that the glass lid on the washer shattered while the washer was not in use.


  • Date: 11/9/2015

Mold accumulated inside washing machine for years. Clothes smell. Door of washing machine is constantly left open when not in use. When door is not left open, mold accumulation gets worse.


  • Date: 11/13/2015

My Washer is a glass top, top-loading washer. The glass spontaneously shattered. I see that I am not the only one this has happened to - Manufacturer refuses to replace it, just gave me numbers to repair services.

LG Tromm

  • Date: 12/14/2015

I have mold problem with the washing machine. I have maintained the cleaning schedule that is recommended by the manufacturer but it has not help at all. My clothes come out smell like mold and get mold streaked water on them.


  • Date: 1/11/2016

The consumer stated that the spin cycle on her washing machine stopped working properly and she found out the machine had been recalled several years earlier but was never informed. The mfr refused to assist due to lack of original receipt which the consumer says has faded.


  • Date: 1/31/2016

Top load washer lid shattered during normal use. Tiny shards of glass fell into laundry.

LG WaveForce WT5170HV

  • Date: 2/8/2016

The consumer stated that the washing machine goes uneven on every load. It walks around the room and makes loud noise when running. The consumer stated that it shakes so bad that it knocked their 4-YO daughter causing injury.


  • Date: 2/15/2016

A 49 YOF reported Intense mold smell coming from front loader washing machine in our home. Clothing smells like mold. Allergy symptoms escalated. Black jelly like substance corroding the rubber seal.

LG WT4870C

  • Date: 2/28/2016

The consumer stated that the drum broke away from his washer. The consumer stated that this is the same problem that prompted recall on other models.


  • Date: 3/3/2016

35 YOF was washing two blankets & drum of washer started banging & dinged with 'ue' on front of washer code. It had not drained fully from drum. She readjusted blankets & ran rinse & spin cycle. It wouldn't complete. It ran 'ue' again. it won't drain completely.


  • Date: 3/23/2016

38 YOF consumer was washing clothes on normal cycle in LG top load washer. Washer exploded during what consumer believes to be spin cycle. Top flew off & back of machine all came apart and it put holes in the wall in the laundry room as well as denting the dryer next to it.


  • Date: 3/28/2016

The consumer stated that while doing a small load of laundry her washing machine broke. The top part of the machine including the lid flew off and the entire machine spun at least 90 degrees and put a hole in the wall.


  • Date: 3/31/2016

As said in recall consumer's washing machine while in use, shook excessively, causing drum to come loose & knocked whole top off & turned around & broke. Manufacturer told consumer to spray vinegar & use baking soda paste, for washer's rust issues, which did not resolve it.


  • Date: 4/12/2016

The consumer states that washer had been running for about 40 minutes when unit exploded with top lid flying into wall, screws flew everywhere, metal warped & force blew the door off of laundry room frame. No injury reported. Consumer contacted manufacturer.


  • Date: 5/10/2016

34 YOM found the glass top of washing machine to have shattered. When he put his hand on the glass, a little piece of glass pierced his skin. It was a minor cut & he received first aid. When he opened the top & then shut it, glass fell out from the middle of the glass area.


  • Date: 5/31/2016

My top load washer basically exploded. The top lid came off & the 4 walls opened, the drum had come loose & vibrated so violently made a hole in the wall & damaged the dryer. Thankfully no one was close by but their definitely is property and other appliance damage.


  • Date: 6/7/2016

The consumer stated that her washer model is not included in recall #13-073 but she is experiencing similar problems (in which the hazard was outlined as excessive shaking and the drum to come loose during use). She stated that she also smells an burning oil odor.

LG Tromm WM1812CW

  • Date: 6/11/2016

52 YOM suffered injury and was seen by medical professional due to mold in washing machine.


  • Date: 6/13/2016

Washing machine is not draining properly around front door, causing black/moldy area under watertight seal. It causes consumer's clothes to smell. Consumer tried cleaning & airing unit. Consumer doesn't think it's safe.


  • Date: 6/29/2016

35YOF consumer's washing machine caught mold while in use & between uses. Consumer's 3 YO daughter developed rash from washed clothes. If clothes are left for more than 30 minutes in washer, they become smelly & spoiled. Consumer cleans the rubber area of washer once a week.


  • Date: 6/29/2016

Consumer reports mold and mildew smell from washer every time consumers wash. Even after unit was cleaned and door was left opened, after washing, unit still stinks.


  • Date: 7/21/2016

Consumer's washer shakes excessively & he noticed it immediately after purchasing it & it has gotten worse. Consumer's 35 YO wife & his 9 YO son have hurt their hands while trying to stop the washer from shaking. They both did not receive first aid or medical attention.


  • Date: 7/27/2016

Consumer reports that the washing machine's lid would not open and the electronic panel began making loud popping sounds when the consumer tried to open it. It produced think black smoke. Consumer unplugged the unit. The electronic section was burned.


  • Date: 8/5/2016

41 YOF reported that since day one washing machine always had unbalanced load or other error. Recently agitator from washer came off. Unit was shaking, making noise. Metal at base of unit is sharp & was exposed. She cut finger, 1st aid received by non-medical professional.


  • Date: 8/8/2016

The washer has developed mold around the rubber seal and it causes the rear of her home to emit a mold odor. The consumer's husband has developed sinus problems that he has not had in the past and it may be attributed to the mold in the washer.


  • Date: 8/15/2016

43 YOF reported that washing machine had the top blow off, the entire cabinet is buckled. A piece of debris hit the wall, causing a hole.


  • Date: 8/26/2016

The consumer stated that while running a small load, the washer drum came loose during medium spin cycle. The unit was forced 2-3 feet into the room, crashing into the dryer and the sink/cabinet. The top of the unit dislocated from the bottom. Many fittings were broken.


  • Date: 11/4/2016

The consumer, 64, stated that her top loading washer dances and goes crazy and seems like it is going to explode. She stated she has been hit by the washer several all times on her feet (injury reported).


  • Date: 11/22/2016

Consumer stated that washing machine exploded in laundry room, washer tub and motor were pushed up thru top of machine, it bent the front and landed on its side.


  • Date: 11/30/2016

When 45YOM filled liquid bleach in washing machine, it started to run out from bottom of machine onto floor. A tech came & said that it is a new model & as it does not have reservoir, bleach can always overflow into bottom of machine where wiring & motor is housed.


  • Date: 12/10/2016

Washer does not stop spin cycle when there is excessive vibration from an unbalanced load, resulting in the machine banging around the closet & "walking". As a result, a drum support spring came loose & the drum dropped, damaging the gasket between the drum & door.


  • Date: 1/6/2017

The lid hit 56 YOF in the nose as she was putting clothes in and pulling them out.

LG Wt5001cw

  • Date: 1/9/2017

[34 YOF] My washing machine that is on the recall list had the motor explode. The ceramic parts went flying out and around the machine. Manufacturer has a 10 year warranty on the motor for this machine. However they do not stand behind there warranty.


  • Date: 1/9/2017

A 36 YOF consumer and her 4 YOF daughter are exposed to mold in the clothes washer. Consumer tried to get rid of the mold, but it persists. Consumer states that this mold is unsafe. Consumer called manufacturer, but they told consumer there is nothing they can do.


  • Date: 1/26/2017

Consumer was washing sheets and table cloths in the washing machine when she heard a loud clanking noise. She saw that the washer was spinning violently and was making a grinding noise. She unplugged the unit. Consumer states that the washer had been displaying error codes.


  • Date: 2/18/2017

30 YOF reports that the washing machine shakes while in use. On one incident the shaking made the machine move and it landed on the consumer's foot. She suffered foot injury. She then suffered a cut to the finger while trying to stop the unit.


  • Date: 2/26/2017

Consumer's washer blew up during operation. The laundry room was wrecked. Drum had broken loose and knocked the washer violently that it damaged walls and dryer. Water was all over. Service was called, but did nothing and consumer got a runaround with the company.


  • Date: 2/26/2017

Consumer's washing machine broke down while washing comforter. It did so without warning. Upon investigation, it was discovered that it broke into several pieces. Top of machine was off. It rotated 270 degrees. It broke a sink and companion dryer became dented.


  • Date: 3/1/2017

Consumer heard banging coming from downstairs. Consumer discovered that washing machine had started shaking. It stopped shaking but was locked and computer board was blacked out. Consumer unplugged and replugged it but it was still locked. Repair service has been scheduled.


  • Date: 3/13/2017

With this washer, this is an ongoing problem. Unbalanced, shaky, continues to bring up error codes, UE is the main one. This has been happening since we purchased it, manufacture has come out to replace the computer but it still has the same issue.

LG WT4801

  • Date: 3/13/2017

While washing bed mattress cover, 49 YOF consumer's top loading machine went off balance causing machine to tip and the top dislocated due to the drum breaking free from springs.


  • Date: 3/15/2017

Washer used in residence shakes violently and has stripped the agitator, so it won't spin the agitator.

LG WaveForce

  • Date: 3/23/2017

Washing machine started shaking, and then showed error message.


  • Date: 4/3/2017

52 YOM reported washing machine exploded causing entire top portion to fly off it. It was in spin cycle as evidenced by very little water in drum. Drum was sitting on bottom of unit. Plastic pieces holding support brackets were broken. Entire machine was warped out of shape.

LG Tromm WM2688HWM

  • Date: 4/14/2017

While washer was in use on 2nd floor, the screen displayed an (FE error) & water was still running. As consumer tried to find water valves to shut down the water, the water started overflowing & leaked into other rooms/ floors. Her neighbor shut down the water from basement.


  • Date: 4/15/2017

39 YOM consumer and his family suffers from breathing issues, itchiness all over body, headaches and rashes because of a faulty washing machine. Everything that was washed smells like mildew and swamp. The washer has mold all around inside rubber and in dispenser.


  • Date: 5/12/2017

The consumer, 47, stated that the bottom rubber of the door of front loaded washer had molds built up all over. The consumer stated that his allergy got worst over years


  • Date: 5/22/2017

The consumer states that the top loading washing machine shakes excessively during every spin cycle due to the load being off-balance which causes the drum to hit against the insides of the washing machine and causes the whole unit to scoot along the floor.

LG WaveForce

  • Date: 7/11/2017

The Submitter reported that the washing machine "exploded" while in use, causing damage to walls & ceiling. Owner was not near the machine and not injured.


  • Date: 7/11/2017

The consumer stated that while a load of wash was running in their top load washing machine, it became unbalanced and then made a weird noise as if something snapped. Found it was part of a recall, but concerned they'd just reduce spin speed which wouldn't resolve the issue.


  • Date: 7/31/2017

The consumer reported presence of mold in their front Loader washer.


  • Date: 8/8/2017

Washing machine was serviced twice under recall, including new motor, stator, control panel, rotor, and software. It has continued to spin excessively with shaking and error codes. Machine spun for many hours and lost all power. It stopped working.


  • Date: 8/21/2017

Submitter reported that washer is shaking excessively & it caused floor in laundry room to crack. She indicated that she gets unbalanced code often when she is washing load. When washer stopped working, technician informed her that bolt under rudder became loose.


  • Date: 9/5/2017

The consumer stated that the washing machine was in the last minute of cycle when he heard a loud explosion type sound. The machine was dented on three sides and had moved 8+ inches into the laundry room moving the dryer several inches as well. There had been no noises prior.


  • Date: 10/4/2017

37 YOM consumer's front-loading washing machine developed mold and mildew in the detergent loading drawer. It then spread to other parts of machine. Consumer cannot get rid of smell and manufacturer told him that a tech can come and clean it, but it is not under warranty.


  • Date: 10/6/2017

43 YOF consumer's front load washing machine accumulates mold and shakes violently injuring a finger.


  • Date: 11/30/2017

Consumer's front-loading washing machine's glass door shattered during normal use. Gentle cycle, cold water. Loud noise was heard. Glass was all over the inside of washer and shards were sticking out from inside of door. Some clothing and a blanket were damaged or destroyed.


  • Date: 12/5/2017

The consumer's 21 month old simply closed the washing machine door and the door glass broke in half. They had completed a load about 1-2 hour earlier and the door was slightly open. Their 5-YO son and the consumer both were cut by the glass resulting in minor bleeding.


  • Date: 12/9/2017

The consumer statec that they started the washing machine on a load of bedding materials. When they returned, the washer had moved across the room, the tub had detached, and the top cover of the machine was off, and the sheet metal covering of the appliance had been damaged.


  • Date: 12/10/2017

75 YOM heard loud bang while using washer. In laundry room he noticed that washer moved forward 8"-9" from its original position. Although display indicated that there was 1 minute left in spin cycle, washer wouldn't stop cycle even after 15 minutes. He shut power off.


  • Date: 1/4/2018

Consumer's 3 YOM twins climbed inside a top-loading washer. Washer started to work. Consumer had to break the lock off to free the boys. The twins apparently hit start button and then closed the lid while inside.


  • Date: 1/16/2018

The Top Load Washer violently exploded due to overload sensor malfunctioning. Consumer stated that this machine was recalled on December of 2012, but was still sold to consumer in December of 2014 with no regard to the recall.


  • Date: 1/19/2018

Consumer reported that washing machine exploded. Consumer was washing single set of sheets & after loud sound consumer found unit turned around facing other way & significant damage to all four sides & metal drain cover in laundry room floor.


  • Date: 2/5/2018

The consumer stated that she was washing bed sheets and heard a loud explosion in the garage. She went out to check and discovered that her washer had exploded.

LG WaveForce WT5070CW

  • Date: 3/28/2018

60 YOF consumer has a top-loading washer. It becomes unbalanced if it has large load. Tub spins unevenly causing machine to travel, machine moves across floor. Machine was serviced several times without permanently resolving the problem. Unit does not fall under recall.


  • Date: 4/5/2018

Female consumer had a front-load washing machine. It dripped and showed stain, but manufacturer remedied it. Later, mold accumulated in front rubber seal. Consumer tried everything, but problem persisted. Clothes are not clean. Consumer states this is health hazard.


  • Date: 4/23/2018

29 YOF reported that while washing load of sheets, washer apparently got off balance. Instead of shutting off, drum detached from anchors, turned washer 180°, pulled itself about 2' from original position & popped off entire top of washer

LG WT1201C

  • Date: 5/18/2018

The consumer reported that when the washing machine is in use, it vibrates and shakes very hard. The consumer had to place a piece of wood in front of the machine to stop it from moving forward. The consumer believes that the washer is an entrapment hazard.


  • Date: 5/20/2018

Consumer indicated that washing machine has always shaken excessively. Consumer received E6 error. Washer stopped during small load with water in tub. Even upon taking all items out, machine wiggles barrel as if checking for balance, then stops & displays error.


  • Date: 5/24/2018

Consumer's front-load washing machine was completing last cycle when it emitted high pitch whine. Consumer heard extremely loud boom & crash. Unit was off pedestal & on floor. Door was opened & parts of unit scattered on floor. Consumer was given runaround with manufacturer.


  • Date: 6/22/2018

Washing machine began to shake violently. Struts were replaced, software was updated, tub nut was tightened numerous times & it still was shaking so violently that now there is hole in tub & it leaks all over floor. Consumer indicated that it happened many times.


  • Date: 6/23/2018

The consumer reported that there is excessive shaking and vibrating of the washing machine (front load) with uneven loads. Hoses leak due to vibration. The consumer stated that it has been doing this for a long time, and just noticed the recall advising to report.


  • Date: 6/28/2018

Washer agitates so violently that it shakes out of position, damaging dryer next to it. It rattled drum loose to point where it leaks from back, pooling water on electrical wires & created property damage. 42 YOF is concerned about rust & erosion of metal around bleach cup.


  • Date: 7/19/2018

50 YOF purchased front loader washer & dryer set. She stated that washer has been worst for nasty mold & water collecting in base as well as in rubber seal on inside of door. Washed clothes come out smelling funny. She was injured, no1st aid received.


  • Date: 9/13/2018

The consumer reported mold in the front load washing machine


  • Date: 11/2/2018

The consumer reported mold on and around the rubber seal of the front loading washing machine. The consumer reported that 43 YOF was injured & she didn't receive 1st aid or medical attention.


  • Date: 11/22/2018

41 YOF discovered mold in door seal of front load washing machine. She run recommended “tub clean” cycle every week or so. She keeps drain on bottom of front of machine empty. She is constantly having black stains on clothes, straight out of washer.


  • Date: 12/15/2018

Noticed leaking from underneath the washer when doing a normal load of laundry. Removed the water drain pump. There were various electric electrical connections that did not have the plastic with zip ties at either end. I slipped on the floor & hurt myself due to the leaking.


  • Date: 12/31/2018

56 YOM reported that the Washing machine exploded during the spin cycle separating the top of the washer and the drum from the casing. The washer violently smashed into the adjacent wall and dryer. The wall was holed in multiple locations & the dryer was crushed on the side.


  • Date: 1/19/2019

The consumer reported that the washing machine exploded while washing sheets. Parts flew out, denting other appliances nearby, top part of the machine came loose, and water spilled out.


  • Date: 2/26/2019

48 YOM consumer heard a loud, thunder-like boom. His washing machine internally exploded. It rotated 180 degrees and pulled the electrical plug. Water hoses stopped movement. Metal is deformed, top and control panel are separated. Walls are damaged.


  • Date: 3/14/2019

38 YOM consumer has a washing machine which shakes violently while washing very small loads. Manufacturer was uncooperative.


  • Date: 4/9/2019

Consumer washed mattress cover & it got caught in something causing washer to explode. Top of washer came off, twisted around, damaging & ruining dryer & two walls. Owner’s manual doesn’t indicate that consumer can’t to wash mattress cover. She believes washer was recalled.


  • Date: 4/29/2019

Consumer & their wife heard a noise while the washer was in spin cycle. They found that the door to the laundry closet was knocked open, a dent in the wall & top of the machine has broken off & the drum was badly tilted. Display showed a UE (unbalanced load).


  • Date: 5/14/2019

Consumer reports that the washing machine was in use at home and was washing sheets. The machine failed and blew the entire top portion of the washing machine off and the drum sideways. The metal sides were bent and warped. The incident knocked a hole in the wall.


  • Date: 5/23/2019

Female consumer had washing machine on. She was washing comforter set. The machine seemed to explode and water was everywhere. She states it could have injured her if she was nearby. She feels this is a safety hazard.


  • Date: 7/8/2019

Consumer reports that their washing machine exploded during a cycle and slammed into the laundry room wall putting a hole in the sheetrock. The machine was dented from the inside outwards and deforming the machine on all sides.

LG WM2240C

  • Date: 7/26/2019

The consumer stated that they started a load of laundry when about 10 minutes later the glass on the [washer] door shattered. There was broken glass mixed with wet clothes, broken glass on the floor, and, from the sound of things, broken glass in the workings of the machine.


  • Date: 9/20/2019

Consumer's top-load washing machine exploded before the spin cycle. There were only 2 sheets loaded. It fell apart and made a loud booming noise. Drum detached, pieces of plastic flied and control panel popped open. No injuries.


  • Date: 9/25/2019

Consumer noticed that the washer at home was spinning much faster during a cycle than usual. The unit then exploded, and the top hit the wall cabinets. The door popped open, and plastic pieces landed up to 8 feet away. The adjacent dryer was damaged. Washer no longer works.

LG TrueStream

  • Date: 11/15/2019

CX reports her washing machine & dryer are defective. CX notes the washing machine door, does not lock, even when it is noted as locked. Washing machine also leaks water & has caused water damage. CX notes dryer builds up lent & emits a burning smell.


  • Date: 12/4/2019

Consumer indicated that washing machine is loud & constantly unbalanced as machine tries to wring out no matter amount of clothes in it, posing risk to property & those standing near unit. Consumer stated that it shakes & rattles excessively even after repairs.


  • Date: 12/12/2019

4 YOM received life threatening burns to 50% of BSA after being trapped in top loading washing machine. He was treated in hospital. He & another child were playing with machine. Door doesn't stay up. 3 YO was able to accidentally turn on machine & door locked.

LG WT51018W

  • Date: 12/13/2019

Consumer reports that his washing machine at home began to shake excessively. It was repaired under recall, but it continued to shake. On a later incident, the bottom dropped out and water leaked all over the floor. Consumer's wife suffered a back injury picking up clothing.


  • Date: 12/13/2019

Washing machine on main floor was in use. 71 YOF was upstairs when she heard explosion. She found bi-fold door in front of washer was standing in hallway, top of washer blown off, sides were bent outward & there was hole in wall behind unit.


  • Date: 4/1/2020

Washing machine with one light blanket inside, was near end of cycle, when 23 YOF heard twice sound like explosion from machine in basement. She went downstairs & saw that top lid of unit was blasted off. There was water everywhere. She reported injury, she got no 1st aid.


  • Date: 4/27/2020

49 YOF consumer reports that she and her 13 YOM child heard a loud noise. They found that the washing machine was spinning violently and bumping into the wall and dryer. The unit was unplugged. The metal drum had detached. Metal and plastic bits ruined load inside.


  • Date: 6/8/2020

Caller stated that while in use the washer seemed to have been torn apart from the wall, the drum case lose & water flooded the first floor of his house. He stated that it looked like the washer had exploded internally. Caller stated that he was never notified of the recall.


  • Date: 7/22/2020

The Consumer reports that their washing machine continues to knock around and will not wash clothes.. The Consumer states that even small loads are showing error messages.

LG WT5101H

  • Date: 8/23/2020

52 YOF consumer reports that the washer is on recall for violently shaking. The unit now no longer even turns on.


  • Date: 10/25/2020

The Consumer stated that while washing a load of laundry, the drum inside came loose during the spin cycle and was hitting the housing sides and then made the top of the washer come off. He stated that since then it's incapable of doing spin cycles unless it’s on lower speeds


  • Date: 2/2/2021

Consumer's wife put load of clothes in machine & they left house. When they returned, he was told, that there was loud noise. He found, that washing machine was bent, inside it everything was busted & looked as if drum came off of track, unit's door can't be closed.


  • Date: 2/12/2021

The Consumer reported that their washing machine bounces around violently with minimal load with the motor squealing/grinding and there is burning smell present.


  • Date: 3/6/2021

46 YOF consumer reports that the washing machine did not recognize an unbalanced load and kept spinning. As it continued the drum detached from the unit and the machine jumped up and hit the laundry cabinet and dryer and was moving. Unsafe unit. Injury risk.


  • Date: 4/15/2021

Consumer reports that the washing machine is supposed to give a warning signal and then lock the door so that the door cannot be opened while it's running a cycle and there is water in the drum. The door can be opened and there is water leaking underneath.


  • Date: 4/27/2021

The Consumer reported that their top load washer model number is not included in the recall but it should be as they are experiencing the same issues as stated in the recall.


  • Date: 5/21/2021

The Consumer, 36, reported that according to technician, their top load washer safety function failed. The safety feature that doesn’t allow it to enter full spin mode when off balance, failed. So it busted/exploded through all sides of machine. She reported injury to self.


  • Date: 5/24/2021

Consumer reports that the washing machine shakes violently and moved three feet from it's original location damaging the sides, drum and loosening the top in the process. The machine had stopped but the cycle was not complete. This could have resulted in injury.

LG WaveForce WT5001CW

  • Date: 7/1/2021

The Consumer reported that their washer is excessively shaking. There was leaking from the bottom and the washer won't drain all the way. It also has rust.


  • Date: 7/20/2021

The Consumer stated that their top load washer began to shake violently to the point that it moved around hitting wall and sink.


  • Date: 7/22/2021

52 YOF consumer reports that the top load washing machine shakes violently and leaks water from the bottom as a result of the balance issue. The product has been recalled because the "true balance" function is defective. She has damaged wood floor and sheetrock.


  • Date: 7/28/2021

The Consumer reported that the glass [panel] in the door of their front-load washing machine imploded into the machine. The Consumer reported sustaining injury.


  • Date: 8/24/2021

Consumer reports that while the washing machine was in the spin cycle it began making a loud noise. Upon inspection they found that the weight had partially detached from the drum and the sheathing to the wires were worn through and could have been exposed. Unsafe product.

LG WT5101H

  • Date: 1/3/2022

The washing machine caught on fire while doing load of laundry. The consumer could see the flame and the house filled with black smoke. A repair person come look at it and found that its board basically burst into flames.


  • Date: 2/10/2022

43 YOF consumer's washing machine was on its final spin and drum broke loose from motor. It caused the unit to shake violently. The lid came apart, sides broke away and inside was thrown out. The wall was damaged. No injuries.

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