whirlpool ranges-ovens

Information about the problems and breakdowns of Whirlpool ranges and ovens that were reported from 2004 to 2022.

Common problems: blowing up, burning, cleaning program, explosion, fire, gas odor, glass shattering, ignition, leaking, melting, noise, overheating, self-cleaning, sharp edges, short circuit, smell, smoke, sparks, turning on/off.

Faulty modules: buttons, control board, display, door, drawers, fan, gas igniter, glass, heating element, motor, rack, screen, sensor, temperature sensor, thermostat, timer, valve.


2 safety recalls announced

Whirlpool Recall of Cooking Products

  • Date: 8/26/2004

Name of product: Freestanding ranges, double ovens, and oven-microwave combinations. All of the appliances use faulty wiring, which can overheat, melt through the insulation and cause a short circuit. They may pose a shock hazard to consumers if the appliance is not properly grounded. The recall involves Whirlpool and KitchenAid brand freestanding ranges, double ovens, and oven-microwave combination products: Whirlpool GSC XR15 - XR25, RBD XR15 - XR25; KitchenAid KEHC KEMC XR15 - XR25 KERA2 KERI2 RR15 - RR25.

Whirlpool Recalls Glass Cooktops with Touch Controls Due to Burn and Fire Hazards

  • Date: 8/28/2019

This recall involves cooktops with a glass cooking surface, touch controls, radiant and downdraft radiant models sold under the Whirlpool, KitchenAid and JennAir brands with the following model numbers. They were manufactured from December 2016 through July 2019. Model numbers begin with: KCES950HSS, KCES950HBL, KCES956HSS, KCES956HBL, WCE97US0HS, WCE97US0HB, WCE97US6HS, WCE97US6HB, JEC4430HS, JEC4430HB, JEC4536HS, JEC4536HB, JEC4424HB, JED4430GB, JED4536GB, JED4430GS, JED4536GS.

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484 issues reported

Whirlpool MGC7536WS00

  • Date: 7/7/2016

The consumer stated that while using the gas cook top, one of the burner valves that wasn't being used started to smoke, spark and flames were shooting upward from under the valve knob. The electrical circuit for the lite function was shorting to the aluminum valve body.

Whirlpool WFC310S0ES

  • Date: 6/22/2018

63 YOF has electric range/oven. One of elements melted & fell into its well, causing range to get very hot. Tech came out, replaced element & consumer did not get this for free because of warranty. Another element is now hot. Rear element can't be used when oven is in use.

Whirlpool GLT3657RB05

  • Date: 4/3/2019

(48 YOM) While cooking dinner on the right bottom burner of the stove, the cooktop shattered with a big bang. This shattered the glass and it flew and landed around the stove. Glass was cracking for almost an hour. We closed the gas valve for safety reasons. [Gas Range]

Whirlpool AccuBake RBD305PDB12

  • Date: 11/27/2015

Consumer reports that her electric oven was having issues. The oven was in use for 15 minutes when it reset itself to self cleaning and automatically locked the door. Consumer had to flip the breaker to get the oven to turn off. It turned on again when the power was restored.

Whirlpool AccuBake RF378LXPB O

  • Date: 3/13/2013

A 37 YOF & her husband were in the kitchen when suddenly the entire front glass door of an electric range completely shattered & rained onto kitchen floor. The stove had not been used in at least 2 days. A piece of the glass door landed on her foot but no serious injuries.

Whirlpool AquaLift WEE730HODSO

  • Date: 11/15/2017

[56 YOF] 11/13/2017 Smooth top glass shattered on cooktop.

Whirlpool Gold Series WGG745S0FS02

  • Date: 1/1/2018

Consumer owns a gas range and noticed on numerous occasions the just lightly bumping the top burner knobs causes them to turn on without starting the igniters. Consumer could smell gas while standing there. The positive lock mechanism is extremely weak for this to happen.

Whirlpool Heritage Series

  • Date: 7/1/2013

The glass oven door of gas range exploded. It had been on about 30 minutes before to heat some pastries and had been turned off about 30 minutes. No one was in the kitchen when it exploded. No injuries.

Whirlpool IKEA IBS550PWW00

  • Date: 6/19/2017

The consumer stated that they ran self cleaning option on their electric wall oven and the house filled with smoke, the screen display went blank and the fans inside quit working..Everything around it got super hot. Post incident, the oven remains locked with no power.

Whirlpool IKEA ICR500XB00

  • Date: 10/26/2019

Consumer had two fire incidents related to items left on the glass cooktop and the cooktop turning on by itself. Consumer suspect unit is turning on by itself. Consumer indicated that this product as likely having a similar defect as current same brand recall.

Whirlpool GR563LXSS

  • Date: 4/23/2014

The consumer stated that while doing auto clean cycle on the oven, the middle oven door glass shattered into small pieces.

Whirlpool RBS305PDQ14

  • Date: 3/13/2011

Consumer's oven automatically changes from bake to self cleaning mode, locked the oven door & burnt the item being baked. They were able to stop the oven, cool it down & recover it from further damage. This happened several other times.

Whirlpool WDP150LVQ01

  • Date: 3/15/2011

While the electric oven was in use, the owner noticed smoke emitting from the unit & also noticed that the broiler was the element heating instead of lower element when the oven was set on the bake mode. Owner believes this unit is a fire hazard.

Whirlpool FG36ILVB2

  • Date: 4/25/2011

Consumer reports that the four porcelain-coated metal grates on burner tops of the gas range pose a safety hazard because of pans sliding off. Consumer says that there is no gritty texture or uneven shape or surface to keep the pans from sliding off.

Whirlpool WMH2175VT-2

  • Date: 4/29/2011

Consumer stated that while the burners of the gas range & the oven was in use for about 20 minutes, his daughter noticed that the plastic on microwave oven door was melting & hanging down. the heat from the stove had caused the microwave oven door to buckle & fit incorrectly

Whirlpool WFG114SVB

  • Date: 5/4/2011

Consumer reports that the gas range handle gets dangerously hot posing burn hazard to children and unsuspecting adults. Consumer says technicians have verified side wall temperatures in excess 130 degrees, causing a concern for damage or fire to the adjoining cabinets.

Whirlpool RBS305PDT12

  • Date: 5/12/2011

63 YOF reports that the oven was in use when it switched from cookine mode into cleaning the oven and locked and would not unlock. Consumer shut off oven using circuit breaker. whent the breaker was turned back on, the oven automatically started in cleaning mode.

Whirlpool SF216LXSQ2

  • Date: 5/19/2011

Consumer reports that the gas oven occasionally does not turn on and when it does turn on, it leaks gas. An F2 code is displayed on the panel. Repair man replaced some parts but did not fix the hazard. Range is not in use.

Whirlpool RDB245PDT12

  • Date: 5/29/2011

Consumer reports that the wall oven's top heating element turned on and would not turn off. Consumer could not control it from the front panel and had to turn the oven off at the circuit breaker. When breaker was turned on the oven would turn on as well.

Whirlpool RF388LX60

  • Date: 6/1/2011

Consumer reports the electric range was in use when it went into Clean mode after 20 minutes and almost burned the consumer's house down. Consumer called the fire department.

Whirlpool RBS305PDB14

  • Date: 6/15/2011

49YOF used her oven. Left side of display said LOC & word "locked". Door wouldn’t open. She pressed on the "Off" button but a minute or 2 later the broiler was on again. She forced door to open & tried to use the buttons to see if it would turn off with no success.

Whirlpool RSC3014LSO

  • Date: 7/1/2011

Consumer reports that the electric cooktop has started to overheat. Consumer says that it has charred the wooden cabinet that supports it and the heat has cracked the surrounding countertop.

Whirlpool GFE461LVB0

  • Date: 7/20/2011

Oven pre-heat cycle in the electric range will not turn off. the temperature beep went off. Food was placed into the oven, and a few minutes later, It was burned. Smoke filled the house and Smoke alarms went off. 46 yom sustained injuries.

Whirlpool SF315PEKQ0

  • Date: 7/26/2011

Consumer reports that the oven door on the gas range gets extremely hot to the point that it will burn someone if touched.

Whirlpool RF368LXPQ3

  • Date: 8/5/2011

A 34-YOM was awakened to smoke & fire alarms going off after he left a pot of water w/ravioli in it on the electric cooketop on high heat. A portion of the pot's copper bottom separated on the burner and the stove's wiring harness was melted. Taken to hosp w/smoke inhalation.

Whirlpool RF378LXMS

  • Date: 8/7/2011

When 46 YOM turned the oven of electric range in “on” position & he smelled the insulation on the wires burning and then smoke was coming out from the back. He turned the oven off and the short stopped..

Whirlpool RF364PXKW

  • Date: 8/24/2011

A residential fire that started in the kitchen involved a range. $12,000 in damages

Whirlpool WFG381LVB 1

  • Date: 9/2/2011

Owner states control knobs on gas range soften or weaken during heavy use of burners & oven.This reaches a point where the flow of gas cannot be controlled leading to boil overs & extremely hot oil.On occasion owner used pliers to shut off gas flow. Serious danger to children

Whirlpool WFG374LVS 2

  • Date: 9/5/2011

A 46 YOF report that the gas range immediately ignites & flames come up with inadvertent brush against the burner control knob.

Whirlpool WFG3811LVB1

  • Date: 9/6/2011

consumer reportes that Burner control knobs of the gas range "froze", unmovable, required pliers and strong arm to turn the flame off. All 5 burners became "frozen" whether operating or not. 3 of the 5 burners as well as the oven were in use.

Whirlpool RF395 LXEQ

  • Date: 9/8/2011

Consumer's electric range malfunctioned. Oven unexpectedly turned on &, apparently, entered cleaning cycle. This happened when oven & stove were turned off & no one was in room. Oven was locking & turning on at a very high temperature as if it was set on cleaning cycle.

Whirlpool RF302BXYN

  • Date: 9/13/2011

Fire appears to have originated inside the top of electrical range/oven. It appears the range had not been used for at least 12-14 hours prior to incident & no one was home when fire started. Range was plugged into live electrical outlet.

Whirlpool GFE461LVS

  • Date: 9/27/2011

Consumer reports that his 11-month-old son inserted his left ring finger in the gap between the door and storage drawer of the electric stove and suffered a second-degree burn.

Whirlpool WFG371LVB

  • Date: 10/5/2011

As one reaches over gas range to back burners control knobs can inadvertly turn slightly to on position & release gas into air but not far enough to ignite the burner. 72 YOM unknowingly bumped the knob on gas range as he went to bed & found house filled with gas in morning.

Whirlpool RF395LXED

  • Date: 10/6/2011

While cooking dinner electric range went ont self cleaning mode; ovn door locked & caused food inside to start on fire. Fire department was called, came in & extinguished small flame. Later, after stove was turned off, it went into self clean mode. Stove was disconnected.

Whirlpool GR399LAGB-2

  • Date: 10/12/2011

Owner report that while cooking, an electric range went into clean mode causing the food to burn. The repairman noted that the lock mode motor was burnt & had melted down to the next components. When owner tried to use again, it went into clean mode & would not shut off.

Whirlpool RF365PXK

  • Date: 11/13/2011

Consumer reports that when they backed away the electric range for cabinet and floor cleaning they noticed that the oven light socket on the back wall was burnt all the way around including the wiring.

Whirlpool RBD275PRB00

  • Date: 11/21/2011

A 39 YOF report that an electric oven glass door exploded with 3 people & a cat nearby. The oven was not in use or being touched at the time.

Whirlpool WFE361LVS

  • Date: 12/23/2011

Heating elements on electric range stopped functioning. It was unplugged & consumer looked for loose connevtion between power supply cord & terminal block. Ring connector was corroded & broke. Wirk insulation & correspnding attachment point on terminal block appeard charred.

Whirlpool AccuBake

  • Date: 12/24/2011

40 YOF decided to use the self-clean feature. The oven and control panel both shut off during the cycle. After oven cooled, the door was still locked and the control panel was still off. Consumer has oven that had a safety recall back in 2004.

Whirlpool GGE390LXS

  • Date: 12/31/2011

While cooking a chicken in double oven electric range, inner glass on lower oven exploded, shattering into oven.

Whirlpool RBS245PDB14

  • Date: 1/2/2012

consumer was using electric wall oven at 400 degrees & 5-8 minutes later kitchen was filled with smoke, oven got very hot & caused food to catch on fire. unit locked on its own & consumer was unable to open it & could not turn it off. consumer had to turn circuit breaker off

Whirlpool RF368LXMQ

  • Date: 1/16/2012

Stove has developed problem where burners, if turned on to setting, do not regulate temperature, instead they stay on at full power. This happens intermittently & unexpectedly. It ruined several pots & burned number of meals.

Whirlpool WFG114SWQ

  • Date: 1/17/2012

consumer was cooking pizza in the gas oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, when he noticed that the outside of the oven was so hot he could not touch it. he hasn't been injured seriously by product & his right hand was burned with no markings. no property damage.


  • Date: 1/20/2012

Consumer reports that they started having faulty ignition in the gas range oven on and off within a year of buying it. He says they now have their 81-year-old mother living with them and are concerned that the oven may not light, causing a potentially safety issue.

Whirlpool M# GLT3014GQO

  • Date: 1/24/2012

Consumer reported that while cooking, the glass cook top shattered to pieces with glass flying all over and even pieces hitting the ceiling.

Whirlpool RF361PXKT 2

  • Date: 1/24/2012

38 YOF reached inside electric oven to clean some grease; before she turned on the oven, her hand touched heating element & she got burned. She noticed knob turned off & light came on & off. Sometimes light stayed on without knob being turned on. She received first aid.

Whirlpool SF367LEHW

  • Date: 2/6/2012

Consumer reports that when the oven of the gas range is turned on at 350 degrees, within 20 minutes the temperature changes to a higher temperature and the control panel displays a PF code indicating power failure. Consumer says the failure happens intermittently.

Whirlpool RBD275PDT12

  • Date: 2/7/2012

Consumer was using built in, electric double oven & noticed that it burnt food. Attempts to turn oven off using electronic board were unsussessful. Oven continued to heat up to point that automatic lock engaged. Finally oven was turned off at circuit breaker.

Whirlpool GS470LEKQ0

  • Date: 2/7/2012

Consumer reports that on the bake setting on the gas oven allows gas to be emitted without ignition. The igniter does not work because the connection of the earth circuit section of the igniter was broken and the screw it was on was stripped and corroded.

Whirlpool RF378LXPB2

  • Date: 2/15/2012

Consumer reports that while in self clean cycle, the electric range began to beep, displaying some code. It would not turn off and even after unplugging, flames and black smoke continued. Entire control panel shorted out, scorched wall tile and damaged a microwave oven.

Whirlpool GR478LXPQ0

  • Date: 3/4/2012

Consumer couldn't cancel or adjust temperature or time setting on electric range. This is 4th or 5th time this has happened. Consumer had to turn off circuit breaker & eventually it cools down & works again. Consumer's daughter has built-ins oven & same happens to her too.

Whirlpool WFG371LVQ3

  • Date: 3/7/2012

Extreme heat comes out of oven vents on 35 YOF's gas range while she is baking & face of stove, where knobs are located, also heats to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When using one burner to heat kettle of water at the same time, temperature increases to 138 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whirlpool GBS307PRS01

  • Date: 3/21/2012

Consumer reports that a few minutes after the electric range oven was turned on to preheat, there was a blue spark, and the lower element started to melt, creating an intense flame. Now the lower element is melted, with bubbles of steel having dripped onto the lower oven.

Whirlpool WFG114SWQ

  • Date: 3/22/2012

Consumer was cooking pizza at 425 degrees in nonself-cleaning gas range when outside temparature of front panel & front sides reached 110 degrees. Touching one of these spots caused consumer pain for several hours. Seal around oven door was too thin.

Whirlpool GLT3057RB05

  • Date: 3/28/2012

Consumer stated that cast iron grates of gas stove top are not level thus causing pans to rock. Smaller pieces that extend out from outer edge toward center of quadrants are too small. A 5" diameter pan will tip over. Even a 6" pan is too small.

Whirlpool RBS245PDB10

  • Date: 4/4/2012

Consumer was baking a cake in a built-in oven. About 30 minutes into the cooking cycle, she heard the oven click & the oven door spontaneously lock into the auto clean cycle. The temperature in the oven kept rising & the cake caught fire. The fire department pulled the oven.

Whirlpool WFG371LVB

  • Date: 4/12/2012

Consumer reports that the knobs on the gas cooktop range turn on with slightest brush against them and the gas releases. Consumer says her husband came home and the whole house was filled with gas.

Whirlpool WFG374LVB 3

  • Date: 5/2/2012

67 YOF reports that the gas burner can be turned on just by bumping into the control knob. The gas is left on while the knob is not turned far enough to activate the igniter. Consumer states the resistance of the knob is too weak, and can easily be pushed in and turned.

Whirlpool RF388LXKQ

  • Date: 5/16/2012

Owner had placed the oven on bake 350 degree. However, it automatically switched over to broil at 500 degrees & was not able to power it off from the control panel. He had to switch it off from the circuit breaker. Whenever the breaker was turned back on, broiler came on.

Whirlpool GGG388LXS04

  • Date: 5/24/2012

67 YOM smelled gas & found gas pouring out of unlit burner while control knob was barely off OFF position. It took ADDITIONAL knob movement to reach LITE position & igniter initiation. When he contacted knob with clothing, this allowed gas to flow from unlit burner.

Whirlpool Gold Series GW395LEPSO1

  • Date: 5/25/2012

Consumer stated that after gas oven being on self-cleaning mode, oven shut off & display panel went dark. Oven wouldn't unlock even after 5 days. Also more than once, while oven is in use, temperature in it suddenly jumps up to extreme heat, even after thermostat was replaced

Whirlpool RF364PXKV

  • Date: 5/26/2012

A 45 YOF found the range's oven very hot & thought someone had left it on & turned it off. A couple of hours later owner found the unit burning hot even though it was turned off. Owner had to unplug it & states that the off button does not function.

Whirlpool RS610PXGW8

  • Date: 6/8/2012

Oven does not turns off. Bottom heating element comes on & never turns off during any cycle. 38 YOM had to turn breakers off to oven in order to turn it off. When he turned breakers back on, oven turned on by itself. Same thing happened to his neighbor who had same oven.

Whirlpool WFE361LVS

  • Date: 7/1/2012

Consumer stated that heard large "pop" behind electrical range with unit immediately appearing to lose power. Smoke was coming from underneath control area. Breaker for unit was in "tripped" position. Severe electrical & heat damage being observed at "red" terminal connection

Whirlpool Super Capacity 465

  • Date: 7/11/2012

consumer reported that While using the front left burner of electric range on the medium heat it began to glow red & smoke. She turned off the burner. She turned on ALL burners to medium heat and ALL burners began to glow red AND smoke. fire hazard.

Whirlpool GFG461LVS2

  • Date: 7/24/2012

67 YOF stated that had approximately 6 occurrences of accidentally turning on burner of gas range by brushing up against burner control knob. This occurred without awareness until ocupentes smelled gas fumes. These controls push in very easily & turn without resistant.

Whirlpool RF365PXXW1

  • Date: 8/14/2012

61 yof noticed that the bottom rim that holds the inside glass of the electric oven was corroding. she was cleaning the oven & cut her index finger of her left hand with the metal that had been corroding. consumer stated that she did not have to receive any medical assistance

Whirlpool WFG374LVQ2

  • Date: 8/17/2012

Consumer reports that the front placed ignition knobs on the range turn to the on position with the slightest touch and expel natural gas. She says many residents and management of their co-operative society have contacted the company regarding this safety issue to no avail.

Whirlpool WFG231LVS0

  • Date: 8/31/2012

37 YOF burned her finger on exterior of gas range oven door. Consumer reportst that exterior temperature is extremely hot & dangerous. 37 YOF received no first aid or medical attention. Company technician agree that exterior oven temperature was unreasonably hot.

Whirlpool Gold Series GJC3034HB4

  • Date: 11/19/2012

One of the cooktop elements quit working, & the hot warning indicator light didn't work on turning off any of the other elements. Found the connecting wires were too short, only almost touching the parts. At another point, tightly held wires caused insulation to melt & arcing

Whirlpool RBS305PDQ14

  • Date: 11/29/2012

while consumer's daughter was using an electric wall oven for bake, she noticed that mode went from bake to broil & door to oven locked. control panel was displaying "ERR" for error & oven caught on fire. fire department arrived but the fire had extinguished itself.

Whirlpool GW395LEPS05

  • Date: 11/29/2012

consumer turned on gas oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes & noticed that everything in oven was burning. he opened door to oven & excessive amount of hot air came out from unit. he pressed off button several times & it would not turn off. control board was replaced. no injury

Whirlpool GFG474LVS

  • Date: 12/18/2012

A 67 YOM reports that slight inadvertent brush against the gas burner control knobs may turn on the gas without ignition allowing gas to leak into the kitchen.


  • Date: 12/21/2012

87 YOM was using one of burners on top of stove on medium temperature. As he was approaching range, in his wheelchair, to check on food he was cooking, glass front on oven door exploded. Glass was strewn everywhere. He called fire department & they cleaned glass.

Whirlpool GW397LXUB05

  • Date: 12/28/2012

Consumer smelled gas around gas range & isolated it to stove on right side. Consumer traced leak & found that ove door spring on right side of stove was causing problem. Oven door rubs against gas tubing. It scratched 1-inch slice in tubing & put puncture in it.

Whirlpool WFG371LVB

  • Date: 12/29/2012

Consumer reports that when the control knobs on the gas range are lightly bumped, they allow gas to leak without the burner igniting. Sometimes the burner would ignite on a delay. Consumer considers the range to be a safety hazard.


  • Date: 1/4/2013

Consumer says she had something baking in the gas oven for about 15 minutes when suddenly the entire front glass panel shattered and was all over the kitchen floor.

Whirlpool RF375PXEN0

  • Date: 1/8/2013

Consumer reported that 15 minutes after she placed something to bake into oven of electric range, smoke detectors went off. She discovered that oven spontaneously turned on broil. She was unable to power it off & used circuit breaker to switch it off.

Whirlpool WFG510S0AS

  • Date: 1/13/2013

51 YOF noticed when using oven of gas range, it would click off & on. Recently she set oven to preheat & about 10 minutes later she could smell gas odor. She discovered that oven’s electronic ignition had not started oven. She, 10 YOM, 7 YOF & 31 MOF were injured, no 1st aid.

Whirlpool GGE388LXS02

  • Date: 1/20/2013

A 57-YOF says the "Cooktop On" and "Hot Surface" indicators on the electric range stove are not adequately noticeable. She says she burned the fingertips of her left hand from the cooktop that had been used earlier and was left on on low setting for several hours.

Whirlpool GBD309PVB03

  • Date: 1/23/2013

55 YOM has burned back of his wrists & hands on upper heating element located on upper oven compartment of double wall electric oven on three different occasions. It has no guard to protect from accidentally touching it when reaching in to adjust food. He received first aid.

Whirlpool WFE364LVB0

  • Date: 1/28/2013

35 YOF reports that 30 YOM turned electric range oven on broil & turned burner on. Burner didn’t come on. Oven was not hot. Plug and red wire on stove were completely burnt. Cord & outlet were fine. 3 MOM & 12 YOM were also present during incident.

Whirlpool RF395LXEQ

  • Date: 2/8/2013

Consumer says he turned off the electric range after use. Later heard a bang from it and found that the door had locked, the unit was hot displaying error code "E2 F3", and the broiler element was on and red hot. It did not go off from the off button and had to be unplugged.

Whirlpool WFE540HOAB

  • Date: 2/11/2013

Consumer reported she was standing in kitchen when she heard noise. She discovered that glass on electric range door was broken & falling to floor. Stove had not been on. Oven had been used before incident.

Whirlpool GFG474LVS

  • Date: 2/12/2013

Consumer reports that range gas knobs turn with very slight pressure and have turned on the gas without ignition on several occasions. After checking gas knobs, setvice technician advised consumer that the gas knobs were working as designed.

Whirlpool WFG510SOASO

  • Date: 2/13/2013

Consumer says he and his wife have accidentally leaned against this new gas range and the burner quickly ignited to a high flame within inches of them. A technician installing an over-the-range microwave oven leaned against the range setting off a front burner on high flame.

Whirlpool GJC3034

  • Date: 2/22/2013

Consumer was wiping off electric range & saw flames 8-9 inches tall. All the burners were flaming. She ran downstairs and tripped circuit breaker. When she returned there were no more flames just red smoke. Fire Department unplugged range & removed it from the house.

Whirlpool GGG388LXS

  • Date: 4/1/2013

Consumer reported that gas double oven was professionally installed. Consumer stated that oven was in self-cleaning cycle in upper oven when glass in lower oven door exploded.

Whirlpool WFG374LVS

  • Date: 4/4/2013

The submitter reports that the gas ranges installed at a housing cooperative under appliance replacement program have defective knobs. They become too easily engaged by lightly being brushed against, releasing gas while not lighting the flame. Multiple complaints from members

Whirlpool RF364PXPQ1

  • Date: 4/9/2013

The electric range caught on fire. The cause was the power cord to stove terminal block. An aluminum strap is used to connect power cord to stove wiring. The strap overheats & causes plastic block to melt & wiring catches fire.

Whirlpool WFG524SLAW0

  • Date: 4/17/2013

The glass on the inside of the door of 9 month old gas range shattered. Consumer had baked chicken at 375 degrees and had turned the oven off approximately 10 minutes prior to the glass shattering.

Whirlpool GW395LEPS05

  • Date: 4/30/2013

The consumer was baking pizza in the oven on 425 degs and as she opened the oven door, a loud pop sounded then the oven door glass exploded out the bottom and sides of the door. The front glass was cracked but intact, and one or more of the inside glass plates were shattered.

Whirlpool Super Capacity 465 RF385PXE

  • Date: 5/21/2013

Consumer set electric range oven to cook, placed dish in it & set time. Consumer heard click sound & saw self clean message on oven. Consumer hit canel, but saw red glow from broul element & had to turn off circuit breaker. Incident repeated itself after breaker was back on.

Whirlpool GS563LXSS

  • Date: 6/10/2013

Consumer stated that the gas range has a design flaw which has been causing to range to stay on when it is powered off. In order to prevent this it has to be turned the opposite direction. It is designed to power on as if you were powering it off. Fire hazard.

Whirlpool Gold Series GGE388LX5

  • Date: 6/10/2013

New stove was installed by retailer employees without the required anti-tip bracket. After the installation consumer could easily pull the stove over. Installers said they had neither training nor tools to install bracket. He had someone else install the bracket.

Whirlpool RS675PXV

  • Date: 6/19/2013

The electric range/oven door's outer glass shattered for no apparent reason. Consumers have not used the oven for at least a week or two and woke up to find a hole on the glass panel and shattered glass on the floor in front of it. No injuries.

Whirlpool GW399LXUS06

  • Date: 6/28/2013

The 66-YOM consumer reports that during normal use, the sharp edges of his gas range door cuts fingers and fingernails. He reports himself sustaining injury.

Whirlpool RBS305PDB17

  • Date: 7/12/2013

36 YOF reported that approximately two years ago inside glass of built in wall electric oven exploded when oven was in use. Consumer stated that recently it did it again. Consumer had oven on 375 & was baking lasagna when heard it shattered.

Whirlpool AccuBake GR563LXSB 1

  • Date: 7/24/2013

Consumer reported that oven door of electric range shattered. Consumer stated that oven had not been used in two or three days & has never run cleaning cycle. No one was home when incident occurred & no injuries were sustained.

Whirlpool WFG524SLAB

  • Date: 7/25/2013

It is extremely easy to accidentally turn on the gas of the oven/stove by bumping the knobs. The gas has been on at least twice from bumping it over 2 months time.

Whirlpool WFG510S0AW1

  • Date: 8/6/2013

Consumer stated that knobs on gas range oven are oversized. The whole house was filled with gas. She was woken up by her dog. She opened windows & turned on ceiling fan to let gas escape. She put smaller knobs from previous range onto this range, but incidents still occur.

Whirlpool RBS 305PRS00

  • Date: 9/5/2013

Consumer stated that their wall oven locked itself and started a clean cycle during a bake cycle at 350 deg. His wife smelled smoke caused by the extreme heat. They finally got it to open and started the bake cycle again, and it locked and started the clean cycle twice more.

Whirlpool AccuBake GFG471LVQ 2

  • Date: 9/10/2013

All knobs on front of gas range turn easily. Three different times knobs were turned on without 54 YOF's knowledge & created fire. In one of the cases gas was on for probably two hours without her knowing before knob clicked.

Whirlpool GFG461LVQ

  • Date: 9/25/2013

Consumer stated that the knobs on her gas range will turn part way on if something lightly brushes up against them, releasing gas into the room but not lighting the stove. Among other times, this happened when she was leaving home and came back to a house full of smoke.

Whirlpool WGF231LVQO

  • Date: 10/19/2013

32 YOF reported that oven door of her stove shattered. Stove is about three years old.

Whirlpool XFE540H0AE

  • Date: 10/18/2013

The 42-year-old consumer stated that she was cooking cupcakes in her 10 months old range and the interior glass shattered for no apparent reason. The consumer reported being injured.

Whirlpool WFG540H0AS

  • Date: 10/23/2013

The consumer stated that she was cooking a pie in her brand new gas range oven when the glass on the door suddenly shattered by itself. The glass fell down the door and onto the floor. It also got stuck between the door, preventing her from being able to open or close it.

Whirlpool AccuBake WFG510S0AW1

  • Date: 10/29/2013

Consumer stated that slight tap or bump to this gas stove knobs can turn them enough to allow gas to flow. Knob turns slightly but not enough for igniter switch to come on. Gas leakage caused by knobs moving has happened numerous times.

Whirlpool WFE540H0AH

  • Date: 10/30/2013

The consumer reports that this electric range has a plastic spacer on the oven door that melts and the glass in the door has separated. The consumer says this has happened two times in 10 months and poses a danger of the glass shattering and cutting someone.

Whirlpool WFG51050AW

  • Date: 11/7/2013

Consumer reported that oven of gas range would not light on several occasions. Once, room was so full of gas that consumer called fire department. Consumer stated that oven starter was replaced under warranty but past few weeks again oven would light only sporadically.

Whirlpool WFE524CLAS0

  • Date: 11/10/2013

Consumer preheated the oven on the electric range to 400 degrees and the inner glass panel shattered. The range is 7 months old.

Whirlpool XFG51050AX 0

  • Date: 11/18/2013

78 YOF clarifies that knobs to turn on burners on electric range work too easily, as when she reaches over range such as when cleaning backstop, stirring on back burner, or cleaning cupboard door overhead, motion of her tummy against burners turns them on.

Whirlpool RF265LXTB

  • Date: 11/20/2013

The consumer stated that the outer glass on the oven door shattered when opened. The consumer stated that the oven was not in use at the time. The glass just shattered when the door was opened.

Whirlpool WFE540H0AS

  • Date: 11/22/2013

Consumer put cake to bake in pre-heated to 400F degree oven of electric range. Not even 5 minutes later she saw oven window was so bright that she open door & there was fire on left side bottom. She turned off power & used fire extinguisher to get fire off.

Whirlpool RF265LXTS 2

  • Date: 12/2/2013

I have a free standing range and the oven door exploded for no reason. I was baking a pumkin pie when this occurred and had the oven set at 350 degrees.

Whirlpool WFG51050AW

  • Date: 12/6/2013

The submitter says that the burner knobs on this natural gas cook stove use a very weak spring mechanism to keep the burner knob from accidentally being turned and thus igniting the burner. On 3 occasions his mother reached up over or beside the stove, and the unit was lit.

Whirlpool GBD307PDB09

  • Date: 12/7/2013

While consumer was baking a pizza in the oven, she heard a noise, and later a loud cracking noise and noted the door glass on the inside of the oven had cracked. She opened the door and a large glass shard fell into the space between the inner & outer glass on the oven door.

Whirlpool GR448LXPB0

  • Date: 12/17/2013

Consumer stated that he had cooked a roast at 350 degrees. The timer went off after the roast was done. The consumer attempted to shut the timer off but it keeps beeping. He attempted to shut the oven off, it would not respond. He was forced to pulled the unit from the wall.

Whirlpool Super Capacity 465

  • Date: 12/20/2013

The consumer reports that the glass in the oven door spontaneously shattered. The oven was not in use at the time, nor had it been used in the past 24 hours. The gas was not on. It was not hot. There was nothing in it or near it. It is old but in good shape.

Whirlpool Super Capacity 465

  • Date: 1/16/2014

My 7 year old woke us up to tell us there was glass all over the kitchen floor; the stove glass exploded over the night; it was fine at midnight, but shattered by 7 am.

Whirlpool RS610PXGW11

  • Date: 2/4/2014

A kitchen stove suddenly had the glass door explode during a normal cooking operation. There were no injuries.(other than soiled clothing).

Whirlpool AccuBake

  • Date: 2/14/2014

I had cleaned oven via self cleaning system. When it was complete and cool I opened to see how clean it was and the inner glass door cracked.

Whirlpool WFC150MLAW

  • Date: 2/24/2014

The inner oven glass window of a free-standing oven range shattered during normal use. While the owner was preparing the food to put in the oven, he heard a loud bang & crash. He turned from the counter & could see that the interior tempered glass had shattered.

Whirlpool RBS275PRQ00

  • Date: 2/25/2014

My front door to my oven started to shatter. On the day of the incident, I had used my oven to cook sweet potatoes at 425 during the middle of the day and during the evening I had cooked dinner which I was cooking several different things in a two to three hour period.

Whirlpool WFE540H0AX0

  • Date: 3/15/2014

The consumer stated that the inside door glass of the electric range oven shattered for no reason. She stated that she was baking at 425 degrees, like she had many times, when her son and she heard a very loud pop and a shatter.

Whirlpool AccuBake

  • Date: 3/22/2014

Twice in the last month, 50 YOM has bent over the stove to reach into the upper cabinet and unintentionally hit the knob on the range causing gas to leak out without the igniter firing. It wasn't noticed until a strong smell of gas filled the house.

Whirlpool WFE510S0AS0

  • Date: 3/24/2014

Electric range oven was set at 350 for about 30 minutes. Consumer's husband then increased temperature to 375 and put a frozen dinner in oven. About 25 minutes later, they heard loud "pop." He saw that glass on inside of oven door had exploded all over oven door & dinner.

Whirlpool GFE461LVSO

  • Date: 4/8/2014

A 55-YOF says their electric range oven overheats and can burn/ignite contents within. It doesn't maintain the heat it is set to. Sometimes it goes to only 250 and others to over 500. It may read okay but within minutes it can jump to over 500. Injury to self reported.

Whirlpool GR470LXMB 0

  • Date: 4/28/2014

Caller & his wife were baking bread. The oven had just completed the preheat stage, the caller placed bread in the oven to bake. Later the caller smelled smoke; noticed that it was from the electric range. He found that the broiler had also come on & was causing burning.

Whirlpool GW397LXB06

  • Date: 4/30/2014

Consumer states that the gas oven shelves do not rest level at any position as they slide out & tilt down if not pulled all the way out. A 64 YOF suffered burn to her hand when the oven shelves, set at 400 degrees, tilted down allowing roaster pan to slide forward.

Whirlpool WFG710H0AS

  • Date: 5/5/2014

Consumer heated gas range oven to 450 degrees. Consumer was also cooking on stove & needed to get lid out of storage drawer. Consumer actually dropped lid because it was as hot as oven, and it should not have been. Flame can be seen when looking in drawer.

Whirlpool WOS51ED0AB00

  • Date: 5/13/2014

Inner electric oven glass door shattered while it was on clean mode, approximately 2 hours later. Small shards fell inside oven & some fell onto the floor. Consumer feels that her electric oven is a safety hazard.

Whirlpool WFG510S0AS0

  • Date: 5/13/2014

Consumer has had an issue with gas range since she moved into her home. The stove comes on if the knobs are lightly touched or if someone brushes against them.

Whirlpool Gold Series

  • Date: 5/16/2014

Gas range repeatedly 'runs away' and oven burner stays on, burning food and in one case starting a fire in oven. In latest incident oven was set to 200 degrees and it overheated to point where it sent remote digital thermometer off range.

Whirlpool RF263LXTQ 3

  • Date: 5/18/2014

The consumer stated that the electric stove sparks in the back while cooking and continued when turned off.

Whirlpool GBD307

  • Date: 6/3/2014

Consumer was baking in oven when it beeped one time, & then flashed error code L2F3. He tried to open oven door & couldn't. He saw that broiler element was red hot. He had to turn breaker off to turn oven off. Once he flipped breaker back on, broiler element came on again.

Whirlpool WFG231LVS0

  • Date: 6/12/2014

The consumer stated that if the stove knobs are brushed against while walking by or reaching up above it, gas is released without the clicking sound to alarm. She came home to a house full of gas one time. Her mother has the same model with the same problem.

Whirlpool WGG755S

  • Date: 6/16/2014

Gas range was being pre-heated for 30 seconds when consumer noticed flames in bottom of oven. She cooked on lower oven previously & contents spilled. She cleaned it, but later noticed flames. She powered range off, but flames persisted. She used baking soda to contain flames.

Whirlpool WFG231LVS0

  • Date: 7/7/2014

The 41-YOM consumer stated that the gas range door gets extremely hot to the touch from the outside almost since they bought it brand new several years ago. He reported injury to himself. He stated that if the oven door is touched while it's on, it can cause a major burn.

Whirlpool WFG5105

  • Date: 7/16/2014

A 66 YOM reports that natural gas released from gas range.

Whirlpool GR445LXMS

  • Date: 7/21/2014

Consumer's wife turned auto clean on for [electric range] oven. Two hours into cleaning, outer glass shattered.

Whirlpool WFG520S0AB0

  • Date: 7/22/2014

When you stand too close to gas range, the gas will come on. You don't realize it until you smell the gas throughout the house. This happens frequently. There doesn't appear to be any type of safety device to prevent this. My 84 years old dad has no sense of smell.

Whirlpool RBS245PDB1 8

  • Date: 7/24/2014

Wife was baking cookies. On its own, the oven went into auto-clean mode. Oven door locked and the oven temperature went very high. Cookies burned and smoke poured out of oven. Potential house fire could have resulted if breaker was not manually turned off.

Whirlpool RBS305PDQ10

  • Date: 7/29/2014

Consumer put electric oven in self-clean mode. Door wouldn't unlock. Technician got door opened. Consumer was cooking pizza with oven set to 425F. He heard beeping sound. Oven went into cleaning mode from bake mode. Door was locked. Pizza caught on fire.

Whirlpool 1BD650PXS00

  • Date: 8/11/2014

After a year's use, the oven overheated during a self-clean cycle and set off the smoke detector just past midnight and would not shut off. Two service calls have not repaired the product, as both motherboards and transformers melted.

Whirlpool W5CG3024XS01

  • Date: 8/15/2014

The submitter reports that while inspecting a brand new home, he discovered that the grates of the 4-burner gas cooktop do not fit securely in the indentions on the cooktop. The grates easily slide off the rim/edge of the cooktop which could cause a serious injury.

Whirlpool WOC54EC7AB01

  • Date: 8/16/2014

When lower oven of microwave/ electric oven combination was turned on to 450, the whole unit became very hot. The bottom of the microwave was hot to touch without being used. Metal on side of oven was hot enough to burn a hand. Buttons/controls were hot.

Whirlpool WFG520S0AW!

  • Date: 8/27/2014

The consumer stated that someone leaned over the gas range stove and accidentally pushed in the knobs. This happened again later on. The consumer is concerned that the knobs even when touched lightly will come on causing gas to escape.

Whirlpool XFE361LVD

  • Date: 9/20/2014

A 32 YOF reports that an electric oven safety glass shattered while no one was near it and it was not in use and has not been used in a couple days.

Whirlpool WFE361LVD0

  • Date: 9/30/2014

The consumer stated that she was baking squash in the electric range oven at 350 degrees and her daughter leaned on the oven door for a minute when both the layers of the glass shattered.

Whirlpool Super Capacity 465

  • Date: 10/10/2014

Oven door shattered. 13 YOM was in kitchen & reached up to turn on timer on electric range oven, which was off & hasn't been used for several days, & outer door shattered into tiny pieces all over his feet. He wasn't injured.

Whirlpool WOS51EC0A500

  • Date: 10/14/2014

The consumer stated that they were cleaning the wall oven when the glass door exploded. The glass shattered everywhere.

Whirlpool KERS507XSS02

  • Date: 10/16/2014

The consumer stated that the right side elements on the range turned on by themselves and caused fire (paper plates were left on the range the previous night). The consumer was awakened by the smoke detector and he was able to disconnect the range and extinguish the fire.

Whirlpool Gold Series

  • Date: 10/30/2014

A 44 YOF reports that 3 layers of glass on the oven door exploded while baking cookies at 350.

Whirlpool RF364PXPQ1

  • Date: 10/30/2014

I recently discovered that the "hot surface indicator" light, located in the electric cooktop surface, was no longer working. I removed the cooktop surface & found that the indicator lamp assembly has been discontinued by company & there is no other replacement available.

Whirlpool GFG471LVS2

  • Date: 11/3/2014

The gas oven (range) caught fire while in self-cleaning mode. They sent a technician who said that there was a fire in the oven. There was 'no one injured. The house filled with smoke and we are left with black soot everywhere and a non-working range.

Whirlpool GFE461LVB

  • Date: 11/10/2014

The consumer stated that the oven continues to heat after it has reached the set temperature. He stated that the broiler element stays on (which should not be on) until the oven shuts off and "Fault Detected" appears on the display.

Whirlpool RF 378LXPB 2

  • Date: 12/6/2014

The consumer used the electric range oven at 350 and turned it off. The food had been taken out. There was nothing on the stove top area and suddenly a piece of the first range the size of a 50 cent piece popped out and went to the burner behind it shattering it.

Whirlpool WO93EC0AS01

  • Date: 12/17/2014

55 YOF stated that double oven overheated & melted cabinet drawer & she received laceration to hand from vent at bottom area of unit, no 1st aid received. She noticed sharp vent after it was installed & melting of drawer two months ago, while she was cleaning it.

Whirlpool WFG381LVQ 1

  • Date: 12/26/2014

53 YOF was warming up gas oven when smoke with electrical smell began pouring out from oven & range top. When she opened oven door, there were flames shooting up from underneath. She turned off oven & doused flames with water. Daughter unplugged gas range, & smoke stopped.

Whirlpool WFE361LVS0

  • Date: 1/7/2015

Consumer reported about electric range. When large heating element at right front of range set at low to simmer or cook slowly it will not remain at set temperature, it keeps rising & remaining as hot as it can become. The element can be turned off & but not disconnected.

Whirlpool RBS305PD16

  • Date: 1/22/2015

Consumer placed electric oven on auto clean & noticed that contents above cabinet melted. Control panel stopped working & there was error code. Control panel was replaced, but it did not resolve issue. Thermal fuse was tested and it failed.

Whirlpool WOD51ECOASO1

  • Date: 1/27/2015

Electric oven, used 1st time on self cleaning cycle. the glass in the door shattered after about 45 minutes into a 3 hour cycle. It was the inner glass, but it sprayed glass out of the bottom into the room. Consumer assumes that glass was defective or stressed from heat.

Whirlpool AccuBake RBD275PRB00

  • Date: 1/28/2015

Consumer reported circuit board failure of double wall oven. There is no display, no error codes & power is on but consumer doesn't know if it baking or not.

Whirlpool WRS325FNAMOO

  • Date: 2/21/2015

Consumer reported that gas range turns on by itself at times. Oven makes a combustible huge kick noise & smells like gas constantly. Consumer stated that knobs are made badly where if somebody just leans, it would turn them on easily.

Whirlpool WFG231LVQ

  • Date: 3/3/2015

37yof Consumer reported that the door to her Gas Stove exploded when the stove was not in use. The door's glass completely shattered and exploded all over the kitchen and dining room. No Injury.

Whirlpool WFG114SWQ1

  • Date: 3/11/2015

Submitter reports a gas range which he feels poses a fire hazard. The submitter's tenant used the right front burner & when tried to turn the knob to the "off" position the knob would not move. The knob seemed stuck or locked. The burner was on high heat level.

Whirlpool WFE720H0AS

  • Date: 3/28/2015

Electric range oven got extremely hot & burnt pizza while it was in oven less than 10 minutes. Oven stopped working & smoke billowed out of oven. Smoke alarms went off. Consumer stated that five months after unit was repaired similar incident occurred again.

Whirlpool W0S51EC0AS

  • Date: 3/31/2015

The consumer stated that the inner glass on their wall-mounted oven exploded while it was in cleaning mode.

Whirlpool W0C54EC0AS01

  • Date: 4/20/2015

Consumer reports on 2 occasions under normal use of electric oven/ Microwave wall unit at 425-550 degrees temperatures, my pet birds are dead. The oven liner is disintegrating & I have had a persistent cough. Third incident they rushed the bird to an emergency vet.

Whirlpool WODECOAS0251

  • Date: 4/28/2015

Consumer stated that inner glass on the top electric double oven door exploded while the unit was in clean cycle. Consumer stated that glass exploded about 2.5 hours into the clean cycle. Consumer stated that her wood flooring in the kitchen where hot glass fell has melted.

Whirlpool WOS51EC0AS02

  • Date: 5/22/2015

69 YOF was using self cleaning feature on electric oven when oven door shattered and glass went everywhere. 69 YOF was injured, but received no first aid or medical attention.

Whirlpool WCC31430AR

  • Date: 7/10/2015

The 32-YO consumer stated that after while cooking corn in a large pot of boiling water on the electric cooktop, she touched the cooktop surface and it had heated so much that she received 2nd degree burns on her two fingers and the cooktop itself started warping.

Whirlpool RBD275PDQ12

  • Date: 7/17/2015

The double oven turned on by itself and stayed on for 5 days continuously. The consumers discovered the house was hot and had a burnt smell. None of the controls worked - it wouldn't turn off, except by the breaker. A technician found a burnt element and a bad control panel.

Whirlpool XFC51050AXO

  • Date: 7/21/2015

Caller stated that she is having problems with her range. The burner does not ignite immediately when it is turned on, which causes gas to escape. The paint on the stove had started to peel. The rubber seal for the oven had melted. Caller feels that the range is unsafe.

Whirlpool WFG540H0AS1

  • Date: 7/28/2015

So much heat emanates from the gas range while cooking with the oven that the microwave hood fan comes on automatically. The entire oven door and the stove knobs become very hot. The 42-YO reported injury to herself. Her mom, 72, leaned against the oven and burned both legs.

Whirlpool WOD51EC0AS02

  • Date: 8/24/2015

During first time use of the self-cleaning feature on the double wall oven, the consumers heard a loud boom and glass shattering. The oven started making very loud noises. They saw that the inner glass on the top oven had blown and the inside of the oven looked burned.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BS

  • Date: 8/25/2015

64 YOF reported that she purchased gas range & while she use it for first time to bake chicken in oven, oven glass door got so hot that somebody could be burned. She stated that there is no warning of any kind about hot door.

Whirlpool GBS307PRS01

  • Date: 9/12/2015

The consumer stated that the center pane of glass in the door of their wall-mount electric oven shattered while the home was unoccupied for a week or so.

Whirlpool AccuBake GFG471LVB1

  • Date: 9/29/2015

A 35 YOF reports the glass front door on gas range exploded. The oven was not had not been used in over 18 hours. The door had been serviced because of extreme humidity build up between the inside glass panel and the outside glass panel.

Whirlpool RF367LXSY

  • Date: 10/30/2015

A 66 YOM reports that he was up late & power went off & then back on, total time power off about 1 second. Enough time to cause electric clocks to have to be reset. Stove went into pre-heat mode by itself. Countdown timer on & stove element came on.

Whirlpool GFG461LVS 1

  • Date: 11/4/2015

Gas range burners do not turn on or off after 45 minutes of oven use since installtation. Once a breeze blew out a burner that was set in low setting & owner had to turn it off at the gas pipe. Technician replaced 2 gas valves under warranty & 2 at owner's cost to no avail.

Whirlpool GFG461LVS 1

  • Date: 11/6/2015

When oven is turned on for 45 minutes or longer consumer can't turn burners on or off. Two burner valves of gas range were changed but problem persist. 59 YOM stated that once burner was on low & breeze blew it out, they smelled gas & he had to run to basement to turn off gas

Whirlpool TBD5500PRS00

  • Date: 11/9/2015

The bottom oven door on my double oven just shattered (into thousands of tiny pieces) spontaneously.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BS

  • Date: 11/11/2015

The consumer stated that when using the gas range oven, the oven door and handle get so hot that if anyone touched it, they would burn their hands. Her 1-YO daughter palmed both her hands onto the door and quickly realized it was hot and started to cry. Injury reported.

Whirlpool WFG720H0AS

  • Date: 12/29/2015

The consumer stated that this gas range has a burner that has a very low flame. On several occasions the flame has gone out on its own. When this happens, the gas does not shut off and continues to flow into the air. Also if it goes out, one may not remember the burner was on

Whirlpool RY160LXTB02

  • Date: 1/5/2016

Racks of electric range oven do not grip or stop at front edge. 80 YOM was pulling rack out to take pot out when pot slid out and fell. He received minor burn on his left wrist and forearm. He received no first aid or medical treatment.


  • Date: 1/20/2016

37 YOF was baking muffins with 2 small children when glass door to [gas range] oven exploded, littering kitchen and part of next room in broken glass.

Whirlpool WFG374LVQ

  • Date: 2/11/2016

64 YOF consumer's gas range with oven emits gas when someone leans on the knobs. The knobs do not turn off and the range does not ignite. This is unnoticeable until someone smells gas.

Whirlpool AquaLift Gold Series WEG730H0DS0

  • Date: 2/25/2016

Gas range exploded while 39 YOF was using burner & turned it down low & started broiler. Range blew over foot away from wall, knobs blew off & it blew trim off of cabinets. She was injured & didn’t receive 1st aid. In replaced range broiler will ignited & then flame goes out.

Whirlpool WFG510S0AB1

  • Date: 2/29/2016

Consumer reported that oven of gas range turned on by itself but it didn't ignite, releasing gas in his home. Technician installed new igniter & circuit board & unit worked properly for some time. Recently he turned oven on & it wouldn't ignite. He had to manually ignite it.

Whirlpool WOD93ECOAS02

  • Date: 3/3/2016

Consumer used wall oven cleaning feature when there was loud boom and inner glass from upper oven shattered and locked door while making noise. Breaker had to be used to turn unit off. Consumer waited 30 minutes. Now oven won't turn on.

Whirlpool G7CE3034XB00

  • Date: 3/20/2016

The consumer stated that the small burners on the [electric] cooktop work [from] opposite [controls] - the left control turns on the right rear [burner] and the right rear control turns on the left front [burner].

Whirlpool W10200947D

  • Date: 3/27/2016

The consumer stated that WHILE his wife was cooking a ham at 400 degree F, THEY heard a loud pop and saw that the tempered glass on the inside of the [gas range]oven had shattered and was all over the inside of the oven and on the floor.

Whirlpool W5CG3625XS00

  • Date: 4/1/2016

Consumer indicates that the cooktop had been used. Several hours later she noticed that the igniter to the left & back burner was on because of the ticking noise coming from it. The consumer unplugged & plugged the unit back & the same ticking noise from the same burner came.

Whirlpool WFG5155S0ET0

  • Date: 4/14/2016

A gas range in a home was reason behind abnormally high carbon monoxide readings. When range was turned on, there was immediate release of carbon monoxide. FD responded. Owners removed tin foil from the bottom, & range still spiked carbon monoxide when turned on.

Whirlpool WSE510S0AW0

  • Date: 4/21/2016

While consumer was preheating a oven, the middle tempered glass shattered. Consumer reported that the oven was used few times a week.

Whirlpool WOS51EC04S02

  • Date: 4/29/2016

I was preheating the oven to 425 degrees when I heard a loud sound. I came back into the kitchen & there was hot glass all over the floor. The oven door glass had exploded. The glass was hot with some sharp pieces. A 31 YOF suffered injury; no medical attention needed.

Whirlpool WGE555S0BS02

  • Date: 6/9/2016

A 67 YOM consumer reported that the oven handles' ends are very sharp & have cut his hands on two occasions. He said stainless steel trim protrudes slightly beyond the handle assembly & is razor sharp. He said clothing also catches on sharp edges & is torn as a result.

Whirlpool GFG471LVS3

  • Date: 6/14/2016

Gas oven & range had been used evening before & all burners & oven were in off position. The beeping of alarm woke up family & range top, including knobs in the front, were hot to the touch. Oven & all burners were in off position. FD found increased CO Level. No injuries.

Whirlpool WFE515S0EWD

  • Date: 7/3/2016

[Electric range] oven had ben on at 350 degrees. The oven had been turned off for over an hour when the outside glass door exploded. Glass went all over the kitchen and even onto the table.

Whirlpool WFG231LVQ1

  • Date: 7/3/2016

The consumer stated that the glass door on her oven exploded. It was not in use at the time and had no damage to it. The consumer stated that she was standing in front of it and heard a cracking noise and instantly it exploded all over her kitchen hitting their legs and dogs.

Whirlpool WFE540H0ES

  • Date: 7/6/2016

36 YOF consumer's range oven door glass pane has shattered. It happened almost immediately after baking food. Some of the glass fell into storage drawer and some on the floor.


  • Date: 7/14/2016

Middle glass on oven door shattered while oven was not in use. Glass fell down between other windows in door to floor. Outer & inside windows were still intact.

Whirlpool RBS305PRS00

  • Date: 7/26/2016

47 YOF consumer was cooking a casserole at 400 degrees. In the last five minutes of the 40 minute cook time, she opened the oven to add an additional ingredient. When consumer did, the entire inside glass panel shattered into hundreds of pieces.

Whirlpool WFE510S0AW

  • Date: 7/26/2016

The oven was not being used at the time of the incident. We heard a loud sound & upon entering the kitchen we discovered that the front panel of glass of the oven door had shattered. Pieces of glass were on the floor. The two inner panels of glass were intact.

Whirlpool WFG54OHOESO

  • Date: 8/4/2016

Gas controls are on front of range/oven & they are too sensitive. If someone is reaching above stove or next to it & gently brushes gas knobs, they turn on & flame up. 68 YOM reported that it happened many times. He stated that this can set flammable clothing on fire.

Whirlpool WCG51USODB

  • Date: 8/18/2016

Consumer's gas cooktop has two-piece grates on flames. Mounting design is defective. When heavy pot or pan is placed on it, if moved a bit, grate slips off mounting dimples. Consumer's 55YOF wife got burned arm when grate slipped off flame. Consumer states this is dangerous.

Whirlpool WFE540H0AS

  • Date: 8/22/2016

My wife was baking, when we heard a loud noise and the electric range's glass door had exploded and broke.

Whirlpool WFG510S0AW 0

  • Date: 9/15/2016

Accidentally bumped into a knob on gas oven/range, with my leg. Smelled natural gas. One of the burner knobs on the range turned very slightly, at first glance the position of the knob didn't appear to be turned on. Gas coming out of burner. Oven's ignitor malfunctions, also.

Whirlpool AccuBake 456

  • Date: 9/29/2016

Consumer purchased gas oven system. Has daughter and her 3 YOM living with her. Oven will shut off and spew gas. Her husband is convinced it is a defect. Licensed appliance workers have replaced parts - still happens. Contacted company. Consumer wants replacement or $ back.

Whirlpool WOS51ECOAQ03

  • Date: 10/18/2016

Consumer tried to set oven's clock but it did not keep correct time. He came home & saw soot all over house & cabinet around oven was partly burned & charred. Problem occurred near controller, which is located on upper oven, which caused burning to cabinets & soot damage.

Whirlpool WFG540H0ES0

  • Date: 10/21/2016

I recently purchased a stove. My son was reaching over to stove to the microwave when he leaned against the stove & the stove turned on. The controls are way too sensitive & could have caused a serious accident. This stove is a safety hazard.

Whirlpool WFG540HES0

  • Date: 10/24/2016

I purchased gas range & began noticing gas odor occasionally. Two center knobs could be opened to allow gas to escape without pushing the knob. These 2 knobs could be move by a brush against the stove, a light touch, which allowed gas to escape.

Whirlpool WFE515S0ES0

  • Date: 10/25/2016

The consumer stated that when the large burner on their glass top range is used for a period of time (15 to 20 minutes) the front edge and entire right side of the cook top gets extremely hot - hot enough to burn someone. Mfr said this is normal and that's how the unit works

Whirlpool WOD93EC0AS02

  • Date: 10/31/2016

The consumer stated that while using the self-clean feature on his electric double wall oven for the first time and approximately one hour into the cycle, the inner glass panel on the oven door shattered. The consumer stated that he followed all manufacturer instructions.


  • Date: 11/7/2016

The consumer stated that the grates on her 4-burner gas stovetop were not secured and would slip when turning or sliding pans. She stated that one tipped forward with a full hot pressure canner on it. The canner was caught and did not result in injury.

Whirlpool GR563LXSB

  • Date: 11/11/2016

The consumer stated that whe was using the range normally when it seemed to overheat and shut down and the breaker flipped. She reset it several times and it kept flipping. A couple of months later, she ran the self-clean feature and the same thing happened again.

Whirlpool GR563LXSB

  • Date: 11/14/2016

The consumer stated that her range often shuts down and shuts off the breaker. This happened numerous times, but after a short while she could flip the switch and turn it back on. Latest, she turned on the oven clean and once it got too hot it flipped the breaker switch again

Whirlpool RF368LXPQ2

  • Date: 11/14/2016

Consumer was trying to use the oven however it kept tripping the circuit breaker. The consumer placed insulation between the electrical wiring & the metal panel & the unit is working properly so far. The consumer believes that the removable metal panels are too close.

Whirlpool WOD97ES0E5

  • Date: 11/30/2016

Double Oven's interior oven glass exploded & sent shattered glass throughout upper & lower oven & out onto kitchen floor. There had been no scratching of glass, or bumping it. The self-clean feature had never been engaged. Glass is in the frame of both doors.

Whirlpool WFE540HOAS0

  • Date: 11/28/2016

The consumer stated that while heating food, small fire broke out in the electric range oven. She used baking soda to smother the blaze. She later realized that the oven was no longer heating from the bottom, only the top element was working.

Whirlpool WFG515S0ES

  • Date: 12/26/2016

72 YOM consumer smelled gas which originated from gas range. It could have ignited. The dial was past off, but not ignite. Consumer's wife inadvertently turned on burner fully when she leaned to reach for something. Consumer feels that this range is a fire and safety hazard.

Whirlpool MMW7530WDW01

  • Date: 1/30/2017

Consumer purchased a micro/oven combination. Consumer used the self-cleaning mode. Suddenly, minutes later, the outer oven door glass exploded. Consumer could not buy replacement glass and got runaround from the company to order replacements.

Whirlpool WOS51ECOAS03

  • Date: 2/18/2017

Consumer reports that the interior glass of the electric oven shattered while it was in self clean mode. He states that the self clean mode was being used for the first time. The oven had been in the self clean mode for an hour before the glass broke.

Whirlpool RBS305PDQ16

  • Date: 2/17/2017

Consumer stated that the bottom trim on the built-In oven is unfinished and razor-sharp. This trim lacerated 10 MOM causing scar & medical treatment in ED (more than 12 stitches).

Whirlpool WOS51EC0AB

  • Date: 2/19/2017

The consumer stated that while her wall oven was 1 1/2 hours into the cleaning cycle, the glass in the inside window just shattered. Small little shards fell through the bottom of the oven. The consumer stated that the oven was otherwise in perfect condition.

Whirlpool WFE515SOESO

  • Date: 2/21/2017

I was installing a new electric range. I was removing plastic film that protects new product, and was severely cut by the inside edge of the warming drawer. The whole inside edge of this drawer is knife sharp.

Whirlpool WFE710HAOASO

  • Date: 3/3/2017

Our electric range is a safety hazard. The range was new in our home. We reported an oven fire due to the lower heating element bursting into flames. I quickly turned off the oven & the electricity from the circuit breaker. The heating elements do not regulate properly.

Whirlpool WFG530S0EB0

  • Date: 3/9/2017

Knobs on the gas range are easily turned on by bumping them lightly. Gas then fills consumer's kitchen and house because of unawareness of a knob being turned on. Consumer states this is a design flaw and may result in explosion. Manufacturer is not doing anything for this.

Whirlpool WFE510S0AS0

  • Date: 3/14/2017

I had preheated my oven. It had just beeped alerting that preheat was complete. I opened the door, placed a cookie sheet with meat inside & closed the door. In a minute, the inside glass panel of my oven had shattered all over the inside of the oven with loud explosion noise.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BW

  • Date: 4/19/2017

Gas range door, control knobs, stove top, & backsplash got extremely hot to touch when unit was in use. When consumer's elderly mother started to use oven, she felt that she almost got burned by knobs as well as oven door. Temperature on stove top registered over 140°F.

Whirlpool WFG530sOES

  • Date: 4/26/2017

Consumer came home & smelled gas. Consumer reached into cabinet above range before leaving for work. Consumer stated that front handle of range doesn’t protect from pushing in knobs & turning on gas if someone leans against stove. This happened several times.


  • Date: 5/1/2017

Consumer had faulty gas range/oven. After using broiler several times, control panel was damaged. Tech came out & replaced panel. Shortly after warranty, oven wouldn't light & gas would smell. Control panel, oven sensor, harness, convection fan & gas regulator were damaged.

Whirlpool WFE361LVB 1

  • Date: 5/23/2017

Consumer smelled something burning while electric stove was in use. Food was not getting very warm. Consumer's husband pulled stove out & they heard pop & smoke started coming from stove. It sparked 2nd time & tripped breaker. Range cord shorted & caught fire.

Whirlpool WOS51EC0AS02

  • Date: 6/5/2017

My son grabbed the side of my oven and sliced 2 fingers open. After looking at it there is unfinished metal on the of the oven door

Whirlpool WFG710H0AH 0

  • Date: 6/2/2017

I've had had problems with this Gas range since I bought it. The oven won't light unless you manually light it with a match & even then it will go out & leak gas. Manufacturer tried to fix the problem about 3 or 4 times, & after few months experienced the same problem.


  • Date: 6/2/2017

The clean oven indicated was touched accidently and unknowingly while setting the clock. Later, the smoke alarm went off and the apartment was filled with smoke. The smoke on the front of the range for the surface burners turn on when a human body leaning them.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BB0

  • Date: 7/1/2017

Front of oven, especially glass, becomes extremely hot to touch during use. 34 YOF was injured and received no first aid or medical attention.

Whirlpool WOD51EC0AS02

  • Date: 7/10/2017

[39 YOF] I ran the self cleaning option on top oven for 1st time & followed all instructions. About 2 hours into cleaning, the inner glass of oven shattered & glass went everywhere. The self cleaning did not stop on it's own. I stopped the cleaning & cleaned up all glass.

Whirlpool WEG745HOF S

  • Date: 7/22/2017

Igniter for gas range burner rusted away & does not stop sparking, even though knobs or controls are in off position. 69 YOM & 70 YOF suffered electric shocks from stove. They received no first aid. Unplugging stove to reset control does not solve problem.

Whirlpool WEG730H0DSO

  • Date: 9/9/2017

The consumer stated that the front right burner on the gas range never really lit properly. She noticed the smell of gas. The was emitting gas but was not making the clicking noise that it should. The knob turns to where gas is emitted by just wiping the front of the stove.

Whirlpool WFG505M0BS0

  • Date: 9/12/2017

The consumer stated that when using the oven on the gas range, the ventilation duct heats the back panel of the range (which has electronic controls) to a very hot temperature. It measured 152 deg F in numerous locations as well as 194 deg F in another location.

Whirlpool WG1925C0BS

  • Date: 9/19/2017

The electric range top started changing the burner settings. 61 YOF would turn it down & it would go to the highest setting. Technician stated it is design flaw because computer control module is placed between ovens & stovetop which the heat burns up computer & destroys it.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BW2

  • Date: 9/27/2017

Consumer purchased and tested an oven/range. Consumer heated it to 385". The door was so hot it had a potential to burn a hand in fraction of a second. Consumer states that a child could easily get hurt and as a result it is a safety hazard. No injuries reported.

Whirlpool WFC310S0EW

  • Date: 10/16/2017

Electric range overheated while in use. Consumer reported that when you have one burner on the whole top of stove is extremely hot. 64 YOF had left front burner on only & other front burner was so hot you couldn't put your hand on it. 64 YOF sustained injury due to accident.

Whirlpool W10318553

  • Date: 11/17/2017

Consumer noticed shiny metal particles & paint emanated on food after placing bacon in oven. She stated that she must have ingested particles when she cooked other things in oven. She sought doctor's advice about it. Convection fan of unit seems to be blowing particles.

Whirlpool WFG540H0ES

  • Date: 12/4/2017

Consumer stated that knobs on gas range turn on too easily. About month ago her husband leaned onto unit to use microwave which is over range & didn't realize that he had touched knobs. Later on she smelled gas & discovered that one of dials was in on position.

Whirlpool WFG715H0ES0

  • Date: 12/7/2017

Consumer has a gas range. The knobs turn just by brushing against them, there is no safety valve. No pushing necessary. Also, the handle of the oven becomes too hot to touch while using the oven and opening the door.

Whirlpool WFE510S0AS0

  • Date: 12/11/2017

The consumer stated that just as the clean cycle was ending on their [electric] range, they heard a loud POP. He found that the left two burners no longer worked. He found that one of the main feed wires to the burners had burned through and shorted to the range metal frame.

Whirlpool WEG745HOFSO

  • Date: 12/12/2017

The consumer stated that the control knobs on her gas range top turn easily on without being pushed down. She stated that many times when cleaning around the knobs or if her brushed by a knob, it turns on. A little later she would smell gas.

Whirlpool WFE371LVB

  • Date: 1/2/2018

35 YOF reported that recently the glass on the oven door of the electric range shattered. She indicated that they were getting ready to cook dinner & her husband leaned over to turn the oven on & the oven door exploded & shattered in a million pieces on the floor.

Whirlpool WFG515S0EW

  • Date: 1/20/2018

Even on low, the gas range power burner are too high to be able to stir the pot that is on the burner. The flames are extremely hot. Also the grates over the burners, has a cross over it, instead of solid bars. On an incident, my wrist & forearm started stinging like sunburn.

Whirlpool WMH32519FS

  • Date: 2/7/2018

Consumer is reporting his electric range for 2nd time for same type of incidents. Range is turning on & consumer is unable to turn it off. A tech said power outages & surges may be messing with timer in range & causing control panels disruption & possibly burners are acting.

Whirlpool WCG97USODSOO

  • Date: 4/17/2018

Consumer's gas cooktop can inadvertently be turned on (without the igniter lighting it) just by cleaning/wiping the oven knob area. It happened twice & both times someone smelled gas & turned it off. Consumer said the 2nd time it occurred consumer & his wife were at home.

Whirlpool WFE320M0EW

  • Date: 5/1/2018

Consumer had an electric range. Its power cord was not properly installed and anti-tip bracket was absent. Consumer got answer from the store that they do not install anti-tip bracket. White tag was not removed upon installation. Consumer got runaround from store management.

Whirlpool WGG745S0FS02

  • Date: 5/7/2018

We have a major concern with our double oven. If the control knobs are slightly bumped they turn on. It does not click or give any notice that it has been turned on and gas fills the house, until you smell it. This has happened 4 times. This is a huge safety issue.

Whirlpool GBD307PRS01

  • Date: 5/31/2018

Consumer reported that they had oven on wall in rental property which suddenly exploded while female tenant was cooking cake. She got scratches by the flying glasses, she got 1st aid by non-medical professional.

Whirlpool W5CG3024XW01

  • Date: 6/8/2018

I was boiling a pot of noodles on the front burner. I stirred the pot, & the gentle force of pushing the spoon through the water was enough to push the surface cooking grate forward, causing it to slip down into the burner area. It fell to the floor, dumping boiling water.

Whirlpool XFE540H0AS 0

  • Date: 6/15/2018

Right front burner of electric range began intermittently getting excessively hot. Recently burner doesn't shut off at any temp setting. 35 YOM can set burner to low & it never shuts off until he turns switch off. It happens whether using one or both burners on dual burner.

Whirlpool WFG515S0E20

  • Date: 6/19/2018

Female consumer began to feel suicidal when she was cooking on a gas stove. She called emergency and it was found that kitchen had 49% of carbon monoxide. She was taken to hospital and was given oxygen therapy and was released. Gas was turned off and stove was unusable.

Whirlpool XFE301LVB

  • Date: 6/22/2018

Caller took the back of the [electric] stove off to change the plug. When she opened the back of the stove all of the wires were melted. Caller is concerned that a fire could have started if she did not open the back of her stove. Caller believes this product is a fire hazard

Whirlpool W10406473A

  • Date: 7/10/2018

A range off-gassed toxic chemical on first few uses. Consumer states chemical can kill animals & cause burning of lungs. and that people with breathing issues are especially prone. Consumer states that chemical comes from lubricant applied to new units.

Whirlpool Gold Series WFG715H0ES0

  • Date: 7/13/2018

42 YOF consumer reports that her gas range emits carbon monoxide whenever the oven is used. Consumer states that manufacturer's test for CO was different from consumer's. Consumer and family feel nauseated and drowsy while using the oven. She states this is a safety hazard.

Whirlpool WGG745SOFS02

  • Date: 7/26/2018

Gas range locks that require burner knob to be pushed inward prior to turning on do not work effectively. Gas has been turned on by people walking past stove brushing against it. There have been several occasions we did not notice knob had been turned until we smelled gas.

Whirlpool 465 RF361PXKQ

  • Date: 7/31/2018

69 YOF consumer set an electric range oven to 350" to preheat. Lower element stayed bright red and caught fire, sparking and popping. Oven was turned off, but element did not cool. Breaker had to be shut off to turn off range. Consumer states this is a fire hazard.

Whirlpool WFG505MOBS

  • Date: 7/31/2018

The first day I used the gas range, I noticed that oven door & handle was extremely hot. I contacted manufacturer. A tech serviced the range, but problem continued. Manufacture's rep stated product is operating as designed & handle can get as hot as 200 degrees.

Whirlpool RBS275PDB17

  • Date: 8/1/2018

Female consumer put food inside a 350" preheated oven. She noticed burn odor, but the door would not open. When she tugged on the door, the outer glass shattered to pieces and went everywhere in the kitchen. No injuries. Control panel showed "PF3" error code.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BS0

  • Date: 8/7/2018

Gas range oven/stove exploded while it was off. Glass from its front window exploded, & flew about 10' out. It hit 11 MOM. He was injured, no 1st aid received. Consumer stated glass did not completely shatter like it was supposed to as there were many large shards of glass.

Whirlpool RF385PXBZ1

  • Date: 8/24/2018

Consumer had an oven. A screw holding the door together was not there. Consumer took off the other one and when door was separated, front of door exploded. Glass was over kitchen and door disintegrated. No one was injured. Consumer implies this is a major safety hazard.

Whirlpool WFG510S0AS2

  • Date: 9/6/2018

63 YOF consumer has a gas range. The knobs are very easily turned on, by merely brushing against them, namely when reaching for cabinets above. Consumer almost burned herself several times. Consumer implies that this is a safety hazard.

Whirlpool RF263LXTS

  • Date: 9/12/2018

Female consumer has an electric range. Elements on to get very hot when put on low. Tech replaced components but problem got worse. Consumer can only cook on two. Oven also started to get dangerous. Consumer feels this is a safety hazard and needs to be recalled.

Whirlpool GR478LXPS

  • Date: 9/17/2018

Range outer oven door glass exploded while being gently cleaned. While glass did 'pebble' there were many shards & abundance of glass 'dust' made up of fine glass shards. 58 YOM received 3 small cuts to hands, he got 1st aid. Oven was not on.

Whirlpool WOD51ECOAB00

  • Date: 9/19/2018

Consumer's double oven turns itself on and off intermittently. While in use, oven turns off for no reason and panel goes dark. After a minute or two, panel comes back on and oven changes from cooking to preheating. Techs could do nothing. There is no recall for this unit.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BS3

  • Date: 10/9/2018

Consumer's 2 YOM son burned his hand on oven door. It is not clear if the oven was in use, but a tech stated that this door is ok for use. Consumer states this is not an isolated incident. Consumer thinks this is a design flaw and poses burn hazard.

Whirlpool WGG745S0FS

  • Date: 10/29/2018

Smell of Natural Gas in building. FD isolated the source to gas stove knob in a condo unit. Several other residents have experienced stove knobs getting bumped while cleaning the stove or using microwave & knob inadvertently being turned on slightly resulting in gas flowing.

Whirlpool WFE270H0AS

  • Date: 11/5/2018

72 YOF turned oven on & within one minute inside of oven was engulfed in flames coming from bottom vents. She turned oven off & also switched its circuit breaker. She opened oven door & sued wet towels to help flames subside, process which took approximately five minutes.

Whirlpool WFC310S0EW

  • Date: 11/15/2018

Consumer indicates that his stage left burner has been overheating. When cooking on Medium, the consumer notes that the burner turns red hot, at times ruining the food content. The consumer has not noticed this behavior from the remaining three burners.

Whirlpool Gold Series WOS92ECOASO2

  • Date: 12/13/2018

69 YOF consumer put her oven on #2 cleaning cycle for first time. An hour into cycle, she heard a loud boom and found glass all over the kitchen shattered from the oven door. No one was injured, but consumer left kitchen a short while ago. She implies this is a safety hazard.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BB2

  • Date: 12/24/2018

The consumer stated that when they used the oven on the gas range for the first time after purchase, all the outside surfaces got extremely hot including the knobs to the burners and the oven door handle.

Whirlpool WEG 750H0HZ0

  • Date: 12/29/2018

Consumer got a gas stove. Consumer states that the knobs for operating the gas jets for burner are too easy to be turned on. Consumer's friend accidentally turned gas on and consumer woke up to smell of gas in the house.

Whirlpool WFG505M0BSo

  • Date: 12/31/2018

The consumer indicated that the glass door of the gas range oven exploded and shattered during use. She reported that pieces of glass were spreading from kitchen all the way to the living and dining rooms.

Whirlpool WOC75EC0HS00

  • Date: 1/3/2019

Upon using oven of combination wall oven/microwave for 1st time, approximately one hour into self-clean (medium) cycle, glass inside oven door shattered & blew out from beneath oven door all over kitchen floor. Microwave seems to work, but dim light flashes.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BS3

  • Date: 1/13/2019

Consumer indicated that they were baking at 350° when handle of oven door of gas range broke loose on one side. As they tried to open door, they heard explosive noise. Front glass panel of oven door shattered & blew out. They turned off oven.

Whirlpool WOC54EC7HB

  • Date: 2/15/2019

The consumer stated that the oven was turned off about 8:30PM 2/14/19, as indicated by return to clock indicator on the control panel and at 6:30AM 2/15/19 IT WAS warm and still on. Could not get the control panel to turn it off. Had to turn it off at the breaker.

Whirlpool WFG510S0HS0

  • Date: 3/4/2019

69 YOM was boiling water on one side of range & on other he was cooking tomato paste. He placed right hand on middle portion of range & had to remove it because unit was hot & he burned hand, he didn't get 1st aid. Also oven emits burning plastic smell when it's on.

Whirlpool WFG745H0FS1

  • Date: 3/9/2019

A 67 YOF reports that her gas range knobs are easily turned on, a slight push begins the gas flow but the igniters don't click in. One time she came home after 45+ minutes and the house was full of gas. She suffered an unspecified injury, no first aid or medical attention.

Whirlpool WFC310S0ES1

  • Date: 3/16/2019

Consumer reports that when the large bottom left burner of the electric stove-top is set to the middle setting, it will suddenly become as hot as the high setting. It will not cool down even when reduced to a low setting. Consumer has to turn the burner off completely.

Whirlpool WFG530S0ES0

  • Date: 3/21/2019

31 YOF consumer's oven released gas and carbon monoxide for last 3 months. Technician detected presence of carbon monoxide. Consumer implies this is a big health hazard.

Whirlpool Gold Series SuperCapacity 465 GR396LXGQ

  • Date: 3/24/2019

58 YOF used the gas oven at home and then turned it off. She left the home and the oven turned on by itself. She came back to find her home filled with smoke and a chemical smell. The coils were red and the oven was in self cleaning mode. She turned off the breaker.

Whirlpool WFG114SWQ1

  • Date: 3/26/2019

Consumer states that tempered glass covering the door to gas oven spontaneously shattered when consumer was closing the oven door. The oven was heated to 425".

Whirlpool WCE97US0HB00

  • Date: 4/9/2019

Consumer's wife was home when cooktop malfunctioned. It started this after a power outage and unit was not in use at the time. The heating element got very hot. Safety lock out device was on. There was another outage and element got extremely hot. Consumer returned cooktop.

Whirlpool WFE51650ES0

  • Date: 4/9/2019

82 YOM pointed out that in past the right front burner of the range has been changing going from a low or medium flame setting to a high flame setting on its own, at times burning his food. Recently he noticed that the left front burner did same thing as well.

Whirlpool WGG745S0FS02

  • Date: 4/15/2019

68 YOM- Gas range stovetop burner knobs. Just bumping against knob with your body, just reaching for the over the microwave will turn on a burner not every time but it has numerous times. There is a stop in knob in off position but it takes very little pressure to turn it on

Whirlpool WCE97US0HS

  • Date: 5/3/2019

64 YOM reported that electric cooktop came on all by itself, even with the lock option on. He pointed out that it could have started a fire if something were on the cooktop like an oven mitt.

Whirlpool WOD97ES0ES02

  • Date: 5/13/2019

76 YOM reports that his wife was using the oven at home. 20 minutes after she had placed food inside the oven, the inner glass shattered. A piece of glass struck his wife's leg but she was wearing pants and was not injured. The outer and middle glass layers were still intact.

Whirlpool WFE510S0AS-0

  • Date: 6/25/2019

While cooking consumer noticed that right front burner of Electric stove wasn't responding to controls, it was going to full power when he had it set at simmer. Stove was repaired. Recently he was cooking & left front burner went to highest setting. He turned everything off.

Whirlpool WFE320M0EW

  • Date: 7/8/2019

Consumer reports concern about the temperature of the oven when it's in use on the door and the flat top surface - it read as 150 degrees after checking it. Consumer is concerned how hot it would get on the outside if they broiled instead of baked.

Whirlpool WOS51EC0HS01

  • Date: 7/16/2019

During installation of wall oven contractor cut thumb on bottom of it d/t deflector was made of stainless steel & it had razor-sharp edge across width of oven. He got 1st aid. New piece that was proposed to be installed by manufacturer had same sharp edges.

Whirlpool WFG540H0ES1

  • Date: 7/17/2019

Consumer reports that the gas range oven was in use when the glass on the door exploded inside itself and shatterd glass was on the bottom of the door.

Whirlpool WOS51EC0AS02

  • Date: 8/8/2019

Consumer reports that their 11 MOM son pushed against the back edge of the oven door for leverage as he was in a walker and cut his finger badly. He was taken to the emergency room and will lose the tip of his finger of the sharpness of the oven door.

Whirlpool WFG320MOBW2

  • Date: 8/8/2019

Consumer reports that the glass oven door at home becomes extremely hot during use. A technician inspected the oven and told the consumer that the high temperatures were abnormal. The oven was not repaired.

Whirlpool WFG05M0B93

  • Date: 8/30/2019

Consumer indicated that gas range has light bulb at front top of oven without shield. When putting something into oven & it touches bulb, bulb could break. While cooking roast, it touched bulb & bulb exploded into food. Consumer had to discard food.


  • Date: 8/29/2019

Cosnumer reports that the gas stovetop can turn on by itself. They received an email saying to turn it off at the breaker, but they were already aware of the problem.

Whirlpool WEE510S0FS2

  • Date: 8/30/2019

Stove caught on fire. 28 YOF left for 30 minutes & came back to smoky apartment. She had pizza box on stove. She didn't used stove or oven that day, so she didn’t leave anything on. Box burned. Fire was out by time she returned. It destroyed stove top, microwave & cabinets.

Whirlpool WCE97US6HB

  • Date: 9/1/2019

The consumer, 41, reported that their glass top stove turned on by itself. The stove became melted. She had pans on the stove and got burned.

Whirlpool WP ELEC RNG

  • Date: 9/3/2019

69 YOF consumer purchased an electric cooktop. One of the burners, when on medium, went to high. She had to turn off burner and set it to medium a while later, but it would go on high again. Consumer burned food when she noticed this the first time.

Whirlpool WFE320M0ES0

  • Date: 9/7/2019

The consumer reported that the electric range cook top burner turned on while the oven was on.

Whirlpool WCE97US6HB00

  • Date: 9/8/2019

48 YOF reports that after a power outage, she found that the electric range at home had turned itself on. Consumer used the off button to turn it off. After another power flicker, the right rear warming element had turned on. She used the off button again to turn it off.

Whirlpool WFG540HOES1

  • Date: 9/11/2019

71 YOF has inadvertently turned on a gas range at home at least 6 times. This causes the range to emit gas without a flame. This occurs when the front knobs are brushed up against. Consumer noticed a gas smell.

Whirlpool WFG720H0AS 0

  • Date: 9/13/2019

Stove has electronic gas flow control, burner spark control, oven control that has been malfunctioning as result of control panel showing fractures. House has periodically revealed strong smell of gas leaking. Consumer disconnected plug that powers up control panel.

Whirlpool WFE320M0EB0

  • Date: 9/14/2019

Consumer reports that the right front burner on the electric range at home malfunctioned. The burner was turned on at the low setting and went up to the very high setting by itself. It produced sparks which burned the consumer's skin and the consumer's 25 YOF daughter's skin.

Whirlpool WGE745CFE

  • Date: 9/15/2019

Stove top, while in off position & had not been used, one of eyes was glowing red & caught fire. It turned itself on, all knobs were in off position. Counter was damaged as well as pot sitting on it. 32 YOF indicate she, 4 YOF, 5 YOF 36 YOF & 46 YOM were involved in incident.

Whirlpool WFC310S0ES0

  • Date: 9/24/2019

Consumer reports the stove, in their home, has a burner that overheats. Consumer notes one morning, while cooking and using the burner, it was placed on a low setting. The temp. rose to highest temp. and continued to do so on further use.

Whirlpool WEE510S0FW2

  • Date: 10/1/2019

Consumer reports that the touchscreen control panel on the stove is easily accessible to animals and children. The controls can be turned on by the consumer's cat walking on it. Consumer walked into the kitchen at home and saw that the burner was on.

Whirlpool WFE320MOESO

  • Date: 10/2/2019

Consumer reports that a plastic salt shaker melted on an electric oven that was in preheat mode at home. She placed her hand approximately 4" over the range top surface and it was extremely hot. She cleaned the oven and tried it again and it was still hot.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BS

  • Date: 10/4/2019

36 YOF realized the outside of the gas range at home gets hot to the touch. The display was also hot. The right side of the stove near the vent was especially hot. Consumer is concerned that 11 month old child could be injured by the stove.

Whirlpool MGT8800FZ00

  • Date: 10/15/2019

44 YOM indicated that knobs of oven range are sensitive as even brushing against them will ignite burners, or emit gas from them. Numerous times he & family have been alerted of this by smell of gas, flames, or clicking of knobs when gas emits without igniting.

Whirlpool WFE710HOAH

  • Date: 11/14/2019

65 YOM and 57 YOF report that their glass top electric range was warm in the morning at home. Consumer later noticed that there was no power on the oven clock before he went to bed. He checked the fuse box and the breaker was tripped.

Whirlpool WFE550S0HZ

  • Date: 11/25/2019

Consumer reports that the electric range at home started a clean cycle on its own. Consumer returned home and found that the range was hot. The cycle could not be stopped and consumer had to flip the breaker. When the breaker was turned back on, the stove controls were blank.

Whirlpool WFE320M0ES1

  • Date: 12/2/2019

The consumer, 48, stated that while cleaning her electric range oven, her finger was sliced open by a sheet of metal that is tucked underneath the stove top and above the oven handle.

Whirlpool WGG745SOFH02

  • Date: 12/27/2019

68 YOM reports that when the burner controls on the gas range at home are leaned against, they can turn on the burners. This can allow gas to come out of an unlit burner. Consumer smelled gas and shut off the burner. This has occurred multiple times.

Whirlpool W3CG3014XB

  • Date: 1/14/2020

Cooktop grates are very slippery. They slide off their places easily when consumer washes cooktop or just wipes off it at edges & around knobs. When cooking, pot or pan slides all over place, leaving pot with hot grease, boiling water or food to slide easy off cooktop.

Whirlpool WEG750H0HZ

  • Date: 1/19/2020

34 YOF consumer states that her gas range has a touchscreen panel. It works well and stays on lock mode while cleaning it, but an upward swipe unlocks it and starts the broiler and is easily manipulated. Consumer states this is a safety and fire hazard.

Whirlpool WFG515SOEB1

  • Date: 1/29/2020

73 YOF indicated that she is not a very tall person and she has to in to the stove and stand on her tiptoes to reach her microwave above her stove. A couple or more times she has turned the knobs on.

Whirlpool GY399LXUS02

  • Date: 1/31/2020

The consumer stated that the electric range turned oven on by itself. They were unable to turn the oven/range off via the keypad and had to turn range off at the circuit breaker.

Whirlpool WO551ECYAS04

  • Date: 2/5/2020

The enamel on the front bottom of the electric oven has started to chip and it shows several spider cracks. The 1st time the consumer noticed it, was after using the self-cleaning feature for 2nd time. He indicated that area is rough enough to slice someone fingers.

Whirlpool WFE520S0FS0

  • Date: 2/6/2020

The consumer reported that the renter came home and found that two of the electric stove top burners had come on by themselves while he was at work. Consumer indicated that this free standing range has a glass cook top with touch controls.

Whirlpool WEE750H0HW

  • Date: 3/26/2020

Consumer reports that their range is not useable. The burners will overheat despite being set at the lowest setting. Food items will consistently burn, boil over or start to smoke. This is a dangerous safety issue and a fire hazard.

Whirlpool W10329421

  • Date: 3/26/2020

53 YOF indicated that they have been in the model home one year and 10 months when inside glass of their top oven exploded, while she was preheating the oven. They have used the top oven of built-in electric double oven maybe a total of eight times since living in their house

Whirlpool WFG320MOBW2

  • Date: 4/28/2020

CX began to notice his eyes were burning. His wife also experienced burning in eyes. CX noticed there was gas leak from range. CX identified gas was being emitted from oven, but no mechanism on oven to indicate problem. He burned the hair on his arm on one occasion.

Whirlpool WOC54EC0HS03

  • Date: 5/3/2020

74 YOF indicated that they have wall mounted unit, microwave on top & oven below. She was cleaning lower cabinet adjacent to oven that has bent metal facing with side closure. Her forehead brushed corner of oven's lower trim which resulted in cut to forehead. She got 1st aid.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BS

  • Date: 5/17/2020

Consumer reports that when the range at home is used, the exterior becomes too hot to touch and heats up the cabinets on each side of the unit. Consumer consider the range to be a fire hazard.

Whirlpool WFG525S0HV0

  • Date: 6/6/2020

70 YOF had two instances where gas was inadvertently turned on & didn't ignite when 64 YOF was reaching into microwave above gas range. 1st time they noticed problem & shut off gas, but recently they didn't notice it for several hours & kitchen was filled with gas.

Whirlpool WFC150M0EWO

  • Date: 6/15/2020

57 YOF indicated that glass falls out of front of oven door of electric range when opening door. She stated that only two screws is holding heavy glass in by oven door handle. Glass has fell out numerous times. She reported injury & that she got 1st aid.


  • Date: 6/24/2020

The Consumer stated that the outside glass door on the oven shattered spontaneously while cooking and the handle broke. There was hot, shatter glass everywhere. The Consumer stated that there were four children in the kitchen while it happened.

Whirlpool WTW4815EW

  • Date: 7/30/2020

The consumer reported that two burner controls of the electric range failed and in both cases, such that the burner was stuck on high temperatur. The consumer was there to notice. In some of these cases a pot was left on to simmer.

Whirlpool WFG510S0AW

  • Date: 8/29/2020

Randomly oven of gas range wouldn’t light up. It appears that ignition wire wasn’t properly insulated. When baking sheet was stored inside, it would sometime connect with un-insulated wire and & frame, thus causing short circuit, thus preventing the oven from lighting up.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BW0

  • Date: 9/11/2020

36 YOF reports that outer glass on her oven door exploded/shattered for no discernible reason. Glass flew everywhere. Consumer was across the room, so she was not injured. She feels that randomly exploding oven glass is a safety risk, especially for kids or pets. (Gas Range)

Whirlpool WFE770H0F2

  • Date: 9/15/2020

Consumer reported they received several minor burns from electric range top & oven handle, even when only oven was in use. 59 YOF got 1st aid. Consumer stated all oven heat vents out top & front, which means toddler would to be burned when attempting to help around kitchen.

Whirlpool WGG745S0FS

  • Date: 9/16/2020

Consumer had to air out house 3rd time in 6 months d/t natural gas in air. Consumer believes that is happening as they are somehow brushing up against front of gas range, turning on one of knobs slightly. Front knobs are easy to turn & require little effort to push in.

Whirlpool WFE745H0FS0

  • Date: 9/18/2020

Consumer's electric range started beeping in the middle of the night. The range was very hot, but display did not show that oven was on. Consumer pushed the cancel button and beeping stopped and oven turned off.

Whirlpool WFE745HOFHO

  • Date: 9/23/2020

61 YOF consumer reports that the oven range had a temperature control fail. The unit was set to 350 degrees F and it escalated to over 600 degrees F. This is incredibly unsafe and the unit started smoking. This is a potential fire and burn hazard. Unsafe product.

Whirlpool WOD51EC0HS01

  • Date: 10/22/2020

Consumer reports that the double ovens have an issue with turning off after being manually switched off. They will no turn off or in at least once incident the oven turned off only to turn itself back on later. This is a dangerous fire hazard and an unsafe product.

Whirlpool WFG745H0FS

  • Date: 11/2/2020

Gas range panel, where knobs are located, has gotten so hot that 76 YOM has burned himself three times & knobs are melting. He got 1st aid. Knobs & surrounding dials were replaced three times, however, outside of stove gets so hot that it melts plastic & burns skin.

Whirlpool WFE520S0FS0

  • Date: 11/16/2020

The Consumer stated that their glass top stove comes on by itself. It came on in the middle of the night, though there was nothing on the unit. The Consumer had to unplug it from the wall.

Whirlpool WFG505M0BS3

  • Date: 11/25/2020

Consumer stated that gas range oven door outer glass of get too hot to touch when oven setting is at 350° or higher. Technician measured heat of glass, when oven was set to 350°, it was 162°. Consumer measured heat at setting 400°, it was 207°.

Whirlpool WFE770H0F20

  • Date: 11/27/2020

56 YOM stated, that the electric oven burners would not cut off, when oven interior reached temperature set point, the food inside burned filling kitchen with smoke. They were in the kitchen at the time and they were able to turn the oven off.

Whirlpool WFG505M0BS3

  • Date: 11/30/2020

The Consumer stated that their gas range oven is too hot to the touch. The Consumer stated that they were using the oven to roast potatoes and it gave off tremendous amount of heat. The knobs, the top and the door were hot enough to injure a small child.

Whirlpool WFG320MOBW2

  • Date: 12/22/2020

Recently, the interior glass on the oven door exploded when the oven of the gas range was used at 425°F. The consumers reported that their child, 29 YOM, was involved in the incident.

Whirlpool WGE745COFS01

  • Date: 12/28/2020

The Consumer stated that when they put their double oven in self clean mode, the porcelain covering cracked and pieces came off.

Whirlpool WFG540HOES

  • Date: 1/16/2021

The Consumer stated that they bought a new gas range and within a year, and several service calls, the oven is still not consistently igniting, but it discharges natural gas.

Whirlpool WFG510S0AT2

  • Date: 1/23/2021

The Consumer stated that due to inadvertent brushing against burner knobs on the gas range, at times burner lights up and at other times it's just gas flowing. In a latest incident, the gas and flame came on and set a plastic cover on fire.

Whirlpool WOD51EC7HW01

  • Date: 1/21/2021

The double oven has numerous problems. The oven is not working after three service calls to replace parts was made. 58 YO consumer stated, that they were told to keep throwing the breaker. Also, the fans do not work all the time causing excessive heat in the cabinets.

Whirlpool WFE710H0AS

  • Date: 1/25/2021

Consumer stated, that oven was set to 350° & within about 5 minutes temperature jumped to extremely high setting. Home became filled with smoke. He unplugged electric range from wall outlet. Cookies, which were baking in oven, caught fire & burned up.

Whirlpool W10403811C

  • Date: 2/5/2021

34 YOF consumer reports that the electric stove had an issue with one of the burners heating up to the highest setting. This seems to be a common problem with this make and model. Unsafe fire/burn hazard.

Whirlpool WEG745H0FS0

  • Date: 3/7/2021

Spring clips for knobs on the gas range all broke and fell out. This resulted in a condition where the knobs could incorrectly indicate the gas had been turned off leading to burners being left on or gas leaking. 50 YO consumer reported that 50 YO spouse was involved.

Whirlpool WFE550S0HZ

  • Date: 3/9/2021

Male consumer reports that the edge of his cooktop gets really hot when the oven is in use, but doesn't when the cooktop is in use. The normal range is 170 dgrees but the unit is reading at 190 degrees. Unsafe product. Burn hazard.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BB

  • Date: 3/26/2021

The Consumer reported that their freestanding gas range w/under-oven broiler burned the floor under the oven.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BS3

  • Date: 4/19/2021

The Submitter reports that within a few months they have had two fires involving oven/stoves (different brands) and believes that both fires involved failures of the oven control circuit board. The Submitted stated that the circuit boards on both units looked similar.

Whirlpool WCG97US6DSOO

  • Date: 4/29/2021

Dog accidently turned knob of Gas Cooktop burner to position, that gas was coming out & ignitor didn't light burner. 59 YOM & 58 YO spouse discovered it, smelling gas through house. He found, that control valves to all burners could be turned on without ignition of burner.

Whirlpool WFE540HDES1

  • Date: 5/31/2021

My electric range oven caught on fire. The heating element burned up. I turned the oven off & fire went out after it cooled. The food that was being cooked in the oven was in a covered dish & there was no grease or any other fire starter. No Injuries Reported.

Whirlpool WGE745C0FS01

  • Date: 6/23/2021

60 YOF consumer reports that after using the cleaning cycle the 2nd time on the double oven she noticed shiny flakes on the bottom of the unit and on the food. The unit was replaced and prior to using she wiped it down with a wet paper towel and the coating flaked off.


  • Date: 6/24/2021

The Consumer stated that their electric range cooktop eyes are sticking on high even while cooking on low heat. They stated that they turned back, but never left the room, and the food was burned. The Consumer stated that already they have had one fire.

Whirlpool WEG750H0HV0

  • Date: 6/27/2021

Range burner knobs, when lightly bumped or brushed against, will open gas. It happened at least half dozen times. Igniter doesn't sound when it happens. Last time 54 YO consumer took towel off handle bar & was unaware that brushed knob, before they smell gas.

Whirlpool WFC130M0AB0

  • Date: 7/2/2021

Male reports that his daughter's house was filled with smoke. The fire was determined to be in the kitchen starting from an electrical stove that moved to paper that was adjacent to the unit. This in unsafe for consumers. Fire hazard.

Whirlpool WFE550S0HV0

  • Date: 7/15/2021

57 YOF consumer reports that after using the self cleaning feature on the electric oven she heard a pop and a flash fro the bottom. The breaker was tripped and there was black soot on the wall behind the unit. The feature causes it to overheat and fray the wiring. Fire hazard

Whirlpool WEG730H0DS0

  • Date: 8/1/2021

32 YO consumer reports that the dials on the gas range do not have a safety feature. The dials are accidentally turned on very easily and leak gas. This has happened several times. This is a potential fire hazard and a health hazard as well.

Whirlpool W10719734A

  • Date: 9/4/2021

The Consumer reported that their electric range stove burner turned on by itself and would not turn off.

Whirlpool WGG745S0FS

  • Date: 9/9/2021

Consumer reports that their 37 YOM husband accidentally bumped the knobs on the gas stove and it turned it on filling the home with gas. The knobs are too easily turned on by brushing past them. They do not have to be pushed in to activate them. Health and fire hazard.

Whirlpool AquaLift WFE540H0ES0

  • Date: 9/26/2021

56 YOF consumer reports that they heard a snapping sound after placing a glass baking dish in the convection oven. Upon inspection she found flames and sparking from the bottom of the oven. She is concerned that a fire may result from the placement of the heating element.

Whirlpool WEC31050FW0

  • Date: 9/28/2021

Consumer stated that the control panel is located in the center front of the electric range & are easily depressed. She was in the shower when she smelled something burning. She went & saw that her cat, who was on counter was able to turn on one of the burners. No Injury.

Whirlpool WFE550S0HZ

  • Date: 10/7/2021

Range cooktop edge gets extremely hot every time oven is in use. It is as hot, as when oven is in clean mode. 67 YOF afraid to use cooktop while oven is on. She indicated, that left side of unit gets hotter than right side. 78 YOM was involved in incident also.

Whirlpool SF315PEPB1

  • Date: 10/18/2021

The glass door of stove fell off. As result of this 33 YOF experienced 3rd degree burns on both arm and hand. She reported, that was treated by medical professional for her injury. In addition some of the burners will not light without being ignited.

Whirlpool WOC54EC0S00

  • Date: 11/8/2021

Consumer turned on the broiler of the above Combo Oven/Microwave Oven and put a steak. After few minutes, there was a flash, sparks & billowing smoke from the oven & circuit breaker tripped . Consumer states broiler element partially melted & split. No Injuries.

Whirlpool WSG50MOBS3

  • Date: 12/6/2021

An area outside of the control panel of the gas range gets hot when the oven is in use and set to 425°. Also, the right side of panel gets hot, thermometer indicated 162.3°. The consumer burned her finger, no medical attention was required.

Whirlpool WFG975HOHZO

  • Date: 12/15/2021

Consumer reported, gas will escape with burner of Gas stove not being lit, if control knob is bumped & moves to side in "On" position. This has happened multiple times & usually is not caught until there is strong odor of gas in room. Repair person could not correct this.

Whirlpool WOD51EC0AS03

  • Date: 12/27/2021

Male consumer had a new electric double oven in a new home. Food began to burn and timer began to freeze. Electric panel was replaced 4 times. Lastly, the inner glass shattered when oven was in self-cleaning mode. After this incident, manufacturer was uncooperative.

Whirlpool SC8720EDB

  • Date: 1/24/2022

Consumer stated that burner of gas cooktop is not turning off & this could present gas inhalation or fire hazard. Also, he experienced problems with pilot light of center burner not lighting properly. Metal that is hooked on slit for valve deteriorated.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BS

  • Date: 1/27/2022

The Consumer reported that the stainless metal façade that holds the gas range oven door together detached and is hanging. The glass is held to it just with tape and two screws. Their daughter, age 2 year 10 months, was scratched when it detached as she was passing by.

Whirlpool W10432689A

  • Date: 2/28/2022

The consumer indicated that the electric range glass cooktop has failure, one of burners spontaneously comes on by itself. He stated that this incident has been ongoing for about 3-4 months.

Whirlpool WEG750H0HZ0

  • Date: 3/15/2022

The Consumer reported that the stove has no safety mechanism to stop from accidentally brushing up against the knob and it turning on the gas. The Consumer stated that if you lean into it just slightly it will turn on which is unsafe for adults as well as children.

Whirlpool RBS245PRB

  • Date: 8/12/2011

Consumer was baking using her electric oven when she smelled something burning. She noticed the oven went in self cleaning mode & was beeping. The oven door was locked & she was unable to open it so she had to shut off the circuit breaker.

Whirlpool WFE301LVS-0

  • Date: 8/26/2011

Consumer reports that when the electric range was turned on, there was a loud pop and smoke and flames started coming from the electrical panel where the knobs and settings are inputed.

Whirlpool Gold Series GJC3634

  • Date: 11/10/2012

The largest burner on electric cooktop will not turn off completely. It turns itself back on. If it is turned to use, it cuts self off & heats really high. consumer keeps the electric breaker off until she wants to use the other 3 burners.

Whirlpool Gold Series RF2624289

  • Date: 1/2/2013

consumer had numerous times when the front right burner of the electric range will turn itself on a very high setting, while cooking. Consumer couldn't manually turn the temperature down, unless shut the burner off.

Whirlpool Super Capacity 465 SF395 LEEZ0

  • Date: 5/31/2013

Consumer notices acrid smell when gas range oven is preheating. When she would open oven door it would burn her eyes. Technician determined that when set to preheat unit leaks carbon monoxide. She has experienced numbness on her lips, ringing in her ears, & headaches.

Whirlpool WDE350LVB02

  • Date: 11/18/2013

When consumer used moderate self cleaning cycle on electric range oven all surrounding counter areas became extremely hot. As cycle progressed she noticed that her counters were getting warm, & noticed temperature continued to increase throughout cycle.

Whirlpool WFE330X0AW 0

  • Date: 12/13/2013

Plastic gliders for storage drawers on electric range cracked & broke. Seal on glass window oven had a leak. Consumer had saucepan on right back burner, She heard crackling sound. There was spot on burner, which was area where small bits of glass popped off.

Whirlpool W3CG3014XS00

  • Date: 5/6/2014

Consumer reported about gas range cook top. Consumer stated that the grates for the burners do not fit properly. She stated that if she has a pot on grate & want to move pan to another burner, grate slides which can cause someone to get burned. Also hot liquids could spill.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BW

  • Date: 2/14/2015

32 YOF reported that the glass on the inside of the oven door of gas range shattered while the oven was not in use. She stated that no one was home when the incident occurred but glass was found throughout the kitchen and all around the oven.

Whirlpool WFG371LVB

  • Date: 12/27/2015

56 YOF consumer reported that the burner knobs on a gas range turn on very easily and cause a fire on the consumer's sleeve, while she was cleaning the range.

Whirlpool WFE50S0AB

  • Date: 2/10/2016

Oven door glass shattered while cooking at 350 degrees. There are 3 panels of glass and the middle panel is the one that shattered.

Whirlpool WFG540H0ES0

  • Date: 8/8/2016

61 YOM reported that chrome plating delaminating from control knobs of freestanding gas range resulting in sharp edges on knobs.

Whirlpool WOD51EC0AS03

  • Date: 11/16/2016

47 YOF reported that as oven was in cleaning mode, the interior glass shattered. This was the first time she has used the cleaning mode in this oven.

Whirlpool WFG371LVS

  • Date: 3/6/2017

The consumer reported ongoing issue with the gas range - burner controls are placed on the front of the range and can be slightly turned on by brushing up against them. This opens the gas valve but does not light the burner resulting in gas leak.

Whirlpool WFG524SLAW0

  • Date: 3/13/2017

Few moments after consumer's wife grabbed cereal from cabinet above range, she smelled strong odor of gas. She noticed that knob was slightly turned & burner was emitting gas. Consumer reported that they had two similar incidents. Consumer believes range design is dangerous.

Whirlpool W10354186C

  • Date: 3/22/2017

A glass in the door of the upper oven of the double oven exploded while the oven was in self-cleaning mode.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BB0

  • Date: 8/1/2017

When knobs of gas range are lightly touched, it caused gas to leak & explosion. Consumer turned on stove & got loud blast. Fire completely covered area where gas leaked. Later consumer found that knob on right end of stove was slightly turned on, & it leaked gas.

Whirlpool FC310S0A

  • Date: 10/1/2017

The consumer stated that one of the front burners on the range began heating up bright red when its control was on low, and no heat when it was on high. The top of the range was also extremely hot when the oven was on. Latest, the range stopped working except the clock on it.

Whirlpool GJC3034HB3

  • Date: 11/13/2017

The Submitter reported that the heater element switches on this electric cooktop have safety in one direction only. The Submitter stated that this failure was the direct cause in a house fire involving this functional deficiency.

Whirlpool WFE515S0ESSKU

  • Date: 1/5/2018

34 YOF consumer states that her oven releases toxic chemicals once it's turned on or is on self-cleaning cycle. Consumer and two other people suffer with headache, sore throat, dizziness and nausea every time oven is on. Consumer got nowhere with repair.

Whirlpool WFG714HLAS1

  • Date: 8/29/2018

I have had to replace gas stove's main computer board once d/t board melting from heat caused by an oven vent located directly under electronic control panel. D/t excessive heat computer has potential to not turn off an oven or even turn it on d/t damaged control panel.

Whirlpool WFG770H0FZ

  • Date: 10/12/2018

45 YOM consumer had a gas range. Knobs became hot while stove was in use. Eventually the material around the knobs & inside the knob bezels began to warp, peel & crack. Consumer got runaround and techs were uncooperative during repairs of stove. He burned hands on knobs.

Whirlpool WEG745H0FH0

  • Date: 11/19/2018

Caller was doing construction in kitchen & had a drop cloth over the gas range. Caller says that a fire was started & she noticed that the cloth was on fire. Caller says that gas range burner knobs are very sensitive & sometimes when she bumps into them the stove turns on.

Whirlpool WFG110AVQ/3

  • Date: 2/11/2019

The consumer stated that the gas range went on by itself and it would not shut down. All the knobs were on off. The only way to shut it down was to unplug and disconnect the gas. When reconnected, it proceeded to heat up on its own, without the ability to shut it off again.

Whirlpool WFG524SLAB

  • Date: 3/27/2019

CO2 alarm went off & submitter called fire department. Consumer was informed that high level of CO2 was leaking from gas stove. Manufacturer repaired stove previously for same issue. Consumer indicated that buttons on front of stove can be bumped & turn stove on unexpectedly

Whirlpool WFG525S0HZ

  • Date: 7/12/2019

Submitter noticed that when someone bumps into knobs on the front of the stove, they turn on releasing gas into the home. The gas doesn't ignite and gas fumes fill up the kitchen. It occurred about eight times over the last three months.


  • Date: 8/12/2019

Consumer reports that their 1 YOM son suffered 2nd and 3rd degrees burns on the top and front of his fingers when his hand slipped into the space between the oven and oven drawer on the bottom. The oven was on 350 and the cook top was in use at the time.

Whirlpool WFG505M0BS0

  • Date: 9/3/2019

Consumer had gas oven. It was being set to 350". Consumer pushed cancel button & there was a pop. Oven became incredibly hot & there was weird burning smell. Fire alarms went off. Oven was turned off at a breaker. Wire was pinched & harness was burned.

Whirlpool AccuBake WFG361LVS 2

  • Date: 9/10/2019

38 YOM reports that the 4 control knobs on the gas range at home turn too easily. Gas was accidentally release due to a turned knob. This has occurred twice.

Whirlpool G9CE3065XB00

  • Date: 9/13/2019

The consumer reported that on two occasions the cooktop has turned on by itself. The first time it melted a coffee maker and the 2nd time it melted the laptop computer. The consumer saw where these items where coming on by themselves.


  • Date: 9/29/2019

Front of glass door on oven exploded. Oven was not in use at time. Glass went all over kitchen hitting myself on back of legs without injury. Hit other household member as well with small cuts to great toe.

Whirlpool YXFE361LVG1

  • Date: 3/5/2020

Consumer was cooking on stovetop starting off at 3/4 heat. Once it got hot, it was turned down, but because it was still not on simmer, it was turned down again. It was close to no heat, but food was burnt & element was red hot. Consumer, 60 YOM & 65 YOM were able to stop it.

Whirlpool WEG745H0FH

  • Date: 3/11/2020

The knobs on consumer's gas range do not click into a locked off position. The slightest bump can accidentally turn on the gas without igniting a flame.

Whirlpool AccuBake

  • Date: 5/16/2020

The Consumer stated that the front oven door glass on the electric range oven in their rented home exploded out and sent shards, not pebbles, of glass across the kitchen.

Whirlpool WFG975HOHZO

  • Date: 10/21/2020

The consumer stated that when burners of the gas range accidentally brushed, it turn on easily, creating a gas leak, . This has happened a number of times. Several times the consumer has walked into the kitchen and needed to open windows d/t gas leaking.

Whirlpool WOD93EC0AS05

  • Date: 1/30/2021

34 YOF consumer reports that the oven glass door panel shattered and shot hot glass into the kitchen. The oven was doing the self cleaning for the first time. The internal and exterior glass were not affected. Tis is a laceration and burn hazard. Unsafe product.

Whirlpool WFC31060ES1

  • Date: 3/12/2021

47 YO consumer reports that the burner on the stove becomes uncontrollably hot. The issue has been addressed before and they were told it was a faulty burner. The part was replaced but the same thing happened again. Unsafe product. Fire hazard.

Whirlpool WFG320M0BB

  • Date: 11/30/2021

The consumer reported that recently the freestanding 4-burner gas stove has started burning the floor in their manufactured home, which may possibly be due to some sort of defect.

Whirlpool WFE525S0JS0

  • Date: 1/3/2022

Consumer took chicken out of oven after it was roasted at 450° for 40 minutes, set it on top of stove & closed door. About one minute later consumer heard loud crack, inside glass of oven door was shattered into million little pieces. Oven was empty at time glass broke.

Whirlpool WEG750H0HZ1

  • Date: 3/7/2022

Burner on new gas stove was turned accidently on. Even if someone leans on it little, knob will turn. Consumer stated, that they caught this issue after fact three times. It continues, as it is so easy to do. Consumer is concerned that house will catch fire.

Whirlpool Gold Series GY396LXPS03

  • Date: 3/3/2022

Two burners of an electric stove, own by 70 YOF and 72 YOM, went on by themselves to the highest setting and caused a fire.

Whirlpool WFG114SWB0

  • Date: 5/22/2014

The 30-YOM consumer stated that he had set his gas range oven to 350 deg. While preparing food, the door glass exploded suddenly, spilling hot glass on his feet and the floor. There was no food in the oven, and no apparent reason for the glass exploding. Injury reported.

Whirlpool WFG374LVQ2

  • Date: 2/25/2012

64 YOF used self-cleaning feature on gas range for 1st time when temperature sensor failed & melted control board rendering oven unusable. Also, control knobs for cooking surface are loose & slightest bump causes gas to flow without igniting.

Whirlpool AquaLift WFG540HOES1

  • Date: 8/14/2019

78 YOM consumer reports that the stov in his home is a safety hazard. The burners on t he stove are turned on easily without hands and emits has. Simply touches can turn the burners on without trying to and there isn't a clicking noise to let you know its been activated.

Whirlpool AccuBake WFC310S0AT

  • Date: 11/28/2014

A 61 YOM reports that a surface unit switch of an Electric range for a large coil element overheated the element causing the element to become red hot. There was a considerable amount of black soot-like material on & inside the switch as well as on the control panel surface.

Whirlpool YWFE510S0AX0

  • Date: 6/26/2019

67 YOF turned left front element of electric range on low, placed fry pan on it, & went outside. When she came back, room was full of smoke & smell. Element stayed on highest despite setting on low. She manually turned it off. Since incident, element only operates on high.

Whirlpool WGG745S0FS0

  • Date: 11/5/2019

Consumer reports that the control knobs on the oven at home are easy to turn with a bump. This allows gas to leak. Consumer reports that this has occurred 4 times.

Whirlpool RF368LXPQ0

  • Date: 5/9/2011

Self clean feature of electric range doesn't work & gave a F5EO error code. Resetting it per instruction worked for a while, but the oven door drops away & now it is not flush against the oven leaving a gap which becomes worse during use, and wouldn't contain a fire.

Whirlpool RF364PXYN2

  • Date: 4/20/2017

Consumer's glass door of electric range exploded and threw shattered glass all over kitchen floor. The range was not used for 4 days. Consumer is concerned about safety of this kind of product.

Whirlpool WFG54OHoES

  • Date: 2/14/2020

Few times when 72 YOF cleaned microwave above gas stove & accidentally touched knobs, which are located in front of stove, she started smell gas. Every night & when she leaves house, she has to check if gas is not leaking. Also front burners, even on low setting, burn food.

Whirlpool WEG750H0HV0

  • Date: 4/30/2019

51 YOF consumer has a gas stove. Problem is the knobs are very sensitive and they turn on when consumer reaches into microwave or cabinets. Consumer had gas leak due to no warning over 4 times. The stove does not click when turned on, consumer smelled gas later on.


  • Date: 11/12/2019

53 YOF turned on the electric range at home with the touch controls and the unit caught on fire. The fire burned her home down. The unit was under recall. She suffered an injury and received medical attention.

Whirlpool Gold Series GGE390LXS01

  • Date: 11/13/2011

Edges & sides of consumer's cooktop on electric range, including edges of countertops that range sits between are hot to touch. Consumer's concerned that their 2 YOF granddaughter might get burned.

Whirlpool Gold Series GBD277PDQ6

  • Date: 5/6/2013

Consumer preheated upper oven of electric double oven to 425 degrees & put timer on for 14 minutes. She turned oven off & time & opened door to take pizza out. She put pizza on box, heard cracking & then interior glass panel of oven door cracked in half from top to bottom.

Whirlpool Gold Series W1910H0AS0

  • Date: 3/26/2015

40yof heard 2 loud pops while cooking with electric induction range & all the power to the range went out. According to the appliance repairman the induction module board shorted out & began to burn. House circuit breaker tripped and averted a potential electrical fire.

Whirlpool Gold Series GMC305PDB6

  • Date: 1/9/2016

The oven portion of the microwave/oven combo was preheated to 375 then set to 21 minutes while cooking a pizza. After approx 15 minutes, the oven beeped once and the control panel showed F2. The oven door locked, the touchpad buttons became ineffective and the broiler was on.

Whirlpool Gold Series

  • Date: 10/30/2016

A 42 YOF was putting kitchen towel on the over door & her finger went into the oven vent. This has happened before but this time it nearly ripped the tip of her finger off. While bleeding, she rushed to urgent care & had to get 6 stitches in her finger & a tetanus shot.

Whirlpool Gold Series WFE710H0AS0

  • Date: 11/8/2016

Oven range was used for cooking. Oven door was opened & smoke alarms went off & chemical smell was intense. There was noticeable liquid bubbling around glass window. Oven door was hot to touch. Glass can come off & shatter. 42 YOM consumer burned a leg.

Whirlpool WOS51EC0AS02

  • Date: 11/28/2018

[49 YOF] I set the (electric range) oven to self clean. I had removed the racks and nothing was in the oven. Approximately 30 minutes later the inside glass exploded. No Injuries.

Whirlpool Super Capacity 465 F368LEPQ2

  • Date: 12/4/2013

Consumer set the oven to self clean. He went to use the stove, but it wouldn't turn on. Repairman fixed the stove, but told consumer that gas pressure valve was melted due to the self cleaning mode and advised consumer to no longer use self cleaning mode.

Whirlpool GS773LXSS0

  • Date: 6/25/2014

Gas range has ongoing problem: If you accidentally brush against the range’s knobs and are unaware, the burners turn on without igniting and emit gas. I recently walked into my house and the entire house was full of gas and the fireplace was on. Manufacturer is aware about it

Whirlpool AccuBake RBS305PDB14

  • Date: 2/13/2017

Built-in electric oven does not produce expected temperature. Also, when 61 YOF used self-cleaning feature, surrounding cabinets and counter area became extremely hot, and interior glass window cracked. 61 YOF was injured, but received no first aid or medical attention.

Whirlpool WFE550S0HZ

  • Date: 11/4/2019

While cooking 38 YOF was burned multiple times by outside front rim of electric range. She has nerve damage in stomach & can’t feel when things get hot. 1st time she was wearing double layers of clothing. She sustained 3rd degree burns & was seen by medical professional.

Whirlpool WOS51EC0AS02

  • Date: 1/9/2017

The consumer reported that the wall oven door corners and the vent deflector below the oven door are both extremely sharp stainless steel. His 6-YO daughter when walking past the oven sustained a serious laceration on her left heel that required an ER visit and 18 stitches.

Whirlpool Gold Series GFE461LVS

  • Date: 12/26/2013

On two occasions Electric Range Oven while in use jumped from bake at 375 degrees to broil at 550+. Both times contents that were cooking caught fire, smoke was billowing out & oven wouldn't turn off. Consumers had to flip circuit breaker to shut it off.


  • Date: 8/22/2011

gas range started smoking & consumer's smoke detectors went off. she shut off oven & smoke burned itself out. in another incident, she tried to use auto clean feature & it blew thermostat of her range & oven door locked. The circuit burned itself out & unit shut itself off.

Whirlpool SF385PEGQ5

  • Date: 10/27/2011

60 YOM's gas range has 2 aluminium gas lines: one to stove and one to oven. Both lines are leaking gas. Gas company technician revealed corrosion of pipes & shut off gas line leading to range. Incident caused no injuries or property damage.

Whirlpool WFE381LVS0

  • Date: 4/24/2013

The consumer reports that the outer glass on the oven door bust for no apparent reason. The consumer stated that the oven on, but no one was next to the range when the outer glass on the oven door burst into pieces.

Whirlpool GFG461LVS2

  • Date: 1/9/2014

Consumer reported that gas stove burners come on very easily by brushing up against knobs or using microwave above stove. When repairmen put drop cloth on stove her husband was there & smelled ga s- burner had turned on.

Whirlpool WFG510S0AS2

  • Date: 10/14/2014

Gas range was in use. Bake was switched to Broil & after more or less 5 minutes consumer tried to cancel broiling. Feature Guide was so hot & soft that consumer was not able to Cancel or turn off unit. Consumer had to disconnect gas & electric.

Whirlpool GS563LXSS

  • Date: 11/15/2015

The consumer stated that a simple, unnoticeable brush against a knob on this gas range can cause it to turn just enough to leak gas without it clicking or lighting. They came home to a house full of gas fumes because her 11-year-old accidentally touched the front of the stove

Whirlpool WFG361LVQ

  • Date: 11/30/2016

Upon moving food, grill racks of the oven fell. 61 YOM consumer burned face and arm. Hot juice/grease spilled out into oven causing fire. The oven went out, and fire was out before using a fire extinguisher.

Whirlpool GLT3057

  • Date: 7/23/2017

38 YOF used gas cooktop & turned off burner. Igniter started clicking automatically. Sparks started emitting from igniter knobs. Flames & sparks later stopped, & smoke started to rise out of knob. She turned off gas & electrical components. 5 YOF & 33 MOF weren't hurt.

Whirlpool WOS93E

  • Date: 9/17/2017

The consumer stated that after she turned the double oven's upper (convection) unit on to pre-heat to bake at 425, she heard a loud explosion and glass pieces started tumbling out of the upper oven.

Whirlpool WFG320MOBS0

  • Date: 9/20/2017

Consumer bought a propane oven. The outer surfaces become very hot to touch. Tech stated that 172" reading falls into normal range. Consumer states this is a serious hazard as the stove sits in-between wooden cabinets.


  • Date: 10/26/2017

76 YOM had faulty electric stove. Top right eye was on, but stove was not in use. Another time, front right eye came on. Finally, what started fire, was pot on stove in flames. Stove was unplugged & FD was called to put out flames. Family suffered minor smoke inhalation.

Whirlpool WFE320M0EB1

  • Date: 4/21/2020

Right Front Cooking Element of Electric Range will heat up to HI and stay there & heat cannot be reduced except by turning the element OFF. When the element is setting on medium it will heat up to HI by itself and will not reduce. It must be turned off.

Whirlpool WFE505WOHZ

  • Date: 1/31/2021

The Consumer stated that the stovetop center melt eye on their electric range heated up on it's on. She stated that the control panel is shorting out on the right side furthest knob facing the stove and it only does it on that one knob. This started in 12/2020 and continues.

Whirlpool RF265LXTQ

  • Date: 9/29/2014

Electric range explosion caused 3rd degree burn to 47 YOF's foot that required visit to hospital emergency department. It also damaged newly laid kitchen floor. Fire fighters informed her that explosion was related to electrical problem. Bottom of metal cooking pot melted.

Whirlpool WFE320M0EB1

  • Date: 2/14/2020

The consumer reported that the electric stove cooktop turned on by itself and a light was illuminated showing that the cooktop was on, when all burners were off. The consumer stated that it turns on by itself. The consumer unplugged the unit from wall.

Whirlpool Gold Series XFG710H0AH 0

  • Date: 4/9/2014

While broiling in oven, 59 YOF touched top of stove (control panel) & burned hand. Man burnt hand while grabbing pan from drawer below oven. While broiling, microwave cover was resting on pot on top of stove & plastic melted. Burners were not on. No medical attention received

Whirlpool Gold Series WFE 5205OFSO

  • Date: 4/24/2020

Consumer reports that their electric range is defective. When turning the knobs to control the temperature to low it goes higher than it should. Food items have burned or spilled over because of the inaccuracy. This is a dangerous potential fire hazard.

Whirlpool Gold Series WFG505M08S

  • Date: 3/6/2016

The outside of the gas stove heats up to 170 degrees & higher. You can not touch the oven handle without an oven mitt. The oven is continuously sooty. I believe it is the insulation of the stove breaking down. I had a tech out 3 times with no effect. Fire hazard.

Whirlpool SF31OPEKWO

  • Date: 7/11/2011

Glass oven door as well as control knobs got extremely hot when oven was in use. Eventually oven door falls apart. 46 YOF had to purchase a new handle, but year & half later it did same thing only this time catching her arm & burning it badly.

Whirlpool WSG114SVQ

  • Date: 4/13/2011

Consumer reports that all four burners of the natural gas range, converted to LP gas as per the instructions, have very high flames, no matter what setting they are on and the unit becomes very hot. Consumer says she has to wear oven mitt when coming in contact with the range

Whirlpool KGRC707

  • Date: 7/19/2011

Consumer's wife powered gas oven in "off" position & left house. When she returned, home was filled with gasoline smell & oven was powered in "on" position. Technician indicated that igniter was not coming into full temperature & it would cause gas to leak.

Whirlpool ACF4255AW

  • Date: 7/20/2011

Consumer opened electric range's oven door while it was powered in "off" position. She noticed zapping noise & blue flame in the back corner on left side inside of oven. Technician said she could have been shocked. She powered circuit breaker in off position.

Whirlpool GR399LXGB2

  • Date: 7/20/2011

While baking in electric oven at 350 degrees about 20 minutes, the oven changed its setting from bake to self clean mode. consumer heard 3 beeps & noticed on control panel that it was on self clean mode. She tryed to power range off by knob but had to turn off circuit breaker

Whirlpool CGR1415ADH

  • Date: 9/12/2011

Consumer's mother in law bumped into gas range oven, which tripped fire alarm. When powering oven off consumer noticed how it would easily go past off mark and onto broil position. Technician advised that range needed a thermostat to prevent failure from occuring.

Whirlpool KEBS277SSS02

  • Date: 4/2/2012

Consumer stated that while electric upper oven was pre heated & she put her hand on oven handle to begin opening door she heard explosion & glass came flying out everywhere. Her husband turned oven off. No injuries were reported.

Whirlpool WFG231LBF

  • Date: 4/11/2012

Consumer notices that when oven of her gas range is used & set on any temperature for any amount of time, door gets extremely hot to touch. Technician advised her that there was piece of tempered glass missing from door, but firm never fixed problem.

Whirlpool MGR7662W24

  • Date: 7/6/2012

64 YOM while pushing range placed his hands over top of it. He received gash to his left thumb. There were sharp tabs on back of range which caused his injury. He went to medical facilyty where received adhesive stitches to his left thumb.

Whirlpool JDS9860AAP

  • Date: 10/4/2012

Caller was using the front burner of a Porcelain gas stovetop w/electric convection oven when he noticed flames coming out of the porcelain & the front portion of a burner. He states that if gas are coming out of any area where it shouldn't be then its a fire hazard.

Whirlpool WFG510S0AS2

  • Date: 6/15/2014

A 54 YOF reports that a range in the community kitchen of her apartment building is unsafe & temperamental. It does not take 8 hours to bake chicken at 350 degrees. She has followed instructions to the "T" trying to get the range to work. Also the unit emits strong gas smell.

Whirlpool RBS275PRS00

  • Date: 11/10/2014

Consumer was using the oven to bake a pizza. When she tried to open the oven door, but the door was locked & she noticed the unit was hot. The manual & reset the unit which unlocked the door. Later she turned the unit back on, she smelled smoke & the door was locked again.

Whirlpool WOS92E

  • Date: 12/17/2015

We bought and installed a electric range. The first time we used the self cleaning function, the inner glass door shattered, sending very hot glass shards onto or wood floor causing extensive damage

Whirlpool WGG745S0FS

  • Date: 2/21/2017

Within the first few days we found numerous occasions where the knob on the stove was partially turned to the left letting gas escape into the Kitchen. One evening the smell was strong from the stove. One of us apparently brushed up against the knob causing it to turn on.


  • Date: 4/26/2017

Consumer has gas turned on and was told that stove was a hazard. Consumer stated that if someone turns on the oven, it goes boom and the door flies open. It also smells like a gas leak.

Whirlpool WFG505M0B3S3

  • Date: 5/28/2019

Caller is reporting that he is experiencing problems with his gas range. He stated that the burners when turn on does not ignite immediately which causes gas to escape & then ignites with combustion. Caller feels that gas range could cause an explosion & should be recalled.

Whirlpool W10162204A

  • Date: 8/29/2019

Consumer reports that their glass top oven regularly regulates its own temperature. When the burner is set to low it automatically increases to an out of control temperature. The oven either over cooks or under cooks food, so they can't use it for baking.

Whirlpool Gold Series

  • Date: 6/23/2020

The Consumer stated that they turned on the oven clean function to the upper oven of the gas double oven range. About 12 hours later when opened the oven to check how the cleaning went. there were large shards of glass all over the door.

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