whirlpool dehumidifiers

Information about the problems and breakdowns of Whirlpool dehumidifiers that were reported from 2002 to 2021.

Common problems: burning, fire, overheating, smoke, sparks, vibration.

Faulty modules: motor, rack.


2 safety recalls announced

Two Million Dehumidifiers With Well-Known Brand Names Recalled Due to Fire and Burn Hazards

  • Date: 8/4/2021

This recall involves 25-, 30-, 35-, 45-, 50-, 60-, 65-, 70-, and 74-pint dehumidifiers with the brand names including AeonAir, Amana, ArcticAire (Danby), Classic (Danby / Home Hardware Stores), Commercial Cool, Danby, Danby Designer, Danby Premiere, De'Longhi, Edgestar, Friedrich, Generations (Danby), Haier, Honeywell (JMATEK / AirTek), Idylis, Ivation, perfect aire, SuperClima, Whirlpool, and Whynter.

Whirlpool Recalls Dehumidifiers

  • Date: 1/31/2002

Voluntarily recalling about 1.4 million dehumidifiers. The dehumidifiers can overheat, posing a fire hazard. The recalled dehumidifiers were sold under the Whirlpool, Kenmore and ComfortAire brand names. The dehumidifiers are white plastic, about 2-feet high and have a front-mounted water bucket. They have serial numbers that begin with QG, QH, QJ, QK or QL. Department and appliance stores nationwide sold the dehumidifiers from February 1997 through December 2001 for between $130 and $260.

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23 issues reported

Whirlpool AD65USL1

  • Date: 4/24/2011

Consumer reports that the dehumidifier stopped working. The consumer investigated and saw that the power cord of the unit had worn off all of its insulation and the copper wire inside was exposed. Consumer believes the vibrations of the unit wore down the cord.

Whirlpool AD50USR1

  • Date: 12/11/2011

Dehumidifier caught fire. Consumer was able to unplug it and removed it from home. Consumer believes that even though this product was not part of the recall, it seems to suffer from the same problem. .

Whirlpool AD65USM2

  • Date: 7/9/2012

Consumer reports that while the dehumidifier was on , he smelled an odor of smoke and discovered that the unit was emitting smoke, which had triggered his smoke detectors. He noticed that the capacitor had melted, which he believes prevented the unit from safely turning off.

Whirlpool AD50USL3

  • Date: 10/6/2012

Consumer reports that he noticed electrical burning odor when he went into basement. He took cover off of his 2 dehumidifiers & found that wiring on overload switch on both units was brittle & bare, & had shorted against metal rods. Other wires & terminal plugs were brittle.

Whirlpool AD65USM1

  • Date: 12/27/2012

consumer reported that while in use dehumidifier got real hot and smelled like electrical wires burning. unit is smoking with black stuff falling out of inside case. when consumer unplugged unit it was very hot.

Whirlpool AD40USR1

  • Date: 9/12/2013

Consumer reports that the dehumidifier was in use in the basement of the home when it produced smoke. Consumer and her 42 YOM husband went down to the basement, unplugged the unit, and removed it from the home. Conusmer considers it a fire hazard.

Whirlpool AD40USL1

  • Date: 9/19/2013

39 YOM noticed that dehumidifier was generating excessive heat. Unit was hot as well as basement room it was in. He tried using unit on lower setting & still it heated up. Unit was functioning as water bucket would fill. He stopped using unit due to overheating.

Whirlpool 1188927

  • Date: 10/26/2013

Consumer reported that their dehumidifier caught on fire. Fire caused over $80,000 damages to consumer's home & belongings.

Whirlpool AD75UST0

  • Date: 1/29/2014

Consumer reported that dehumidifier started to smell of smoke & electrical burning smell, then, the motor blew out smoke & shut down, never to be started.

Whirlpool AD40DSL1

  • Date: 10/27/2014

Every time consumer plugs in dehumidifier, it trips power circuit and consumer loses power to whatever room the dehumidifier is plugged into.

Whirlpool AD75UST

  • Date: 12/15/2014

The consumer stated that the dehumidifier caught on fire in his basement. The smoke alarm went off (at 1:30 a.m.). He put out most of the fire with a fire extinguisher and was able to keep the fire from spreading. It caused extensive smoke damage through the entire house.

Whirlpool AD25G0

  • Date: 5/19/2018

Consumer had to unplug the dehumidifier because the cord was really hot to the touch. Consumer noticed that unit was not operating correctly and unplugged it to move to another part of the finished basement and noticed how hot dehumidifier was.

Whirlpool WDH70EAPW

  • Date: 8/5/2021

The Consumer stated that the dehumidifier running and there was a pop and plastic shards began flying from the machine. There was black smoke. The shards were propelled in a general radius of 8 feet with some extending to 20 feet. The Consumer ran away and threw the breaker.

Whirlpool WDH70EAPW

  • Date: 8/6/2021

The Consumer responded to the recall on a brand of dehumidifiers and reported having one of the recalled models. The Consumer stated that they had to discontinue use of their dehumidifier as it started to run very hot. No incident reported.

Whirlpool WDH70EAPW

  • Date: 8/7/2021

The consumer stated, that the dehumidifier is overheating.

Whirlpool WDH70EAPW

  • Date: 8/8/2021

Consumer was using a dehumidifier and it started having a burning electrical smell. It started a year after purchase and it was past warranty. Consumer stopped using it. Consumer tried to use it again, but issue repeated. No injuries reported.

Whirlpool AD 40 USL1

  • Date: 6/22/2015

It is reported that when consumer plugged in the dehumidifier, it popped, started smoking & then caught on fire. All within a few seconds. No Injury.

Whirlpool AD50USS2

  • Date: 8/7/2019

Consumer reports that the dehumidifier caught on fire and started a fire in their home. The unit was engulfed in flames but the cord and outlet remain intact. There was subsequent water damage as t he fire burned through water lines.

Whirlpool 1188927

  • Date: 8/5/2021

The Consumer reported that they had a brand of dehumidifier that are now being recalled. The Consumer stated that it malfunctioned March 20 of 2020 and caused about 60,000 in damages with major smoke damage.

Whirlpool Gold Series AD50USR1

  • Date: 5/19/2015

The consumer state that he plugged the dehumidifier unit in and turned it on. Sparks shot out from the back. Also, there was a crackling noise. The consumer unplugged the unit and took it out side.

Whirlpool Gold Series AD50USR1

  • Date: 6/28/2016

Consumer reported that she heard snapping noise so she went downstairs to investigate. She discovered that there was sparking coming from bottom of dehumidifier (described like that of sparkler), she unplugged it & then took it outside.

Whirlpool Gold Series AD50USSl

  • Date: 8/1/2011

A 65 YOM noticed an odor coming from the workroom in the basement of his home & found the dehumidifier with smoke emitting from the vents & a humming sound from the unit. He disconnected the unit & smoke continued for several minutes. The unit was extremely hot.

Whirlpool AD65USM2

  • Date: 8/1/2011

Dehumidifier malfunctioned causing smoke conditions inside the structure.

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