whirlpool ventilation

Information about the problems and breakdowns of Whirlpool ventilation that were reported from 2012 to 2021.

Common problems: explosion, fire, sharp edges.

Faulty modules: motor.


5 issues reported

Whirlpool GH5184XPB-5

  • Date: 3/14/2012

Grill vent on Microwave Oven Hood fell off & hit 59 YOF in face, no first aid of medical attention received. Area where small plastic attachment clip was fastened had broken off. She purchased new vent grill but after awhile it broken off again.

Whirlpool GXW6536DXS

  • Date: 6/12/2013

The consumer reports that the glass canopy of the range hood spontaneously exploded. The consumer stated that it was not touched, and no objects were put on it.

Whirlpool UXT5536AAS

  • Date: 8/11/2016

66 YOF consumer bumped into cooking range hood. She hit her forehead on a sharp cornered edge of the hood. Consumer feels this is a faulty design.

Whirlpool UXT5230BDS1

  • Date: 3/19/2021

73 YOM was at the stove cooking, when the right range hood light exploded sending glass shards in every direction. He stated that this is a flaw with the type of glass used as the lens and it should be safety glass.

Whirlpool Gold Series GH5184XPB-4

  • Date: 4/22/2013

A 58 YOF heard motor of the vent hood of a microwave hood combination running then it stopped. Fifteen minutes later the the vent hood motor started again & could not be stopped. She had to unplug the entire unit. Fire hazard.

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