skil power-tools

Information about the problems and breakdowns of SKIL power tools that were reported from 1998 to 2021.

Common problems: electric shock, fire, turning on/off.

Faulty modules: fan.


1 safety recalls announced

Skil Hammer Drill Recalled by S-B Power Tool

  • Date: 10/6/1998

Recalling about 150 Skil model 6464 hammer drills. These drills are used for precision drilling into hard materials such as concrete and brick, as well as wood and metal. They have a black housing, and a red trigger and selector switch. These drills have a nameplate with "6464" on the side. The date codes 767 through 868 also are stamped on the nameplate, as well as the part number F012646400. A wiring problem presents the possibility of an electric shock or electrocution in these drills.

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4 issues reported

SKIL F012 2936 00

  • Date: 6/20/2013

Consumer reported that the battery charging unit for portable power drill overheated and caught fire inside the charging unit.

SKIL 7313

  • Date: 6/4/2014

The consumer stated that the belt sander spontaneously powered up and ran on its own with no operator in contact. It had been in use minutes before. It was resting, plugged into AC power, not running, belt down. It wouldn't turn off from the switch and had to be unplugged.

SKIL 2375

  • Date: 10/24/2017

52 YOM consumer has a battery drill with charger. Consumer put drill to charge and he noticed smell of burning rubber/plastic, traceable to the charger. No fire but housing on transformer shows signs of heat deformation. The drill and charger are now useless.

SKIL 7230

  • Date: 4/7/2021

The Consumer stated that his orbital hand sander 'liberated' part of the metal cooling fan mechanism that is internal to the tool. He stated that several fins are broken off, about a quarter of the disk itself is broken/missing, and a piece of external plastic shell is gone.

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